March 20, 2019

CALIFORNIA MEGA-DROUGHT BUSTED! By Orgone Energy, T.D.P. And G. H. – “Rise Of The Drought Slayers! – Guardians Of Orgon!” UPDATE: RAINS ARRIVE!! 9/18 CALIFORNIA / WEST COAST SAVED!!!


“Every Drought is caused by a Blockage of the Orgone Energy Flow in that area.” – Wilhelm Reich, Discoverer: Orgone Energy

California is in the middle of a drought so bad, it’s labeled as a “Mega-Drought”. The worst in decades!

It’s about to end! 4 days to a week, maybe sooner. No more than 2 weeks, and the California Mega-Drought will be a memory.

About 2 days ago, a Wade House Designed/Wilhelm Reich Inspired; G-2 Organic Air Cleaner/Orgone Accumulator Cloudbuster was set up in the Heart of the California Drought. Within 24 hours, small amounts of rain were Doppler Weather Radar (Future Cast) for some California area’s hard hit by the drought.
24 hours later, massive amounts of rain are now Doppler Weather Radar (Future Cast) for the upper 75% of all of California. WOW!!!

Orgone Energy works quick and ranges wide. It’s the most powerful force in the Universe, and Humans can control it with just a thought and a little action.

The Mainstream media will say a Weather System out at sea took a “sudden and unexpected turn towards California, possibly bringing them much needed rain and temporary relief from the severe drought…”
Note: It will most likely not be called a Mega-Drought from here on out. It might not even be called severe. They will call it just a drought, to downplay it’s importance.

So we are here now to tell you and show you; they are right, and WHY!

We were getting reports of ‘severe drought’ from people who live in California, and were about to do a Post on Busting the California Drought with Orgone Energy in the form of our G-2 (O.A.C.) Unit. We were going to plead and beg anyone to set up one anywhere in California to help combat the severe drought.

And low and behold, someone from California emailed us asking for help in ending the California Drought in their local area.

This is a gift. We have been looking for some way to help ‘end a massive drought’ in a world renowned area that everyone could point to and know. The State of California and the West Coast Mega-Drought, will do nicely!!

“The drought in California’s agricultural lands may simply be part of a natural cycle that has kicked in independently rather than being a result of global warming caused by the sharp increase in atmospheric CO2 levels in the industrial age. Whatever the case may be, experts say it has been 500 years since it has been this dry.” – L.A. Times

What follows, are the DATED Emails leading up to this incredibly great moment. And as a bonus, we’ve added the Post: { T.D.P. Chronicles } Operation: SILENT THUNDER NATURAL SKIES.

NOTE: This is a Fresh, Right off the Press campaign, and you can see it start and develop for yourselves, real-time. Any Doppler Radar with a Future Forecast Application/Option will work.
But of course, “The Proof is in The Pudding!”


drought-20140205-001 na-tt-californias-


Aug 10


I’d like to get in contact with the folks that built this:

If possible, I’d like to buy a kit.


G. H.


Aug 13

Wilhelm Reich said that,, “All droughts are caused by a Blockage of the Orgone energy in that area.”
His Cloudbuster Rainmakers were the best. But they were expensive to build and must be constantly manned/operated.

The unit below is not expensive and easy to build. With all the parts coming from the nearest Home Depot.
We haven’t had a drought in Western Maryland since it’s smaller brother, the G-1 and a few months later, the G-2 started working in July, 25, 2012.

It’s a “Set it and Forget it” type deal. Almost. You must check and maintain the proper PH balance, and best if you dump the water and clean it once a year.
Give us a Email back on your area and progress.

Good Luck!
T.D.P. Admin.

