February 22, 2018

AUSTRALIA: DROUGHT BUSTED! – FURY OVER BALI: Birth Of A Drought Slayer – Orgone Energy Strikes Again! HAARP DEFEATED! “It’s Raining All Over The Place!”




About 3 weeks ago, early March 2015, the T.D.P. was contacted by Dan D. out of Bali. He was interested in information about the Water Based Orgone Accumulator Units we’d been working with. They didn’t have a drought, but a terrible Chemtrail problem.

During the E-Mail Conversations, he mentioned many times about the Australian Drought and how bad it was and that they should try these units instead of complaining to the Government.

He quickly built a couple of Water Based Orgone Accumulator Units. A small 6 gallon one first. And then a larger 15 gallon unit when he saw 1) How effective they were and 2) How quick and strong the response was. Just like me!

A short time after that, he said the weather pattern had changed and he thought the Australian Drought had been busted.

aus vs us size

Sure enough, Australia, which is almost as big as the U.S. was getting regular rains in (3) of the worst drought stricken areas of Australia. But before I could write and finish a Post/Article and brag about it, another Drought Slayer had set up another Unit and had brought Rain to the other (2) Australian Territories not covered by the first, which BTW is set up in Bali 1500 to 2000 miles away from the affected area’s. He calls it Slaying a Drought Remotely, at a great distance. We have to agree. 🙂

In the time it took me to verify the current Australian Weather Patterns, yet another Drought Slayer had built another G2 Water Based Orgone Unit, and together, they completely overwhelmed one of the strongest series of HAARP Facilities on this Planet.

The end result is that within (3) weeks, the Australian Drought of 2013-2014-2015 was completely BUSTED! And in their own words; “It’s Raining All Over The Place!”

Dated E-Mails and current Media Coverage of the Australian Drought below and at the end of the E-Mails, spell out the whole story.




Mar. 4

Hi Admin.

My name is Dan and I’ve lived in Bali for the last 30 years or so.

I’ve known about Reich and his Orgone research since childhood as my Father had a couple of his books on the shelf.
More recently I started making Orgonite with the obvious goal of mitigating the effects of Chemtrails.

Seems we’ve come to similar conclusions regarding Croft’s Cloudbuster and its minimal effects on weather-modification tech.

I still have one standing in my garden but I’ve learned not to expect too much of it.
I set up a bilingual website www.baligifter.org to share simple orgonite making with the Indonesian population.

In search of related technology; I’ve back-engineered a couple of Constable’s devices and have been experimenting with Accumulators and pipes with good weather-effects.

A couple of days ago; I googled for Accumulator Cloudbuster and your site popped up.
I read the article about the dustbin filled with alkalised water and your commentary on it and decided to contact you to say Hi as our independent researches seem to have led us in a similar direction.

Another commendable feature of your site is that you’re sharing your results freely.

There’s no Drought problem where I live but I have shared a link to your site on my Rainmaking Technology group on Facebook.

I hasten to add that I detest Facebook and everything it stands for but there’s a lot of people on FB and it’s difficult to ignore its potential for sharing ideas and technology.

I set it up the Rainmaking Technology group primarily to share the unfolding results of my experiments with Constable’s (waterless) rainmaking tech.

I’d been in contact with his group and they’re locked into commercial rainmaking and refused to share plans or operating guidelines with me.

Although Indonesia has no drought problem; it is close to Australia which does suffer from drought.
It also hosts a number of powerful HAARP stations which seem intent on turning the country into a dustbowl.
I hope that people there will try your alkalised water drought-busting idea and help themselves out of their severe problems.
So far; their efforts seem to have been focussed on lobbying their government for greater drought-aid.

I just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I appreciate what you’re doing.

All the best.


Mar. 9

Hi again Admin.

I decided to test your dustbin cloudbuster here in Bali.
I had no 50 gallon dustbin lying around and nor do I have any 1 1/2” diameter copper pipes (seriously expensive here; if they can be found) so I decided to work with what I have.

A 6 gallon bucket and some 1” aluminium pipes which I cut up into 8 x 3’ lengths.
Drilled holes in the lid of the bucket which I filled with water + about half a kilo or so of sea salt.

Four hours later and the sky is filled with dark clouds.
Coincidentally; a friend who lives a few miles away just sent me a couple of pictures of huge clouds over my house.

Bali raincloud

Looks like my diminutive version works.

As I said in my last email; Indonesia doesn’t have a drought problem so there’s little point in making a full size one but I’ve recommended it to friends in Australia.

All the best.


Mar. 9

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the contact. I was going to get back to you.

I liked your idea about using aluminum pipe instead of copper. Much cheaper. I or others could build a 50 gallon unit for half the price.

The only concern I have with aluminum is that aluminum is poisonous to humans. But since I’m not going to eat it, it should be okay.

