February 21, 2018

OPERATION HEALTH-STORM: CANCER WARS – The Fantastic 4 Cancer Killers “Cancer: The Decimator Protocols”

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This is Part 1 of “CANCER: The DECIMATOR PROTOCOL”, part of the T.D.P. and Wade House’s NEW War On Cancer.

Due to finding out with in one day that (4) people I know have Cancer, I thought it prudent to do a Simple Anti-Cancer Post. A Post that can easily be broken down into 1 page, copied and distributed.

This Post is meant for Friends and Family.

This Health Program is not meant to Diagnose, Treat or Cure any Disease.
This Health Program was designed to make the Human Body Disease Free.

This Program was designed around Natural Cancer Cures, 80% of which were found online and tested by me.
I don’t have Cancer. But what I found out was that all these Natural Cancer Cures were mostly Nutrient Replacement Therapies. And when most of these Nutrients were replaced, like Vitamin D, Iodine, Selenium, Omega Fatty Acids, etc., the Human Body could do amazing things against illness and disease.

This is not really an Anti-Cancer Program. This is a Super Health, Anti-Disease, Anti-Aging Program.
Turns out that all these Natural Anti-Cancer Cures, are also Anti-Disease and Anti-Aging, due to the high amount of Antioxidants found in all of these natural products.

But understand this and understand this well…Everything in this Program Kills Cancer! EVERYTHING!!!

This is not the complete SHAD-LAA 5.0 System, but it is about 75% of it.

It is the Heart of the SHAD-LAA 5.0 Super Health System. And since I put this System together and tested it, it is also my Heart that I am giving away to help my fellow Human Beings.


(5) GOALS Of this Abbreviated Version of the SHAD-LAA 5.0 System.
1) To Kill Cancer
2) To Start an immediate Mild Detoxification Program.
3) To Rid the Body of Cancer and other diseases.
4) To keep the Body Disease Free.
5) To give you Super Health or Vastly Better Health, and to dramatically Slow down the Aging Process.

fantastic 4 cancer killers

PART 1 – TOP CANCER KILLERS: The FANTASTIC 4 CANCER KILLERS “Every one of them is a Top Cancer Killer!

garlic walmart

GARLIC – (12) Cloves a day equivalent: kills cancer and prevents reinfection!
* Garlic Promotes the development of “Natural Killer cells, which are the most powerful infection fighting cells in the white blood cell arsenal. NK cells kill cancer cells, viruses, fungus and bacteria.”
* Garlic starts killing Cancer Cells “Within 30 minutes of exposure”
* “This research highlights the great promise of (Garlic) plant-originated compounds as natural medicine for controlling the malignant growth of human brain tumor cells,”
* “Tumor growth was completely inhibited in mice with Garlic in their system, even after direct injections of fresh cancer cells and transplanted cancer tumors”


kelp 2 gnc

IODINE: – 16mg-25mg: All Cancer Cells have Iodine Receptors on them. Cancer was designed to be killed by Iodine!
Iodine collects in Breast Tissue. Cancer Cells ATTRACT Iodine. Once Iodine is inside a Cancer Cell, it shrinks and then KILLS the CANCER CELL ONLY! (Scientifically and Medically Proven). Selenium is needed to Fully ACTIVATE the Iodine. Vitamin D3 builds the Receptors in Cells that Iodine Attaches to.
Selenium and Vitamin D3 are powerful Anti-Cancer Agents on their own;

* Selenium , The Cancer Cure Mineral Miracle

* Selenium: The Cancer- Killing Supplement – Truestar

* Study: Vitamin D Kills Cancer Cells – ABC News

* Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention – National Cancer…www.cancer.gov

* Vitamin D the natural cancer cure – CANCERactive,…

Dosage Levels:
IODINE: 12.5 Milligrams(mg)/12,500 Micrograms(mcg) Daily. Note: Some say 25-50(mg) Daily
SELENIUM: 300-400(mcg) Daily
VITAMIN D3: 10,000-25,000 International Units(IU) Daily


vitamin d3 wm

Vitamin D3 Slashes Cancer Risk By 77%
The double blind placebo controlled study published in 2007 involved 1,179 healthy women given 1100iu of Vitamin D3 and 1500mg of calcium daily.
The women receiving the supplements were 77 per cent less likely to be diagnosed with any form of cancer.
Sun derived Vitamin D can cut breast cancer risk by 354%
DOSAGE: 8000 IU-10,000 IU per day (IU = International Units)


selenium s v

SELENIUM: 300-400(mcg) = 77%-97%+ Cancer reduction Risk:
Large Double Blind Test Studies have shown an overall 76% Reduction in Risk of getting Cancer on 200 mcg. of Selenium per day. A group of Doctors had to sue the Government in order to get the Test Results released to the public without retaliation.

Selenium astounds Doctors and researchers who look into this Essential Mineral. It’s needed to fully activate one of two Iodine Hormones produced by the Thyroid Gland. It kills cancer as good as Vitamin D and Garlic, and it does all this using only 5% of the milligrams (mg) of each of the others.


