February 18, 2018

WEATHER WARS – THE WINTER WARS: THE DEATH OF WINTER – EAST COAST U.S.!!! Major G-2 Info/Upgrade! [ Drought Slayer Alert!] “Summertize! – Time To Bring The Heat!” – Wade House


NOTE: New type of Attack has Locked Me out of the T.D.P. Website twice while writing this Post. For two days, everyone had access to the Website but me. I got shut out after starting on this Post…twice. It’s not as complete as I would like…but it’s a start.

Now I’m really angry. Since I couldn’t stop Snowmageddon, I’ve decided to Cancel Winter, and thereby stop all future Snowmageddon’s on the U.S. East Coast. But I can’t do it alone…


“If you like and want Early Springs and Mild and Warm Winters, then read this Post. I’ll tell you how it’s done.” – Wade House


winter spring

The Most Powerful Drought Slayers know that G-2 Accumulators can change weather patterns. Now it seems, we might also have the power to Change The Seasons! Working together, we can do anything!


G-2 Orgone Accumulator Info And Upgrade! [ Drought Slayer Alert!]

New Words enter the Drought Slayer lexicon today.
Those words are; “Summertize” “Summertized” “Summertizing” and “Summerization”.

To “Summertize” a G-2 in Winter Climates, you need to bring up and maintain the G-2’s Water Temperature to Summer-Time levels of between 80F-100F Degrees. This appears to be the Optimal Water Temperature Range for Maximum Weather Mitigation Capabilities.
My Units are always strongest in Summer, and they are weakest in Winter when they are a solid block of Ice.
A Desert Drought Slayer reported that his G-2 acted differently in the Desert than G-2’s elsewhere.

This could be because when the water temp. exceeds 110F-120F Degrees, the G-2 Accumulators take on different qualities. This matter needs investigating, if we are to bust droughts in deserts as easily as we do elsewhere.

I “Summertized” all my Units on January 31, 2016, at 1PM.
“Summertizing” G-2 Units bring them up to Summertime Strength.
All Cold Climate Drought Slayers need to start a “Summerization” Program, to “Summertize” their G-2 Units A.S.A.P.

This will not turn Winter into Summer of course…but it could change Winter into Spring or a kind of Winterspring, with regular 60 and 70 degree days through the coldest months of the year.

And the Best Part is, we’ve already begun. We started Last Year!
Drought Slayers Rule!!!

Read on…



Winter is Dead on the East Coast U.S.. It died a beautiful Death at 1:00pm EST. Jan.31, 2016.
It may not be completely dead yet…but it will be. I put one of the Slugs in it’s chest myself. And by the end of this Post, I will of put two more there. It’s Fate is Sealed.
It’s in it’s Death Throes right now. But it won’t go put with a Bang. It will go out in a whisper.

I’ve been planning the Death Of Winter for about 2 years.

I never really set out to Kill Winter.

My goal was only to Blunt it’s Power by half. Half the Cold and Half the Snow was all I intended at first. And those Goals were surpassed at the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. It was 70 degrees here on Dec. 25th, 2015. 70 degrees in one of the coldest months of the year. I can live with that. πŸ™‚

My Plan to Kill Winter on the U.S. East Coast was simple in it’s planning, but hard in it’s execution. Get it…Execution. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The Plan was to establish a string of (6-8) G-2 Accumulators across the top of North America from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Coast. Knowing the power of these Units to Blunt, Mitigate and down right Push Back man-made and harmful weather events like hurricanes and heavy storms, I figured a string of these Units would prevent much of the Arctic Air from coming/invading the U.S. from Canada.

You see, winter isn’t just a season, it’s a weather event. And Drought Slayers deal in weather.
Our cold, arctic weather comes from the North, through Canada, period. So it seems logical that if it could be stopped from migrating South into the U.S., we would have milder, warmer winters.

It’s really quite simple. πŸ™‚ And it’s already been done.
Now truth be it told…it wasn’t me that did that.

What we were incredibly lucky to end up with was the “Great Lakes Guardian, The Northern Protector”. I call him that because he protects our Northern Border from…The Arctic Cold, period.
He’s as Powerful as 3 or 4 regular Drought Slayers put together.

norhtern protector

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, His power is amazing.
He can bring warm air and moisture all the way up from the Gulf of Mexico, up through and by Texas, up through all the Middle American States, past the Great Lakes and into lower Canada.

