February 22, 2018

WEATHER WARS -TRIANGLE OF DEATH: Looping The Jet Stream, California Under Drought Threat – Again. Elemental Rescue Style [UPDATED 10/23]

16908/17/2016: The Triangle Of Death – Weather Dead Zone off North American West Coast.


Around Mid-August I noticed that California was once again not getting regular rain. When I looked into it, I could barely believe what I saw. There was a giant triangular shaped area off the U.S. West Coast with no weather in it. A triangle shaped weather deadzone, or the Triangle Of Death as like to call it.

At first I thought this was simply a natural weather event. But by the beginning of September, I knew it wasn’t. No area that big stays unchanged with absolutely no weather in it. And it maintained a definable shape at that. Instantly recognizable…a simple triangle.

Drought Slayers and Sky Guardians who follow such things know that when the Weather Controllers try to move against an area with G-2 ORACS in place, they start way out of range of that Units Area of Influence.

So when they first started moving against California, they would block the weather/rain right off the coast. Then they moved further out to sea to start affecting the Jet Stream. At the last time I heard, they were moving 800 to a 1000 miles away to try and bring drought to California.

But this latest effort on their part is well over 3000+ miles away, and massive in scale and power usage. Why do “They” love to hate California so much. They gave up their precious capital, hard fought, but they did finally give in. Not so much with California. They REFUSE to accept defeat! Trying ever more outrageous strategies to bring drought to California.

But this latest strategy just takes the cake.

00908/20/2016: Note the bottom left corner of this picture, right above Australia.

This is the Main Area where the are trying to block the Jet Stream at, right before it starts it’s Northward journey towards the U.S.. In this area you can clearly see all the massive storms churning in the area.

This is what happens when you try and block the Jet Stream! Massive storms and wild weather. And any map showing the triangle of Death deadzone, will have these massive storms at the bottom left hand corner of the triangle weather deadzone.

It doesn’t matter which picture you look at, which are all different dates, you will see this massive meeting and churning of major storms.


10009/01/2016: This is an amazing picture. This is something that I didn’t think they could do. i was actually shocked when I saw this.

Not only have “they” blocked the Jet Stream, they have actually made it loop back on itself.
To the left of the hand, the Jet Stream is supposed to continue up to the right and curve down over the U.S., but instead, is doing a noticeable Loop to the left.

The Earth is like a giant spinning ball. As it spins it generates wind in a common direction of left to right. “They” have managed to take the natural wind of a giant spinning ball, and make it go backwards! That’s pretty astounding to me!

Also note the (3) Hurricanes in a nearly straight line under and tot he left of the ‘hand’. You can even see the ‘eyes’ of (2) of the and rain bands coming off all (3). And though you can’t tell by this picture…they are headed towards the Storm Area, which is the opposite of the direction they normally follow. They normally continue eastward and come across Mexico and then into the U.S. or the Gulf of Mexico.

You have to understand, this area of major storms stretches for over 3000 miles and right next to it is a weather deadzone…for over a month.

When I understood what was happening, I knew it would take very large amounts of energy to pull this stunt off. Very large amounts!

To do all this, block and turn the jet stream on itself and make hurricanes/cyclones travel backwards, would take powerful haarp-like stations. And in this area there were some likely culprits. The U.S. maintains (3) powerful RADAR Sites in the area, at least, Japan, Hawaii, and Australia.

Japan was too close to the storms to tell anything. The storms were right off her coastline!
But when I looked at Alice Springs, in Australia…I found a smoking gun…or really a raining gun, to be exact.

Alice Springs is home to one of the biggest radar sites in that part of the world. It’s in the almost exact center of Australia in the desert. The Driest part of Australia.

But what you will see from the below pictures, is that from the time I started looking at it, recorded it for the whole month of September and till mid October, there was a large storm PARKED overhead of this large radar site in the middle of the Australian desert.

Pine Gap Pine Gap is the commonly used name for a satellite tracking station approximately 18 kilometres south-west of the town of Alice Springs, Northern Territory in the centre of Australia which is operated by both Australia and the United States

Pine Gap
Pine Gap is the commonly used name for a satellite tracking station approximately 18 kilometres south-west of the town of Alice Springs, Northern Territory in the centre of Australia which is operated by both Australia and the United States






07509/24/ – 8:15 AM: In this pic. the storm has passed Alice Springs.


07909/25/2016 – 11:00 PM In this pic. the storm has returned, right overhead. I doesn’t seem to matter that the winds were moving in the opposite direction.




12009/28/2016: This is the last screenshot I took, but I continued to follow it until mid October. And for a month and a half, that i was observing it, there were only about (2) days it didn’t rain like in the above photographs.

Note: Also during this time, Hawaii had it’s share of the same type of storms, but they were off the coast.

122132<<<<< .......... 09/14/2016.............<<<< ........... >>>>………… 09/19/2016 ………. >>>>> In the second picture, Hawaii is in the bottom left corner, with the arrow pointed at it. The storm is so big, it woould cover the entire Island Chain easy and dangerously. But none of these storms hit Hawaii directly. One storm was there so long, they told everyone in Hawaii the storm had moved out and a new one had moved in. They gave it a different name and everything.