The best part about Part 1 is that not only are these some of the most potent and safe cancer killers in the world, but you can pick up all this stuff in about an hour and be killing Cancer 30 minutes after that!

You can find everything except the Kelp Iodine Extract from any Walmart, CVS, etc.
The Kelp Iodine Extract will have to be gotten from the local GNC General Nutrition Center. This is Low Dose Iodine, but I swear by it! You want to start off taking a least (10). At 150 (mcg) micrograms, or .150 (mg) this will equal 1.5 (mg). Which is enough to start out at until you can work your way up to 16-20 (mg) per day.

End Part 1
These (4) Natural Cancer Killers mark the Top of the Anti-Cancer Killing Food Chain.
Garlic, Iodine, Vitamin D/D3 and Selenium are Top Cancer Killers, but there are more…


fruits an vegis


Cancer THRIVES in an Acidic Environment.
Cancer can not live in an Alkaline Environment.

Since Cancer lives and thrives in an Acidic Environment, then Alkalizing the body, and maintaining it’s proper Alkaline PH Balance of 7.4%, will not only Kill Cancer, but will kill most diseases, since most diseases need an Acidic Environment to survive in.

Just as the Doctor told you; “You will need to eat more Fruits and Vegetables.”
Unless you make dietary changes, the Cancer could come back.

Fruits and Vegetables are the best natural way to get and maintain an Alkaline Body.
Oranges, Apples, Lemons and other fruits are great at alkalizing the body, but Salads featuring Iceberg Lettuce, are the absolute fastest way to Alkaline it.

So you must add at least 1, if not 2 small to medium salads to your daily diet at least 4-5 times per week, as soon as possible.

Another good way to Alkaline the body is with Alkaline Water.
1 large glass of spring/mineral water with 1 tbs of Baking Soda (Non-Aluminum), twice daily.
1 large glass of Lemon Water, twice daily.

There you have it.
1-2 salads per day and 3-4 large glasses of Alkaline Water daily, will alkaline your body and help to maintain it’s proper Alkaline Level of 7.4% ph.

PROHIBITED FOODS: No Milk, No Bread, No Sugar, No Sugary drinks, No Processed Table Salts.
* Use Natural, Unrefined Sea Salt instead of Processed Table Salts.
* Eat plenty of Oranges, Apples, Black/Red Grapes.
* Eat only Natural, Non-Processed foods

MYTH: “You can’t eat alot of fruit or honey if you have cancer because they/it has sugar in it and that feeds the cancer.” This is a ‘Purposely Propagated’ lie.

Processed Sugar is different from the Natural Sugars in fruits and honey. The Processing turns the sugar into something the body has to reconvert back into something it can use.
This process uses large amounts of the body’s supply of acids, enzymes and water to make hydrochloric acid. The process leaves the body highly acidic.

So the sugar doesn’t feed cancer, it causes the body to become highly acidic which allows cancer to thrive.

The Natural sugars in fruits and honey already have their own water, acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, none of which processed sugar has. So it needs nothing from the body to use as energy. They carry with them everything needed to process them so they leave the body Alkaline instead of Acidic.

Fruits and Honey are Health Foods and Sugar is a slow poison.
* Plus…Oranges kill cancer…up to a 50% reduction in risk! Just by eating oranges.
* And Honey also has Cancer Killing Properties.

You simply can’t put Acid causing sugar in the same class as cancer fighting Oranges and Honey!
NOTE: Honey is your replacement for Sugar. There are others, but Honey is the best, health wise.

* Just Say ‘NO’ to Sugar
Sugar may not cause cancer directly. But it may displace other nutrient-rich foods that help protect against cancer. And it increases calorie counts, which contributes to overweight and obesity. Excess weight is also a cancer risk. Fruit offers a sweet alternative in a vitamin-rich package.

End of Part 2.


If all you want to do is to defeat Cancer and keep it gone, you can stop here.
Maintain a high Fruit and Vegetable Diet, and maintain your Supplement Routine, and you will be fine.
But…if you want more than ‘just fine’, if you want Superhealth, to never get sick, and to start to slow down the Aging Process, the read on. A whole new world awaits you! 🙂
See you on the other side.


You are now leaving the regular, familiar world of health through diet, vitamins and minerals and
entering the world of the SUPERFOODS. Here, you will meet some of the Most Powerful Natural Health products this Earth has to offer.





BLACK (CUMIN) SEED OIL: “The Cure for Every Disease but Death!”

Black Cumin seeds, also known as Nigella Sativa – has been used to successfully keep people Super Healthy – for over 3,300 years.

