February 22, 2018

WEATHER WARS / FRANKENSTORM SANDY – Earth Under Siege: Enter The Drought Slayers – The “New Knights”

This is just some General Information on Weather Warfare Pre-2013, with a sensational title to get attention.

Since then; Sky Guardians, Drought Slayers and The Knights Of Orgon using simple Water Based Orgone Energy Devices have leveled the Playing Field. There’s a ‘New Group’ of Sheriffs in town.

The Weather Controllers/Haarpsters have met their Betters.

“We came, we saw, we kicked their arse!” – Wade House (East Coast Drought-Slayer)


Weather Warfare
Investigation into the historical and current use of weather modification for military purposes.

Weather warfare is the use of weather control techniques for military purposes. As a quick introduction to the website and an introduction to weather warfare in general, I would like to provide readers a documentary to watch by the History Channel, That’s Impossible – Episode #3, Weather Warfare.

The documentary explains that the power to use tornado’s, hurricanes and the deadliest weather as weapons of war may now be possible.

The documentary investigates reports that weather weapons are in development and reveal the technology that, in the future, could turn hurricanes, earthquakes and even tsunamis into some of the most powerful and plausibly deniable weapons of mass destruction the world has ever seen.
[ Weather Warfare Documentary (History Channel) ]

Hurricane Sandy, Weather Warfare? [ weatherwarfare.worldatwar.info ]


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Hurricane Sandy, wasn’t just a Hurricane. It was also called a Frankenstorm because a Cold front was coming from the West and a Arctic Cold Front was coming down from the North. All met together at Landfall, increasing the power of the Hurricane.
Some conspiracy minded individuals have said the name Frankenstorm was chosen because, like it’s namesake Frankenstein’s Monster, it was artificial or created by man. 🙂

The Media recently has been calling Hurricane Sandy a Super Storm, AKA Superstorm Sandy. And not mentioning it’s Frankenstorm name at all. Almost as if they are again, trying to change history in the minds of Americans.

Hurricane Sandy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hurricane Sandy (unofficially known as “Superstorm Sandy”) was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season…

Even Wikipedia is getting into ‘The Act’. Wikipedia is just as full of B.S. as the rest of the Mass Media.

Well here’s a wake-up call to them all…my attention span is not short. I remember. And now, so will others.
So you can take your superstorm and shove it up your super digital arse! 🙂


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NOTE: When Frankenstorm Sandy hit the U.S. East Coast in Sept. 2012, I had only (3) small but powerful G-1 Guardian Units. Within one week of Sandy’s passing, I built the much stronger G-2 General Unit.

The (3) G-1 Units had the power to keep Frankenstorm Sandy 200 miles from Frederick, MD and 180 miles from D.C..
With the Addition of the G-2 General Unit added, NO HURRICANES HAVE HIT THE U.S. EAST COAST, PERIOD.

In other words, this combination of Water Based Orgone Accumulators has an Anti-Hurricane Range that is 500-600+ miles, maybe slightly greater!