February 22, 2018

AUSTRALIA DROUGHT BUSTED PT 2 – THE BIG WET: Heaviest Rains In 100 Years! Some Farmers Get Heaviest Rains In 20 Years! “Drought-Slayers, Rain-Makers And Orgone” – Dan ‘The Bali Tiger’ UPDATED: 4/15/15

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THE WEATHER WARS: RAINFALL – From the ‘Big Dry’ to ‘The Big Wet’

* Heaviest Rains In 5 Years For Parts Of SE Queensland. 4/11/15
* Big Wet To Continue For Western Australia. 4/11/15
* Season Break For Many Western Australian Grain Farmers With Decent Widespread Rainfall. – ABC 4/10/15
* Rain Works It Way Around The States. 4/15/15
* Smiles across the state as more than 100 millimetres falls across parts of South Australia. 4/17/15

This is a Continuation and Update of AUSTRALIA DROUGHT BUSTED – FURY OVER BALI.

Dan D. of Bali and his Rainmaking Technology Facebook Group have changed the face of Australia from ‘The Big Dry’ to ‘The Big Wet’ in 2-3 weeks with the introduction of the G-2 “General” Type Orgone Energy Accumulator. Cloudbuster/Rainmaker.

The results have been nothing less than Astonishing and Spectacular!

Orgone Energy, Drought-Slayers and Rainmakers have become, unknown to even the Farmers themselves, Their Very Best Friends! The G-2 “General” Type Orgone Energy Accumulator, is the ‘Newest and Most Powerful Farmers Friend!’

The Weather Wars are a game we are now in. And with Dan D. (The Bali Tiger) and his Rainmaking Technology Facebook Group, “We are in it, to win it!”

“Now…they’re dealing with Tigers” – Dan


dragon a-man-without


April 10

Hi Wade

The weather in Bali is still rather hot and with clear blue skies but there’s more cloud around today.

There’s much evidence that it’s raining up in the mountains as the rivers are full but down here near the sea (and the largest town on the island) it’s hot and dry.

A couple of members of the Rainmaking Technology group have put G2s together with varying results.

A guy in the high desert of New Mexico says his eradicates all rainclouds but also gets rid of DOR.
Another guy in California is getting consistent rainfall over a wide area near the unit.

There’s a lot of enthusiasm for the G2 but I think people are looking for a plug-and-play device that will give them perfect weather and total defeat of the Weather Wars program at the same time.

All the best.


April 11

Here’s a weather story from the region of a G2 in Australia:

Austr heavy rains


The ‘gateway’ on the west coast of Australia seems a now permanent feature and the river of ether passing through it is getting harder every day for the weather people to explain:

austr big wet


I have now 4 accumulator tubes pointed due south towards the ‘gateway’ which seems to have widened slightly as time goes by.

The weather in Bali has become more permanently overcast (and therefore cooler) since I increased the alkalinity of the G2 well past 14 pH.

Night-time usually brings a concerted chemtrail assault which clears the cloud but it generally returns before midday.

australia weatherzone6


The farmers can’t believe their luck after such a long period of drought:

austr farmers rain


The Drought-Slayer in Perth says that he’s gathering materials for another G2.

I just heard that yet another guy in the Brisbane area has put a G2 together and is currently locked in battle with heavy chemtrail activity.

He’s a member of my Rainmaking Technology facebook group.

austr G2

You really started something with the development of this unit.

All the best.


Hi Dan

The news is nothing short of OUTSTANDING!!!

Can one man make a difference? Depends on the man! But I’ve known that for years 🙂

You said you wanted to be part of something Positive. I think you are! 😉

I may of started it…But you and your Rainmaking Technology Facebook Group have taken it to a “Whole New Level”.



April 11

Hi Wade.

Sorry to have had you working all hours to update the Australia Drought Busted story but the news is both remarkable and constant.

Nothing happened like this in Australia as long as I’ve been watching it.

They create weather disasters (droughts mostly but also cyclones and floods) but these events are different.
They are widely welcomed by the population and are restoring confidence in the future.

The etheric ‘river’ pouring through the western ‘gateway’ has now reached the east coast:

australia weatherzone7

The only new story from that area is this:

aus weather news

As for the Deserts of the north; I have a feeling that further Australian drought-busters will step up to the challenge and build G2 units to do the job.

Most people live on the coastal areas and the big dry centre of Australia is largely uninhabited so nobody there to build a G2.

It would be great to mount a drought-busting expedition to Alice Springs or wherever.

Here in Bali it’s settling out to a routine: Chemtrails eradicating clouds during night followed by the G2 restoring them during the day.

