February 18, 2018

EAST COAST MINI-DROUGHT BUSTED! PT. 2: [The Weather Wars] Revenge Of The Elementals Vs Drought-Slayers

I think we can safely say “The East Coast Mini-Drought” is history. Nothing but a fleeting memory.

NatLoop_Small 92915


10509/29/2015 Doppler Radar Screen Shot

This short action started on 9/6/2015 with the re-introduction of the East Coast G-1 Guardian Network.
Rain Count:
[4 Days] 9/10/2015 – 9/13/2015 – Good Soaking Rains
[2 Days] 9/21/2015 – 9/22/2015 – Good Soaking Rain ALL NIGHT!
[1 Day] 9/29/2015 – 9/30/2015, – Good Long Soaking Rains, more coming – see chart below]



THE REAL STORY: Short Version

I recently acquired a new ability I call “The Storm Slayer Ability/Power.
In learning this ability, I had to practice.
You can’t practice Slaying Storms on a paper target. You have to practice on actual Storms, of course.

Several experiences during this time led me to believe storms weren’t just wind, water, rain, etc., But were actually controlled by beings who could actually…become the storm and control it from within.

I call them Etherian Elementals.
To make a short story even shorter…We tangled, they lost.
They Retaliated by cutting off rain and storms across almost the entire U.S.. SPOILED SPORTS! 🙂

This set up what I thought would be our biggest battle.
Orgone Energy is an Element, just like Rain, Wind, Fire, Ice, etc. And if it’s an Element, then they can control it.

Orogne Energy is also what Drought Slayers use to bring rain and end droughts.
This is why it was shaping up to be a great battle. We were both using the same energy.
Finally, some competition! 🙂

It was anti-climatic, pun intended.
The battle was short, over almost from the beginning.

We are in a Truce State at this time.
They can rain and storm at leisure, but they must leave heavy lightning, heavy thunder and heavy winds, out of their storms, when they are around me, Period.

Everything will be explained in much greater detail when my new book comes out, for anyone interested.

And remember: “I don’t fear storms…Storms Fear Me! And you can have that power too!” – Wade House


dragon a-man-without“I Eat Droughts For Breakfast!!!”


WILHELM REICH – The Rainmaker, Drought Buster