Now keep in mind, it was the exact same storm. I followed it, and it didn’t move except in name only. But if you didn’t track it yourself, everyday, you would not of known what happened. And people are so quick to believe whatever they hear on the news. It’s actually kind of funny.

They had far less storms than Alice Springs, but far more and bigger than normal. I didn’t take alot of pic’s, because it is an Island and they do get rain.

But Alice Springs is considered desert, and they rarely got rain, and never for a month and a half, maybe longer…everyday! That place must be blooming!


About a week ago the Triangle Of Death was finally broken and about half of California and others North of them, got some really good rains.


17710/14/2016: The Triangle of Death is in shambles.



051^^^^^^10/20/2016^^^^^^……vvvvvvv10/21/2016vvvvvvv: Here it is, only a week later and California maybe under threat again. The thick band of rain headed towards the North American West Coast has weakened from the 20th to the 21st. Note: Rain wave by the ‘Hand”.


So what does all this mean, besides the fact that massive amounts of money and energy are being used to bring and sustain drought-like conditions in California?

The Real Answer: It means NOTHING!!!

The fate of California is in the hands of the Californian’s. Has been for a long time.

Orgone Energy and the G-2 ORACS don’t depend on the Jet Stream…period. Never have. I have never worried about what the Jet Stream is doing when I try to accomplish something with the G-2 Unit set-Up that I have…NEVER!

What they need in California is a Powerful Drought Slayer or a Powerful Group of Drought-Slayers/Sky Guardians.

They need (6-8) G-2 Units from L.A. to San Francisco, and the Drought-Slayers to build/maintain them. That’s it. It’s just a battle of numbers. They need the power of a Northern Protector, or the power of a group, like the Western or Pacific Northwest (PNW) Drought-Slayer Groups.

No need to cry about what the Weather Wolves are doing. No need to get mad. Wolves will be wolves! Get over it and get building! Jeesh.

Sometimes you need to dig yourself out of a hole. 🙂





I’m going to teach you a quick trick. And I’m going to let you do all the hard work. All the heavy Mental Lifting.

This trick is called Mental Visual Projection. And it is quite simple and quite effective.

“They” are going to try and squeeze California again. We, or rather you, if willing, will see that this never happens again.

Let’s see if we can give California a hand.

1) A Computer with a live Doppler Radar Map of the U.S.
2) A Brain.


1) Hold out your hand.
2) Picture a ball of White Light in it.
3) Give the Ball of White Light INTENTION. THINK/TELL the Energy ball what you want and intend for it to do. Do this for at least 2-5 minutes. Simple is best…Example “Bring Good Rains To California – Bring good Rains To California”
4) Place the Energy Ball in or over California on your Live Doppler Radar.
that’s it, you are done.

MY Personal Favorite!

1) Find a Visual representation of what you want to accomplish. If you want to heat up and area, you would look for something Hot or with Fire. if you want to bring rain to an area, you look for something wet or rainy. Simple enough for this weather mitigation application.

I’ve even Pre-Selected a bunch of Visual Aids for you. If you don’t like mine, or have something else in mind, feel free to use your own ideals.

2) Look at your Visual representation hard. Get a good picture of it in your mind.

3) Give the Visual Representation INTENTION. THINK/TELL the Visual Representation what you want and intend for it to do. Do this for at least 2-5 minutes at a time for a total of 30 minutes in one day or over a couple of days.

4) Place the Visual Representation in a particular place in California on your Live Doppler Radar.


One of two things will happen.

OPTION ONE: Natural rain will start to fall over time and problem will be solved…Temporarily.
OPTION TWO: New and Powerful Drought-Slayers/Sky Guardians will arise and they will take care of California. Most Likely.

Time Frame varies. It’s like watching a pot boil. It never wants to boil when you watch it.



The Beast is either there, or on it’s way! But he may need help. The threat could be bigger than a single Elemental, even one as strong as the Water Beast.

But luckily, he’s not alone. He has friends, and they look like they are chomping at the bit to get to California.
It’s funny how all the pictures below are pointed toward Cali already, when looking at your computer, they are all pointed toward California. Like they are absolutely ready to go to the aid of the Californian’s. 🙂


Some may wonder; Does this really work over the computer?
It actually works very well over electronic mediums…very well.


The reason I speculate is because we are already Electrical Beings in nature. We are electrical generators that produce a continuous 100 Watts of Power. And if thoughts are electrical impulses…we can in theory send those electrical thoughts through electrical mediums. Just a theory. 🙂


























UPDATE: Rains Returning to California already! Good Job!!!

22310/23/2016 – 7:19 PM


23210/23/2016 – 9:21 PM




23910/23/2016 – Doppler Future Cast shows a large weather system right off the coast of Washington State and Oregon set to deliver a nice amount of rain to the entire West Coast including California.








Only one hour later and already Santa Cruz and San Francisco went from (4) rain day chances to (5) rain day chances each!





The chance of Rain in California increases with every hour. You guys are Rocking!
Way to Go! Keep up the Good work! 🙂

– Wade House