“THE GENERAL” G-2: Orgone Accumulator Cloud Buster
G-2 Accumulator Cloud Buster.
(1) 32 to 50 Gallon Plastic Drum or Trash Can
(2) 32 to 50 Gallons of heavily Alkalined water in a 32 Gallon Heavy Duty Plastic Trash Can.
1/2 pound each of cheap sea salt, iodine table salt and cheap baking soda. or 1 tablespoon per gallon.
7.5% ph balance to 9% ph balance.
(3) (6 to 10) 1 1/2″ Copper tubes, 6′ to 8′ feet long each.
(4) PH Balance Test Strips

NOTE: Steel Tubes/Pipes work best for Orgone Rain Makers, as in the designs by WILHELM REICH.
But for General “Cloud Busters”; Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Conditioners (OAAC), Copper Tubes/Pipes work best. Reasons? Unknown.

1) Assemble all parts together.
2) Drill the proper amount and size holes (slightly smaller than the pipe diameter) in the plastic lid with most pipes in a circle, about half between the outside and inside of the barrel, and the rest in a circle near the center.
OPTIONAL: Cut a 3″x6″ 3 sided access port near the outside edge of the top to add salt or baking soda to alkaline water and to take PH Balance Tests.
3) Cut pipes/tubes to proper length.
4) Fill the Can/Drum with water and alkaline to proper PH Balance using;
1/2 pound each of cheap sea salt, iodine table salt and cheap baking soda. or 1 tablespoon per gallon, or to 7.5% ph balance to 9% ph balance, using the PH Balance Test Strips.
5) Install Lid
6) Insert Pipes/Tubes

It should look something like this, minus the cheap flower camo.

unnamed (1) unnamed


Aug 13


You should have regular rains within 2 weeks. It’s been my experience that it works quickly! Hours, not days.
This unit will easily Break-Up any Orgone Blockage in your area. Easily!
It also cleans the air


Aug 13

Thank you very much!

Here’s to rain!

G. H.



Aug 24

Thanks again for the reply!

What would happen if I take my existing cloud buster and submerge it in the setup you describe?

Thanks again,

G. H.


Aug 25

I assume you are talking about the copper pipes stuck into some type of resin at the bottom. If these units were any good, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Hollow pipes directly in water or connected to water by hollow tubing, is the key. I’ve tried both ways and both ways work.

Resin doesn’t matter.
Pipe diameter, Pipe Length, and amount of Alkaline water does. The bigger the better!

The G-2 unit is a proven winner.

When you get one set up, let us know your area, and we can monitor your progress from here using online doppler radar.

Good luck!


Sep 13 (3 days ago)

Hello again,

Ok, I’ve set up a simple 6-pipe copper unit to start.

Is copper better for rain, or is it really only best for accumulator?
If stainless steel works better, then I can switch later on.

Attached Below is a screenshot of the area.
I’m up in the hills North of Santa Cruz, CA, with West-facing back yard.
Unit is aimed at 45deg. To the West.
We’ve had morning fog here on-and-off for about the past month, so at least maybe I can catch the moisture that is rolling in off the ocean.

Do you know of anyone working down in Phoenix area?
They’ve had record-breaking monsoonal rains coming in at the back end of the Pacific hurricanes!

Thanks again, and I will let you know if / when I see any activity.

G. H.


Sep 14 (2 days ago)

Steel Iron Pipes/Galvanized Steel pipes are best for rain in Wilhelm Reich’s Rainmaker configuration…as per all the pictures of his units.

Copper is better for all-around weather/air mitigation. You Set it And Forget It, so to say. But you must check and maintain the water’s alkaline level at 7ph-9ph. This will give you Evenly Maintained Weather. Not to much or to little of anything. You will get Sun and Rain at regular intervals. Everything will be green and no creeks will run dry.

If you want specifically rain, set PH Level to 10ph-12ph. During testing, these levels brought us harder rains.

What are your pipe diameters, and height? How many gallons of water/drum size and material?
Did you Alkaline the water? Very important, reason unknown.

The funny thing is, we just heard on the ground reports about the California Drought, and were about to do a Post on ending it.

