January 20, 2018

TRUMPED The FIRST 100 DAYS: New President-Elect “Shock And Awe!” The Red Tide Is Here! – Signs Of The Illuminati


The Truth is, Everyone knows the System is Rigged, even President Elect Trump!. (US Election 2016 … If, as Mr Trump asserted on Monday, the system is “rigged” and “crooked”) – BBC.


Not only was the T.D.P. shocked, not only were Clinton supporters shocked, but Trump supporters were shocked also!

The Word from the Trump supporters I’ve talked to is WAIT! They shall wait to see what he does. They shall wait to see who he appoints to what positions. If he fails, they are already thinking; Politics as Usual…what’s new?

I’m proud of America for giving America’s First African American President a chance to Rise or Fail on his own merits and policies. He failed miserably in my opinion as a typical Warmonger, Wall Street Tool and Corporate Kiss-Arse. But at least he was given the chance.

I think we should do the same with President Elect Trump, The Bankruptcy King.
“Over the course of 18 years, Trump’s companies went into reorganization six times — five times in New Jersey, where he had his casino holdings, and once in New York:

Trump Taj Mahal Associates, Atlantic City casino — 1991
Trump Castle Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City casino — 1992
Trump Plaza Associates, Atlantic City casino — 1992
Plaza Operating Partners, Manhattan hotel — 1992
Trump Casino Holdings, Atlantic City casinos — 2004
Trump Entertainment Resorts, Atlantic City casinos — 2009”

Source: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-bankruptcy-math-doesn-t-add-n598376


So we will give “The Trump” his due and his chance.

If he can Repeal all of President Obama’s Executive Orders, Stop taking money out of my Pockets for a Defective Corporate Healthcare System, and Stop Perpetual War, we’ll call him great, in spite of his obvious Ties to the elite System.

But I won’t hold my breath!

Just be aware that there are no accidents. Everything is going according to their plan.

But if you know Wade House and the True Democracy Party, you know we have our own plans and this election changes nothing!

But it’s always best to get the story straight from the horse’s mouth.

So here is exactly what President Elect Trump said he would do in his first 100 days in office.


[ [PDF]Contract with the American Voter – Donald Trump ]









The T.D.P. still thinks we should give him a chance.

But a recent photograph gives me pause.

It’s a simple photo on the outside with Trump giving an interview with Barbara Walters or somebody. But I was immediately struck by the Red Tie he was wearing.

I hate to go Illuminati on everyone but, A Red Tie and a Blue Suit, or just the Red Tie alone is a strong sign of the Illuminati being involved. But his hands are making the Sign of the Pyramid…and this cinches it.

Making the Pyramid Sign with your hands while wearing a Red Tie and Blue Suit pretty much leaves no question that this is all a staged event.

His hands are making the Upside Down Pyramid. And I wasn’t the only one to notice. The 1st video shows him making this sign alot.



Donald Trump Exposed! Caught using masonic/Illuminati hand signs


Secret Illuminati hand symbols EXPOSED!


“What’s the Deal with All the Triangles?”




And just in case you don’t think Red Ties and Blue Suits are one of their signs, look at the photographs of these U.S. Presidents, Congress Members and other World Leaders.

They are all in on the Scam. We haven’t just been conned…it’s all a game, and we’ve been Trumped!


gop-red-tie-brigade-debate0210 GOP Candidates and 5 Red Ties.





These boys Love their Red Ties!

The Red Tide is not coming to America…The RED TIDE IS HERE!