February 21, 2018

OPERATION: DESERT STORM 2 – Desert Flower Desert Bloom – Middle East Peace: DEATH VALLEY SUPER BLOOM: Rise Of The Desert Drought Slayer!

desert flowers Mojave . Image by Dean Hueber.Image by Dean Hueber

“Valley Of Death Now Valley Of Life!” From Death Valley To Spring Valley – Drought Slayers Rule!

With Orgone Energy and these Water Based, Orgone Accumulator G-2 Units, many things are possible…not the least of which is Bringing Rain To Deserts!

The Media wants to blame every weather event on El Nino. Too much rain, too little rain, too much snow, too little snow, a bad storm here or there…Blame it on El Nino.

Screw ‘El Nino’…Drought Slayers Rule Here!!! – Wade House


The information contained below is one of the Keys to our Next Operation;

OPERATION – DESERT STORM 2: Desert Flower Desert Bloom, Middle East Peace.

2 Parts –

Rise Of The Political Drought Slayer
Middle East Peace –

To place Multiple G-2 Units (at least (3) each) within the ‘Corridors Of War’ Countries, to include;
Iraq, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Northern Egypt, Beirut, Lebanon and Jordan.

* The Goal is Simple: To bring plenty of Rain to the Region and to End All Water Wars and to increase likely-hood of increased Food Production.

* To bring so much rain, that war will be that much more difficult to pursue by anyone.

Drought Slayers are speaking now:

“End your SILLY Wars in the Middle East within 30 days…OR WE WILL END THEM FOR YOU!”
Time to short? Don’t sweat it. You aren’t going to agree to any time frame to stop your Middle Eastern Wars.
Time for this “Perpetual War” B.S. TO END! You are a Disease! We are The Cure!

If you doubt the power of Drought Slayers, go to your boss and he will clue you in.
This is just another one of your endeavors that has come across our radar, that it is now time to disrupt.

The Old World Order is Coming to an End.

We’ve DISRUPTED Your World-Wide Chemtrail Agenda, your World-Wide Drought Agenda, your U.S. Winter Agenda, we’ve hurt the purses of Big Oil and now we have our sights set on your Middle Eastern War Agenda.

And we are just getting started!



* PART 2: African Rains – Desert Storms
GOAL: To turn the Saudi Arabia Desert Peninsula and Northern Africa into the Next World Bread Basket.
To make these Deserts Bloom.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya and Algeria should be the main force behind this.
Quite Bluntly, we want G-2’s built and maintained across the entire top half of Africa and Saudi Arabia where you can clearly see the Tan of the desert stretching across Northern Africa into Saudi Arabia, on the above map.

“I don’t Dream Small…I’ll save that for those who watch TV and believe what politicians and the media say!” 🙂
– Wade House

This will be a hard Operation for the simple fact that the readership of the True Democracy Party is very scarce in this part of the World.

Even the Drought Slayers and Sky Guardians on FB don’t get many visits from this part of the World.
But be that as it may…”the Die is Cast”. Since when do Drought Slayers back down from the hard or the impossible?

When that happens, I’ll let you know! 🙂


Here is part of a single Dated Email from someone in the Southwest U.S. who embarked on a single journey, “To Bring Plentiful Rain…To The Desert!”


desert drought slayer



Hi Wade,

I heard about these units on a group forum on fakebook, and thought I would give it a try…I’m in the high desert of NM, slap bang in the middle of nowhere…!

I got a 30 gallon trash can, filled it with water, added 5lbs of cheap salt, and 5lbs baking soda, and inserted (7), 5’sections of 1″ steel Electrical EMT Conduit, and set the whole device on bare ground!

The results were quite impressive, and yet disappointing in that the storms that were drawn in simply disappeared and vanished into thin air right over my place (possibly due to all the orgone generators I have installed here?) So I experimented a bit, and found that when i wanted it to rain, I would insert the pipes, draw in the storm then remove the pipes, when the storm was overhead, and that worked a treat! Overall we had a very wet spring which is unheard of in the desert Southwest, since our rainy season (monsoon) is typically July through September!

I posted my findings on the group, whose Admin had been in touch with you, and gleaned a wealth of information, such as the charging of the alkaline solution, so I set a 6 piece Orgonite Bernoulli ring (which creates a huge Orgone Energy Field once its pulled apart) around the base of the G2, and left one pipe submerged surrounded by a 4 piece “Induction” Bernoulli Ring, which by all accounts worked very well.