No need to point it at an angle. When the copper pipes are pointed straight up and their ends resting directly against the ground, they accumulate orgone energy directly from the ground, as well as the surrounding air. This makes them more powerful.

Copper pipes are weak for using as straight rainmakers. They produce short, weak storms in a large amount of time, 16-24 hours, of gray skies before it kicks-in. Iron Steel pipes are much better. Thicker, more steel material for collecting the energy from the air.
With copper pipes, resting against the ground, collecting energy at it’s source, is much better.

Orgone energy is stored in the earth and seas and radiates outward/upward. You can actually google pictures of it. Well you use to. I just checked, Google has removed all the pictures and images of Earth and people radiating the bright blue glow of Orgone energy.

We have you locked in to our doppler radar and will be keeping an eye on your area.

Good Luck, hope this helps.

T.D.P. Admin


Sep 14 (2 days ago)

Thanks for the quick reply and support!

I bought (kinda expensive) 6 – 6′ , 1 1/2″ copper pipes (thicker variety, so not too thin), but I was eyeing the steel pipes.

35-gallon trash can. Black. Had to seal up the bottom to prevent leaks.
Just filled it last night, and measured the ph this morning, and it’s still a little high.
Used salt and baking soda per your recipe.
May add a little more water tomorrow.

My preference is that the rains come in short periods rather than all at once like they do when an El Niño hits.
There is a history of flooding up here, and I’d prefer to not disrupt the region”

I haven’t noticed any weather activity yet.

I hope it works! This is the worst drought I have ever seen out here since the mid 80’s.
So bad that the media barely mentions it 🙂

Thanks again,

G. H.

dragon a-man-without“Let it RAIN, Beast! You Shall Not Pass!” – Drought Slayer

9:58 PM (21 hours ago) {Sep 15}

You’ve done everything perfectly!

The salt will dissolve slowly increasing the PH balance over time. The Baking Soda will alkaline the water immediately. That’s why I use both.

You may of already broken the back of the Drought in your area! iControl Doppler (Future Cast) shows some rain moving in North and South of you Wed. Salinas to Prunedale and Santa Cruz Mountains and upper Redwoods State Park. It’s only a small amount so far, but that could change overnight. Orgone works quick and over wide ranges.

The unit is just getting warmed up/charging. It will get stronger everyday. Orgone is completely self regulating, no need to worry about over-doing it, in all but one obscure case.
If someone has an ‘excessive rain agenda’ against a certain area, once a orgone unit is in place, drought is now (‘out of the question’), and the unit is over-alkalined, it won’t mitigate the ‘excessive-rain’ as well.

In Frederick, MD. our weather is so perfect, if a single tree falls during a short storm, our storms never last longer than 20 minutes, it makes the News!

In July 2012, Maryland was in the midst of a severe drought. On July 25, 2012 I set up the first small unit. 2 weeks later the Gov. of MD. declared a state of emergency and told all the Md. Counties to get Drought Relief Funds.
Frederick Refused. They said “We no longer have a drought. We did, but we don’t now. We have one town that’s water table is 2′ below normal, that’s it. We can’t accept money for a purpose that doesn’t exist any more!”

There hasn’t been a major drought reported on the East Coast since April 2012/July 2012, period! I just checked!

NOTE: The East Coast does have an ‘excessive rain’ issue. The “East Coast Soaking”, they call it. It’s been going on since 2013.
It’s likely ‘vindictive retaliation’ for breaking the East Coast Drought and their “chemtrail’ campaign nationwide and around most of the world, in our Silent Thunder Natural Skies Campaign.

Frederick is protected of course. But the further away you go, the more the effects of this man-made campaign can be seen. If it were totally natural, Frederick would get it too. But if it’s man-made, Frederick is protected. I don’t know how it works, it just does.

