February 25, 2018

COLOSSAL UFO USES SUN AS STARGATE! 4th Recorded Visit Since 2009! WOW!


This is totally amazing…TOTALLY!
There are (2) great catches in the below NASA SOHO Video. We get to see an absolutely colossal UFO and we get to see it enter the Sun and use it as a Stargate. The Craft is easily two thirds the size of the Sun itself. Totally unprecedented in size. And it’s the fourth time it’s been here…at least!

If this isn’t news, I don’t know what is!


Huge UFO Mothership Caught Near The Sun
Published on Mar 31, 2017

What to look for:
First off, all you really need are the first 4 to 5 minutes of this video.

1) Go to the SETTINGS Gear Button at the bottom right side of the YouTube Video.
2) Change the SPEED from Normal to 0.25, its lowest playback speed. Now go…

At the 22 second mark, the large UFO appears at the top left corner over the Sun. An arrow indicates its exact location.

At the 23 second mark, if you look at the bottom left corner of the Sun where an Inverted Beam of some type is coming from the Sun, you will see the Sun Flare Up and the rear half of the craft entering it. It is visible for an entire (2) seconds.

The Sun is a StarGate. And when craft enter it, it flares up as seen in multiple NASA SOHO videos posted on YouTube.

This process is repeated in this video a the 32 to 35 second marks.
It appears at the top left corner of the Sun for (1) second. And then the next second later, it appears at the bottom left corner of the Sun, by the Inverted Beam, and slowly enters the Sun, visible for a full (2) seconds.

The Inverted Beam could be some kind of Homing Beacon or other type of Navigational Aid. It’s always present when this Colossal UFO is Near the Sun and many times when other large UFO’s are near the Sun.


Below are (3) other times in different years that “The Colossal UFO” has been spotted and recorded by NASA’s SOHO Satellites.


{ 02/14/2016 }

Also Note the plasma trail this craft leaves behind it as it travels. Many say this craft is Saucer Shaped. It’s not.
It’s shape is oval, round or spherical.

{ 08/16/2009 }


{ 04/12/2011 / 04/2016 ? }


Many large UFO’s visit the Sun and use it as a Stargate.







This is just Interesting Information to store away for a future date.