February 21, 2018

WEATHER WARS – HEAT WAVE WARS PART 2: Dark-Knight Super G-2 Upgrade, UFO’s Over Frederick, False Skies, And Heat Wave War Update


Step By Step Pictorial on Building the Dark Knight Super G-2. A visit by a Fleet of UFO’s, caught on camera. And the current progress in the Heat Wave Wars.

My recently Upgraded 33 Gallon G-2 sprung a leak after 5 years of outstanding performance. So I purchased a 45 gallon plastic trashcan as a replacement. The Power and Performance of the new 45 Gallon Unit with (22) 1-1/2″ Tubes was nothing less than spectacular.

The funny thing is we were in the middle of a Heat Wave, and one recent day, it suddenly got very grey and overcast, with rain at least 2 days away. Some complained openly about it being dreary. Others, including myself, were happy for a break from the searing heat.

When I got home that evening, I saw that my brand new, 45 gallon G-2 had fallen over and knocked over 2 out of 3 of the G-1’s as it fell. Total bummer!

The single G-1 Unit that was left standing and operating, was quickly and noticeably overwhelmed.

I waited until the next day to fix it back up. On the way home the day after, I could see the little G-2 trying to restore the beautiful sky by opening up holes in the thick overcast.

It was inside one of these openings that I saw a sight I couldn’t believe. I saw the front of an absolutely huge saucer shaped UFO. I MEAN HUGE!!!


Just like a scene from that movie Independence Day where the Huge Spaceships reveal themselves. At first you can only see the front curvature of the large craft covered in cloud. Check Pic’s above/below…very similar! Even down to the large cloud bank underneath it.

I wanted to rush home and get the camera, but I had been noticed.

You ever hear people say; “As soon as I noticed the UFO, it sped off like it knew I had spotted it.”

Well the reason is that those who operate these craft are Telepathic…they can read your mind. And they knew I wanted to get home and take their picture.

I had noticed it for a while…but as soon as I decided to rush home and get the camera, it started to produce mountainous clouds that covered the whole front of the craft within a couple of minutes.

This thing was huge, so the clouds to cover it had to be even much larger than the craft…and that dam thing was as big as a small city! 🙂

And by the way I could easily find other craft online like what I saw…means Frederick isn’t the only one being paid a visit by these absolutely, humongous UFO’s.

ufo cloud huge carta1




Story Here: [ People freak out over incredible ‘Independence Day’ cloud as it slowly moves over city on July 4 ]


When I saw it, I looked for the rest of it. It was so large, I knew I should be able to see some more of it. I was only 5 miles away from home, so I wanted to get my trusty camera.

The reason I couldn’t see more of it was because it was hiding behind a False Sky. A False Sky is a very large cloud bank that covers the sky, but it has a similar tint to the real sky. And when there are clouds below this huge sky colored cloud, the mind thinks it is looking at a regular sky instead of a large cloud bank.

In every picture of the huge UFO above, you can see it hiding the bulk of it’s body behind a large cloud bank. Same thing, except when the lighting is right, it looks like a regular sky.

They can only do this in areas not protected by a Powerful Drought-Slayer or Sky Guardian, with a powerful G-2 Unit.

As soon as I got my G-2 back up and running, the skies completely cleared…well…almost. These Units handily and easily break up the cloud cover of even these very large UFO’s. And I mean, large, city sized UFO’s.

So below, I will show you step by step instructions on putting this unit together. Which is why it wasn’t a totally bad thing that the unit fell over. Opportunity always travels with Adversity. 🙂

Funny…I had actually been looking for an opportunity to show the complete building of one of these Units. It just wasn’t in my schedule for that day. 🙂



There’s alot going on in this simple picture, so let’s get started.

1) On the left you can see the ‘New’ 45 Gallon Black Plastic Trashcan. It has been re-set up, re-stabilized and re-alkalized to a 9% PH Balance. The water looks kinda milky white. Most likely because of the baking Soda and recent stirring.

