February 18, 2018

WEATHER WARS – WINTER WARS 2016/17: Sky Guard Protocols – Winter Warrior Returns – Winter Falls! “Orgone Energy Now Able To Influence ALL Weather Conditions!” UPDATED: 12/29 – Active Doppler

After recently holding back a “Polar Vortex” and 4 of it’s U.S. Northeastern “Blizzard Spawn” in Dec. 2016, from the Frederick, MD, D.C. area and below, I can now say…”You can now fend off the Toughest Winter Storms and Blizzards by simply heating the water in your G-2’s and G-1 Orac’s to between 80F-90F Degress Temperature.

Drought Abatement, Hurricane Abatement, Tornado Abatement, Heavy Storm Abatement, Chemtrail/Chemcloud Abatement, the ability to bring Early Springs and Late Winters and now WINTER ABATEMENT, are now all within the realm of Influence of Drought Slayers, Sky Guardians, and other Weather Warriors.

The Ability to hold back and utterly defeat Blizzards and Snow Storms and Vastly Lessen the effects of even the toughest Winters and Polar Vortex’s. Did I mention you can Obliterate Blizzards!!! 🙂

“Drought Slayers, Sky Guardians, and other Weather Warriors who use the Water Based (ORACS) Orgone Accumulators in their G-2/G-1 Configurations, Now Have The Ability To Influence ALL Weather Conditions!


EAST COAST PROTECTOR “You shall not pass. At my feet lie the bones of the Droughts, Hurricanes, Blizzards and other adverse weather conditions that thought they could.”


WINTER WARS 2016/17:

This is the second Winter Season I’ve used a process I call Summerization, to bring the East Coast Milder Winters. It’s the Process of Keeping the Water in your Primary ORACS at Summer Time Temperatures of between 80F-90F Degrees.

I noticed when these Units completely Freeze into Solid Ice Blocks…they are totally useless for any kind of Weather Mitigation…ANY!

At first I just Winterized (kept the water from freezing) in the Units with a couple of 50 Watt Aquarium Heaters.
This returned Nice Skies and Chemtrail Control Abilities, but that was all.

It would start getting cold in October and by January, snows would come almost weekly. It would be so constantly cold that the snow didn’t melt. It would just pile up in ever increasing size snow/ice piles, that some would not melt until well into Late Spring!

Those Days Are Gone, for those who use Summertized (Heated) G-2 Units.

The results in all my test cases have been nothing less than Spectacular!


Last year Christmas was 70F Degrees and it was 80F in November and October. It was the Mildest Winter I can ever remember.

The Weather Controllers and I myself were completely taken aback by the power of the Great Lakes Guardian. His ability with completely thawed G Units to bring up warm Gulf Moisture, up through the Great Lakes and into Canada, not only helped the U.S. East Coast have one of the Mildest Winters on record, but also brought one of the mildest winters ever known to Canada!

Winter Cold Air…The Arctic Blast, The Winter Hawk, Old Man Winter: always comes to America, down through Canada. And if you are going to bring it to the East Coast, you must get by the Northern Protector, PERIOD.

So it was no surprise to me, that when I heard the Polar Vortex was coming in October and I looked at the Weather Maps, I saw the beginnings of Snow starting in Canada in the Regions of The PNW Drought Slayers Group and the Great Lakes Area, Home to the Very Powerful Great Lakes Guardian/Northern Protector.

When I heard of the Polar Vortex in Early October, the very first thing I did was to locate the information and Summertize my Primary G-2 to 90F Degrees, with (3) Aquarium Heaters. And when we had the Warmest October in recent history, I went to grab that Polar Vortex story and rub it in their face at the end of the Month…and it was completely gone from the ‘Net’. All that remained were the headlines!


It was gone from all these locations below.

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Weakening polar vortex may yield longer, harsher … – AccuWeather
www.accuweather.com/… /weakening_shifting_polar_vortex_study_longer_harsher_…
MY RECENT LOCATIONS°F; New York, NY57° · Miami, FL83° · Los Angeles, CA63° · Browse for your location. United States …

Weakening polar vortex may yield longer, harsher winters in North …
Nov 21, 2016 – Longer, harsher winters may be in store for the portions of North America as the polar vortex continues to weaken and shifts, according to a new …

Global Warming: Policy Hoax versus Dodgy Science « Roy Spencer …
Nov 17, 2016 – http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/weakening-shifting-polar-vortex-study-longer-harsher-winters-north-america/61622468

Reader Tips – Small Dead Animals
Nov 18, 2016 – http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/weakening-shifting-polar-vortex-study-longer-harsher-winters-north-america/61622468.

