February 18, 2018

WINDOWS 10 SUCKS!!! Worst O.S. Ever! New OS Operating Systems – New Multi-Terabyte Computers! Next Generation Of Computers Here Now!!! NexGen Computer Upgrade! 48GB RAID RAM, 12TB Quad-Drive Beast!!! High TB Multi-Drive, Tri-Drive and Q-Drive Sys.

I Will Never Buy Another Microsoft Product Again…EVER!!!

WINDOWS 10 is the worst Computer OS (Operating System) that has ever come down the pike. It has Built-In Hostage Ware, Un-Installable Software, Auto-Updating, that takes over your computer and tells you when you can use it or not, and multiple annoying Pop-Ups and Sounds.

It even lacks a Media Player…but you can download one from their Store or online! What kind of basic Computer OS doesn’t even come with a Media Player?…Windows 10! It will Cut-Off your work and hold your computer Hostage until you download a Microsoft Product. This Puppy is SICK!!!

Big Bill says he wants this atrocious OS in a billion computers. Well Bill, how does it feel to want? Because I got news for you. Microsoft/Microshite is on it’s way to becoming the Next Xerox Machince…remember them. 🙂

Microsoft/Microshite has put the Writing on the Wall with this total BS/OS, and I’m doing my part.
But don’t worry Bill, I never complain without a way out, never. 🙂

But first, let me show you the problems with Windows 10, and what many others think about it.








Here are a few YouTube rants against Windows 10, there are a bunch of them.
The first 2 videos do have a little foul language. I allowed it because, I know how they feel. I’ve been there. One guy said he was about 1 second from throwing his laptop against the wall.

No one buys a computer to have the GD computer tell you when you can use it!

Enjoy. Some of them are kind of entertaining! 🙂
Looking at the 1st two vids reminds me of my first reaction. LOL 🙂


Why Windows 10 is Garbage, Avoid it!




Windows 10 Rant:The worst OS ever-Say No to Windows 10


Rant of the Week What the Hell is Microsoft doing with Windows 10 S


Frugal’s Take 094: Microsoft’s Epic Windows 10 Fail


This one is kind of important. It says what I found out, you can’t Downgrade from Windows 10 to an earlier version of Windows.

In fact, I was told that you can’t get rid of Windows 10, period.

Oh well, I’ll be glad to prove them so very wrong.




I Hate Windows 10 What Are My Options



A download from the manufacturer killed my All-In One Printer WorkStation. And it was a Microsoft/Microshite download that corrupted my beloved Vista OS on my old computer.

People have learned to HATE DOWNLOADS so much, and simply stopped Downloading anything Microshite that Microshite has made DOWNLOADS AUTOMATIC and this Auto-Downloading feature can’t be turned off or un-installed.

After it killed my old computer, a Compact Presario, it refused to reboot from the hard drive.
I replaced the Hard Drive and RAM and then the ReBoot Discs that came from the manufacturer, which I had used before with no problem, now were deemed by the computer to be the wrong Discs.

After all that I broke down and purchased a New Computer. I was unaware of Windows 10. I stopped downloading Windows products at Vista. I didn’t like Windows 7 and saw the writing on the wall years ago.

But Windows 10 was so bad, I tried again to repair my Old Vista. 1 CD and 1 Vista Flash Drive from Amazon or Ebay and my Computer came back to life with Vista on it…but absolutely No Programs. It was completely bare. I would have to load up every single Program.

And one day soon I will.


After being angry and spending money, it was now time to do something…REAL!!!
It was now time to teach Microshite a good lesson.

It was now time to end the Dominance of Microsoft. It was time to turn them into the New Xerox Machine.
Become relevant or fade away!




I put together a New Type of Computer in my head. I call it a Tri-Drive Computer because it has 3 Hard Drives, a DownLoad Hard Drive (HDD), and 2 Large 4Tb Capacity Storage HDD’s. Plus it will come with a minimum 32gb’s of RAM and Multiple OS Operating Systems to chose from.

I liked it so much I decided to build one for myself now! It won’t be as strong as the one I envisioned, but that will only be for now.

And keep in mind this is only a 1st Generation Prototype. The 2nd Generation LC (Large Capacity) Home and Portable computers will do away with (HHD’s) altogether and go totally Solid State (SSD) with laptop and Flash Drive (SS) Tech. Solid State Drives…don’t wear out as quickly with no moving parts.