2) Right next to it is the one small G-1 Unit that wasn’t knocked over when the big one fell over. The Little Weather Warrior wasn’t strong enough to protect the skies on it’s own. Though it did put up a valiant effort, knocking big holes in the thick cloud cover that allowed me to see “The Big Boy” UFO, as described previously.

3) The TUBES:
(7) 7′ Foot X 1-1/2″ inch Steel Conduit Tubes
(8) 5′ Foot X 1-1/2″ inch Copper Tubes
(7) 3′ Foot X 1-1/2″ inch Copper Tubes
(14) Tubes in Total are used for the Dark-Knight Super G-2, shoe-horned into a single trashcan, very close together.

The (8) 5′ Foot X 3/4″ inch Copper Tubes next to the larger tubes are the Original 8 Copper Tubes used in the very first G-1 Guardian Unit. A Proof Of Concept Unit that did so well, including ending the local Frederick County Drought, back in the summer of 2012, it’s always been around it one way or another. Either as a G-1 to back up the Primary G-2 Unit, or as extra Tubes for the G-2, or like now, as a mini-rainmaker.

And the (8) 5′ Foot Copper Tubes are the very first Tubes used in the very First G-2 General Unit. Which did good for years, just until fairly recently.

4) You can also see the back half of the Lid with holes already Drilled in it. There are 24-26 holes in it already with room for 3-4 more. Which means I can add another (6-8) 1-1//2″ Tubes if need be. Can you spell UPGRADE? 🙂



Here is the Unit with the first (7) Tubes installed. 7 Foot tall are the highest you can go with a plastic trashcan. Tubes any taller, and you will need the weight of a steel can to help stabilize it. Steel Tubes are heavy!

I used the 3′ footers left over after cutting the 10′ footers down to size, to attempt to build a Orgone Energy Heart. A place in the center of the Unit to try and Concentrate and Lock-In the Orgone Energy.

In the Middle will be a single (7′) Foot Tube surrounded by (6) 3′ Foot Tubes. They in turn will be surrounded by (6) more 7′ Foot Tubes. This will set up a high concentration of Orgone in and around the 7 footers. Which means these 7 footers will have a constant and powerful Orgone Energy field to draw from.



Here is the Unit with the Middle Ring of 7′ Foot Tubes installed. These 7 Foot Tubes would not be as powerful without the close-in Inner Ring of 3′ Foot Tubes. This…Is…A…Hammer!

And then this Middle Ring will be surrounded by an Outer Ring of (8) 5′ Foot Tubes, with an option to install more.


014Here is the Unit with the Outer Ring of 5′ Foot Tubes installed.

This thing is Pure Power! The completed and Upgraded Dark-Knight Super G-2. Now I can start to hang with the “Big Boys and Gals: The Brisbane Drought Slayer, The Great Lakes Guardian, The Ladyz Dredd Western Drought Slayers, The Powerful Rose with the PNW Drought Slayers, and The Perth Drought Slayer. I’m in Good Company! Yea, Baby!

It knocked down that thick cloud cover quicker than you could notice. One minute it was there, the next it was drying up right before your eyes.

But what happened next, as soon as I got the New G-2 up and running…was kinda cool. I caught a small Fleet of Cloud UFO’s in the open, while taking pictures of the sky as soon as the Unit was set up.


But first a Quick Update on the Heat Wave Wars;




DAY 4: Tuesday 8/16/2016
It rained for a solid hour nicely.






DAY 5: Wed. 6/17/2016

We had a three, nice, long evening rain storm. The one below was the first of the evening about 6 pm. But we had a few more.







158This shows that the Thunder Storms would be Scattered, I.E. multiple storms.


183This is another storm later that night. The arrow points to D.C.

Interesting how the brightest spot on the map is the D.C. Area where the units are set up. Frederick was only getting regular rain at that time. We had more earlier and got more later. Notice that long line of Rain heading our way. Cool, huh?



DAY 6: Thursday 8/18/2016

No Rain, but nice clouds and cloud cover.