See the southern Indonesian islands on the weather image above where the only integrated cloud-cover is over the sea after the Chemplanes have cleared the land areas by spraying up and down the archipelago.

All the best.


Hey Dan,

By now everyone should realize these units are more powerful during the day than at night. They still work at night and are effective, but they are far more effective during the day. Orgone Energy and Sunlight appear to work together.

Everything sounds Super Great!

Way to go! Thanks for everything!

Keep me posted.



April 11

Another E-Mail from the Front Lines of The Weather Wars:

Hi Wade and Joel,

Please see attachment as I have a full report on my use of an Orgone Accumulator… galvanized steel 14 gallon bin, 8-1 inch copper tubes that are 2 metres in length [about 6’7″ of copper pipe}…

Can you offer any advice..?



E-Mail and Pictorial: Australia – My Orgone Accumulator


April 11


Hi Jed

I do have some advice.

Unit sounds real good actually. It’s just a little under powered.
It’s pushing a Total Pipe Diameter of 8″. This is fine if they leave you alone and for Proof Of Concept.

If attacked, you need more.

I started with a small unit, 5 gallons, (8) 3/4″ copper pipes. (G-1) .75″ X 8 = 6″

Had great weather for a month plus ended a local drought. And then they adjusted, and were able to bring daily gray skies again.

I had a choice…up my game or give in. But I’d enjoyed those beautiful days to much to just roll over. Concept had been proved!

I built the G-2 “General”; 30 gallons / (6) 1.5″ Copper pipes / 5′ Foot. (6) X 1.5″ = 9″

My new 9″ Unit plus my 6″ Unit gave me a Total Pipe Diameter of 15″. I also built another small (6″) Unit for Wash. D.C. 44 miles away.
This Unit gave D.C., where I work, the exact same Protection. For a (TPD) 9″ + 6″ + 6″ = 21″ T.P.D.

So after ‘Proof Of Concept’, I took them on with a Total of 21″ Inches T.P.D.
This took out the entire Ongoing and Continuous 2012/2013 U.S. East Coast Drought. And has kept drought away in 42 out of the 48 Lower U.S. States. All but the U.S. West Coast, which a Drought-Slayer took out last year, 2014. The West Coast Mega-Drought.

Your single 8″ Unit was very similar to my 6″ Unit. It can be overcome.

So you need between 15″ and 20″ to seriously take them on.

Welcome to the ‘Front Lines’ of the “Weather Wars”. In Australia, you won’t be alone.

Hope this helps.

What part of Australia are you in?



UPDATE: Australia – April 11

Thanks Wade for your input, and your [chem]-trailblazing..! [ha] And thanks too for your website. If you read my entire Word Doc [at the end of the doc] I was going to put my unit back onto the Earth. I did this around 8:30AM yesterday, which is AUS Saturday [today is Sunday], and I put about a pound of sea salt and a pound of bicarb soda into the ‘can’… just to see what would happen… what happened after that, to me, can be called nothing short of a miracle. [haha] I’m serious though. We’ll see if ‘they’ can adjust…

By about 4PM this unit was beating back the chem-scum/artificial cloud mix in an amazing way. The skies were getting clearer and clearer, and I could watch the chem clouds dissipating before my eyes. And unlike when the unit was in the pool, it fought off chemtrails into, and through, the night! [I have photos which I have not gotten from my camera yet.] It also seems to have so much more power than it did. The pool worked okay for a few days, but it almost seemed like the unit was trying to tell me to put it back onto the earth because it totally shut down by Friday.

I read most of your website and was particularly interested in the idea of using aluminium tubes, as described by Dan [of Bali?] because they are so cheap… so my plan now is to buy a 44 gallon plastic bin, insert 9 [maybe 12] 2″ alum tubes [50 mm tubes] that are 3 metres [9.8 feet] as an additional unit.

The skies today are totally amazing. No chemtrails, or oozing, undulating clouds beneath chemtrail film…

It’ll be interesting to see how the next unit will work…

Thanks so much for your help!

Cheers- Jed




Hi Wade.

I just replaced my 15 Gallon G2 with a 40 Gallon unit.


It has 24 x 1” pipes of varying metals and lengths (all scrounged from the back of my workshop).
I poured the alkalised water from the 15 gal unit into this one; topped it up with water and dumped the last remaining Soda Ash (sodium chloride) into it.

It tested at 11 pH and so far I like the way it performs.

Overnight chemspraying really didn’t affect it as much as the smaller unit and the deep blue sky and cumulus clouds returned quickly.

