December 17, 2017

FALCON FALLING: Did UFO’s Destroy Falcon 9 Rocket? 6 UFO Flight Paths Recorded Within 12 Seconds Of Explosion!


On 9/1/2016 a Falcon 9 Rocket Blew-Up on the Launch Pad during Pre-Launch Operations. Thanks to US Launch Reports, a Disabled Veterans organization for HD Filming of the event, we can see what happened.

Several people online reported seeing 1 or more UFO’s prior to the explosion. They are easy to spot.

I have recorded the Flight Paths of 6 UFO’s within 12 seconds of the explosion.

Simply watch the US Launch Report Video of the event at .25 Speed, adjusted through the little Gear Icon below the video to the right.
[ SpaceX – Static Fire Anomaly – AMOS-6 – 09-01-2016: USLaunchReport ]


124FLIGHT PATHS OF 6 UFO’s – Starting 12 seconds before the explosion.

* [ Space X Rocket Explosion Details & Commentary ]

This video can be used also but is ahead by about 10-12 seconds. The times are based on the original video, but this one works too.

The UFO’s I found are numbered 1-6, beginning with the first seen to the last.
The objects are not bugs or birds. Birds can be seen flying, slowly. But all these objects are on screen a second or less.

Even the owners of the Rocket says there were flying anomalies in the area at the time of the explosion. Birds and Bugs aren’t considered anomalies.

The High Definition Camera is focused out almost 2 miles, so bugs won’t show up whether they are near or far.

1) UFO #1 appears at the 0:54 Mark. It appears from between the Rocket and Tower and flies up and to the right. It does appear to flap like a bird. But as someone commented, “If it’s a bird, it’s moving at supersonic speed.” These things are so fast, they can barely be seen, except in slow motion.

2) UFO #2 appears at the 1:01 Mark flying left to right near the bottom of the screen.

3) & 4) UFO #3 and #4 appear at the 1:01 Mark or the 0:57 mark on 2nd video. They are both on screen at the same time for just a moment, in between the two Towers. #4 actually comes on first from the right and then dives toward the ground near the base of the Far Right Tower. While it’s performing the high speed turn, #3 flies by at a even higher rate of speed.

5) UFO #5 is the Main UFO everyone sees and talks about. It appears at 1:11 flying from right to left near the top of the Screen and Rocket.

6) UFO #6 appears at 1:11-1:12 flying from the lower left of the screen and flashes upward behind the explosion, as it’s happening and flies between the upper part of the two towers on the right.

Just start the video at the 0:50 mark and Press and Pause as quick as you can up to the 1:12 Mark.

Enjoy the show brought to us by US Launch Report and the UFO’s.

115UFO #2 as it enters screen from the left.


115UFO’s #3 & #4 as they appear on screen at the same time. #4 has stopped and is turning toward the ground at the time as UFO #3 speeds by beneath it.

UFO’s #3 heading right and UFO #4 on screen at same time in second video screen shot.


117UFO #3 departing screen toward the left with UFO #4 still about to dive toward the ground.


130UFO #4 in it’s dive toward the ground.

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