DAY 7: friday 8/19/2016

No Rain, but nice clouds and cloud cover.




The bottom Line so far is that Frederick and Washington D.C. have had four straight days of good, soaking rains and still had plenty of Sunshine. The temperatures have dropped noticeably, especially at night.

They are now calling for nine days of Sun with only one day of rain.

We’ll see about that.

I’ve already converted another G-2 to Rain Mode and I’ll be picking up a Vapor Humidifier soon to maybe put together on of the Bali Drought Slayers, Mini-Montauk Storm Bringer Units…maybe.

So far we are doing pretty good! All immediate Goals of bringing much more rain to the area and bringing down the temperatures have been met so far. 🙂


The two 5 gallon bucket units have (12) 5′ Foot X 3/4″ inch Steel Tubes in them each. The plastic bag covers prevent water loss thru evaporation and stop the water PH Balance from diluting under a heavy rain.

The smaller unit has (8) – 5′ Foot Tubes X 3/4″. I’ll use those tubes for the Mini-Montauk Unit…if I build it, which I most likely will. 🙂

I need to explain something. The way these Units are orientated, right next to the Large G-2 unit, gives them the ability to share the Orgone Energy produced by the G-2. This makes these very small units very powerful. They are in reality one Unit.

The G-2 also guards the skies above the little rainmakers. These small units can be easily overcome, but under the wing of the G-2 and sharing it’s power, they have absolutely nothing to fear!

I personally love this particular Set-Up. You have the strength of a powerful G-2 Unit coupled with the Versatility of the re-configurable G-1’s. They can add strength and power to the Primary Unit, or they can be used as mini-rainmakers in an emergency situation. With conversion time taking less than 5 minutes.






020 with arrows

This is the first picture I took. I took 3 pictures in quick succession because…some of the clouds looked slightly different or off orientation from the other clouds around.

Keep in mind, there were no dark clouds visible. Only clouds that seemed to be brighter than normal. Mostly normal looking bright white clouds. But when i uploaded and viewed the pictures…there were all these dark splotches or streaks.

I had taken 3 quick pictures. And in each of the following pictures, the Cloud UFO’s started to just blink out. In the first picture, there were 8. In the second picture there were 7. And the next, there were only 6.

The 2 suspected cloud UFO’s on the right toward the center, weren’t there in the 3rd shot. And the one on the far right, that is barely visible, is more visible in the following pic’s.

It’s only a very small piece of something dark in the clouds…but there shouldn’t be anything dark in the clouds, period. Nothing!

Here are the 3 untouched photographs: What I like to say about these Cloud UFO’s is that they are like Cockroaches…If you see one, there are ten more hiding nearby. 🙂



Now understand, this is no biggie. I’ve been dealing with Cloud UFO’s from the very beginning. Some would cause hellish storms. But I dealt with them then, using the mini-cloudbuster BTW, and I’m not worried about them now.

This is just general information I noticed as soon as I got the Unit back up. I never totally blame the Government for some of this stuff. “They Are Not Alone!”


020PITCURE #1: All the Suspect Cloud UFO’s are in place.


022PICTURE #2: The furthest Suspect Cloud UFO’s to the right, that were near and between two long cloud streaks, that were barely visible before…are fading out.


023PICTURE #3: The furthest Suspect Cloud UFO’s to the right now, that were near and between two long cloud streaks, are totally now gone.

These pictures were taken only seconds apart, and two of them are gone already. I didn’t notice any of this at the time. I just saw a couple of extra shiny clouds that looked a little funny. Sort of…off.

The Sky is starting to open up, and you can also see the edges of the large cloud bank the huge UFO was hiding behind.


024This is the area the Huge Suspect UFO was in. It’s just to the right of the previous picture.
The edges of that cloud are the edges of this large cloud bank.

This is why I don’t like Large Cloudy, Overcast Skies. There could be anything hiding up there of almost any size. And you wouldn’t know a thing.