100 chemical compounds and some of the ingredients are yet to be discovered and identified.
The main active ingredient in black seed oil is crystalline nigellone. The seed oil also contains beta sitosterol, thymoquinone, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, proteins and vitamins B1, B2 and B3. They also contain calcium, folic acid, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorous.
black seed oil
* Analgesic (Pain-Killing)
* Anti-Bacterial
* Anti-Inflammatory
* Anti-Ulcer
* Anti-Cholinergic
* Anti-Fungal
* Ant-Hypertensive
* Antioxidant
* Antispasmodic / anticonvulsive properties
* Antiviral
* Anti-Cancer – 52% decrease in tumor cells!
* Anti-Metastasis – Stops cancer from spreading
* Bronchodilator / Asthma – Respiratory Relief
* Gluconeogenesis Inhibitor (Anti-Diabetic)
* Hepatoprotective (Liver Protecting)
* Effective against 97 out of a 144 Superbug Viruses

Dosage: 1 Tbs per day
Also provides 6 grams of Plant Based Protein.


Moringa Powder USDA Certified Organic


Organic Moringa Oleifera Powder

Organic moringa Leaf powder is one of nature’s most nutritious superfoods. Moringa powder is considered a complete protein because it contains all 9 essential amino acids. Moringa supports the immune system, detoxifies the body, and improves mental clarity.

The green leaves are considered an extremely nutrient dense vitamin and mineral concentrate that can be naturally enlivening to the cells because of their purifying, alkalizing and nourishing properties.

Native to India, Moringa oleifera leaves are highly nutritious and rich in vitamins, manganese, magnesium, lysine, riboflavin, calcium, thiamin, potassium, iron, protein and niacin.

Extremely rich in antioxidants, which protect against cell damage from free radicals, and is a natural plant source of cytokinins, a group of hormones with anti-aging effects.
Common names: Native to India, Moringa oleifera

In one serving of Moringa Oleifera leaves, you can find:

92 Nutrients – vitamins, minerals, enzymes,
46 Antioxidants
36 Anti-Inflammatories
18 Amino Acids, 9 Essential Amino Acids
27% Plant-based protein



CHAGA (Inonotus Obliquus) MUSHROOM





decimator cancer -Deathstroke-wall

OPERATION HEALTH-STORM: CANCER WARS – What Most Doctors REALLY Think About Alternative Cancer Treatments, Fluoride Tea Cancer Risks –

health alert

OPERATION HEALTH-STORM: THE CANCER WARS, marks the beginning of the “New” War On Cancer by the True Democracy Party of America and it’s current Chairman Wade House.

“The Goal of this New Operation is simple. It is to kill Cancer dead, dead, dead. And to give all American’s and others around the World the information to do just that.

This is only the first part of our new series called ‘The NEW Cancer Wars’. This time…it’s personal!” – Wade House

cancer What-doctors-think-768x512

What Most Doctors REALLY Think About Alternative Cancer Treatments

How receptive are most oncologists to using alternative cancer therapies for their patients?

Not surprisingly, most medical practitioners are apprehensive to their patients utilizing cancer treatments that are not considered “standard of care.”

But not for the reasons you may think…which will be explained later in this article.

Most physicians interviewed in Dr. Ivy Lynn Bourgeault’s ( from the Canada Medical Association) research said they opposed the use of alternative cancer therapies for their patients.

Yet, according to Dr. Bourgeault, “54% of people with cancer use alternative therapies and up to half of those patients completely abandon standard medical treatments in exchange for alternative methods.”

Some alternative cancer treatments include:

* Acupuncture

* Traditional Chinese medicine

* Homeopathy

* Naturopathy

* Specific diets (such as low-fat or juicing diets)

* Vitamins

* Energy therapies

* Dietary supplements and herbal remedies

But the question remains… if standard medical methods were working, why are more than HALF of cancer patients turning to alternative medicine for healing? It has to be due to the failure of conventional cancer treatments, or at least ineffective in the eyes of the patients. [ Cassileth BR, Brown H. Unorthodox cancer medicine. CA Cancer J Clin 1988; 38:176-86 ]

In a survey of cancer patients, 39% reported that their doctors reacted with disapproval concerning their request for alternative therapy and 4% refused to continue as their physician because they chose natural medicine.

Still, in that same survey, it was reported that 30% of oncologists supported the use of alternative cancer treatments, while 12% were neutral.

It is unnerving to discover that some doctors refuse to consider alternative cancer treatments when their patients clearly want to discuss and pursue those options.

Interestingly enough, most physicians report being opposed to the alternatives by reason of insufficient knowledge, not because they’re ineffective.

However, 83% of the doctors surveyed reported that continuing education about alternative health services was of interest…but the source of information was primarily from their patients, not from peers or medical research.

A survey from Ontario and Alberta, Canada concluded with remarkable results; namely, 54% of practitioners felt conventional medicine could benefit from the concepts and methods of alternative medicine for the following reasons: most patients were not responding to conventional treatment, their patients requested it and admittedly, alternative medicine is proven effective in treating particular disorders.

* Alternative-Cancer-Treatments

Finally, whether medical practitioners believe in alternative treatments or not, research supports the fact that patients find them helpful, even if it just increases their optimism.

So the question is,… if doctors are open and willing to learn about alternative medicine to treat cancer, and their patients are turning to non-conventional cancer treatments…why isn’t more education recommended to oncologists?

