February 25, 2018

NEX-EVOLUTION 101 – PRE/EVOLUTION BASICS: Power Of Intention, What We Are Made Of, Powers Of Water


This Post was designed as a Crash Course in Basic Pre-information that is needed, if you think you might want to purchase a Copy of: NEX-EVOLUTION: The New Super Men – The Next Evolution Of Man Here Now.

But of course, it’s open information I think everyone should have.

Ignore anything related to Religions/Religious. These are Basic Powers and Basic Information.

Some bad people or organizations try to take credit and advantage of/for everything good, and hold the rest of us back. Those times are coming to an end. Get it?
The End Days. Their End Days, not ours…
Our Beginning…

The beginning of what, you might ask…
That depends…What do we/you want?

We have very, very, very, short attention spans. This is exploited by the Medias with all the B.S., Distractions, Racism, Wars, Half-Truths, Quick Cut Camera Work, etc.

I believe all this Media B.S., coupled with a poisoned environment, and unhealthy foods, is all designed to keep us from using brains. Keep our brains confused and off balance.

It also cuts down on our life expectancy, which doesn’t give us time to learn from our mistakes or do something with that knowledge, once we do…we are to damn old by that time.

I think this is all a planned event.

I know you have heard the folklore about how powerful our brains truly are. I think all those stories are vastly under rated, on purpose.

These are the True Reasons behind SHAD-LAA and Nex-Evolution.
But nothing free, is considered worth anything, “You can give them to the Birds and The Bees…”. So there is and must be a price to be paid, however minimum.

You will not “Spit Upon” this incredible information I have to share. A Longer, Healthier Life, and Incredible Powers, all used to help yourself and others.

How could life get any better? Well I could win the lotto…
A longer healthier life is better than a shorter, unhealthy life.
And if you rely on Modern Medicine at all, as far as I am concerned, a shorter, unhealthy life is what you will have.

waterfall gif  giphy.gif2

When Elemantal’s become a storm or rain, they become and take on the characteristics of WATER.
If you know the true powers of water, you will know them and what they can do.
The video’s below will help, if you don’t know this stuff.


PLANTS can SPEAK! WATER has memory. The universe is conscious! Scientific PROOF!
water communication + plant communication?
21:40-25:40 important part. but whole video is good


If thoughts can do that to water, IMAGINE what they could do to us…avi
Vibrational effects and water


Water’s Memories ~ The Mystery of Water ~ SCiENTiFiC PROOF ❀
more water info


mind control3 blu


What the Bleep Do We Know!?: Down the Rabbit Hole Part 3/16
What we are Made Of.


What the Bleep Do We Know!?: Down the Rabbit Hole Part 4/16


What the Bleep Do We Know!?: Down the Rabbit Hole Part 5/16


What the Bleep Do We Know!?: Down the Rabbit Hole Part 6/16




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