December 17, 2017

Stan Meyers water Powered Buggy

This car runs on water ! Your Government Lies

Stan Meyers invented a Water Powered Hydrogen Fuel Cell that will run cars and even the American Mititary was looking into it’s use. It converts the water into electricity. It’s just like a hydrogen Fuel Cell except this one uses Water. Hydrogen is 2 parts water and one part oxygen. His system simple cuts out the oxygen.
A wonderful system that will need to be reverse engineered since Stan Meyers was assassinated and his invention and all the notes stolen. It’s not the first time.
In England, they apparently think Americans are a bunch of Ignorant children that believe in fairy tales. That would mean, they consider themselves our parents. They think a water powered Hydrogen fuel cell is impossible.
Oh, those of limited vision.
Check out the videos below, and you decide for yourselves.


GASHOLE: Full Documentary

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