This has the unequaled effect of blocking all, I repeat…ALL snow and cold weather coming from the West, and pushing this warm Gulf Air and Moisture into Canada, thusly, neutralizing the cold arctic air there and giving Canada a much warmer and milder winter. And thus, there was no cold arctic air to invade us.

{2015-2016 Canada Winter Forecast: El Nino to Promote One of Warmest Winters on Record
October 28, 2015; 4:21 AM ET
The winter of 2015-2016 could end up as one of the warmest winters on record for Canada as a whole…}

It all worked like a charm for months giving us large numbers of 60 and 70 degree days throughout winter…until he ran into the same problem every Cold Climate Drought Slayer runs into in deep winter, the G-2 Units eventually Freeze-Up. And when they do, they are practically useless.

So if the Canadians want to thank someone for their beautifully warm and mild Winter…they need to thank our Northern Protector, The Great Lakes Guardian, not El nino. We don’t care about El Nino!

So don’t thank me…I was ready to bottle up all that cold arctic air in Canada to keep it from hitting us. πŸ™‚ Sorry, eh! Luckily, Orgone Energy saw differently. It worked to both our benefits. πŸ™‚

* * * * * * * [ HOW TO NEUTRALIZE WINTER – How To Kill Winter! ] * * * * * * *

How close are we to Neutralizing Winter and bringing Permanent Milder and Warmer Winters to the East Coast and possibly further? To be blunt…Close as Hell!

If my Plan to End Winter here called for 6-8 Northern Sky Guardians/Drought Slayers with G-2’s, and the Northern Protector is as powerful as 3-4 Drought Slayers all by his self, then we are already halfway there.

If we can get at least two more Northern Guardians/Drought Slayers, and at least two more East Coast Drought Slayers, all with “Summertized” G-2’s…Winter is Done!

Aquatop HT-200 200 Watt Aquarium Heater

In my War with Winter, my weapon of chose is the:

* Aquatop HT-200 200 Watt Aquarium Heater

* $8.66 + Shipping.
3 Units + 9.99 Shipping, came to $35 Dollars and change.

* 200 Watt Power each.

* “Saltwater” Aquarium Heater!
Perfect for Saltwater Based G-2 Units!

* Fully Submersible!

* Adjustable T-Stat from 64 degrees to 92+ degrees.
NOTE: Mine are all set at 92 Degrees!

* Order Link:
[ Aquatop HT-200 200 Watt Aquarium Heater ]

The below calendar screen shot, says it all.

January 2016: Jan. 10th – 31st / Feb 1st – 6th

* On Sun. Jan. 17th, cold weather started pouring down into and across the U.S. from the Canadian Northwest.
This to me, signified the failure of the Northern Drought Slayer’s G-2’s Long Range Weather Mitigation Capabilities.

This allowed Snow Flurries on the 20th and a Snowstorm on the 22nd and 23rd, Friday and Saturday, when this cold air mixed with moisture off the Atlantic, and up from the South.

* On the 21st I insulated the wrap around the (3) G-1 Units and brought them up to 85F-90F Degrees the day before the Snowstorm hit. This caused the Snow to move out quicker than predicted and to lessen it’s severity, as well as bring much warmer temperatures afterward for days.

* On the 31st, at 1:00PM I fully “Summertized” the entire Set-Up by adding the (3) 200 Watt Aquarium Heaters to the G-2 General Unit. It was 60F Degrees in the shade! And on Feb. 1st, our warm mild winter days started to reappear.


Their response, with the Northern Protector out of the way…below.



I have never seen the Arctic Jet Stream dip so low and wide into the U.S.
They are “Pulling Out All The Stops” to bring us Severe Cold.

This is why even some southern Sky Guardians and drought Slayers may need to “Summertize” their Units. And All current and future Northern Cold Climate Sky Guardians need to do it now.

Now they can bring the Arctic Jet Stream so low into the U.s., that even Traditionally Warm Southern States can now get blizzards and heavy snows.

