February 21, 2018

SICK AND DEPRAVED: Hollywood Pushes Pedophilia On Teenagers. Operation Hollywood – Part 1 [ Censorship Level – Very High ]


* This is a Re-Post due to a High Level of Censorship by Google * – T.D.P. Admin.

Hollywood is now pushing Pedophilia on teenagers. These people are so sick and depraved, you almost feel obligated to warn others and tell them to do the same.

They are already pushing Homosexuality hard to children through TV, Cable and Movies and many parents are becoming aware. but teenagers are much harder to monitor…much harder.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017)
Writers: Ernie Altbacker, Marv Wolfman

This all started with a scene from a teenage superhero movie. In the above scene a little girl walks up to a grown man and asks for sex. He looks at her and she says; “I’m not a Kid.” But doesn’t give her age. He says “Okay.” Oh and BTW…she’s his girlfriend. WTH!?!?

It seemed to me that this movie, targeted at teenagers, was promoting Pedophilia, or grown men having sex with little girls. I really couldn’t believe what I was looking at.

Maybe it’s no big deal to some, but I think it is.

This is just a warning on current themes being pushed on Americans and the World by Hollywood and all other Media. I don’t watch TV, Cable, News, or listen to any spoken words coming from any media sources except research and very select movies, that don’t include any of Hollywood’s Known Themes, many of which are listed below.

We could easily do a post on each of these individually, but for now, it’s just a generalization of the basic themes they’re pushing.

There are so many of them…it’s better to avoid them altogether.


Under each of the Themes you will see a Search Results Number. The higher the number, the harder they are pushing the Subject Theme. This pushing of Pedophilia On Teenagers is relatively new with low a relatively low search result number. But that will grow over time as the try to Normalize the behavior in the eyes of Americans.

– Corey Feldman 40, himself a survivor of Hollywood’s childhood sexual abuse, unflinchingly warned of the world of pedophiles who are drawn to the entertainment industry. “I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia,” Feldman told ABC’s Nightline. “That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry… It’s the big secret.”


* Hollywood Pushes Pedophilia On Teenagers
* About 1,320,000 results (0.94 seconds)

Hollywood pushes the Pedophile Agenda?! – KillerMovies.com
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Hollywood pushes the Pedophile Agenda?! …. Pedophilia is rape, if you’re two teens or at a similar age and are having sex and one is underage, it’s not …

Hollywood and corporate media are normalizing pedophilia.
Feb 22, 2017 – Hollywood and Corporate Media are Crusading to Normalize Pedophilia … First, the term ‘pedophilia’ is itself used as a euphemism for what is, objectively, …. There are terms applicable to persons interested in younger teens …

Hollywood Pushes Pedophilia Through Matthew M
Hollywood Pushes Pedophilia Through Matthew McConaughey … from Dartmouth College concluded what is observable all around us – that “adolescents who …

Hollywood’s evil secret: pedophilia – The Australian
May 23, 2016 – Elijah Wood was just eight when he arrived in Hollywood, the … Michael Egan, who was a teenager at the time of the alleged abuse in 1999, …

Modern Music: Promoting pedophilia to adults and sexual debauchery …
May 7, 2015 – Miley Cyrus: the perfect role model for teenage girls … 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia. ….. being pushed by the music industry itself by using prominent female idols to promote these ideals.

Hollywood’s sexual predator problem explodes – One News Now
May 7, 2014 – The holier-than-thou progressives in the Hollywood left should take a break … the most depraved sexual abuse against vulnerable children and teens, … Last year, child actor Corey Feldman sounded the alarm on rampant pedophilia in a … wrong side of deviancy and push this sickness as something good.

We Are On the Road To Normalizing Pedophilia – RedState
Jan 11, 2016 – While studying adolescents who sexually abused other children, Miner, the … So pushing pedophiles further into the shadows by persecuting them at … into HBO, Showtime, and the edgy Hollywood and Indie movies that are …

Hollywood Perverts – The Judiciary Report
Sep 4, 2009 – How does one begin to even explain to the public, why this sick, … And this is the level of human depravity nasty Hollywood has sunk to, …


Distract the public, justify the war machine – Wag the Dog (1997)

* Hollywood Pushes war
* About 55,800,000 results results (0.68 seconds)

WAG THE DOG – Trailer – (1997) – HQ

[ Wag The Dog (1997) ]


* hollywood pushes homosexuality
* About 21,400,000 results (0.60 seconds)

Dear Hollywood: Stop Gaying All the Things, Especially Straight …

Dear Hollywood: Stop Gaying All the Things, Especially Straight Characters…

May 11, 2016 – Dear leftists in Hollywood intent on pushing incessant gayness, even … Contrary to what you push on TV, homosexuals make up about 3.4 …

Hollywood Pushing Homosexuality in the Western World
Oct 31, 2016 – Hollywood Pushing Homosexuality in the Western World … Hollywood, which is jewish owned and controlled, has been inundating the Western …

‘Finding Dory,’ ‘Frozen’ and LGBT Characters in Animated Movies …
Jun 2, 2016 – #GiveElsaAGirlfriend to ‘Finding Dory’: The Online Push for LGBT … While Disney did not respond to The Hollywood Reporter’s request for …

Beauty and the Beast’s gay agenda is proof Hollywood has gone …
Mar 7, 2017 – Beauty and the Beast’s gay agenda is proof Hollywood has gone bonkers … homosexuality and foul language,” the Henagar Drive-In said in a Facebook …. Organic ‘greenwashing’ prompts push for tighter food labelling laws …

The Gay Mafia and America’s aggressive homosexual agenda …
Apr 26, 2015 – “Lavender Mafia” refers to the perceived homosexual elements of life … office environment for homosexual journalists, and pushes for domestic … Perhaps the most infamous “outing” of Hollywood’s Gay Mafia was that by …

Does Hollywood promote the homosexual lifestyle? | Debate.org
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Explore Hollywood’s role in promoting a homosexual life style. Read each side of the debate and voice your own opinion.

