February 20, 2018

EAST COAST MINI-DROUGHT BUSTED!: [The Weather Wars] Enter The Tiger – Wade House, “I’m Back In The Game! No Droughts Allowed!” New Super Affordable G-1 ‘Guardian’ And G-2 ‘General’ Units!

We recently went 9 straight days with no Rain. We haven’t gone that long without rain since 2013. In fact, the East Coast was in the middle of what many were calling “The East Coast Drenching”. I was informed that some in the Washington Media were calling it a “Mini-Drought”. A What?!

Please…I eat Mini-Droughts for Breakfast! This is my part of America and NO DROUGHTS ALLOWED!


Upon hearing news about the so-called ‘Mini-Drought’ and noticing a lack of rain, not only in my area, but across the U.S. in general, the question was how best to respond.

I knew this day would come, so there was no surprise. My only question was; “What took them so long?! I’ve been operating at 30% of capacity for 2 years!”
I dismantled the “G-1 Guardian Network” 2 years ago and only have a single G-2 helping to keep our skies natural, clean and beautiful.

My answer would always be the same. If the skies of America or the East Coast were ever threatened as before, I would reconstitute the original “G-1 Guardian Network”.

That was done on Sunday, Sept. 6.

It took me 3 hours in total.
1 hour to gather the material and to cut the tubes.
2 Hours to put everything together.

On Monday, Sept. 7, our beautiful cloudy skies returned and 2 extra Storm Days were added to the weather forecast.
And I’m just getting started.

On Wed. Sept. 9th, The “East Coast Wave” reappeared on Doppler Radars.
The “East Coast Wave” is a solid 1500 mile river of rain stretching from Texas to Canada, that waters the whole East Coast like some kind of Giant Lawn Sprinkler. We actually now get them on a regular basis…until recently.

This is what they look like. This is a National Weather Service (NWS) Radar Map.




But recently (NWS) Radar and regular Doppler Radars have been almost blank with Rain Activity across the U.S.
That all changed Sept. 8th.

Here we are now…THE WAVE IS BACK!
This series of Doppler Radar Images were taken 9/9-9/10




0949/10/15 Futurecast



County spared drought, weather damage
Frederick County News-Post Staff | Posted Aug 4, 2012

Frederick County is faring well compared with parts of Maryland hit hard by dry weather and strong winds.

Frederick County was spared much wind damage, as it has been spared severe drought, though Emmitsburg’s water table was so low about three weeks ago that Town Manager Dave Haller said he and Mayor Don Briggs were thinking about starting a rain dance.

“The wells are still down, but we’ve improved,” Haller said Friday. “The water table is down by about 2 inches. That’s better than we were a week or two ago. We’re not good, but we’re not bad either.”

The ground is still pretty dry at Vales-Pride farm in Emmitsburg, and rainfall is below average, dairy farmer Amanda Valentine Dennis said, but recent rain has given the crops a boost they sorely needed.

For some crops that matured quickly, the rain came too late to do much good, Dennis said. But for corn that was planted late, Dennis hopes Mother Nature will send showers to form kernels and produce a nice full ear of corn.

“It’s still dry, and we still need rain, but thanks to the recent rain, our crops are looking better now,” Dennis said.

SOURCE: [ fredericknewspost.com/archive/county-spared-drought-weather-damage/article ]

This was about 2 and a half weeks after the very first Orgone Unit was set up. A unit built solely for a Proof Of Concept application test, July 24th 2012.



How was this done, then and now?

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

G-1 3.1

This is the very first time I have revealed the exact Set-Up I used in 2012/2013 to take on the Weather Controllers/Haarpsters and defeat the Continuing, Dramatic, Severe, East Coast Drought! THIS IS THAT SET-UP!!!

When I first started, copper pipe was alot cheaper. From $9.49 for 3/4″ X 10′ copper pipe to $14.62 now. It’s now very expensive to build these units using copper tubes.

In looking for a way to cut cost, I found a way to build a strong G-1 Guardian for $40 dollars.

In the Electrical Dept. at Home Depot, they have Zinc Coated steel tubes for $3.40 for a 3/4″ X 10′ pc.

$20.40 = 3.40 X (6). Cut each in half and you’ve got (12) 3/4″ X 5′ foot tubes
$8.30 for (4) 5 gallon buckets and lids.
$2.00 for (2) rolls of Aluminum Foil to wrap around each of the buckets.
$3.00 for (3) 1pd cans of dollar store table or Iodine salt.
$3.00 for (3) boxes of baking soda.

$36.70 total per G-1 Unit X 3 = $110.10


1) Purchase Materials
2) Cut pipes in half: Hack Saw, Reciprocating Saw or Pipe Cutters
3) Wrap foil around outside of each bucket, secure with tape. Stuff 1 Bucket layered in foil into the other.
4) Drill holes in lids with a 7/8″ Spade Bit
5) Fill with water and add salt and Baking soda. Stir.
6) Check PH balance with PH Test strips to 6.5% – 8% PH Balance Level
7) Install lid
8) Install tubes

Total Pipe Diameter 12 X .75″ (3/4″) = 27″ Inches (TPD) Total Pipe Diameter
I added these (3) Units to the G-2 I already had at 14″ (TPD)
So I now have a total of about 41″ Inches (TPD) Total Pipe Diameter

OPTIONAL: 1 can spray paint. I like to paint my units black or dark green to cover the foil and to make them look better. It took 1 can to paint all three units.

Also winter is approaching, and darker colors absorb heat. These units work best when warm.
Note; When they freeze, they barely work at all, at night.


To build a G-2 General Unit, mine is hiding behind the (3) G-1 Guardian Units, you simply get a 33 Gallon trash can.
Everything else remains the same. I prefer 1.25″ (1 1/4″) or 1.5″ (1 1/2″ inches), both affordable, but in a pinch, the 3/4″ X 5′ foot tubes will work fine.

A 33 Gallon plastic trash can costs about $15 dollars. So for an additional $7 dollars, you can also put together a G-2 Unit. Of course for this money, I would add almost double the tubes…myself.


In trying to keep us from building units by raising costs, they have made it easier than ever to effectively get into the game.

In the words of one famous Drought-Slayer; “We’re no sheep. Now they’re dealing with Tigers!”

NOTE: These Units have the range to cover only the East Coast and a little beyond. The Great Lakes Guardian, The Northern Protector, has that area covered. But out West and in California, they will need to build they’re own G-2 General backed, G-1 Guardian Network.

Good Luck. Your skies are now in your hands!



0869/10/2015 – 3:16am EST.


0914am 9/10/2015


0899/10/2015 8:12pm


0979/11/2015 3:15am


0999/11/2015 3:15am Close-up


0959/12/2015 10am


latest_Small 91215


1019/12/2015 9:30pm




dragon a-man-without“I Eat Droughts For Breakfast!!!”


WILHELM REICH – The Rainmaker, Drought Buster

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