If you don’t think this is War…read on.


This Is War: The Weather Wars

Weather Channel States: Jet Stream Change to bring (3) Chances of Snow to the East Coast

A pattern change is coming, and that will open the door for a more winter-like setup across much of the East and into the South in the week ahead.

Portions of the East will see three chances of wintry precipitation, courtesy of a series of disturbances that could trigger the development of low pressure systems that may then track near or off the East Coast. If it’s cold enough, one of those systems could also bring light snow to the South.

Depending on the exact track and timing of each of these systems, snow is a possibility for parts of the Northeast and South at times over the next week.

SOURCE: [ weather.com/storms/winter/news/snow-east-three-chances-ahead-coastal-storms ]

winter war map_specnews01_ltst_4namus_enus_650x366

With the Northern Protector being effectively neutralized due to his Units either Freezing up or becoming to cold, “THEY” are now able to bring Arctic Cold Fronts from the Northwest and from the North, as noted by the Pink Coloring. This is the “Really Cold Stuff!” This is the Heart of the Arctic Air!

They are not going to give up Winter without a strong fight. They are at Full Arctic Power Level and the are headed this way with everything the have in their Arsenal of Cold!

And as of this moment, the only thing between us and Arctic Cold Temperatures is The East Coast Drought Slayer, and his now Fully “Summertized” Orgone Energy “Guardian” Network Set-Up.


G-1 3.1

The picture on the left shows the three smaller G-1 Guardian Units covered in a double layer of tarps with a blanket on top of them to help contain the heat. The tarps also cover a Metal Chair under which sits a 1000 Watt Space Heater. The Picture on the right are the Units without covering.

The G-2 General Unit behind the G-1’s has (3) 200 Watt and (1) 100 Watt Aquarium Heaters in it. All of their water temps are maintained at 80F-92F Degrees.

They are all now at 9% PH, and 90F Degrees. Full Summer-Time Strength.

I’d forgotten that my Units, when at full strength during summer months, just like the Northern Protector, can pull warm air and moisture from the Gulf and bring it to the East Coast.

It’s called the East Coast Wave. But after I brought it back after the 2015 Mini-Drought, I renamed it to Wade’s Wave. πŸ™‚

And (3) days after the G-2 was brought up to Full Operating temp., it came back.


winter spring2

But just like in California, where one Powerful Drought Slayer can be overcome, with the addition of 2-3 additional Drought Slayers with G-2’s, totally blows their agenda out of the water.

You see, Winter is their Last Bastion of Total Weather Control, due to Winter Climate freezing up G-2 Units.
But from Spring through Fall, Drought Slayers have a say in everything. Drought Slayer Rule!

And now we come to Winter. But now we come with Fully “Summertized” G-2 Units. G-2’s almost as strong in Winter as they are in the Summer, when they are at peak power levels.

If we can successfully take on Winter, and we already have begun, we are in territory I’ve never heard of others even dreaming was possible. It’s Truly Historic and Momentous.

But I and The Northern Protector can’t do it alone.

Do you want an Early Spring? Do you want Warmer and Milder Winters?
There is something you can do about it!


NOTE: New type of Attack has Locked Me out of the T.D.P. Website twice while writing this Post. For two days, everyone had access to the Website but me. I got shut out after starting on this Post…twice. It’s not as complete as I would like…

It looked fine to everyone else, but I was unable to add or change anything. In fact, I couldn’t even get on it to read as a visitor, much less, make any changes.

Another day was lost trying to get back on. The Tech Guys had never seen anything like it before. Traces were failing, Internet providers were implicated. One guy said, “It could be military.” πŸ™‚

Image of Trace Run from Webhost Tech. Dept.

343traceroute 30 hops max, 60 byte packets

It finally starts working again the next day…until…it pops out again while writing this post.
It actually happened a third time also, but didn’t last as long. It got to the point where I said: “How long can I write tonight before they shut me down…?

That’s put’s this Post Three days behind schedule. I mean like…WTH!

In Truth…I’ve never had my Units up to Full Strength during Winter before, so I really don’t know what will happen.

But I do know…We Shall See!


I may do a part two to add much more information. Until then…Let’s bring the heat!

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