So “prefer to not disrupt the region” is kinda of a tricky question. What Region…California, the West Coast?! I jest! 🙂
A better question is; Do you want drought for you and your State? Or do you want regular rains, beautiful days, and people who say “It’s a beautiful day, everything is so green.”?

Keep up the good work and have just a little patience. It worked for us. I see no reason at all, it shouldn’t work for you.
Wilhelm Reich could make deserts bloom, and so can we!

The U.S. needs more people like you. If you see something that needs to be done, you just go out and do it. Yea!

T.D.P. Admin.


12:07 AM (18 hours ago)

Sure enough, on Radarcast I’m seeing activity West out in the ocean and East of here up in the hills where the fires are!

I hope rain really comes on Thursday.

There are now over thirty active fires throughout California.
Local reservoir has trees growing in it.
Farmers are starting to use up well (dinosaur) water!

Hope it works!

Thanks again,

G. H.


8:19 PM (21 minutes ago) {Sep 16}

Hello G.H.

Possible Great News!
iControl Doppler (Future Cast) now shows a lot of rain heading for most of California!
It’s pretty incredible!

Within a week the drought should be over for good. And this was no ordinary drought. This is what they now call a Mega-Drought.
And you took it down with a large can of saltwater and some copper pipes! HA HA HA HA 🙂

You are now officially a Drought Slayer. A very Rare Breed! You took on the 2014 California Mega Drought of the West Coast, and sent him packing! OMG!

Where you stand, drought fears to tread! OMG! HA HA HA HA 🙂
No kidding. Where ever you go, anywhere in the world, you have the power to end drought there, if they have one. That’s pretty awesome!

“To help bring rain and life to a drought stricken land. To help bring beautiful sunny days, to help plants sprout full…It’s pretty darn cool!”

Good Luck, as always.

T.D.P. Admin.
Wade House
Drought Slayer {East Coast} – 2012/2013 Severe East Coast Drought 🙂
No one talks about that one anymore. Old news 🙁
When good days are here, people quickly forget about the bad ones.

PS – I’m going to do a post about this. I was planning it before you contacted me. But you were right on time!
If you want me to use your real name, not email of course, just let us know.
Otherwise, you’ll simply be known as G. H. … – Drought Slayer {West Coast}

Side Note: Yesterday when I googled East Coast Drought, all kind of information about the; “Severe” “Dramatic” “Continuing” 2012/2013 East Coast Drought popped right up. When I googled it today…nothing. Like it never existed…
Google just erased an entire “Severe” “Dramatic” “Continuing” Drought from the web!
They are a riot! 🙂


8:25 PM {Sep 16}(1 hour ago)

I’d prefer you not to use my name.

We’ll see if the rain mass makes it inland over the next few days.
There were rumors that the haarpsters were pushing last Springs’ weather systems out to sea.

Thanks again!



9:45 PM (4 minutes ago) {Sep 16}

No issues, G.H.

The haarpsters will try their darndest to stop the system from coming ashore. It’s what they do!

They will spend millions to try and overcome your little saltwater container and copper pipes. It’s hilarious! 🙂
The only thing not funny is, it’s not their earned money, it’s ours. So they aren’t really losing anything, so they’ll try. Why not?

black helicopter c8d6557981ab

But listen, they threw everything they had in their weather control arsenal at us. We were taking back control of Washington D.C’.s skies, and we let them know it.

They had UFO’s, Cloud UFO’s, All Black Helicopters, Air Force Spotter Planes, Coast Guard Helicopters, regular spotter planes, HAARP and GWEN Towers, and they still lost! Thus “Vindictive Retaliation”. It’s what they do.

delaware ufo in clouds
Our whole planet is a giant Orgone Accumulator. They are like…trying to fight the ocean. It’s Unbeatable!

And Note: Orgone Energy doesn’t need a weather system to bring rain. There is always more than enough moisture in the air and upper atmosphere for Orgone to organize into rain anywhere on earth! It’s just much easier with a rain weather system nearby.
But what Orgone Energy does need, is people like you and I! The Brave, The Few, The New Breed.