By midday the clouds were building fast and it’s overcast now and looks like it may rain later.
I think I’ll let it settle in for a couple of days before thinking about alkalising it further.

The latest weather image looks like this:

australia weatherzone8

Plenty of cloud streaming across central Australia towards the G2s at or near Brisbane and a lot of cloud in the southern Indonesian islands.
The HAARP station at Broome is still active and stopping any moisture from crossing the coast there but it only seems to have a fairly local effect now.
However; there’s a very obvious stripe of drought from Broome across the country to the east.
Demolishing this coastal barrier is a major priority.

No more amazing weather stories this time but there was a recent report that Mamatus clouds were sighted over Canberra in the south east corner of Australia.

I understand that you’re in contact with Jed; one of the G2 makers from the Rainmaking Technology group.
He seems very interested in this technology and I hope that more people like him will come forward as time goes by.

As I write this email; it just started raining gently here.
This fine drizzle is usually the product of the cloud being sprayed from above and sustained by Orgone from below.
Usually the chemtrails win and so I’ll be watching with interest how the new big unit performs.

All the best.


April 14

Hi Dan,

The ‘new’ Unit looks like 24′ INCHES OF AWESOME!

Varying the Pipe Lengths should give you good multi-level coverage. Reich actually did that on some of his units, just for that reason.

40 gallons will make the unit more powerful and more resilient.

The number and position of the pipes will make the orgone energy more active as it bounces from pipe to pipe.

At the height of the East Coast Weather Wars in 2012-2013, I stood up to them with 21″ inches total accumulated pipe diameter. You have 24″

I can’t say enough good things about your new Unit.

I Must Know How It Performs!
That’s a Super General 2.0, if I ever saw one! You should have the power of (2) G2 Units wrapped into (1)! If not 2.5 G2’s!

I think you’ve done it again with another great design.



Canberra gets alot of those Mammatus clouds. That’s probably the most obvious cloud sign of a HAARP Unit in action that I know of. Any place you see those clouds is in Dire Need of a G2 Unit, if for nothing else than to bust up those absolutely scary clouds.

In fact, those clouds appear all over Australia, but more in Canberra.


1 or 2 more G2 Units could take care of that Drought Line from Broome to Brisbane. This could be a Last Ditch effort to hold onto at least part of the Australian skies with drought. And it could start to end on it’s own since there are so many G2’s around.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all.


Jed is cooking in Australia. Between you, him and the others, the 9 Year Australian Drought, is history. All that’s left is a mop-up operation, to clean out the corners 🙂

From Jed;
I read most of your website and was particularly interested in the idea of using aluminium tubes, as described by Dan [of Bali?] because they are so cheap… so my plan now is to buy a 44 gallon plastic bin, insert 9 [maybe 12] 2″ alum tubes [50 mm tubes] that are 3 metres [9.8 feet] as an additional unit. Jed.

As always, keep me posted.


April 14

Hi Wade.

Thanks for the appreciation of the new unit.
The bucket size was just the largest one they had in the cheapo bucket store and the pipe sizes and lengths were just all the pipes I could find in the back of my workshop.

It’s a little early to say how the unit performs but within hours of its deployment; we got some good rain which was something the 15 gallon unit generally failed to provide.

I imagine that the chemspraying will be stepped-up as always happens when a more effective device is deployed and only time will tell how resilient it is.

It’s only 11 pH so I can always increase the alkalinity if necessary.

The strip of drought ‘downstream’ of Broome seems to be falling beyond its control as the ether and resulting humidity crossing WA coast a little further south tracks north-east ‘behind’ Broome and across central Australia.

australia weatherzone9

Alice Springs (the dead centre of the country) is getting a steady supply of moisture now and the only really dry areas are around the last effective HAARP facilities in the north.

Regular rains around the edge with even some spots being recorded in central areas:

australia weatherzone10

The unit in Perth appears to be generating rain in the area even without much cloud being registered on the satellite image.

I’m so pleased that you developed this G2 unit and that I chanced to find in on the net (although many things don’t feel so much like chance anymore).

I appreciate your help and wisdom regarding this technology.
Will keep you posted of any fresh developments.

All the best.

Weatherzone.com.au/satellite 4/15/15

Australia Satellite Notes:
Cloud over inland NSW, VIC and TAS with a low pressure trough is producing showers and thunderstorms. Patchy cloud over SA and inland WA with an extension of this trough is also producing thundery showers. Cloud over southern WA with a front is producing isolated showers.


April 15

Hi Wade.