The Original Computer I thought up was to be a T12 Tri-Drive Desktop Computer. It would have three 4 Terabyte HHD’s. 4Tb Hard Drives were what I thought at the time were the Highest Capacity Hard drives there were.

But I saw that now they have 12 TB and 10 TB HHd’s. That instantly changed everything.
Now I’m thinking T36 and T30 Terabyte Tri-Drive Computers.

A Main Reason behind the Tri-Drive isn’t just Power…but Protection. A Separation on Information.
The Primary Operations Hard Drive is the Main HHD that could have problems.

It would be very easy to Pull it, and designate one of the other HHD’s as Primary, until it’s replaced.


REBOOT: 10 BOOTABLE Operations Systems!

But the main Issue wasn’t the Computer, it was the WINDOWS 10 OS (Operating System) that SUCKED Big Time!!! That Had To Go!!!

Fortunately, there were and are alot of very smart people who feel the same. There are Multiple Universities, and Professional Individual Code Writers who have disliked Microsoft from the very beginning, back in 1998.

And since then, there have been and are a Multitude of other Computer Operating Systems being used today by millions of people in America and around the World. And although some of them are being run by the Big Three, Google, Microshite and Apple, there are plenty of others who want nothing to do with them.

Many of them do seek to emulate the OS of the Big Three because they know that’s what people are most comfortable with. But they use entirely different code.

For $20 Dollars online I purchased a 16gb Flash Drive with 10 Bootable Operating Systems on it.
It is Copy Written under a GNU-General Public License. Which means I can make copies or use it as I deem fit.

GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) is a widely used free software license, which guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software. The license was originally written by Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) for the GNU Project.

And again online I found and downloaded 6 of the Very Best (FREE) Computer Operating Systems. These I will Download to another 16gb Flash Drive along with 6 of the Very Best (FREE) Security Software Packages.

I will make copies of both Flash Drives for Back-Up and install two of them on the computer. That will give me up to 16 OS’s to chose from, plus a couple of Security and Repair suites thrown in to Boot!

One OS in particular I liked alot. It automatically Seals and Shuts Tight any Files not being used. I like that. With all the information we can store, we will need extra security measures.

{ 8GB Multiboot USB Flash Drive, 10 bootable Systems, repair Windows, enjoy Linux $19.95 }

This is the one I got.
It includes:
* Fedora 19
* Knoppix 1×7
* Linux Mint Cinnamon 15
* Zorin OS
* Ubunto 13.04
* Slax 7.0
Plus More


These are the Free OS I found that seemed good.

* React OS (101 mb)
* Haiku Alpha (694 mb)
* True OS (2.69 gb)
* Cub Linux (886 mb)
* Syllable Desktop OS (92 mb)
* Open Solaris (676 mb)

Generally Speaking, IMO, the more code the more chance for corruptibility.
And thus I lean more towards React OS and Syllable, both considered to be among the best OS’s even compared to paid OS’s.
Haiku Alpha also gets very good reviews.


Below are some other options.

{ 16GB USB Multiboot Flash Drive, 15 bootable Systems, repair Windows, enjoy Linux $28.41 }


{ 32gb Multiboot USB Flash Drive, 30 Bootable Linux Systems. Wifi, Windows Repair $39.47 }


10 Reasons why Linux is Better Than MacOS or Windows


I’ll use this Dual Port Docking Station to house my 2 HHD’s.
One is 2TB’s ($50), the other is 4Tb’s ($98).



This is the 7 Port 3.0 USB Adapter I’ve chosen to house my Flash Drives.
5 of them at $5.99 each from Best Buy.
2 of the FD’s will be used to Back-Up my two OS FD’s.
3 will be arranged in a RAMRaid Configuration. This is where you use 2 or more Flash Drives set as your Computer RAM.

The below graph depicts time savings per multiple Flash drives set in a RAID ARRAY:


The below video shows you how to set up a RAID RAM Array and tests it to show you the speed increase.

Use a bunch of USB Flash drives in a RAID array.