NOTE 2: They will have minor victories here and there. But they will be short in duration and have no overall impact on weather.
They will still have the power to put on a show, to say; “Here we are. We are here. We’re still around.” But that’s all it will be…a show!

Until Winter: Here, my unit freezes into a block of ice, and loses most of it’s weather mitigation abilities. I can’t control the PH and it seems, less active, so to say. And it can barely mitigate an “excessive snow agenda”. Yes, they have that too! One of their ‘New’ toys. I call it a Snow Gun, but it’s more like a Blizzard Cannon!

If I could just keep it thawed or warm somehow. Working on it.

Good Luck, as always.

Wade House – T.D.P. Admin.


2:17 AM (1 hour ago) {Sept. 18}

Good news!

It just started drizzling a light rain here.
Most of the bigger system moved North into Oregon – where the fires are.




3:26 AM (16 minutes ago) {Sept. 18}

Hello G.H.
Just wait. You have more rain coming!
Doppler Future Cast timing may be off, but it’s amounts are pretty right on.

And also, you and all of California are now back in the regular, untainted, weather system.
Your area, in particular, will become a little piece of heaven on Earth!

Welcome to the club, Drought Slayer! Savior of the West Coast!


dragon a-man-without“Let it RAIN, Beast! You…Shall…Not…Pass!” – Drought Slayer


Unit Operational Sept. 13th/14th

California Could Face 35-Year Megadrought, Study Says ……/california-could-face-35-year-megadrought-…ABC News
Sep 3, 2014
– California Could Face 35-Year Megadrought, Study Says … Southern California is in the grip of a drought that has gone on for three … The company says that the latest models have broken all iPhone pre-order sales records.

California could be facing unprecedented megadrought ……/california-could-be-facing-unprecedente…
CBS News
4 days ago – September 13, 2014
, 7:16 AM |A new study warns that California could be facing a 30-year megadrought, posing “unprecedented challenges” …
California’s 100-year drought – USA Today…/california-megadrought/14446195/

Chances Rise to 50% for 30-year California Drought – AgWeb…/chances_rise_to_50_for_30-year_california_drough…
Sep 6, 2014 – Odds of a 10-year drought afflicting the southwestern U.S. have increased to 80%.
… to be a bin-busting corn crop, California and the Southwest received … “megadrought” lasting for more than 30 years has increased to 50%.

California mega-drought could last more than a century …

USA Today
Sep 3, 2014 – Has California reached megadrought status?
Not yet: “This one wouldn’t stand out as a megadrought,” Hoerling said. Even so, “this is the …

Let us finish that sentence; “this is the…last of these types of reports about the, soon to be a memory, California Mega-Drought!” Wade House – T.D.P. Admin. (Drought-Slayer of the East)


[ Chem Wars, Sky Wars { T.D.P. Chronicles } Operation: SILENT THUNDER NATURAL SKIES ]


storm clouds


IRON BABY! Taking on The Dragon!

This is a cute and funny video that reminds me of the Weather Wars Sky Wars.
At first, the Weather Controllers, (chemtrails, storms, hurricanes, rain, flood and drought makers) were a push-over.
They had been in such total control of our skies for so long, we caught them off guard, and enjoyed beautiful skies and starry nights for over a month uncontested.

The small but powerful G-1 Guardian Orgone Unit, easily blew away their Regular Weather control methods and chemtrails.
But they came back with a fierceness that is actually hard to believe. And thus began The Weather Wars, The Sky Wars, The Cloud Wars and the Sunlight Wars of 2012/2013. July 25, 2012 was the actual ‘Begin Date’.

And when it ended, the Severe and Ongoing East Coast U.S. Drought was a memory and their World Wide Chemtrail Dark Agenda had been shattered. Both remain so till this day! GOOOO ORGONE!

Wade House
T.D.P. Admin.