February 25, 2017

FRACTIONAL RESERVE WARS PART 3: $16.2Q+ Added To Money Supply Yearly! QUADRILLENIUM – Age Of The Quadrillion Dollar “Time For Americans To Get Up To Date On The Reality Of The Situation”


In 2005 more than 7 million homes were sold. Mr. Yun said the market is likely a decade off from hitting those levels again. In 2006, sales fell to 6.5 million and since then have hovered around 5 million sales or fewer.

The Average Home Price in 2005 was $297,000. In 2006 it was $305,900.

Rounded off figures at an average sale price of $300,000 Dollars for 2005 and 2006.

Average $300K X 5M = $1.5Q
$300,000 Thousand Avg Hm. Sale Price X 5,000,000 Hm. Sold = $1,500,000,000,000 Quadrillion Dollars

Under Fractional Reserve Banking Laws/Rules; Banks can hypothecate (create loans with nothing in hand to back them up) Money at a 1:9 Ratio. I.E. They can CREATE $9 Dollars in Loans, out of Thin Air, for every $1 Dollar they Loan Out, which were also created/hypothecated into existence.

Now let’s run the Real Numbers. 2005 / 2006 – Averages are good for 2005-2010

$300K X 5M = $1.5Q

1.5Q x 9 = 13.5Q

So for the years 2005 and 2006, an average of $13.5Q Dollars were printed out of thin air to add to the Money Supply. That’s $27Q Dollars in just (2) years added to the American Dollar Money Supply! $27 Quadrillion Dollars…with a Q!

So just who are they blaming for Inflation/Hyper Inflation?!

It’s a System that is about as Crazy, Arsenine and Insane as only the most Lunatic Mad Man could think of. It’s a Debt-Based Monetary System, Versus a Debt-Free Based Monetary System.

And since Debt is considered as a new form of Slavery, I.E. Debt = Slavery, it’s really a Slave Based Monetary System vs. a Freedom Based Monetary System. It’s really quite that simple.

$1,500,000,000,000 Q X 9 = 13,500,000,000,000 Q!!!

Averages are good for 2005-2010 which means from 2005-2010, $67.5Q was added to the Money Supply

13.5Q X 5 = 67.5


Real Numbers 2015: Averages for 2011-2017

Average Home sale Price $360,000 Dollars or 360K
Average Number of Homes Sold 5,000,000 or 5M

360k X 5M = 1.8K

1.8K x 9 = 16.2K


$360,000 K X 5,000,000 M = $1,800,000,000,000 Q

$1,800,000,000,000 Q x 9 = $16.200,000,000,000 Q Dollars

Averages for 2010-2017 which means from 2011-2017, $113.4Q was added to the Money Supply.

That’s Right, $113,400,000,000,000 Quadrillion Dollars were added to the U.S./World Money Supply!


It’s easy to see these remarkable financial figures for yourself. Below you will find everything you need.

You have a Great Calculator, the Average Home Sale Prices from 2000-2010 and you will find a Home Sales Graph from 2005-2015.

You simply times the Average Sales Price for a given year times the Number of Homes sold that year.
And then you times that total amount times (X) 9.

Unless the people are paying cash for these houses, they are taking out Loans from Banks. And since Banks can create $9 dollars in loans for every $1 dollar they loan-out…well you get the picture.


[ census.gov Housing prices 1963 – 2010 ]

2000 $169,000 $207,000
2001 $175,200 $213,200
2002 $187,600 $228,700
2003 $195,000 $246,300
2004 $221,000 $274,500
2005 $240,900 $297,000
2006 $246,500 $305,900
2007 $247,900 $313,600
2008 $232,100 $292,600
2009 $216,700 $270,900
2010 $221,800 $272,900


[[[ Web Calculator 2.0 ]]]

((( Web 2.0 scientific calculator )))



Home Sales to Hit Highest Level Since 2006, Realtors Say
By Laura Kusisto | May 14, 2015

Existing-homes sales this year are expected to hit levels not seen since just after the peak, in 2006, driven by strong job growth, low interest rates and a gradual loosening of lending standards, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the Realtor association, said in his mid-year forecast on Thursday that he expects home sales to end up around 5.3 million in 2015, a significant pickup from 4.9 million sales in 2014.