Just a quickie (and not a particularly impressive one) but it’s interesting to see how G2 rain is becoming mainstream weather news now; even if they don’t know why the rain is happening.

Amusingly; it’s in total contrast to the Drought Assistance lobby who are seeking grants from the government to compensate for the lack of rain.

aus weather news2 png

All the best.


April 16

Hi Wade.

The Tasmania corner seems to get more rain than anywhere else anyway but recently it’s been pretty much constant.

That weather system from Bali west to Sumatra and down across the Indian Ocean to Australia has been going for a while now although it got stronger since the ‘gateway’ opened on the west coast to allow the ether to flow across the country.

It’s been getting steadily stronger ever since.

australia weatherzone11
With rain becoming more widespread by the day:

australia weatherzone12
Look at that cloud-bank heading for Alice Springs; totally unheard of.

Interesting to see that cloud is crossing the western coastline at Broome too.
The HAARP station there seems to be the last one in operation and they usually manage to clear the skies over huge distances; sometimes including the southern island chain of Indonesia.

I chucked a kilo of sea salt in the 40 gallon unit and we got widespread rain last night in southern Bali.
This is completely unseasonal as the monsoon ended at the beginning of March.

In the old days (pre-chemtrail etc) it used to rain from time to time pretty much all year round and the only hot, dry time was just before the monsoons began around November or December.
Your G2 unit seems to offer hope for a return to those times.

I’ve heard of no other G2s in Australia but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any.
Many people hear about this sort of thing from friends in the Orgonite crowd and just go ahead and put one together.
I think it was Melbourne where a bunch of people started producing Induction CBs by the dozen and scattering them all over town.

They used to be lazy about this sort of thing but times are changing fast and the new generation of Aussies are really into it.

I know Jed is trying to get more units up and running in Queensland.
He’s putting a bigger unit together I think.

All the best.


April 16 (Bali Time) 12 hours ahead

Hi Dan,

I’m glad you got the rain you were looking for. There was never any doubt in my mind.

I could easily be wrong about there being units in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania, but the rain pattern seemed similar to the Perth rains when they started up.

It’s been a great ‘run’ of Posts thanks to you and your Rainmaking Technology Group. I’m sure many others will be inspired by them to try and take total control of the weather from the Weather Controllers/Haarpsters.

Thanks for all your input. I think we did good!



April 17

Hi Wade.

Sorry to blitz you with weather stories but this one is something of a milestone:

aus weather news3 png

Here’s the latest weather satellite image of the area:
australia weatherzone13

Dense rain in the centre of the country; a complete reversal of regular conditions in Australia.

In Bali; just that one rain-shower and then nothing.
Hot with clear deep blue skies and some nice-looking cloud around but no rain.
So often the island to the east and the one to the west are getting rain where Bali gets none.

All the best.


Hi Dan,

There is rain all around you! I’m very surprised you aren’t getting your share!
I don’t see how you can avoid it!

The weather system all around Bali for hundreds of miles is very active with rain and thunderstorms. And I mean “VERY ACTIVE!”
It’s almost scary!

You’ve done everything right; bigger unit with high alkalinity. But really, your smaller 15 gal unit had more than enough power to bring you local rains. I’ve got nothing 🙁

The only thing I can think of is that Orgone is self regulating, and it’s decided that ‘you don’t need additional rain at this time’. I’ve got nothing 🙁

These units bring regular rain, that’s one of their main strengths! These are Drought-Busters, and they bust droughts with rain!

But this gives us the opportunity for one more small experiment…give it ‘intention’.
As silly as this sounds, write “Rain Here” on a piece of duct tape, and tape it to the side of your unit. See what happens within 24-48 hours.

Keep the posts coming. It’s incredible news!

P.S. Enjoy the weather. Enjoy what you’ve helped to create! It sounds beautiful!

Keep me posted!




Current Weather 4/15/15



According to the weather map at [ weatherzone.com.au/satellite ] almost the entire Australian Coastline is getting rain with many interior places getting alot of rain also. Alice Springs, the driest, hottest place in Australia is also getting good rain.

In the Words Of Drought-Slayers:

“I’ve been following the Australian Weather for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like it before!”
Dan D. (Australia Drought-Slayer: The Bali Tiger) 3rd Knight

“nothing short of a miracle. [haha] I’m serious though.”
Jed – (Australia Drought-Slayer: Perth) 4th Knight

aus vs us size


Aus gov drought map 2014 - 2015

Aus gov drought map 2014 – 2015

Australia-Rain.png April 6, 2015 328 kB 565 × 401

Australia-Rain.png April 6, 2015 328 kB 565 × 401

If you compare the upper and lower pictures, it looks like those area’s that recorded the lowest recorded rainfall in their history from July 2014 – March 2015, are now getting regular steady rains in April 2015.

