February 21, 2018

OPERATION HEALTH-STORM PT. 6: MERCURY TOXIC FDA OK – Govt. Approved Neurotoxin For Americans “Mercury Poisoning – Kid Tested, FDA Approved”

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The FDA is Toxic to Americans Health. The EPA, World Scientists, Health and Environmental Organizations Worldwide state; “Fluoride and Mercury are EXTREMELY TOXIC TO HUMANS.” The FDA Says “They are Perfectly Safe inside Humans.” What a bunch of Scum Buckets!

We may have to take the FDA to court and Sue them for the Deliberate Poisoning of Americans. Arseholes!

Mercury is a Scientifically and Medically proven neurotoxin (toxic to the brain and central nervous system), and a proven nephrotoxin (toxic to kidneys).


Dental amalgam is a mixture of 50% elemental mercury with a metallic alloy which mainly contains silver and tin.

Hardly a week goes by without an article in the paper or a feature on the evening news about human exposure to toxic mercury from the fish you eat, the air you breathe or the water you drink or play in.

But few people are aware that the primary source of mercury exposure for most people is their metal dental fillings, commonly called “silver fillings,” that are, in truth, approximately 50% elemental mercury. Silver comprises 25-35% of the filling and the balance is varying combinations of tin, copper and zinc. The average mercury-based filling contains ½ gram of mercury, about the same amount found in the old-fashioned mercury thermometers that are being outlawed state-by-state. 1

In 1991, the World Health Organization published a monograph on inorganic mercury that identified mercury amalgam dental fillings as the primary source of mercury in the bodies of those who have amalgam fillings. 2 Yet, almost without fail, fish is routinely identified in media stories as the primary source of mercury exposure for most people. What accounts for this disconnect between the facts and journalistic accuracy? The answer lies in the 170-year history of amalgam in America and who controls the information that gets to dental consumers and the media.

While the ADA is providing dentists with brochures to give to patients to calm their concerns about the safety of amalgams,10 the amalgam manufacturers are placing inserts with their product that warn dentists of health risks from amalgam. For example, in 1997, Dentsply, a leading amalgam manufacturer, disclosed that amalgam is a neurotoxin (toxic to the brain and central nervous system), a nephrotoxin (toxic to kidneys) and a lung and skin sensitizer. Further, the manufacturers warned against the use of amalgams in certain vulnerable populations, including pregnant women, children six and under, people with kidney disease and people with mixed metals in the mouth.


A February 2006 Zogby poll on mercury amalgam dental fillings revealed that 76% of Americans are unaware that mercury is the primary component of amalgam fillings. 92% are of the opinion that dental consumers should be informed of the available alternatives.6

How have American dental consumers been kept ignorant of the existence of toxic mercury in dental fillings for over 170 years? Several factors play a role. While it isn’t clear if the ADA coined the phrase “silver fillings,” it is clear that the term is the descriptor of choice by the ADA and most dentists. The ADA’s website and its brochures, which are sold to dentists for distribution to patients, consistently refer to these fillings as “silver fillings” or as “dental amalgam,” but never as “mercury fillings.


The ADA has taken affirmative steps to prevent dentists from informing their patients about the existence of or the risks of mercury in dental fillings. The ADA, in 1990, adopted an Ethical Rule (5A), which prohibits dentists from removing amalgam,

“for the alleged purpose of removing toxic substances from the body when, performed solely at the recommendation or suggestion of the dentist …

The most effective tool of state dental boards to keep dentists from warning patients about the dangers of mercury amalgams is the disciplinary process that has been used against mercury-free dentists with the encouragement and support of the ADA. Mercury-free dentists have been disciplined, and even lost their licenses to practice, for practicing mercury-free dentistry, for advertising their mercury-free practices, for publishing articles or lecturing about mercury-free dentistry.

These actions by state boards have had the effect of imposing a “gag order” on mercury-free dentists, preventing them from performing their fiduciary duty to inform their patients of the risks of treatments and the alternatives available.



The use of mercury amalgam in back teeth (molars) is considered the “standard of care” by the ADA, its constituent state dental associations, state dental boards and dental insurance reviewers. All American and Canadian dental schools must teach the placement of amalgam fillings as part of its curriculum.

The ADA, through an alter ego, the American Dental Education Association, which is headquartered with K Street lobbyists in Washington D.C., accredits all dental schools. This is an educational monopoly structured to support the continued use of mercury in dental fillings.

However, for decades, some dentists have been making a decision to practice dentistry without using mercury. They say they do it for the safety of their patients, their staff and themselves. In the early days of mercury-free practice it was challenging to find satisfactory alternative materials for back teeth. There are now many safe and effective alternatives to mercury amalgam.

According to the Christensen Research Institute, the number of dentists with a mercury-free practice was 3% in 1985; it tripled to 9% in 1995; and, more than tripled again to 28% in 2001. It is estimated that mercury-free dentists are now one-third of practicing dentists.