NOTE: 3.0 USB is the new norm. They are nearly twice as fast as 2.0 USB Connections.
I have only two 3.0 USB Ports on my computer. But with the new 7 Port 3.0 USB Strip, and the Two 3.0 USB Ports that come on the HHD Dock Station, I will now have (11) 3.0 USB Ports…Crazy Cool!

Speed Chart Below:



T6.5 TRI-DRIVE Computer Prototype

* 6.5TB Storage
* (11) 3.0 USB Ports
* (15) Switchable OS (Operating Systems)


Say Sayonara Bill, Microsoft/Microshite is Toast!


This is what the basic Prototype will look something like.
Sorry about the poor picture Quality. This GD Computer Controlled Printer, won’t take full page pictures/photos.



My next Upgrade will be to swap out the current 512gb internal hard drive and replace it with a 2TB Hard Drive.

This will add 2 terabytes to the system and Dump Windows 10 completely out of the computer. I’ll simply REBOOT from the Flash Drive(s), with a New OS.

I will also add a WD – easystore® 4TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive – Black ($109). This Automatically Backs-Up All Files, and adds and Extra Drive.

This will turn it into a Quad Drive T12 – a 12 Terabyte, 4 Hard Drive Beast, with Auto 4TB Storage.

Just a little better than what I was thinking of. It’ll do. 🙂

For $150+ more, I get a Virtual Dream Computer.


I like immensely that the New Lenovo – 310S comes with (2) 3.0 USB Ports and the Intel HD Graphics 505 Sound Card is outrageously, awesome.

It can manipulate/upgrade the Pixels of a 720P HD TV/Monitor to 1080p to 2000P+ easily.
And the Sound (thru an added audio system w/bass) is Clear and Scary/Startling Good!

Desktop Computer

(High-Capacity/Speed, Random Access Memory)

* 12 TB Storage w/ 4TB Auto All File Back-Up

* Dual Multi-OS Boot Flash Drives

* (11) 3.0 USB Ports

* And Totally Cool!!!

Basic UPGRADE Costs:
* All come with 48 GB RAID RAM and
Multi-OS Boot Flash Drive
* $200+ T6 TRI-DRIVE (6 Terabytes/(3) HHD’s)
* $300+ T10 Q-Drive/Quad Drive (10 terabytes/ (4) HHD’s)
w/4TB Auto back-Up
* $350+ T12 Q-Drive w/4TB Auto back-Up and
(2) TB Internal HHD (12 TB Total)

And that’s it.
In the future I will have to replace hard drives as they go bad.

But since there will be (4) Hard Drives, there should be little to no information loss.


This is the Next Generation of Flash Drives. Small and powerful.
This is what will be in the Next Generation of Computers.

Just picture. Instead of a big Hard Drives, you have 2 or 3 strips inside your computer that hold 10-15 of these 2TB Flash Drives. I.E. 20-30 Terabytes!!! AND NO MOVING PARTS!!!





NOTE: Those 2TB Flash Drives are 1″ Square and 2″ Long.
They can easily be reshaped to a 1/2″ thick and 2″ Square which would make them Perfect for Laptops.
A laptop could easily hold (3) of them giving the lowly Laptop up to 6TB of storage.

See where I’m coming from…?

Good Times Ahead!

Right now those 2TB Flash Drives cost $1500 to $2000+ easy.
To GD much for something so small.

They will need to come down in price to no more than $30-$50 dollars each.

If they don’t…we will go FORD on their butt.
We will do it ourselves from the Ground Up. We will mass Produce Top Quality Items cheaply.

This is a warning to the Corporations of this World…
Do what we want…or we will do it ourselves…and Cut You Out!!!

Wade House
TDP Admin.


Windows 10 adoption rate is stagnating
by Hilbert Hagedoorn on: 02/13/2017 12:40 PM | Source | 128 comment(s)

Windows 10 adoption rate is stagnating
It seems that Microsoft is having a hard time retreiving more new users on Windows 10, the operating system install base has been stuck on 400 million for four months now. Evere since microsoft ended its free upgrade campaign that install abse remained roughly the same.

The company earlier this week announced that it has 400 million active Windows 10 users reports myce.com:

The slow growth is related to the the end of free Windows 10 upgrade period and the disappointing sales of Windows smartphones. It’s therefore very unlikely Microsoft will achieve its goal of 1 billion Windows 10 users by 2018.

See Ya. Sayonara. Microsoft is Toast!