Two words: Flexner Report. Due to an alliance between the American Medical Association (AMA) and big business (the Rockefellers and Carnegies) over 100 years ago, the medical schools in the USA focus solely on prescription drugs for cancer treatment while actively turning people away from natural remedies.

How can we counteract this policy? One solution is to enthusiastically support the patient’s right of choice when it comes to their bodies, as long as all the information has been presented and discussed openly between the doctor and patient. After all, this is still the “land of the free,” right?

The research shows that there is clearly a need for more openness between doctors and their patients with regard to alternative cancer treatments.

This is particularly important because many cancer patients are rejecting conventional treatments, sometimes permanently, in favor of alternative treatments. Interestingly, according to a poll at McGill Cancer Centre, in a poll of 64 oncologists, 58 indicated that they would not utilize chemotherapy for themselves or their families, due to the fact that this archaic, barbaric form of treatment is “too toxic.”

Long ago, medical doctors believed that draining an ailing person’s blood would purge the “evil” infection out of the body. And worse, medical doctors ignorantly recommended cigarWhat Most Doctors REALLY Think About Alternative Cancer Treatmentsettes to their patients using the mantra, “a pack a day keeps lung cancer away.” Both of these ridiculous suggestions have been proven to be pure quackery, but they were widely accepted by the “medical establishment” of their day.

Now is the time to openly discuss alternative cancer treatments as a real solution to conventional medicine.

By Ty Bollinger

SOURCE: thetruthaboutcancer.com/doctors-really-think-alternative-cancer-treatments/

cancer cures TTAC-Doc-Alternative-Graphic




In the October 1, 1944 Journal of the American Dental Association, the ADA warned that “the potentialities for harm (from fluoridation) far outweigh those for the good.”

Contrary to popular opinion, fluoride doesn’t stop tooth decay at all.
* Scientific studies actually prove that fluoride is neurotoxic and causes birth defects, and osteoporosis. Fluoride also damages the immune, digestive, and respiratory systems as well as the kidneys, liver, and brain and can lead to learning disabilities, including dyslexia, ADHD, autism, thyroid disorders, and cancer.

* In 2012, Harvard researchers reported that 26 of the 27 studies they reviewed found that childhood IQ decreased with increased fluoride concentrations. A 2006 report from the National Academy of Sciences reviewed hundreds of studies linking fluoridated drinking water to neurological damage, thyroid disorders, and … yes …. cancer.

* In 1955, the New England Journal of Medicine reported a 400% increase in the number of thyroid cancer cases in the years after San Francisco’s water began to be fluoridated. In 1977, Congress instructed the U.S. Public Health Service to conduct animal studies to determine whether or not fluoride causes cancer. After analyzing the study results in rats, it was found that animals who drank fluoridated water showed an increase in tumors and cancers in oral squamous cells, developed a rare form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma, and showed an increased in thyroid follicular cell tumors.

The most significant finding was the occurrence of an extremely rare form of liver cancer, hepatocholangiocarcinoma in fluoride-treated male and female rats. Also in 1977, it was shown that fluoridation caused about 10,000 cancer deaths in epidemiological studies by Dr. Dean Burk, former head of the Cytochemistry Section at the National Cancer Institute and Dr. John Yiamouyiannis. Despite the findings occurring in 1977, they were not reluctantly released until 1989.

* In 2006, at Harvard University, researchers identified a link between fluoride and osteosarcoma. The study, led by Dr. Elise Bassin and published online in Cancer Causes and Control (the official journal of the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention), found a strong link between fluoridated drinking water and osteocarcoma, a rare and often fatal bone cancer, in boys. The study confirms studies by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the New Jersey health department that also found increased rates of bone cancer in boys who drank fluoridated tap water. The findings confirmed those of a prior government study back in 1990 that involved fluoride-treated rats.

But There’s More… But There’s More…

Once inside your body, fluoride destroys your enzymes by changing their shape. Your body depends on thousands of enzymes to perform numerous cell reactions. Without enzymes, we would all be dead. Enzymes are sort of like a key that fits the locks inside your cells. However, once fluoride destroys the shape of the enzyme “key,” it no longer fits the lock and your body no longer recognizes the enzymes. These damaged enzymes can lead to collagen breakdown, DNA damage, tissue damage, and immune suppression.

* In early 2010, two separate stories out of India reveal that children are being blinded and crippled partly as a result of fluoride being artificially added to their drinking water. In the Indian village of Gaudiyan, well over half of the population has bone deformities, making them physically handicapped. Children are born normally, but after they start drinking the fluoridated water, they begin to develop crippling defects in their hands and feet.

* On April 12, 2010, Time Magazine listed fluoride as one of the “Top Ten Common Household Toxins” and described fluoride as both “neurotoxic and potentially tumorigenic if swallowed.”Truth be told, in almost every country in the world (including the USA), it’s against the law to “mass medicate” an entire population with a substance that everyone admits is toxic.