* And they have been since April 6, 2015:
* {AUSTRALIAN DROUGHT BUSTED} Mar 29 (7 days ago) [E-Mail 1st Post]

* { Australian Rainfall } April 6 [E-Mail 1st Post]


rsz_029Current Weather Map: Thur. 4/16/15:

Current Weather Map: Fri. 4/17/15: Alice Springs is getting Thunder Storms and Lightning! And there’s a HAARP Station there! What Drought???

rsz_020Australia Satellite Notes 4/17/15
Thick cloud over SA, VIC and NSW with a trough is producing rain and thunderstorms. Cloud over WA and the NT with an upper trough is also producing shower, with thunderstorms over the NT. Cloud along the QLD coast with moist onshore winds is generating the odd shower.

* Weather News *

* Weather News: SMILES ACROSS AUSTRALIA aus. rain small newsfile
Smiles across the state as more than 100 millimetres falls across parts of South Australia
Caroline Winter, Friday April 17, 2015 – 14:51 EST

Rain has fallen across many parts of South Australia giving farmers a confidence boost ahead of the start of the growing season

The rain has arrived right in time for the grain season which is just getting started.
Read More: [ smiles-across-the-state-as-more-than-100-millimetres-falls-across-parts-of-south-australia ]


{ Bringing The Rain: Turning Death Valley into Spring Valley }

There seems to be (3) G2 Units in or around Sydney, Melbourne, and Tasmania. Most of Australia is getting good, widespread rain. But in the area of these (3) cities, they are getting a good soaking rain.

It seems if you combine (3) of these units within 1000 miles of each other…you don’t get (3) times the power and rain, you get 10 times the power and rain. These area’s are producing (10) times the steady rains as all the other area’s.

And all this without a single report of flooding, in area’s that are prone to just that. No reported floods since Feb. 2015. [ australia flooding 2015 ] Each Unit provides a 300-350 mile Radius of Anti-Flood Protection. Not as wide as Anti-Drought Protection, but still very significant!

This is important, brand new information, fresh off the press.

An example would be California, 800 miles long.

They already have (1) Drought-Slayer with (1) G2. If (2) more are installed, (1) in L.A. and another north of Santa Cruz by San Francisco or further, they would have more than enough rain to quickly refill their low reservoirs and underground water tables.

They would also turn Death Valley into Spring Valley.


The California Water Wars: Time to make Brown “Cry Uncle!”
“You need the California Reservoirs and Water Table refilled? No Problem! We can do that! No Charge!”
T.D.P. ADMIN: Wade House. (U.S. East Coast Drought-Slayer) 1st Knight

NOTE: We will soon be entering the California Water Wars. And we will make sure that California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona and any State in the Union that needs it, will never want for Water again.

But because of the absolute Greed of Corporations and Bankers, (IE those who run politicians), we will make sure these so-called ‘water barons’, will never be able to raise their greedy, little heads anywhere on this planet.

We will turn them into a “memory” of ‘The Bad Times’ gone!
This is the cost and legacy of their greed. It will cost them the World.

We aren’t just about to enter the California Water Wars…We are about to enter the World Water Wars.
And as in Australia; “We are in it, to Win it!”

Side Note: Without ‘Them’, there would be no ‘US’!
I guess we should Thank Them? 🙂

Thank You, Bankers, Corspe-Orations(corporations-true meaning-Latin: the speaking dead), and Water Barons, for helping to Elevate Humanity to the next level and bringing abundant water to the whole World. We couldn’t of done it without you.

Ironic, isn’t it?. 🙂




[ AUSTRALIA DROUGHT BUSTED PT 3 – Weather Wars: RETALIATION?! The Battle Of Sydney! The Battle Of Brisbane! ]

[ AUSTRALIA: DROUGHT BUSTED! – FURY OVER BALI: Birth Of A Drought Slayer – Orgone Energy Strikes Again! HAARP DEFEATED! ]



[ weatherzone.com.au/satellite ]

[ wral.com/weather_map_center ]

[ google.com/maps/place/Bali,+Indonesia ]

[ abc.net.au/news/2014-02-26/100-years-of-drought/ ]

[ australia drought 2014 ]

[ australia drought 2015 ]





end of the drought...by Rafaelll90 Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Conceptual

end of the drought…by Rafaelll90 Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Conceptual