AccuWeather – Google+
http://www.accuweather.com/en/features/trend/weakening_shifting_polar_vortex_study_longer_harsher_winters_north_america/61622468 · Weakening polar …


But at the beginning of December they brought it back (Below), and that’s where the real fight begins.

Here’s the story. It’s the exact same story as before…UNDATED…but with a different Post #70000025 versus #61622468.



Weakening polar vortex may yield longer, harsher winters in North America

By Michael Kuhne , AccuWeather staff writer

Longer, harsher winters may be in store for the portions of North America as the polar vortex continues to weaken and shifts, according to a new study.

The polar vortex is a large pocket of frigid air that hovers above the polar regions, and is most prominent in the winter months.

Researchers at China’s Lanzhou University penned the study, which was published in Nature Climate Change last month.
Lanzhou researchers found that a loss of sea ice in the Arctic regions due to rising temperatures in the Barents-Kara seas, along with an increase in snow cover over Europe and Asia, has caused the polar vortex to weaken. The pocket of cold air has in turn shifted toward Eurasia.

This movement could lead to colder and possibly extended winter seasons for portions of North America and Eurasia, according to the study.

“With warming and ridging in the Kara Sea, this typically allows for less ice cover but also is a conducive atmospheric pattern for lower temperatures in the North American mid-latitudes,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Edward Vallee said.

polar vortex weaker study

The polar vortex in winter can extend well into the atmosphere and at times be more than 100,000 feet deep, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Bob Smerbeck said.

A weaker polar vortex allows the stratosphere, or a distant part of the Earth’s atmosphere, to warm, while a stronger one prevents that process, according to Vallee.

“The stratospheric vortex typically governs the tropospheric vortex [in the lower part of the Earth’s atmosphere] during the winter months and is based on polar heating and cooling,” Vallee said.

“As the stratosphere warms in winter, it can reverse the wind direction below it,” he said.
This could block high pressure systems from taking shape in the high latitudes of the Earth, which would increase opportunities for cold in the mid-latitudes.

According to Smerbeck, the southern shift could bring the other end of the polar vortex toward eastern North America, yielding colder winters for the region.

“There are other factors that determine where the vortex sets up,” Smerbeck said. “The warm blob over the north Pacific in winter 2013-2014 and the unusually warm waters along the west coast of North America [for the] 2014-2015 winter contributed to a southward dip in the vortex across eastern North America and cold winters in the central and eastern U.S.”

Smerbeck said there is a lot of research still being conducted, and that while some researchers may not find the latest study overly convincing, a mechanical connection between the lack of sea ice and the vortex shift as opposed to just a statistical connection should allow for more accurate modeling.



OCTOBER 2016: The little White Arrow, normally on the right side of the weather map, U.S. East Coast, near D.C. is where Frederick, MD. is along with the East Coast G-2 Set-Up.

Both these Pic’s were taken 10/24/2016 and show Snow starting to move in on the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes area.


10/27/2016: Here you will see Snow starting to impact the Upper Northeast.

NOTE: Note the Rain you see Pushing away and Neutralizing the Snow. This is a recurring theme. As heavy snow moves in, rain moves up to neutralize it. It happened so much last year, a couple of people complained about so much rain.

I replied; “You have 2 chooses. Some Rain and Warm Weather or Snow, Ice and Arctic Winds…for months. They always choose some Rain and Warm Weather over Snow, Ice and Arctic Winds…ALWAYS!


11/09/2016: The East Coast is getting it’s regular rains…but note the upper left hand corner of map, they are calling for rain and Snow!



12/1/2016 The East Coast is getting plenty of Rain, but they are calling for snow. You know…The Polar Vortex.


12/05/2016: NORTH EASTERN BLIZZARD 1: The Northeastern Snows come in earnest, but never reach Frederick or D.C.