The fact that fluorides accumulate in the body is the reason that US law requires the Surgeon General to set a “maximum contaminant level” (MCL) for fluoride content in public water supplies as determined by the EPA. It boggles my mind that thousands of brainwashed dentists proudly proclaim fluoride to be the “wonder nutrient” that prevents cavities and promotes healthy teeth and gums. Let me ask you a question. How can a toxic waste product and a cumulative toxin be described as a “nutrient?”

Unfortunately, if you are a person who has the pleasure of living in a country in which English is the primary language, such as the United States, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia or Canada, there is an overwhelming possibility that water fluoridation is common, as a part of an executive decision. This means that a decision has been made concerning your health without involving you in the process.

Out of the nearly 320 million people living in the U.S., approximately 72% of them are consuming fluoridated water on a consistent basis. According to the CDC, all 50 states add fluoride to their water supply.


Experts through the decades:

* Expert in Environmental Pollutants: “Even with DDT, you don’t have the consistently strong data that the compound can cause cancer as you now have with fluoride.” – Richard Wiles, co-founder Environmental Working Group (2006)

* Experienced Political Intimidation: “I believe EPA should act immediately to protect the public, not just on the cancer data, but on the evidence of bone fractures, arthritis and mutagenicity and other effects.” – Dr. Wm. Marcus, EPA Chief Scientist and Toxicologist (1992)

* Innovator in Cancer Research: “I know of absolutely no, and I mean absolutely no means of prevention that would save so many lives as simply to stop fluoridation, or don’t start it where it is otherwise going to be started.” – Dr. Dean Burke, biochemist at National Cancer Institute (1982)

* Expert in Cytochemistry: “In point of fact, fluoride causes more cancer death, and causes it faster, than any other chemical.” – Dean Burke, PhD, former Chief of Cytochemistry, National Cancer Institute (1975)

* Expert in Cancer Research: “The plain fact that fluorine is an insidious poison, harmful, toxic and cumulative in its effects, even when ingested in minimal amounts, will remain unchanged no matter how may times it will be repeated in print that fluoridation of the water supply is ‘safe’.” – Ludwig Gross, MD, former Chief of Veterans’ Administration Cancer Research and medical journalist, in Letter to NY Times 6 March 1957

Read More – SOURCE: thetruthaboutcancer.com/fluoride-in-water/



All Tea have High Amounts Of Fluoride

* The Camellia sinensis plant is what produces the tea leaves for white, green, black and oolong teas. When this tea plant grows, the roots absorb fluoride from the soil and deposit the majority of it in the leaves. The tea plant in particular is much more efficient at this process than other plants.May 1, 2012

* Tea contains naturally fairly high amounts of fluoride. The plant picks it up from the soil and brewing process extracts most of it from the leaves.

* Tea plants readily absorb fluoride from soil. As a result, tea drinks invariably contain high levels of fluoride.

* Tea leaves accumulate more fluoride (from pollution of soil and air) than any other edible plant. Fluoride content in tea has risen dramatically over the last 20 years.

* Black tea to contain 7.8 mgs of fluoride, which is roughly the same amount as if one were to drink 7.8 litres of water in an area fluoridated at 1ppm.

* Black tea, a Southern staple and the world’s most consumed beverage, may contain higher concentrations of fluoride than previously thought, …

* Both green and black tea contain fluoride, although green tea contains twice the amount found in black tea.

SOURCE: Google Search: tea has fluoride in it



Green Tea, Fluoride & the Thyroid

August 1999

A. Schuld/PFPC

OPEN LETTER TO: Susan Cameron-Block
Host – Current Health Issues

Dear Susan,

I am writing this letter with the intent to inform on various issues associated with the use of fluorides, especially as it relates to green and black teas, and to voice our concern about the continued promotion of green tea as a drink”beneficial to one’s health” on your radio show “Current Health Issues”.

Tea is very high in fluoride content. Fluoride in tea is much higher than the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) set for fluoride in drinking water.

Tea leaves accumulate more fluoride (from pollution of soil and air) than any other edible plant (1,2,3). Fluoride content in tea has risen dramatically over the last 20 years, as has tea consumption (4).

While in 1976 a Belgian analysis showed content of between 50 and 125 ppm fluoride in 15 varieties of tea (3), a Polish study in 1995 found fluoride content of up to 340 ppm in 16 varieties of black tea (5). A major Canadian study published in 1995 reports average fluoride content in tea to be 4.57 mg/l in the 1980’s (6).

A website by a pro-fluoridation infant medical group lists a cup of black tea to contain 7.8 mgs of fluoride (7), which is roughly the same amount as if one were to drink 7.8 litres of water in an area fluoridated at 1ppm. It is well known that fluoride in tea gets absorbed by the body similarly as the fluoride in drinking water (1,8).

Some British and African studies from the 1990’s showed a daily fluoride intake of between 5.8 mgs and 9 mgs a day from tea alone (9,10,11).