To be sure, the volume of sales Mr. Yun is anticipating remains well below recent high in 2005 when more than 7 million homes were sold. Mr. Yun said the market is likely a decade off from hitting those levels again. In 2006, sales fell to 6.5 million and since then have hovered around 5 million sales or fewer.



December Existing-Home Sales Rise, 2013 Strongest in Seven Years

WASHINGTON (January 23, 2014) – Existing-home sales edged up in December, sales for all of 2013 were the highest since 2006, and median prices maintained strong growth, according to the National Association of Realtors®.

Total existing-home sales, which are completed transactions that include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, increased 1.0 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.87 million in December from a downwardly revised 4.82 million in November, but are 0.6 percent below the 4.90 million-unit level in December 2012.

For all of 2013, there were 5.09 million sales, which is 9.1 percent higher than 2012. It was the strongest performance since 2006 when sales reached an unsustainably high 6.48 million at the close of the housing boom.

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said housing has experienced a healthy recovery over the past two years. “Existing-home sales have risen nearly 20 percent since 2011, with job growth, record low mortgage interest rates and a large pent-up demand driving the market,” he said. “We lost some momentum toward the end of 2013 from disappointing job growth and limited inventory, but we ended with a year that was close to normal given the size of our population.”

The national median existing-home price for all of 2013 was $197,100, which is 11.5 percent above the 2012 median of $176,800, and was the strongest gain since 2005 when it rose 12.4 percent.






September 3, 2016 at 3:44 am
They don’t control the price of money, they control the price of Credit.

Credit is issued as a loan, at interest. Upon creation of loan, a debt instrument is made as a mirror to the “credit as money.”

Central banks in a debt money system work to backstop private banks. Private banks emit credit, and this is the bulk of what we use as “money.” More than 97% of money supply is bank credit. The bulk of the credit is hypothecated into existence against land, and to transfer in-place assets. It does not channel into industry.

Some central banks in history have worked to help governments issue exogenous money.

Exogenous money is outside of private credit emitting banking system. Exogenous enters into the money supply, helping to cancel debt instruments. Banker created type debts cancel BOTH the former credit and debt simultaneously.

In this type of scenario, the exogenous central banker money is beneficial. Under a scenario where central banker backstops private banks (as in QE) helps form Oligarchy.

As long as mal-formed inherently unstable private credit systems exist, there must be a central bank. Most central banks in western world, are agents of private banking systems. For example, the FED was funded into existence against the will of Congress at that time. In those days, it was called the “money trust.” Trust’s are a group of private companies working together to take rents against society.

All money is law.



Fract Wars part 5 or 6 Upcoming.

The Bench that a Judge sits on in a Court of Law is called a Bank.

LAW = BENCH = BANK = Judges Bench = Court = LAW I.E. LAW Controls Bank I.E. Law Makers Control Law

Governments are Primary Banks. Like Primary Colors, All Banks stem from Primary Banks.

Primary Banks Create Central Banks who in turn create Private/Commercial Banks.

Remember, Governments, just like Central Banks, can create money out of nothing. Who can do that, but a Bank.
In Fact, our Government authorizes other banks to do just that.

Don’t be fooled, our Government isn’t at the mercy of Banks, banks are at the Mercy of our Government!!!

And this little tidbit of information makes all the difference in the World!

Bankers like to say; He who controls a Country’s money supply, controls the country.

But I know; he who controls the Bank, controls the Money Supply. And the LAW sits on the Bank!

Under True Democracy the Citizens are the Law Makers and thus, it’s the Citizens who will control the Banks!

Representative Government doesn’t work well for citizens because representative law makers represent the Bank/Law, not Citizens.

Under True Democracy, Direct Democracy, citizens vote on everything. They become the Law Makers and Control the Primary Bank!



This Graph is completely wrong. It shows that in 2015, 501,000 new houses were sold. Yet in the graphs above, it shows that over 500,000 homes were sold in each of the last (2) months of 2015.