Much more so than with all 7 pipes inserted without the Bernoulli Ring. A very wet summer ensued…I estimate in excess of 15″of rain fell in my yard this year so far!

I then learned from the group admin about the lined and buried G1 units the pics of which got posted to the group,and set one up with a 6 piece Bernoulli ring around the protruding pipes, and the result is even more spectacular than the G2 (which I then dismantled and turned it into…a trash can! :)) The pipes remain submerged and we receive regular precipitation every couple of weeks now!

– Southwest Sky Guardian A.K.A. { The Desert Drought Slayer }




The Desert Drought Slayer prefers the Buried G-1 Design, similar to the one below.

aus g2 3

This is the smaller of the “G” Units. A 5 gallon bucket with alkalized water and tubes, buried to the top in the ground. I hear of nothing but good reports about this set-up.

My personal preference is to try “The Porcupine G-2”
This is the most Rain Prolific of all the G-2’s to date. This was set up in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. And since then, you’d be hard pressed to fined a week in which they didn’t get at least 2 days of good rains.

Story Here: [ PACIFIC NORTHWEST DROUGHT BUSTED – WEATHER WARS: New Drought-Slayer “New G-2 ‘The Porcupine’ Sticks It To the Old World Order Of Weather Control!” ]

G2 PNW (2)



The Porcupine has all it’s tubes set at a 22 degree to 45 degree angle. This puts the G-2 into a “constant call for rain mode”, since the original Reich Rainmaker tubes were all set at similar angles.

cloudbuster-gunWilhelm Reich and Family with Mobile Cloudbuster/Rainmaker on Truck.



There’s also reportedly another Drought Slayer out there in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Their Units are more than likely working together.

This is her G-2 Unit. It’s a Standard Type G-2 Unit, but’s it’s my Bread and Butter. Proven Powerful, especially when paired with others.

She’s one of the first Female Drought Slayers. We’ll call her Rose.

G2 seattle


ENJOY – What Operation Desert Storm 2: Desert Flower Desert Bloom, intends to do for Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, all of Northern Africa and The Middle East!

Yea, “I don’t Dream Small…I’ll save that for those who watch TV and believe what politicians and the media say!” 🙂
– Wade House


Death Valley Exposed: Wildflowers – February 2016
Published on Feb 11, 2016


Perfect conditions in Death Valley National Park this year may lead to a once-in-a-decade “super bloom,” according to park officials.

Blossoming flowers are already transforming the area from “being a valley of death to being a valley of life,” Park Ranger Alan Van Valkenburg said in a national parks video.

“It’s very rare to have a good bloom in Death Valley,” he said.

desert bloom1

“You always get flowers somewhere in Death Valley almost every month of the year, but to have a big bloom like this, which we hope will become a super bloom which is beyond all your expectations, those are quite rare.”

Van Valkenburg has lived in Death Valley for 25 years and has seen numerous wildflower blooms.
“I was always very excited until I saw one of these super blooms,” he said.

desert bloom2

“And then, I suddenly realized there are so many seeds that are just waiting to sprout, just waiting to grow. I had no idea that there was that much out there. When you get the perfect conditions, the perfect storm, so to speak, those seeds could all sprout at once.”

If temperatures don’t get too high and another rainfall is in the offing for the area, officials believe the blooms could last through the duration of March.

“These areas that are normally just rock, just soil, just barren, not even shrubs, they’re filled with life.”

desert bloom3


desert bloom4


desert bloom5


desert bloom6

(Photos/Alan Van Valkenburg, Death Valley National Park ranger)

SOURCE: [ photos-death-valley-national-park-rare-wild-flower-super-bloom/ ]


Published on Feb 19, 2016

Video locations: Southern Bad water Rd, Harry Wade Rd, West Side Rd, Warm Springs Canyon Trail, Emigrant Canyon Rd. Lower Rt. 178 which is closed from the Nevada side.


Nature: Death Valley flowers
CBS Sunday Morning
Published on Feb 28, 2016


{ Death Valley Super Bloom 2016 ( YouTube 20+ Videos ) }



[ WEATHER WARS DROUGHT WARS: Water Restrictions Lifted 2015! From California To Texas, From Canada To Kansas! From China To Death Valley! “Drought Slayers Rule! ]