January 20, 2018

THE WEATHER WARS – HURRICANE JOAQUIN: Non East Coast Event “No Hurricanes Allowed! I Got This” – Wade House ‘Guardian, Drought-Slayer – East Coast U.S.



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Someone mentioned to me today that a hurricane was coming to town. I replied; “No sweat. I got this.”

“I eat Droughts for Breakfast, with a side order of Hurricanes, Cyclones and Tornadoes whenever available! No Hurricane will hit within 180 miles of D.C. or 200 miles of Frederick, Md.” – Wade House

In fact, no major Hurricanes have hit the East Coast since Frankenstorm Sandy, 2012, period. A fact that I bring up in the 1st section of my new book, Nex-Evolution; The New Super Men, soon to be completed.

I wonder if “they” are peeking at my computer? 🙂
Maybe they decided to try an sneak one in here before the book is published.

Don’t they know that any Weather Attack on the East Coast only makes me stronger as I crush or brush off their now feeble attempts at Weather Control here. They are no match for the Etherian Elementals, and the Etherian Elementals are no real match to me! This is just a FEEBLE attempt on the part of N.O.A. and the rest of the “Old Weather Control Crew” to get back into the game. PLEEAASE!!!

In fact, before 2012, The East Coast was getting 7-10 Hurricanes yearly, as well as Major Storms. All that ended in 2012/2013 during the True Democracy Parties; Operation: Silent Thunder, Natural Skies. And it’s stayed that way every since.

I for one, am not worried in the least. No area protected by a Water Based Orgone Accumulator based upon my designs have anything to worry about, period.

I only have 4 words for the Weather Controllers/Haarpsters who ‘USE’ to control our weather; “Bring It, Fumb Ducks!” 🙂

Weather people in the Media are no more than ‘Zombie Parrots’, Brainless living souls who repeat what they are told.
An Australian Drought Slayer recently commented; “I don’t pay any attention to what Weather People say.” I know more than they do!, was the implication. And of course…he does. Alot more! They’re just spectators on the sidelines, acting like they know something. They are just ACTORS! 🙂

This is a “Real Time-On Going” battle, that anyone can follow, now.

What do I need to do to prepare for this Hurricane…NOTHING! I’m just going to enjoy a little rain that we’d been missing for a while…that’s it. Everything is Greening back up, I’m happy. 🙂

I’m at nearly Full Strength with my G-1 Guardian Network, four units. putting out the protection.
This is actually a small “Set-Up” compared with some other, very powerful Drought Slayers in Australia and America. But I find this small but powerful ‘Set-Up’ to be more than satisfactory, for a multitude of applications.
G-1 3.1


First it was a Mini-Drought, and now it’s a ‘Late Season Hurricane’. These are The Weather Wars! Is someone getting antsy? Do they want to “Take Me On”?

I am Wade House; East Coast Drought Slayer, East Coast Guardian, Challenge Accepted! I will kick your weather controlling arse and finish this book also, since it’s obvious, someone doesn’t want it completed.“I eat Droughts for Breakfast, with a side order of Hurricanes, Cyclones and Tornadoes whenever available! Bring It, Fumb Ducks! No Hurricanes Allowed!”

I Got This. I’m not even going to get ready. I have better things to do. Much Better! 🙂
And yes, I think we can safely say “The East Coast Mini-Drought” is over.

NOTE: I’m only a single Drought Slayer, with another powerful Drought Slayer in the Great Lakes area. If they are having such problems with only a couple of us, what will they do when I share even more powerful information with anyone who can afford $13 Dollars.

What will they do with a hundred or a thousand people like myself with my knowledge. It’s funny to even think about. 🙂
They are always talking about a ‘New World Order’. Do they know a “REAL” NEW WORLD ORDER is just around the corner? A New World Order where they are Marginalized! Where people, with no more than the Power Of Thought, changes everything they’ve worked for, for so very long.

Much better times are very near!!! And they are Scared As Hell!!!

Mini-Droughts, B.S. Hurricanes, Fake Religious Leaders, Fake Politicians and B.S. wars, is that the best “they” got?! What a bunch of MORONS!

* Side Note: Google just removed all recent True Democracy Party Posts from under our name online. All Recent Posts, under several different ways of online input!

When Google is Scared, “they” are all scared! A Fear that can be seen, in this case.
Are they scared of me? Of course they are. Cowardly Fumb Ducks!


G-1 3.1


These Units/Set-up, only have a 200 mile Anti-Hurricane Range. Though the Anti-Drought Range is 1000+ miles, the Anti-Hurricane Range is far more limited.

* These things, when they come, will continue to pass us by because…we are protected. You need to set-up your own Guardian Network of G-1’s and G-2 Units.

* These units can be assembled quickly and cheaply. See Post; [EAST COAST MINI-DROUGHT BUSTED!: [The Weather Wars] Enter The Tiger] for complete instructions.

* They will start to work within hours with one of their great strengths being, Anti-Hurricane/Anti-Heavy Storm Protection.

* With a small network of these Units stretched 180 miles apart, starting with D.C. and spreading up and down the East Coast, we could keep any Hurricanes from Making Landfall on the entire U.S. East Coast!

Just Saying 🙂


dragon a-man-without“I Eat Droughts For Breakfast!!!”


WILHELM REICH – The Rainmaker, Drought Buster

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