In order to understand a dose/concentration relationship properly, one needs to realize that the level of fluoride at 1 part-per-million (ppm) = 1 mg/l was set in the 40’s when TOTAL intake was considered to be only about 1 mg/day in areas with fluoridated water. It was thought that the fluoridation of water supplies at 1 ppm (1 mg/l) would duplicate this intake, assuming that people would drink 4 glasses of water a day. However, average current total intake of fluorides is approaching the 8mg/day range, according to the last official data available from the US PHS (1991) and other publications (12).

TOTAL intake from ALL sources is the amount to be considered for any adverse health effect evaluation (13,14,15).

The fact that fluorides accumulate in the body is the reason why a MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level) for fluoride content in water needs to be set by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) – by law under the US Surgeon General. This is to be done specifically to avoid a condition known as Crippling Skeletal Fluorosis (CSF).

There are NO double-blind studies anywhere proving the efficacy of fluoride as a caries preventative (17). There ARE double-blind studies proving adverse health effects, at the level of 1ppm (1mg/l) in water.(18) There are no studies documenting safety at any intake level.

Read More –
SOURCE: poisonfluoride.com/pfpc/html/green_tea



Do You Know That Tea Bags Contain Frighteningly High Fluoride Levels? Is Your Favorite Tea One Of Them?

Tea is a perfect winter drink. It reminds us of warm fire and cozy environment. But it is also said to be great for drinking it hot even is summer, as it balances the temperature of the body with the outside temperature.

A lot of countries nearer the equator are serving it as a temperature adaptation drink. In addition, the benefits of herbal tea are endless, as it can help prevent or cure even serious illnesses.

But tea drinkers around the world will be disappointed to hear that tea, or more precisely tea bags, have very high fluoride levels. To avoid any confusion, I must point out that I am not talking about calcium fluoride which is a natural element and is safe in trace amounts, but about sodium fluoride and other synthetic fluoride chemicals that result from aluminum mining and phosphate fertilizer production.

How does fluoride get in our tea bags?

It is a well known fact that major metropolitan areas in the United States currently artificially fluoridate its water supply, which means that tea bags are not the only problem, but that there is an additional fluoride load posed by drinking public water and by eating foods and beverages made with it. This water is also used for irrigation, thus fluoridating the soil too.

So, when the seeds of a plant are planted there is no problem, but as it grows and feeds with water, the plant also becomes fluoride-full. The older the leaves are, the more fluoride in them there is, as young leaves contain less of this harmful substance.

Economy blend teas contain the most fluoride and pesticides

Cheap teas contain the most fluoride and pesticides, as the companies that make them use only the old leaves of the plants, while younger leaves are used for premium blends. Even though both cheap and premium blends of teas contain significant amounts of fluoride, studies have shown that the latter contain smaller fluoride concentration.

How does it affect the body?

A study was conveyed in the UK and it analyzed inexpensive tea bags from big supermarkets including Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. It found that drinking tea could push a person’s fluoride intake above the ‘daily recommended level’ (there is no recommended level for a toxic substance), and could thus cause a condition called fluoridation of the body. This can lead to bone and dental disease, and worst of all, pineal gland dysfunctions. It has also been connected to lower IQ and cancer tumor growth.

Read More –
SOURCE: do-you-know-that-tea-bags-contain-frighteningly-high-fluoride-levels/


* { OPERATION: HEALTH-STORM PART 2: Health Wars / Fluoride Wars – “More Poisonous Than Lead” Accelerated Aging and Premature Balding }

* { OPERATION: HEALTH-STORM PART 3: Health Wars – BLACK SEED OIL “The Cure For Everything But Death!” ‘T.D.P. – Live Long, Live Healthy’ BONUS: Moringa OleiferaTree Of Life }

* { OPERATION: HEALTH-STORM PART 4: CHAGA – KING OF PLANTS: Mushroom of Immortality, Diamond of the Forest “Most Powerful Antioxidant Yet Found!” }

* { IODINE SUPERFOOD! Anti-cancer Agent – IODINE & THYROID DEFICIENCIES; Linked To Thyroid and Breast Cancer, Infertility, Obesity, Mental Retardation }

* { GARLIC, NATURES ULTIMATE CURE-ALL: Certified Cancer Killer – 8 Scientific Studies That Prove Garlic Kills Cancer }
(Garlic Promoted) “Natural Killer cells are the most powerful infection fighting cells in the white blood cell arsenal. NK cells kill cancer cells, viruses, fungus and bacteria.”

Garlic started killing Cancer Cells “Within 30 minutes of exposure”

“This research highlights the great promise of (Garlic) plant-originated compounds as natural medicine for controlling the malignant growth of human brain tumor cells,”

“Tumor growth was completely inhibited in mice with Garlic in their system, even after direct injections of fresh cancer cells and transplanted cancer tumors”

KILL’EM AND GRILL’EM: Park Geese to Become Meals for Maryland Food Bank

geese 2016-06-26_0850

Montgomery County, Maryland, believes they have an uncommon solution to a bird problem in their county parks.

Montgomery Parks plans to round up between 100 to 150 geese that have been creating safety issues in the facilities and humanely euthanize them. The animals will be processed and the meat will be donated to the Maryland Food Bank.