The ADA points to the poor characteristics of non-mercury fillings and claims that amalgam is the only material that can be used for some applications. The ADA also asserts that the alternatives do not last as long, have to be replaced more often and are more expensive because they take more time to place.

However, metal fillings expand more than the alternatives and can crack teeth leading to crowns, root canals, and loss of teeth, jaw bone infections and periodontal disease. Even the California Dental Association will admit that use of amalgam results in the removal of healthy tooth structure to accommodate the filling.

Read More: [ THEY DON’T STILL PUT MERCURY IN DENTAL FILLINGS, DO THEY? – By Sandra Duffy, President, Consumers for Dental Choice ]

Alternatives Magazine, www.alternativesmagazine.com, Fall 2006 Issues 39 and 40



Mercury in dental amalgams has been standard practice for the last 150 years due primarily to mercury being cheap. Today we face a culture of duality that hides itself in language. “They substitute word’s for reality then they talk about the words”, Nikola Tesla.

Tesla made this statement over a hundred years ago and sure enough it holds true today. The way the media talks about topics for instance, they will label you then talk about the label (ie truther,birther,liberal,conservative).Notice that everything in our reality has two sides; positive/negative, true/false, yes/no, hot/cold, right/left, male/female. Now let us look at how the government uses “words” to distract you from reality. Keep in mind the language that is used.

The official agencies say that mercury is hazardous to human health but they focus on the words “level” & “amount” in order to distract you from that facts. Also the use of the word “mercury” is replace with the phrase “dental amalgam” in order to gain distance from the controversy.

In every case where mercury is discussed it is considered to be extremely dangerous and requires extensive clean- up protocols. However, when talking about “dental amalgams” which are 50%Mercury, the story changes and it is safe, sound and effective.

After watching the video clip on the “smoking tooth” it became apparent to me that this is another soft kill weapon being used by the elitist in order to reduce population while increasing pharmaceutical profits worldwide. I am not the only one who believes this to be true.

Dr. Russell Blaylock has now concluded his investigations into dental amalgams or silver fillings and has found it to be as hazardous as mercury in Vaccines. Here is a link to that paper: http://www.toxicteeth.org/blaylock-webmd.aspx . As a result of this paper the FDA will now consider a ban on dental amalgam fillings: http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/Pressannouncements/ucm173992.htm

Not all the scientist agree with the EPA, three countries have now banned the use mercury in fillings. Here is a Quote from the link below “In January 2008, Norway and Sweden totally banned mercury fillings. In April 2008, Denmark banned mercury fillings. Norwegian Minister of the Environment Erik Solheim said, “Mercury is among the most dangerous environmental toxins.” http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v04n24.shtml

Here is the link to the EPA talking about how mercury will pollute septic tanks and sewage treatment plants if spilled: http://www.epa.gov/hg/spills/

But of course if you want to put mercury in your mouth everything is alright the EPA on Dental Amalgams : http://www.epa.gov/hg/dentalamalgam.html

The New York Health Department talking about the harmful and deadly effects of Mercury Vapor: http://www.health.ny.gov/environmental/chemicals/hsees/mercury/cleaning_up_a_small_mercury_spill.htm

The FDA states that high levels of mercury vapor can potentially kill you but small amounts are okay to keep in your mouth: http://www.fda.gov/medicaldevices/productsandmedicalprocedures/dentalproducts/dentalamalgam/ucm171094.htm

The British Dental Journal has an article on the risks of Dental Amalgams and an Adverse Reaction Form that can now be filled out: http://www.nature.com/bdj/journal/v196/n8/full/4811176a.html

The National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research has a study from 2006. The NIDCR is a division of the National Institute of Health and they claim that “dental amalgams” are safe.

If you read the article they admit that mercury from the fillings that were placed in children 8-10 years old was measured in their urine and remained in their urine for years here is the quote “children who received amalgam fillings had slightly elevated levels of mercury in their urine, measuring on average 1.5 micrograms per liter of urine for the first two years and leveling off to 1.0 micrograms per liter or less thereafter.” Here is the link so you can read it for yourself: http://www.nidcr.nih.gov/Research/ResearchResults/NewsReleases/ArchivedNewsReleases/NRY2006/PR04182006.htm

The article from the NIDCR is referring to a Study called: Health effects of silver mercury dental fillings” here is a link to that study available on clinical trials dot gov: http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00066118?term=mercury+amalgam&rank=2

Finally I will close with a link to an article titled “Mercury raises compounds tied to auto immune disease”. If you scroll down to the bottom of that article you will find links to many other .gov sites that have disclosed the truth about “dental amalgams” and how the mercury is leeching out into our bodies and leading to all types of Zombie like conditions. http://www.infowars.com/mercury-raises-compounds-tied-to-autoimmune-diseases/

If you feel you are suffering with mercury sensitivity I highly recommend getting a Heavy metals test kit and if you have elevated levels look into Silver Chelation. Parents are having success with this approach in dealing with children suffering from Autism. I will be doing a video on this in the future. Take care and fight the new world order!

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This so reminds me of the Fluoride Story.

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