12/05/2016: They came close, but no cigar!


THE SNOW SPEAR: 12/11/2016

I call this 12/11/2016 Snow Storm “The Snow Spear”. It barreled through the night from 1am till 6am to deliver about 1 inch of snow to Frederick and D.C. that promptly melted within a couple of hours of the Sun coming up, warm rains and 50F+ Degree temperatures. The Snow Spear actually nicked us…OMG!

But they did not pass and the snow was forgettable.


THE WATER CANNON: 12/12/2016

12/12/2016: This is what happened to the Powerful Snow Spear…It was blown away by the Orgone Wave Event – Water Cannon.

Within 1 day, the Snow Spear was a memory!







12/17/2016: These are the Temps the Great Lakes Guardian is dealing with.

In these pictures, I want you to take note of the large amount of snow and snow storms around the great lakes Area.
In order to strike at the East Coast, they must Neutralize the Northern Protector, which they are doing with gusto!

But only because he is letting them.


12/17/2016: This Massive Nor’Easter actually brought Frederick and D.C. a half inch of Ice and Snow that stayed around for about 2-3 hours after the Sun came up, and of course…the Rain Wave Event a day later.


12/23/2016: This massive Nor’Easter was again easily defeated by an Orgone Wave Event from the Texas/Gulf of Mexico.

A recurring theme that can be easily seen here, is the way the Orgone Rain Wave Events, originating in Eastern Texas, seem to always push the heavy snows away, as well as bring up that warm Gulf of Mexico warmth.

These East Coast Rain Events are long. That River of Water is well over 1200 miles long last I measured, stretching across the U.S. from Texas into Canada.


Up until the 24th of December I had been holding them off with basically only 1 Summertized G-2 Unit. But after the 24th, I had brought all 3 of the G-1s’ online and Summertized them up to 80F Degrees.

So now I am Fielding (1) 17/24 Tube, 40 G-2 at 90F Degrees and (3) G-1 Units with 14 tubes each at 80F degrees.

BOTTOM LINE: Last Winter, right after the (2) Light 1″ inch snows and the 3 foot Blizzard, I Summertized all the above Units to 90F Degrees, and we had no more Blizzards and no more Snow in the Frederick to D.C. Area on the U.S. East Coast and I expect nothing less this time around now that I’m at full Winter Mode Strength, or full Winter Warrior Mode.

12/27/2016: This is the Weather we have now! 65F Degrees today and near 50F average. Damn the Polar Vortex, Full Steam Ahead.

The Polar Vortex is nothing but a Puff Piece to me. I spit in the Eye of their so-called Polar Vortex. I laugh at their efforts with their Puny Polar Vortex. 🙂 🙂 🙂

What Polar Vortex? Where’s it at? When people first heard of the Polar Vortex, many came and told me about it. Now when they replayed the story and I brought it back up the Polar Vortex to these same people, they are like…Hmm, Non Story.

So not only do I laugh at their Polar Vortex and don’t pay it any mind, others in this area feel the exact same way!

What will they think of next!


THE SKY GUARD PROTOCOLS: Drought Slayers, Sky Guardians, Weather Warriors, Weather Benders

Weather Bending is the Ability to BEND WEATHER (NOT CONTROL), toward a desired, helpful Goal, such as Drought Slaying to bring rain and much needed water to plants, animals and people, (WATER IS LIFE!) Or Hurricane Abatement, which helps Prevent Loss of Life and major Property Damage.

Even the Newest Weather App for the G-2 Units, Winter Abatement, helps prevent Loss of Life and Major Property Damage. Just look at the most recent 68 car pile-up in the Northeast U.S. due to ice and snow conditions on the roads.


Basic Rules Of Thumb:

1) The more traditionally that a given area has had rain, the easier it is to Slay a Drought. The U.S. East Coast and The Pacific Northwest traditionally get regular Rains, so busting droughts is easy. Deserts, Southern California and The West are traditionally dry, so they are much harder to Slay Droughts, and require twice as many G-2 Units.

EXAMPLE: The PNW Drought Slayer Group and the Western Drought Slayer Group, are about the same size in number of units and strength and are both very powerful, with many women involved. In Fact, half of the most Powerful American Drought Slayers…are Women! But since the PNW traditionally gets more rain, it was much easier for them to slay their droughts. Just be aware.

