December 17, 2017

WEATHER WARS – WINTER WARS: Enter The Snow Slayer – The Winter Warrior Takes On Snowmageddon? “Real Time Weather Battle Royale!”

test this is only

There is a Major Snow Storm heading toward the East Coast Washington D.C. area for Friday into all day Saturday
(1-22/1-23-16). 2 feet of snow expected. A possible Blizzard.

Out of the Storm Slayer Ability, other abilities have arisen. One of those is the Snow Slayer/Snow Stopper Ability.

I’ve been working on and practicing it since Oct. 2015. First on the Mighty Hudson Lake to keep down the Lake Effect Snow from coming south toward the U.S. and then on the Lake Effect Snow of the Great Lakes to keep that Lake Effect Snow from hitting the Frederick/D.C. area.

I only practice this stuff during Major Weather Events.

So confident am I in this “New Ability”, I was just about to issue a “Come One, Come All Challenge” to any of the Haarpsters/Weather Controllers to bring any measurable amount of Snow to our Area, 1/4″ or more, this Winter.

They beat me to the punch, a Major Snow Storm is headed our way. And unfortunately for them, I don’t want it here. They do not have and will not get My Permission to bring any measurable amount of Snow to this area.

This is a Real Time Test! They have said: “Two feet of Snow and a possible Blizzard are coming this weekend.”

But they are slightly hesitant in their forecasting, because those who really control the Weather, their masters, know this is MY territory! And I say; “NO MAJOR SNOWSTORMS ALLOWED HERE!”



They’ve had days and weeks to prepare.
They’ve been waiting for this moment. Seasonal January cold weather has arrived.
Cold Air is in place up North, East and South of The Great Lakes.
Moisture is in place or ready to be. The East Coast always has plenty of Moisture to tap into.
They are at Full Strength, and they are Confident.
Everything is in place for their Snowmageddon.

Everything that is except…Me. 🙂

I know they will use the Now Abundant, East Coast Moisture to mix with the coldest air they can stir up. And I wouldn’t lie to you, this could be a problem, except, I’ve dealt with air and systems, just as cold and set in place, in the first two tests. And they were complete successes, in spite of…
This should be no different.

This will be my third Major Test of this “New Ability”.


The Range of this “New Ability” is Limited and Local to the lower East Coast States, fanning out from Frederick, MD.

There will still be flurries, because when I Bust Up a Snow Event, it Shatters, sending small snow events, flurries, in all directions.

NOTE: At this time, and I mean…At This Time, I can’t stop Arctic Cold Temperatures, but a Snow Storm, that’s a different matter. ENTER – THE SNOW SLAYER! The Real Winter Warrior!

winter warrior skyrim-640x396



In the news

* Major Snowstorm Likely Headed to DC
NBC4 Washington‎ – 11 hours ago
News4’s Mark Segraves spoke to local residents preparing for a potential … has some tips on how to stay warm and safe in the cold weather.

* Major snowstorm may threaten DC to NYC, Boston Friday into Saturday‎ – 3 hours ago

* Update: Potential ‘major’ to ‘historic’ storm Friday – Saturday
W*USA 9‎ – 2 hours ago


Snowmageddon? Major Snowstorm Expected for DC

A major snowstorm is headed to D.C., drawing comparisons to Snowmageddon.

“I think there is no problem with us saying right now that everybody — just about everybody in our area, just about — will see at least a foot,” Storm Team4 Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer said. “Some areas may see two feet. That is not out of the realm of possibility.”

The heaviest snow is expected Friday night and early Saturday. Heavy wind could accompany the storm, which means a blizzard, downed trees and power outages are possible.


norhtern protector

Our Mild East Coast Winter is due in no small measure to the Northern Protector, The Great Lakes Drought Slayer. With his ability to bring up warm Air and warm Moisture from the Gulf, all the way into Canada, he has blocked most of the cold air and snow from coming down from Canada and from coming from the West Coast.

But up there near Canada and the Great Lakes, his Units must be starting to Freeze by now. When they do, they will lose alot of their Weather Mitigation Abilities. And thus, any opening will be exploited, which will lead to renewed efforts to bring us adverse weather conditions…in this case; heavy snows, snowstorms and blizzards.

NOTE: I use (2)-100 Watt Aquarium Heaters to keep my Main G-2 Unit from freezing, and thus, maintain some weather mitigation ability, even in Winter.





* 24-31 Inches of Snow Predicted
* Slow Mover
* 3:00PM FRIDAY – 3:00AM/6:00AM SUNDAY Duration



To Defeat a Hurricane, no Preparation is needed. The G-2’s always push Hurricanes away.
But they are weaker in Winter, due to them Freezing Up and becoming less effective.

So I normally don’t employ the Guardian Network in Snow Slaying.
But in this case, I’ve wrapped them up in a water resistant tarp and installed a 1000 Watt
Space Heater to keep them warm and bring them up to full power.
They should be up to full power by Friday morning sometime.

Snow Slayer Options up to Full Power also.

All Preparations are made.
Let’s see what this Baby can do?

The Battle against Snowmageddon begins…NOW!


* To turn the Snow Event into a Rain Event…
* To Make sure any Snow Totals are a maximum of half what is expected.
* They are predicting 12 to 31 inches. We should get a maximum of half that. 6 to 15 inches max.,
if we get anything much.