December 15, 2017

BATTLE OF BRISBANE – ENTER THE STORM SLAYER: Weather Wars – “Extreme Prejudice” An Epic Elemental Struggle! / Wade’s Wave Is Back – PNW Still Drought Free

The Brisbane Drought-Slayer, one of the Most Powerful Drought Slayers on this Planet, gave me a jingle asking for a little help. Very Rare! These are the people I can go to for advise!

Seems that Western Australia, namely Queensland and New South Wales, were getting dangerous and extreme weather. In his words, “We are being set upon with Extreme Prejudice!”

I wasn’t totally surprised. When you reach a certain Power Level, you get to meet a whole new group of ‘Friends’, as I call them, to try and dictate your weather. I met them in April/May.
My girlfriend likes to say; “With friends like that, who needs enemies!” ๐Ÿ™‚

When I checked out the situation on Doppler Radar, I was shocked. Totally Shocked!

All of Australia was quiet except for one powerful electrical storm the size of the State of Pennsylvania, shaped like an Arrowhead, pointed towards Brisbane, AU., and dropping 53 to over a 100 Lightning Ground Strikes per minute.

“I’m like…WTH! You’ve got to be kidding me!” I had never seen an Electrical Storm so large and powerful before, dropping so much lightning over such a large area!

The Brisbane Drought Slayer wasn’t worried about himself or Brisbane, he was worried about those outside of the Protection of his G-2 Weather Mitigation Units.

When these ‘Beings’ (Etherian Elementals) fail to hurt you, they will seek to hurt others, and he was asking for help, on their behalf.

The Storm was taking place outside of the range of his Units to mitigate them for others.

I emailed him back with a few simple words; “I will Slay that Storm…from here!!!”
I’m sure he didn’t believe me then, same as you don’t now.
But that’s okay…my ability doesn’t require the belief of others. ๐Ÿ™‚

What follows are the weather maps taken from the beginning of the operation, till no lightning was anywhere to be seen.

They started with 53 Elementals. Each Ground Lightning Strike represents an Etherian Elemental.
In full Storm Mode, an Elemental can drop lightning every 30 seconds to once per minute easily.

What follows are the Edited, Dated Emails as well as the weather maps during the Epic Struggle. And this was an Epic Battle, period.

I can normally take down a storm within 5 to 20 minutes. But most storms are powered by a single Elemental, though I’ve seen them combine 3-5 Elementals in Storm Mode to produce Super Storms. This one had 53 Elementals in it when I began. By the time it was over, they were down to 7.

Let’s get started.
First, the before and after pic’s.

164 194

* Nov 16 (2 days ago)

Hi Jed,

You are getting hammered. I’ve never seen such. Only in QLD, rest of Australia seems OK.

This is the time to act. I will take down (Disperse) that system from here.

These abilities work through electronics. So if you/I can see it, we can influence it.
And I can see that system just fine. OMG!

I’m concentrating on the area west of Brisbane.
This looks like the source area for your issues.

Mark this time!
You will know success by the beautiful weather you are about to get.

They are coming at you hard!
But no worries, Mate.
We got this!

Feels good to practice my art again.

Here, I’m at truce with our elementals. No lightning or thunder, I won’t Slay them or attempt to.

But you have some feisty and bold ones there. And they are moving against you from out of your range.
But only because you don’t know who you face.

I going to slay that storm for moving against you and causing you problems.
It’s a group of militant elementals. Mean ones too!

They can join together to form super storms. But no number of them scare me!
Remember…I don’t fear storms…Storms Fear Me!

Good Luck!


At 15:00 Hours Australian Weather Service reports severe thunderstorms for Queensland that don’t want to go anywhere:


Here’s a weather map of Australia at the time; Actually, 1 hour after the Battle began. The only severe storm is in QLD. Though a couple of small ones have sprung up elsewhere. They weren’t there at 15:00 Hours.




18:00 Hours – The Severe Thunder Storm that was supposed to hang around a couple of days is heading toward the coast at speed.


21:00 Hours – The Stubborn Storm is almost gone!


22:20 What Storm? Where’s the Stubborn, Severe Thunderstorm that was supposed to be here until the next day?


This is the exact reason every Drought Slayer needs this Ability. So when they come at you hard, you can easily send them packing.


Hi Jed,

The bigger the storm, the more negative energy it has to pull from the surrounding atmosphere.

In no time at all, your skies will completely clear of everything except nice clouds, as the storms moves away and pulls
all the remaining negative energy with it.

You will be good to go for a while.
I beat them like a step child!

Imagine fighting for 6 hours and seeing your friends go down every min. and all you can do is run.
And not only do you see them go down, but you feel their pain also.

Every lightning strike was and elemental, and only a few escaped out to sea.
It’s a day and time, they will not soon forget.

Mark my words friend, QLD/NSW will not see that type of weather for a good while!


Below pic’s taken 11/14/2015 – Frederick, MD.





Our skies have returned to normal, our grounds are green again.

Your skies will return to normal soon too! 1 day, max!


Yesterday was the clearest day I’ve seen for ‘yonks’ mate… [Aussie vernacular], Very similar to the way the skies were for the first 10 years of my living here. [I moved here 17 years ago, from California]. Even the horizon was a beautiful intense light blue which I haven’t seen for a long long time..!


sky AU Brisbane Nov

Hi Jed

NOTE: I’d never taken on a Storm so big, or with so many militant Etherians. 53 at least.
I can defeat most storms within 5-20 minutes, easily. Most Storms have only a single Etherian behind them.
1 lightning strike per minute means 1 Etherian.
But it’s mostly just chasing them away and slaying only the very stubborn…

But that last Storm, I set out to destroy. I wanted to smother out their very last spark.
Only about 7 out of 53 made it to the sea!

I didn’t kill them. I don’t even know if they can be. But I beat the living hell out of them!! ๐Ÿ™‚
I extinguished so many Sparks that day, they’ll remember that time for many years to come!

ALSO NOTE: I did it just by seeing them on Doppler Radar.
But there were so dam many of them, and I’m only one person, it took me awhile.
But it was worth every minute! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wade – The Storm Slayer ๐Ÿ™‚


And so ends The Battle Of Brisbane!




They always do this after they have been defeated. They try and cause trouble somewhere else, but near-by.

Below, they can be seen “Storming All Over The Place”, except for Western or most of Australia. They act like ‘spoiled children’, who didn’t get their way and they are stomping around mad.

And of course, this could be just a regular storm weather pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚

I just find it odd that it is storming everywhere except the Western Half of Australia…where they were just booted out of!



Even though the below pictures have been cropped, you can still see far less Storm Activity surrounding Australia on Monday during the battle and Tuesday, right afterward.





This is one of the Power(s) in my upcoming new book, and the main reason for writing it.
We all have this Power.

NEX-EVOLUTION: The New Super Men
The Next Evolution Of Man Here Now

Look for it soon!



Wade’s Wave, The East Coast Wave is back again…What Mini-Drought?
And the Pacific Northwest is leaving No Doubt about the Drought.

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