2) Everything here is based upon the G-2 Type Water-Based Orgone Accummulators (ORACS).
Extensive Tests with other type(s) of Rain Makers: The Mini Stormbringer Units (Total Fail), and the Bucket Rainmakers, One Time Use – Total Fail repeat Performance), have proven to me that only the G-2 Type Water-Based Orgone Accummulators (ORACS), have a 85% percent effectiveness and repeat performance to back up the stats.

3) Everything can be done from your Basic Set-Up of G-2 and G-1 Units. The only difference is in Number of Units needed to accomplish set goals and for Winter Mode you need to add Heat to your Primary Units(s).


NEW PRICES: HT10 50W (Mfg# 26447), CD-29791, $9.99
Item above on backorder. Expected in on 12/30/2016.
HT30 100W (Mfg# 26446), CD-29792, $11.99
HT40 150W (Mfg# 26462), CD-97773, $16.99

[ Product Links – drsfostersmith aquarium-heaters ]

[ www.walmart.com/c/kp/aquarium-heaters ]

400-500 Watts for (G-2) 33-50 gallon container to keep it at 80F-90f Degrees.
100 Watts for a (G-1) 5-10 gallon container to keep it at 80F-90f Degrees.

NOTE: Look through related posts on; Drought Wars, Weather Wars and Winter Wars for further information.


There are many types and sizes of G-2 Type Water-Based Orgone Accummulators (ORACS). Below are some good examples from around the World.



The Brisbane Drought Slayer said months ago, that all G-2’s would need to be Upgraded to the New Tower type Units, used by him, the Great Lakes Guardian and others.

G2 frankenflute << "The Frankenflute" - Great Lakes Guardian g2 brisbane silver knight“The Silver Knight” – Brisbane Drought Slayer^^



My Standard G-2 Unit had (10) 1.5” X 5’ ft. Tubes. It’s backed up by (3) G-1 Units with (12) ¾” X 5 ft. Tubes each.

I added (7) 1.5” X 7 ft. tubes and (7) 1.5” X 3 ft. tubes, in (3) rings.
An Outer Ring of (10) 5 ft. tubes.
A Middle Ring of (7) 7 ft. tubes.
An Inner Ring of (6) 3 ft. tubes with (1) 7 ft. tube in the center.

See drawing below of tube placement.









THE SKY GUARD! Guardians of the Sky! The True Weather Warriors that Get Results!

* Drought Abatement – 500+ Mile range
* Hurricane Abatement – 600 Mile Range
* Tornado Abatement – 50 Mile Range
* Heavy Storm Abatement – 100-500+ Mile range
* Chemtrail/Chemcloud Abatement – 100’s of miles
* The Ability to bring Early Springs and Late Winters – 2-3 State wide area (Varies)

*** WINTER MODE – WINTER WARRIOR MODE *** (October till Spring)
* WINTER ABATEMENT – 2-3 State wide area (Varies)
* Blizzard Abatement – 1-2 State wide area (Varies)
* Winter Storm Abatement – 1-2 State wide area (Varies)
* ICE STORM ABATEMENT – 1-2 State wide area (Varies)
*** These are basically only local abilities – but very effective ***

These are all only basic ranges with the type of G-2 Set-Up that I have and that is shown here.


UPDATE: 12/29/2016





Once again Frederick is on the Rain/Snow Line as a large Winter Snowstorm stretches down from Central Canada to bring us snow.

And once again the rain comes up from the Texas Gulf Coast area bringing warm rain and warm temperatures. If any snow or ice does come…it won’t be here but for a hour or two. Temperatures won’t allow it.


RAIN Vs SNOW: 12/29/2016

This is what the Front Line in the Winter Weather Wars looks like Close-Up. Rain, Heavy Rain, a Mix and Snow…all within 50 miles of Frederick, MD., but they have already lost.

I can fight them to a stand still easily. Warmer Weather and warm Rains are just hours away, and I am just 1 person.

Another One Bites The Dust. Another attempt to bring us snow…fails. Rain Wins Again!

If they are having problems with only 1 Drought Slayer/Weather Guardian…what chance do they have against a larger number.

