February 22, 2018

U.S. POLITICIANS – THIEVES And GANGSTERS “The BULSHIA’TE” U.S Politicians Attack Poor And Struggling Americans! “TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!” Wade House

From the Newseum

If you google THIEVES And GANGSTERS, you get About 428,000 results (0.62 seconds)
If you google ‘U.S. Politicians Thieves and Gangsters, you get About 23,400,000 results (0.62 seconds)
It’s clear most people think U.S. politicians are bigger thieves and gangsters than even thieves and gangsters.

NEW WORD: BULSHIA’TE – Pronounced: Bul-sheaw-tay, Meaning: (1)General name for Politicians. Politicians in general. Usage: Most politicians belong to the Bulshia’te class. The Bulshia’te are running this country into the ground. All the Bulshia’te are the same…I wouldn’t vote for any of them. I’m tired of all the Bulshia’te. (2) Bull dung.


banks anim


$241.49 on a $134.28 water and sewer bill, FROM A GOVERNMENT AGENCY!

A Frederick, Maryland, Water Bill got mis-placed and unpaid. 1 month behind, so they came and cut-off the water, told me I owe them $241.49 on a $134.28 water and sewer bill.

WOW! What The Hell!!

When a bill use to go unpaid for a month, they would simply add the balance to the next months bill…no issue.
This is what everyone did. And if you didn’t pay that…then they would cut-off or stop the service.

Now it seems, they changed their rules. And they aren’t the only ones…but this is the Government!
No 1 week notice. No 2 notice…just BAM, no water for you! And it’s going to cost you over a $100 dollars extra to get it back on.

It was a mistake on my part. I expect a minor late fee…but over a hundred dollars…for what…being late! God’am CokeSuckers!

Now luckily, I have the money. But most people would of missed it because of financial difficulties.
So you take someone under financial difficulties and you what…double it?! WTH!? Are you a Greedy Corporation or are you the Government?

ARE YOU PEOPLE MORONS!?! WTH is the matter with you people(politicians)?!?!
Are you Mafia Gangster/Extortionists? Are you Greedy Corporate Arseholes? Or are Mafia Gangster/Extortionists-Greedy Corporate Arseholes, what Politicians really are today? With an 11% Approval rating, I understand why! { Friday, July 08, 2016: A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 11% of Likely U.S. Voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job. }

You people(Politicians) sicken me to my stomach…and that’s not easy. I see it for what it is, a HIDDEN Attack on the poor and struggling! POLITICIANS ATTACK POOR AND STRUGGLING AMERICANS!!!

If that’s the case…then Politicians are Bullshiate, totally and unequivocally. This is a total corporate government operation.

It’s the exact same thing as the State and Government Sponsored Mafia Organization known as EZ-PASS. They charge $50 dollars in fees minimum, for an unpaid $3.00 Toll Fee. Of course, in many cases they don’t even send you a bill/invoice…just the $53.00 dollar bill for not paying the $3 dollars. They are a total scam operation that the government has known about for years…with no action against, I might add.

The EZ-PASS record is absolutely abysmal! EZ-PASS HELL!!!

EZ-Pass ticket scam? Fight back!



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So the Media and Politicians have known about this since at least 2012 and nothing has changed except…it’s getting worse, with a new twist.

Double dipping at automated toll gates. You pay in cash, no receipt, they send you a fresh bill for the toll you paid in cash.


1 week ago
“We let our son use our easy pass to get to his new job… he drove through the easy pass lane got the green light thought it was cool.. a month later they send a bill for the toll amount, they technically charged the pass as he drove through, so they are double dipping..

2 months ago
They’ve changed their scam. Now they send you a violation notice if you paid cash. No way to prove you paid, unless you get a receipt. And they threaten to suspend your NY registration. Good thing i don’t have a NY reg.
Already paid 15 freaking dollars to use the tunnel, not paying a cent more.
Time now to get a receipt for any toll you pay, avoid the basket toss in NJ, no doubt they will use that too.

1 month ago
Same here. Except I don’t live in NY. I was visiting Staten Island with my daughter and grand daughter. Gonna get burned for $15 even though I paid.

1 year ago
Just got 3 of those fucking things from New Jersey. One I was forced into the ez lane…with a fucking guard rail up the middle so I couldn’t get over.

