February 25, 2018

WEATHER WARS – LADYZ DREDD – THE WESTERN DROUGHT SLAYERS: New Sky Guardians Help Fill California Lakes At Record Pace, Bring Rain To Multiple Deserts! “Sweet Grannies Take On The Old World Order!”

You know the New World Order, really the Old World Order, is losing the Weather Wars when little old ladies, billing themselves as “Sweet Grannies”, become powerful Drought Slayers and start kicking Haarpster behind over half of America! Go Granny Go!!!

dragon slayer femaledragon slayer female2

New Drought Slayers are on the scene in the Western U.S. and the impact they are having, combined with the Powerful Drought Slayers already in the Pacific Northwest, is nothing less than amazing!

I have the Dated Emails, but no need to show them since the results are so dramatic, and I don’t have permission to do so.

Long story short, two Future, Powerful, Female Drought Slayers emailed me about needing more rain out West.
She and a friend had just built 2-3, G-2 Units and even more G-1’s, and asked for any advice.

After a slow start and Relentless Aerial Chemtrailing, the amazing results are pouring in.

I call them The Ladyz Dredd because the Haarpsters/Weather Controllers Dreaded the day they met these two Sweet Grannies!

dragon slayer pnw
The Pacific Northwest Drought Slayer reports that the Biggest Freshwater Reservoir in California is almost full and sent an NBC News report to back it up.

The PNW Drought Slayer’s Region is Washington State, Oregon, Northern California, South Western Canada.

And since he came on the scene and combined with another Female Drought Slayer in the same basic area, they have had regular rains, period.

[ Recent Storms Increase Water Levels at California Lakes
Lake Shasta, the state’s largest lake, is rising at a rate of three feet per day ]

The PNW Drought Slayers G-2’s are absolutely prolific at making rain.
G2 PNW (2) G2 PNW

With the Tubes at a 22 Degree Angle like they are, this puts the Units in a Constant Rain Making State.

So when I told The Ladyz Dredd to put their tubes at an angle like the PNW G-2 Units. I made a mistake.
They got rain within a week, which was longer than the 3 days I told them it would take. But when the rain came, and it came everywhere out West, L.A., Death Valley, Carson City, Salt Lake City, Arizona, New Mexico. It was widespread and hit everywhere except directly over her home. She could practically see it in the distance.

They were overwhelming her immediate area with Chemtrails and they were able to do this because I told her to put the tubes at an angle instead of straight up, which would of broken up the Chemtrails directly overhead.

Once I realized my mistake, I told her to put at least half her tubes pointing straight up and this would take care of those pesky Chemtrails. The G-2’s with tubes pointed straight up are absolutely prolific at breaking up Chemtrails.

These Emails took place April 3rd and 4th. By April 8th…all hell was breaking lose!

This is an interesting case study of what happens when Powerful Drought Slayers and their G-2 Unit’s ranges overlap.

The Ladyz Dredd, The Western Drought Slayer’s Units grew in range and power until they overlapped the Pacific Northwest Drought Slayers Region which caused both Regions to actually gain in strength and overlap the territory of the Powerful Great Lakes Guardian, who can pull warm air and moisture up all the way from the Gulf of Mexico, through the U.S. Middle States and into Lower Canada.

With so many G-2 Units in the area, I thought they would produce a Orgone Rain Wave Event. But that’s not what happened.

Instead, the rain came at a slow but steady pace. The exact kind of rain a Desert environment needs.

See Pictures below. Notice how the Eastern U.S. gets Rain Wave Events and the Western Half of the U.S. get Widespread, Slow and Steady Rain Events.

The first group of doppler images were taken April 8th, 4 days after their Units came on line.

rsz_3724/8/16: You know you are going to have some good rains in the West when Death Valley, CA. has (3) chances of rain in one week.


rsz_3694/8/16 The Rain Starts in Mexico and Southern California and spreads Northward and Westward.


rsz_3704/8/16 The Rain spreads further Northward and Westward.


rsz_3844/12/16 The Rain spreads further Northward and Westward and starts to react with the PNW Drought Slayers Region and grows in strength.


rsz_14124/24/16 As the Rain spreads further Northward and Westward and starts to react with the PNW Drought Slayers Region, still growing in strength, it now starts to interact with the Great Lakes Guardian’s Region.


rsz_4164/24/16 And finally, two weeks later, where there was barely any rain, they now have 6 days worth of Rain Chances.


NatLoop_Small 4 25 16 (1)


NatLoop_Small 4 26 2016 (1)


Drought Slayers bring rain. Rain is Water and Water is Life.
Drought Slayers Bring Life!



DESERT FLOWER G-2’s: The Ladyz Set-Up (Very Powerful)

Set-Up #1
G-2 Unit #1 is made of the Zinc Coated steel tubes. (10) 1-1/4″ X 8′ = ( 12.5″ T.P.D. )
2 small units made of copper.
One has (8) 3/4″ X 5′. = ( 6″ T.P.D. )
One has (6) 3/4″ X 5′ and (2) 1″ X 5′. ( 6.5″ T.P.D. )
25″ Total Pipe Diameter

Another G=2 might of been added?


Set-Up #2
G-2 Unit #2 Zinc Coated steel tubes. (10) 1-1/2″ X 8′ ( 15″ T.P.D. )
3 small units.
One with: (8) 3/4″ X 5′ copper pipes. ( 6″ T.P.D. )
2 units: (8) 3/4″ X 5′ made with the Zinc coated steel tubes. ( 12″ T.P.D. )
33″ Total Pipe Diameter

NOTE: Since Both Set-Up’s are within 50 miles of each other, they automatically work together and count as one Set-Up.

25″ + 33″ = a Grand Total Pipe Diameter of 58″ Inches. Totally Awesome!

These are Powerful Units both in Height and Configuration.
With half the tubes pointed up and half at an angle, this gives you the Perfect Tool for desert Drought Slaying.

* True 360 Degree Protection and Rain-Making at the same time!

These Women do not play around.



Shout Out to Sweet Grannies Everywhere!

Beach Boys – (It’s The) Little Old Lady From Pasadena