The unit you put together was similar to my first unit (5 gal. bucket with (8) 5’ft. X 3/4″ copper pipes) and it worked great at clearing out chemtrails and letting the Sun shine through. As well as beautiful star filled nights.

And this, after years of heavy chemtrails, that were so bad, I had to look online for pictures of beautiful skies to show others what I was attempting to do.

Now of course, we have beautiful skies most of the time.

The taller the pipes, the greater the height range of the unit, of course. That thing is going to work great. Give it time to “charge up” ie; accumulate orgone, and you should be happy with the results.

I had to ‘upgrade’ to the larger 50 gal. unit because, if “they”(weather controllers) want to, they can overcome that unit. I built the unit ‘just for’ Busting Chemtrails ie; Cloudbuster. It was just an experiment before I built a Rain-Maker to prove ‘Proof of Concept’. (We were in the middle of a bad drought on the East Coast). The funny thing is, after building it, we started having regular rains so we never built the ‘Reich’ Rain-Maker Version.

The 50 gal. unit is very hard for them to overcome. They have to create an entire weather system, out of range of the unit – 300 miles away at least, and then push that system towards us. Even then, the systems are short lived.

The 50 Gal. Unit does alot more than just ‘bust’ droughts. It also prevents direct hits from hurricanes. Like with Droughts, it took me awhile to figure out what was going on. But I remember when I discovered it.

Hurricane SANDY was heading towards/up the East Coast and the skies were gray and cloudy for three days prior. It was Wed. and I’d just heard on the weather news that it was headed straight for Washington D.C. that Fri. It was all the news/rage!

Thur. morning I checked the unit. I’d been meaning to do it a few days earlier, but…anyway it was down to 5% alkaline level. (Low) I cranked it up to 9% ph level with both salt and baking soda…and then I smiled.

By now, I was starting to suspect that the 50 gal. unit did more than just bust droughts and chemtrails. That Thurs. D.C. went on ‘lock down’ preparing for the storm that was supposed to hit the next day, It never came.

It passed us by and hit New York directly. New York is about 450 miles away. Since then, New York has been hit directly by about 3 hurricanes at least. But no Hurricane has hit D.C. or any other area within at least 300 miles since 2012, when the unit was first set up. I’m 44 miles away from D.C. in Frederick, Maryland USA.

This is how I find out the Range Values of what this unit can do.
1) It can “end drought” over a vast area. IE; The entire U.S. East or West Coast about 500 mile range.
2) It can prevent ‘Direct Hits’ from Hurricanes. About 300 mile range.
3) It can ‘Break up’ chemtrails to about 100 miles? Range unknown. While driving out in all directions to check range, I never got further away than 100 miles, skies were good.
NOTE: They can still lay down ‘chemtrails’ but they will dissolve quickly, sometimes, before the ‘tanker’ even leaves the area.
4) It has a short (200-400 feet) but very effective “Goodwill” Range. Neighbors start talking to each other and hanging out like friends and children come out to play enmass in the area and leave their tv’s and computer games inside.

Thanks for letting me talk your ear off. I’m very happy you contacted me 🙂

After talking to you, I’ve modified the 50 Gal. “General” to a “General AX” Model. (A) = Aluminum (X) = Experimental, and I’m going to aim it at Australia in an upcoming Post.

I’m always looking for ‘Droughts’ to try and help ‘Bust’. With luck, we’ll run out of Droughts to Bust and can start on Deserts! 🙂

Keep me posted on your progress.


P.S. Those clouds do look scary. But in a funny way, they actually look beautiful too. I can’t explain why.
Let it play out and see what happens.

And please note, during the early testing stages, I found out that ‘very high alkaline levels – 12% and up, brought/could bring heavy rains.

So unless you are in a ‘bad drought’ I never recommend ‘high alkaline levels’.

I have PH Balance Strips. I normally alkaline it to 9%-10% and let it drop to about 6%-7% before I re-alkaline it.

P.S.S.: If you can’t find some cheap PH Balance Test strips, drop me your address and I’ll send you a 80 strip pack for free!


Mar 9

Hi Wade.

Thanks for the reply; it’s good to be in contact with you and get feedback and advice on this system.

As for alkalinity; I have a swimming pool tester for chlorine level and ph levels but it’s a little primitive.
Basically one takes a sample of water; puts in a little ph test pill and waits for the sample to change colour.
This colour is compared to a 5 colour chart; the middle one of which is ‘ideal’ and the others say ‘add acid’ or ‘add soda ash’.

The alkalinity numbers range from 6.8 (add soda ash) up to 8.2 (add acid) and I’m guessing that these numbers are percentages of alkalinity.

