January 20, 2018

WEATHER WARS WINTER WARS: Orgone Strikes Back! Pushes Arctic Jet Stream Back Up North! “Check Mate! Game Over!”

Winter War

This was a short but brutal battle. “We came, we saw, we kicked their arse…”

The Power of Orgone Energy, never ceases to amaze me…never!

My Puny G-2/G-1 “Set-Up” is Powerful.
I knew it could bring/summon a river of Warm Moisture from the Gulf Of Mexico, some 1400 miles away to combat the cold afflicting the East Coast.

In fact, every recent snow, including the recent Snow Storm, were quickly followed by a Warm Gulf, East Coast Wave Event, quickly melting away any accumulated ice and snow.

It was the New Weather Pattern set up after I “Summertized” all my Units. Which is really the ‘Now’ Natural Weather Pattern, Spring through Fall.

But what I’m seeing now is nothing short of Incredible.

The Weather Controllers pulled out all the stops to try and Freeze Out the East Coast.

On the weather map below, you can see the only weather pattern in the U.S., is the Scattered Snow Showers in the Eastern U.S., after I told them I was cancelling Winter. 🙂



Now here is the Jet Stream during this Time Frame:


weather jet stream map 2_15_1602-15-2016

Here is the Jet Stream now, only days later. The Mountain has been pushed back to a Mole Hill.

Not only is Warm Moisture coming all the way from the Gulf, 1400 miles away to bring us 50F and 60F Degree days, but in what is sometimes the coldest part of the year on the U.S. East Coast, the Deepest Penetrating Arctic Jet Stream Plunge I’ve ever seen is being PUSHED back Northward. PUSHED!

With all the Power the Weather Controllers/Haarpsters can muster, and it’s quite a bit, it is of naught.

This will assist The Great Lakes Guardian’s Units in thawing out. And once he’s Back Online and up to full strength again, it’s Check Mate…Game Over!

Old Man Winter found himself standing on Warming Ground and about to be caught between “A Rock and A Hard Place”. He did the right thing in starting to “Pack It Up , And Head Back Home”.

And Next Year, We’ll be waiting on him. I’ll start “Summertizing” my Units at the beginning of October. Oh Yea, his days are numbered, here on the East Coast. 🙂

I’ve never heard of anyone Taking on Winter before. But taking on Winter is what we are doing. And we never intend to lose, anything we start!

They stepped on the Wrong Tiger’s Tail this time.
I’m not just a Drought Slayer…I Am “Thee” Drought Slayer!


ice giant 2


Sometime new sky guardians ask me why is it that sometimes it’s cloudy and then light, and then clouds again, and so on. I tell them it’s an actual real time battle between Orgone Energy and the Weather Controller’s Unit’s. It’s a back and forth fight until one or the other wins. It’s normally Orgone and the G-2’s that come out victorious.

It’s the same thing here, except on a larger scale. They come with Arctic Cold Air from the North, Orgone responds with Warm Gulf moisture and air from the South.

It’s a Real Time Battle that people notice.

How can it be 30F degrees and snowing one day and 50F degrees the next day? The Weather is Crazy!

No, the Weather’s not Crazy…It’s the Weather Wars!

BTW…Do you see that little guy chipping away at the Ice Giant…that’s me, cutting him down a little at a time. 🙂


ice giantsFROST GIANTS: They came, but only for a short visit!

Some people wonder why I tell the Haarpsters what I’m doing or going to do.

I’ve done this every since the beginning. I want them to know. I want them to prepare. I want them at Full Strength.

I don’t want any excuses when I Kick Their Arse! I want them to know they were defeated at Full Strength.

If I don’t defeat them at their Full Strength, then I haven’t defeated them.
And the same goes for me, if they haven’t defeated me when I’m at my Full Strength, then they haven’t defeated me.

DROUGHT SLAYERS And SKY GUARDIANS RULE! We’re just getting Warmed Up.
Get it…Warmed Up…Early Spring and Summer 🙂

356These are Winter Temperatures I can deal with!

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