“These geese are year-round residents and create multiple issues for park users and staff. The excessive feces they leave, up to one pound daily, is not only unsightly but causes unsanitary conditions around bodies of water, docks, pathways, athletic fields and lawn areas,” Dave Petersen, Natural Resources Specialist for Montgomery Parks, said in a press release.

The park service has already tried different, non-lethal methods to get rid of the geese, including a ban on feeding them, habitat manipulation, fencing and repelling devices.

Those methods have worked in some parks, but other parks, including the Martin Luther King Jr., Recreational Park and Rock Creek Regional Park, continue to have a problem with too many geese.

A federally permitted wildlife contractor will do the geese removal. WTOP Radio reported The Humane Society of the United States has voiced its concern over the plans and would prefer the park system exhaust every non-lethal type of management.

“For us, it’s the first time we’ve used this method, but it is by no means unprecedented in our area,” Peterson told WTOP.

Published Jun 26, 2016


* “This is not the answer. I am both saddened and angered. Not sure which emotion is the strongest.”

Source: [ Park Geese to Become Meals for Maryland Food Bank | NBC4 Washington http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Park-Geese-to-Become-Meals-for-Maryland-Food-Bank-384434061.html#ixzz4Ciaqg9bs

Angry Birds

MOON MEGA-PORTAL: The Moon Has A Stargate!? Stargate Moon / Moon-Gate? “Doorway To Other Planets!”


Original NASA Photograph from 1968 Apollo 8 Mission [ Unedited / Untouched ]


rsz_moongate_nasa_as08-18-2908hr - Copy


moongate nasa as08-18-2908hr - Copy

Up Close / Enlarged. Note the small black dot/UFO to the left of the Moongate.


The second I saw this image I knew what it was. I had just done a story on it, not to long ago. The shape was unmistakable.

It was a Triangle Shaped Black Hole Singularity. As foretold and written in stone by the Ancient Aztec’s/Mayan’s, thousands of years ago. It was literately, ‘Carved In Stone!”

It simply shows a Triangle Shaped Doorway that UFO’s fly through on their way to Planets.



Huge Triangular Shaped Object Found On The Moon In Apollo 8 Photo. Was It A UFO? (UFO News)


moongate close 1


moongate infrared close 1

The Signature of a Black Hole is the Black Area. It’s not Pixelation, it’s the total absence of Light.
The Gravity of a Black Hole is so strong that nothing can escape it…even light!

This is a very rare and exciting event, because “The Doorway” which is normally Black and Cloaked(Hidden), is acting like a window and we can actually see through to the other side. And what we see tells us alot.

What we see, is most likely a Planet. You can actually see it’s planetary curvature. This tells us that Moongates open up on the Planet they are orbiting, and that they are connected.

It also tells us that Sun/Star Stargates are connected to other Stars and that Planet Stargates/Portals, open onto other Planets.

Very simple really.

Before most of the Video’s and Posts about this event were removed, it was classified as a Mega-Portal.

This is Incredible News!
If we were mature enough, and not so War-Like, and could be Trusted to behave ourselves, maybe we could easily visit another Planet through the Moongate.

But understand this…there are also reported to be many “Portal’s”…here on Earth!!! Oh Yea…Very Cool!

While we sit here fighting among ourselves, we could be learning to behave and except others for who they are, and possibly be visiting other Planets in our lifetime!


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5) Thumbnail image – Apollo 8 with Triangle on surface
NASA image, ASO8-18 2908 Huge Triangle.
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NASA-Apollo8-Dec24-Earthrise The crew of Apollo 8 were the first humans to witness Earthrise, on December 24, 1968


Apollo 8
From Wikipedia,

Apollo 8, the second human spaceflight mission in the United States Apollo space program, was launched on December 21, 1968, and became the first manned spacecraft to leave Earth orbit, reach the Earth’s Moon, orbit it and return safely to Earth. The three-astronaut crew — became the first humans to travel beyond low Earth orbit, the first to see Earth as a whole planet, the first to directly see the far side of the Moon, and then the first to witness Earthrise.

The 1968 mission, the third flight of the Saturn V rocket and that rocket’s first manned launch, was also the first human spaceflight launch from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, located adjacent to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The mission was originally planned as Apollo 9, to be performed in early 1969 as the second test of the complete Apollo spacecraft, including the Lunar Module and the Command/Service Module in an elliptical medium Earth orbit.

But when the Lunar Module proved unready to make its first test in a lower Earth orbit in December 1968, it was decided in August to fly Apollo 8 in December as a more ambitious lunar orbital flight without the Lunar Module.

This meant Borman’s crew was scheduled to fly two to three months sooner than originally planned, leaving them a shorter time for training and preparation, thus placing more demands than usual on their time and discipline.

Apollo 8 took three days to travel to the Moon. It orbited ten times over the course of 20 hours, during which the crew made a Christmas Eve television broadcast where they read the first 10 verses from the Book of Genesis.

