February 21, 2018

WEATHER WARS – HEAT WAVE WARS: Operation: Heat Wave Vs. Operation: Storm-Bringer Part 1 – U.S. East Coast Heat Wave Wars


Right now the beautiful sound of fat rain drops hitting the roof and against the windows, mark the midway point in a very serious and ongoing weather battle in the Frederick – Washington D.C. East Coast Area of the U.S.

We are in the middle of a Heat Wave on the East Coast. It’s been very hot on days, 100+ Degrees sometimes.
It’s been ongoing for a while now. But the New Upgraded Dark-Knight Super G-2 has been able to handle it with ease.

The weather reports would call for 9 straight days of no rain, and it would rain the next day, two days after that and so on. It was no super big deal. Hot, but with regular rains. But I was beginning to worry, even with regular rains, it was so hot, 100+F degrees some days, that everything would almost instantly dry up.


And then they called for 4 straight days of 102+ degrees and the rain had stopped in Frederick. You could go 20 miles away and it would be soaked for miles, but Frederick was dry as a bone.


Regionally the East Coast is doing okay. Locally, Frederick is starting to suffer. The bright green grass and is just starting to get some dry streaks and non-watered plants aren’t blooming as they normally do.
That’s more than enough reason for me to take action.

To take on a Heat wave is really not that out of the way for a Drought Slayer. In fact…It’s right up our alley.
You defeat a Heat Wave with Clouds and Rain. The Clouds help lessen the Heat from the Sun and the Rain drops the temperature. Easy Peasy!

To attack the Heat Wave I would dust off an old friend and bring him into play…The Rainmaker.

During 2012 after I developed the G-1, I was still experimenting with Rainmakers. There was no need shortly after that and I stopped.

But I remember my most successful unit was a Mini-Reich Rainmaker. 8 copper tubes, 5 foot long pointed at a 45* degree angle toward the sky, connected to a 5 gallon bucket of alkaline water thru washing machine hoses and short copper tubes in the bucket.

It produced a short, strong storm, but clouded the whole day doing it. I liked the Sun to much to blanket the area all day in clouds just for a single short storm. I also used it to Bust Up large ugly, artificial looking storm clouds. It would do both…go wonder.

But I always remembered the Clouding part. It’s just what I needed.

I set up the first bucket rainmaker Sat. 8-13-2016, in the morning. The Bucket Rain Maker is a low powered hybrid rainmaker. A cross between the Mini-Reich Rainmaker and the Mini-Rainmaker set up by The Bali Drought Slayer, with a humidifier to provide the water/moisture for the tubes.

I call it “The Poor Man’s Rainmaker” and it’s absolutely as weak as it gets. But it’s backed up by the Super G-2, and that means something. It’s not trying to do everything itself. NOTE: These are Local Units Only, 25-45 mile range.

Instead of a humidifier or hoses, I simply stuck the tubes into a bucket of alkaline water and chose a direction to point the tubes in. In theory, this should be fine. Reich said; “All you need are hollow tubes connected to a water source.” Well you can’t get more connected than tubes stuck directly in water, right?


In this case, I needed 2 of them. Sat., the small black bucket unit, with (8) 3/4″ X 5 foot copper tubes, in a 1.5 gallon bucket, actually produced some nice cloudy skies. But nice cloudy skies wasn’t all I wanted…I wanted Rain and Now.

So Sunday I converted one of the G-1’s into a Bucket Rainmaker and pointed them both Northward. Pointing them Southward toward the coming rains, didn’t seem to work. Plus, it was on solid concrete, which in my experience, almost totally cuts off the flow of Orgone Energy from the Earth to the units, thus making them almost powerless.

So I put them on solid ground and pointed them Northward because that’s where we get our Cool Air from, and…because they had rain and I wanted to pull some of it our way!

This was and is an ongoing weather battle. I will keep this present rainmaking set-up going until The East Coast Wave fully reappears. And I will stand ready to convert my other 2 G-2’s into bucket rainmakers as well, plus I have a new vapor humidifier coming soon, and can set up one of those vapor operated mini-Stormbringer units as suggested by the Bali Drought Slayer.


When will these Fumb Duck’g Weather Controllers and their Allies, cough…UFO’s, understand, they have not met their match or their equal, they have met their better!

With all their Man-Power, and high tech gadgets, Cloud producing UFO’s, multiple, powerful mini-haarp-like towers,
and who knows what else, they still can’t make a single weather agenda stick against a handful of ordinary people, part-timers, armed with nothing more than containers of salt water and metal tubes.

They were doomed from the beginning…and yes…that’s funny as hell! 🙂
If it looks like I am laughing at “Them”…I am. 🙂

The Power Ordinary Humans possess is absolutely amazing!

NOTE: I call these people ordinary. I don’t believe that for a second. Ordinary people watch Cable, believe the News, follow Politicians, and eat Fast Food.

These people, all of them, are Extra-Ordinary!

For so few to stand and achieve against so many, out-numbered and out-gunned, and it’s “Them” who can barely hold their ground! Ha Ha HA HA HA 🙂 Yea…That’s funny 🙂


But lets look at the story from a pictorial view. From the recent beginning.


Operation: Heat Wave Vs. Operation Storm-Bringer

SATURDAY 8-13-2016



The day started early with a single, weak, bucket rain maker and clear hot skies all around at 8 am Sat. morning.


061 056

058 059

As the day progressed, we had nice beautiful cloudy skies, but still very hot. Not good enough for me. Saturday was a washout. Time to Upgrade.


SUNDAY 8-14-2016 (Day 2)

Started off hot but quickly started to get increasing cloud cover and a nice wind or breeze was going steady.







By 6 pm the clouds started rolling in big time and you could tell Rain was on the way.




By 7 pm The Rain was almost here.



By 7:51 pm The Rain was here and stayed steady for over 2 hours. Yea Baby, Let The Good Times Roll!










Day 2 ended well with nice rains now and in the near future. A nice drop in temps, if only slightly. But time will tell. This Battle is far from over, if I know The Weather Controllers…And I Do!

I/We can’t afford to lose. This is the middle of the growing season here. Fruits and Vegetables are at risk. I’m not going to let it get out of control like last year.



Uploaded on Oct 25, 2011


In Part Two, I’ll talk about the Recent Super G-2 Upgrade to a 45 gallon container with additional tubes, it’s fantastic results and a visit from several suspected UFO’s to pay it a visit.

Can you spot the hidden UFO in this picture?


When this picture was taken recently, there were only bright white clouds in the sky.