Hollywood: Driving the Homosexual Agenda for 40 Years – NewsBusters
May 10, 2012 – Hollywood celebrities exuberantly celebrated President Obama’s recent … This push towards normalizing homosexuality reached full torque in …

(((HollyWood))) Pushing Homosexuality In The Western World
(video) HollyWood Pushing Homosexuality In The Western World …
Nov 1, 2016 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drkRE7Wk9Tg HollyWood Pushing Homosexual In The Western World.


* Hollywood Pushes fear
* About 36,100,000 results (0.68 seconds)


* hollywood Pushes destruction of american cities
* About 574,000,000 results (0.82 seconds)

Marvel Screenwriter: ‘Why Has Destruction … – Hollywood Reporter
Jun 26, 2013 – Marvel Screenwriter: ‘Why Has Destruction Become the Default’ in Movies? … Are there any major American cities or landmarks that haven’t yet …

Top 10 City Destruction Scenes in Movies

Why does Hollywood think the destruction of American Cities and the death of hundreds or thousands of Americans is entertaining?! These people are so Sick!

That’s Not Entertainment!!!


* hollywood pushes fear of muslims
* About 83,600,000 results (0.80 seconds)


* hollywood pushes religion
* About 21,400,000 results (1.07 seconds)


* Hollywood Pushes racism
* About 42,000,000 results (0.70 seconds)

Race and Religious Themed movies are coming out of Hollywood at a steady pace. I avoid theme all.


* hollywood is sick
* About 15,900,000 results (0.43 seconds)

The Sick Depraved World of Hollywood – Stormfront
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(Article reprinted with permission.) The Sick Depraved World of Hollywood by Charles Coughlin Stories about the old Hollywood movie industry …

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Sep 6, 2014 – In today’s Hollywood, everything is upside-down. Everything good is depicted as bad and everything bad is good. Deviant behavior is …

Far-Left Maureen Dowd Slams Hollywood as ‘Sick Society’ Like …
Nov 21, 2015 – Far-left New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd slams Hollywood as a ‘sick society’ in an essay on sexism in the entertainment Industry.

Hollywood is a sick place! – Lipstick Alley
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Oct 27, 2015 – 10 posts – ‎6 authors
A standing ovation for the guy that raped drugged and kidnapped a 13 year old girl. A man who couldn’t be present because he fled the country …


– I Really, Really hate this one! Some of the stuff Hollywood puts out showing violence against Women turned me away from a whole section of so-called action movies. I could not believe the type of violence and it’s scale I saw used against women. It Totally turned me off and firmly put me against Hollywood.

* hollywood pushes violence against women
* About 45,300,000 results (0.63 seconds)

LADY BLOODFIGHT – Official Trailer #2 (2017)

Study accuses Hollywood of waging genuine ‘war on women’ through …
Feb 11, 2015 – The research revealed 129 acts of violence against women in a single week of primetime TV shows. “It’s just lip service. Hollywood sells …

Why violence against women in film is not the same as violence …
https://www.theguardian.com › Arts › Movies › Batman
Jul 29, 2016 – Violence against men and violence against women are both common in genre entertainment. But – as The Killing Joke demonstrates – that …

Nicole Kidman says Hollywood contributes to violence against women …
https://www.theguardian.com › Arts › Movies › Nicole Kidman
Oct 22, 2009 – The Academy award-winning actor Nicole Kidman used an appearance before the US Congress to accuse Hollywood of contributing to …

EEOC Probe Finds Hollywood Studios Biased Against Female …
Feb 15, 2017 – The EEOC is in settlement talks with Hollywood movie studios to resolve charges they systemically discriminated against female directors. … Related · Studios & Networks Rebuff DGA Diversity Push For “Rooney Rule” … Wonder why there is so much violence against women, why so much stereotyping and …

Romanian New Wave Cinema: An Introduction
Doru Pop – 2014 – ‎Performing Arts
violence against women is often depicted as acceptable and even desirable. … and violence against women is used to push the story forward (Projanksi 2001). … which do not belong to the derogatory uses in “classical” Hollywood cinema.

Hollywood Hypocrisy on the Degradation of Women – Patheos
Oct 10, 2016 – … to that is the sexualized depiction of children (and violence against them, … In Hollywood’s rush to push the boundaries of what can be shown …


* hollywood pushes drug use
* About 42,700,000 results (0.91 seconds)


* Hollywood Pushes violence
* About 37,800,000 results (0.72 seconds)


The Church reportedly protects pedophiles. Google protects pedophiles. Hollywood protects pedophiles. What is it with the Rulers of this World…Are they all Pedophiles?!?! Do we live in some sort of Pedocracy? A Government of Pedophiles! WTH!?!?