At the time, the broadcast was the most watched TV program ever. Apollo 8’s successful mission paved the way for Apollo 11 to fulfill U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s goal of landing a man on the Moon before the end of the 1960s.

The Apollo 8 astronauts returned to Earth on December 27, 1968, when their spacecraft splashed down in the Northern Pacific Ocean. The crew was named Time magazine’s “Men of the Year” for 1968 upon their return.








What is this “Giant Door on the Moon” Seen Open During Apollo 8 Flight, Dec.1968?

“Debunking” Video by Religion


Mayan stargate evidence


sun triangle3


[ STARGATE SUN 2012 – THE SWARM: Hundreds Of Planet Sized UFO’s Swarm Out Of Our Stargate Sun – Mar. 2012 “The Gathering” The Sun Is A ‘Real’ Stargate! ]




black cubes sun ufo alien


black cube 2011-06-13

black cube 2011-06-13


black cube 2011-06-20

black cube 2011-06-20


black cube 2011 06 28

black cube 2011 06 28


black cube 2011 06 30 soho

black cube 2011 06 30 soho


black cube 2011 7 18

black cube 2011 7 18


black cube 2011 7 18 W/ inset (Black Hole) deep inside look of the Hole

black cube 2011 7 18 W/ inset (Black Hole) deep inside look of the Hole


black cube 2011 7 18  w/ inset (Black Hole) deep inside look of the Hole lrg-soho-

black cube 2011 7 18 w/ inset (Black Hole) deep inside look of the Hole lrg-soho-


black cube 2012-02-10 w/ inset

black cube 2012-02-10 w/ inset


black cube 2012-02-10

black cube 2012-02-10


black cube 2012-12-21

black cube 2012-12-21

[ Giant Cube Recorded By NASA Near Sun On Dec 21, 2012. NASA Source ] ufosightingsdaily.com


black cube 2012-12-23 w/inset

black cube 2012-12-23

[ UFO 7 Time Bigger Than Earth Enters Our Sun, NASA Image Dec 23, 2012 ] ufosightingsdaily.com


black cube 2012-12-23


black cube 2013-04-30

black cube 2013-04-30







THE DARK KNIGHT: New East Coast G-2 Upgrade.

Because of recent events and 21 days of rain and 5 rainy weekends in a row, I decided to give the East Coast G-2 Set-Up it’s first Major Upgrade since it’s installation in 2012.

I could either add another (10) Tube Standard G-2 (1.5” tubes, 5ft long) or I could Upgrade the G-2 already in place.

I decided because of lack of space to Upgrade. Glad I did. The Brisbane Drought Slayer said months ago, that all G-2’s would need to be Upgraded to the New Tower type Units, used by him, the Great Lakes Guardian and others.

G2 frankenflute << "The Frankenflute" - Great Lakes Guardian g2 brisbane silver knight“The Silver Knight” – Brisbane Drought Slayer^^



My Standard G-2 Unit had (10) 1.5” X 5’ ft. Tubes. It’s backed up by (3) G-1 Units with (12) ¾” X 5 ft. Tubes each.

I added (7) 1.5” X 7 ft. tubes and (7) 1.5” X 3 ft. tubes, in (3) rings.
An Outer Ring of (10) 5 ft. tubes.
A Middle Ring of (7) 7 ft. tubes.
An Inner Ring of (6) 3 ft. tubes with (1) 7 ft. tube in the center.

See drawing below of tube placement.









444 Notice how nice and bright the skies are above the New G-2 “The Dark Knight”.
Notice also the little black dot in the clouds, directly over the Unit, near the top of the page. This is”Spotter Joe”. This Unit is so strong, we’ve started getting ‘Fly-Overs’ again!

And Below…Are the Skies we have now!











I’ve resisted recommending these units because of cost, but now I don’t think we have a choice.

PRICING: As of 5/2016, a 10’ foot stick 1-½” Zinc Coated Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT Conduit) costs $12.48.
$12.48 X 12 = $149.76 before tax and trashcan, which is an additional $9.00 / $15.00 respectively here in MD. Or about $174.00.
But it can more easily be done in (2) Steps/Parts.

* { PART 1 } *
You can get the trash can and only (7) of the (12) Tubes to start.
* Buy the Plastic Trashcan and (7) 10 ft. X 1-½ Tubes. Cut 3 feet off of each tube, which will leave you with (7) 7ft. Tubes and (7) 3ft. Tubes.
* Build the 1st (2) Inner Rings of (1) 7ft tubes in the Center, surrounded closely by (6) of the 3ft tubes for the Inner Ring, with the (7) 7ft tubes forming the Middle Ring.
This in itself will be a very powerful Unit.

* { PART 2 } *
You can add the Outer Ring later.
Buy (5) 10ft X 1-½” EMT Conduits.
Cut them all in half at the 5ft. Mark, drill 1-½” holes about 2” from the edge, in the gaps between the 7ft tubes and install the 5ft tubes.


This G-2 is the New Standard G-2. They have Upped Their Game…we must do the same!
– Wade House
East Coast Drought Slayer