It’s like the Chem Sky Wars and Drought Wars. It’s just a numbers game…and they have already lost. 🙂

A few more Guardians with Heated G-2 Units and POOF!, their agenda is in the wind, gone like a Puff of foul smelling air. 🙂

So others can go around with a frown on their faces because of the latest feces the Media has fed them, but I can smile, because I smell fresh air and better weather and times coming!


The First Winter Wars —


The below calendar screen shot, says it all.

January 2016: Jan. 10th – 31st / Feb 1st – 6th

* On Sun. Jan. 17th, cold weather started pouring down into and across the U.S. from the Canadian Northwest.
This to me, signified the failure of the Northern Drought Slayer’s G-2’s Long Range Weather Mitigation Capabilities.

This allowed Snow Flurries on the 20th and a Snowstorm on the 22nd and 23rd, Friday and Saturday, when this cold air mixed with moisture off the Atlantic, and up from the South.

* On the 21st I insulated the wrap around the (3) G-1 Units and brought them up to 85F-90F Degrees the day before the Snowstorm hit. This caused the Snow to move out quicker than predicted and to lessen it’s severity, as well as bring much warmer temperatures afterward for days.

* On the 31st, at 1:00PM I fully “Summertized” the entire Set-Up by adding the (3) 200 Watt Aquarium Heaters to the G-2 General Unit. It was 60F Degrees in the shade! And on Feb. 1st, our warm mild winter days started to reappear.


Their response, with the Northern Protector out of the way…below.



I have never seen the Arctic Jet Stream dip so low and wide into the U.S.
They are “Pulling Out All The Stops” to bring us Severe Cold.

This is why even some southern Sky Guardians and drought Slayers may need to “Summertize” their Units. And All current and future Northern Cold Climate Sky Guardians need to do it now.

Now they can bring the Arctic Jet Stream so low into the U.s., that even Traditionally Warm Southern States can now get blizzards and heavy snows.

If you don’t think this is War…read on.


This Is War: The Weather Wars

Weather Channel States: Jet Stream Change to bring (3) Chances of Snow to the East Coast

A pattern change is coming, and that will open the door for a more winter-like setup across much of the East and into the South in the week ahead.

Portions of the East will see three chances of wintry precipitation, courtesy of a series of disturbances that could trigger the development of low pressure systems that may then track near or off the East Coast. If it’s cold enough, one of those systems could also bring light snow to the South.

Depending on the exact track and timing of each of these systems, snow is a possibility for parts of the Northeast and South at times over the next week.

SOURCE: [ weather.com/storms/winter/news/snow-east-three-chances-ahead-coastal-storms ]

winter war map_specnews01_ltst_4namus_enus_650x366

With the Northern Protector being effectively neutralized due to his Units either Freezing up or becoming to cold, “THEY” are now able to bring Arctic Cold Fronts from the Northwest and from the North, as noted by the Pink Coloring. This is the “Really Cold Stuff!” This is the Heart of the Arctic Air!

They are not going to give up Winter without a strong fight. They are at Full Arctic Power Level and the are headed this way with everything the have in their Arsenal of Cold!

And as of this moment, the only thing between us and Arctic Cold Temperatures is The East Coast Drought Slayer, and his now Fully “Summertized” Orgone Energy “Guardian” Network Set-Up.


G-1 3.1

The picture on the left shows the three smaller G-1 Guardian Units covered in a double layer of tarps with a blanket on top of them to help contain the heat. The tarps also cover a Metal Chair under which sits a 1000 Watt Space Heater. The Picture on the right are the Units without covering.

The G-2 General Unit behind the G-1’s has (3) 200 Watt and (1) 100 Watt Aquarium Heaters in it. All of their water temps are maintained at 80F-92F Degrees.

They are all now at 9% PH, and 90F Degrees. Full Summer-Time Strength.

I’d forgotten that my Units, when at full strength during summer months, just like the Northern Protector, can pull warm air and moisture from the Gulf and bring it to the East Coast.

It’s called the East Coast Wave. But after I brought it back after the 2015 Mini-Drought, I renamed it to Wade’s Wave. 🙂

And (3) days after the G-2 was brought up to Full Operating temp., it came back.