They make you get off like an exit ramp to pay cash. So I stopped the car, WALKED OVER TO THE TOLL BOOTH, and said here’s your 75 fuckin cents. They said I will still get a ticket. Now the other two I got a day later, are 20 min apart in toms river NJ…wich I paid CASH FOR ! And 51.50 a piece for those.

NEVER AGAIN TO NJ. (I recommend paper made fake plates to cover your real one when one needs to travel NJ) at least if you got caught you actually did something wrong. FUCK THAT SCAMMIN ASS PLACE. IT WASNT WORTH IT JUST TO SEE THE FUCKIN OCEAN.


Do you feel like your being “fee-ed” to death?

I just got back from a horse show and my class entries ended up being $100. and my misc. check out fees were $98.50!

Grounds fee, secretary fee, USEF fee, USHJA fee, local association fee this and another local association fee that, zone fee and a few more I do not even recall…$15, $5, $10. $2, $1…etc. And show managers wonder why numbers are down. (And not all of these fees are at the show’s discretion either. A good chunk of them are mandatory.)

I am starting to think that the people who run these associations are politicians! – May 2011

ADMIN NOTE: So you can clearly see that these State Sponsored Scams are still ongoing and it’s across the board in America today, even at Horse Shows. Banks and other Financial Institutions are obviously among the worst, but all are allowed by the Government.

I am starting to think that, far from helping us, the government is actually doing the Raping!

If that is the case, then what are we going to do about it?

It’s the very reason the True Democracy Party Of America was born. The answer was obvious to me and others years ago.

We don’t need a new government with new people, we need a new form of governing with all or most people participating. It’s called Participatory Governance.

When the Government starts acting like Mafia Extortionists, be they State or Federal, it’s time for a change.

I have let the True Democracy Party of America stray from it’s Original Mission of a New Type of Governance for this Great Country, too long.

The Learning Phase is snow over.

There is an old saying; “Knowledge is Power.” This saying is incomplete.
The Real Saying is: “Knowledge is power, Only when it is used”…or words to that effect.
Or more precisely; “Knowledge, when used, is Power!”

To not use knowledge is to build a house that is never used. It is in effect…useless.
You can look at it and marvel at it. Some may find this useful…I do not.


Whether it’s True Democracy, Direct Democracy, Rule By Referendum, or some other form of Participatory Governance, we must realize the current type of government and governance, is working toward the detriment of the people and the land.

The First thing we must realize is that all politicians are only distractions. Obama, Clinton, Trump and any others you hear about in the media, are all nothing more than distractions.


This can not be over emphasized. Policy is what is important, not politicians.

“We could miss the Forest, for the Trees.”
We could miss the forest burning down, by concentrating only on individual trees.

Don’t concentrate on Politicians, but only on Policy.
Once you see that Policy doesn’t change with Politicians, you will understand…it’s the system that needs changed.

Policy will only change when the system that brings policy changes!

We need a New System; True Democracy, Direct Democracy, Rule By Referendum, or some other form of Participatory Governance.

HOW? To do this? IDK!? But it is now on my radar.
It is now MY INTENTION…To do something effective about it. and unlike most people, I know My Intention carries Real Power. Yours does too…if you know about it.


Basic RGB

In 1974, Gallup began asking Americans whether they approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job. In its 39 years of asking this question, 2014 began with the lowest average Congressional approval rating on record: only 14% of Americans in 2013 approved the performance of the United States Congress.

congress NYTIMES screen shot

This year 2016, their approval rating is between 9%-11% according to the latest polls.

What should we do with this information or knowledge? Sit on it and call ourselves powerful?

Vote the bums out? They belong to the Bulshia’te Class. Only more Bulshia’te would be voted in!

Hillary ‘Bulshia’te’ Clinton. Donald ‘Bulshia’te’ Trump. Barrack ‘Bulshia’te’ Obama.
They all belong to the same group of people, the ‘Bulshia’te’ Class. They are all ‘Bulshia’te’, nothing but division and distraction!



I’m working on other stuff right now, but a New System of Governance is now on my Radar. Which of course means; “It’s back on the Menu!” 🙂 Yum yum!