I just tested the water in the bucket and got no reading at all; the water remained clear.
When I poured the test sample into the pool; the drops of water went immediately dark pink (high alkalinity).
I think that the water in the bucket is so saturated with salt that the tester doesn’t work.

I reduced the amount of Salt and added some Soda Ash and the tester works now; giving a reading of around 9 now.
It seems that this tester is for Salt-Chlorinated Pools and doesn’t work with very salty water so perhaps the test strips that you mention would be a good idea.

I used copper pipes for my first Croft Cloudbuster and was staggered at how expensive copper is.
Thereafter; I used aluminium pipes for my various Cloudbuster experiments (Induction CB, Water CB and Reich Cloudbuster).

The Reich Cloudbuster was the most powerful and worked well when pointed against the HAARP stations on the north west coast of Australia.

The HAARP stations at Exmouth and Geraldton lie due south of Bali and they seem to have been effectively disabled by the RCB.

Within a few hours; huge areas of storm-clouds built up on the west coast of Australia and they had the heaviest rains in living memory for the next two days.

I discontinued my experiments with the RCB as we were getting negative effects in the immediate area of the device.
We all felt constantly sleepy with headaches and bad temper generally.

As soon as I dismantled the RCB; we all felt much better and the symptoms haven’t returned.
This gave me cause for concern when setting up my version of your device but I’m monitoring the situation with regard to our temper etc and so far there are no ill-effects at all.

My main concern here are the Chemtrails as they can quickly dissolve clouds, stall the wind and raise the air temperature with ease.

I’m sure they don’t target individuals; they just cruise around spraying down cloud-banks.
If your device can render Chemtrails ineffective; then I’ll build a big one for sure.

I’m testing a directional device (back-engineered from Trevor Constable) which uses an layered Accumulator as it orgone source.

I attach a PDF that I made for the Rainmaking Technology facebook group which explains how it’s made if you’re interested: [ Accumulator CB ]

I’d like to take you up on your offer of a pack of test strips if that’s still okay with you.
If I can help you with anything in return; please let me know.

My name and address:

xxxx xxxx Bali



Mar 10


In general, 1 tablespoon of salt per gallon is ok. Possible 1.5 to 2 tbls max.
.5 kilos is about 1 pound. That’s like 20% ph.

See what happens. That’s how we learn.

You can easily dump out the bucket and start over.

No Issue.



Mar 10

Hi Wade.

Thanks for that ‘rule of thumb’ on salt content.
It should make it easier to calculate in the absence of a good ph tester.

I dumped about 2/3 of the contents and filled it up with plain water and got some kind of reading using my pool ph test but I think it was still too saline for the test to work properly.

One thing that I noticed shortly after I put my 6 gallon unit together is that the Humidity rose sharply.
I haven’t felt that kind of tropical humidity for years; presumably on account of the effect that EMR and Chemtrails have on humidity.

It’s really humid today too and everyone notices it as very unusual.
It’s kind of freaky when it’s hot and yet bone dry.
A very welcome development and apparently directly related to your device.

It seems to have been well-received on the Rainmaking Technology facebook group too.

All the best.


Mar 10


Hi Wade.

I know you said in your article that you don’t know how it works; only that it does work but do you know if the Salt has any function beyond being a cheap source of alkalinity?
The reason that I ask is this:

I have some Soda Ash (a powerful alkaline) for adjusting the ph of my pool water.

If I just add this to plain water; it becomes alkaline (if I add a lot; it becomes very alkaline).

Do you think that a mixture of water and Soda Ash would work or does the water need to contain a lot of Salt too?
I guess I could just experiment but I figured that you might know the answer or have some further insights on the subject.

Water left standing in a bucket generally goes stagnant and starts to smell.
Highly alkalised water presumably doesn’t.
I know that food can be preserved in Salt and it may be that one function here might be to stop the water ‘going bad’.

So far; the sky oscillates between a) threatening heavy rain with black clouds and wind and b) no wind and a hazy, featureless sky; presumably the product of Chemtrails.
The chemtrail effect fades quite quickly but it looks as though they can always come back and spray this little unit down.

You specify 1 1/2” pipes for the large unit.
Did you ever try using 1” pipes?

I have a number of 1” pipes littering up my workshop and it would be neat if I could use them rather than going and buying more pipes.

All the best.


Hi Dan,

I tell most people this is a Weather Mitigation Device.
Too much rain? It’ll slow the rain down. No rain, it will bring some. Heavy storms, it’ll cut their duration to minutes, or turn it to light rain.

It bunches up heavy chemtrails into beautiful clouds and slowly drives them away till they dissolve. I’ve actually followed them one day until they thinned out and evaporated, about 50 miles away.


I used salt first because it was the only thing I knew that alkalined water. I later found out that baking soda alkaline’s water also, so I use that too with the salt. But I mainly use regular salt. My goal was to simply alkaline the water. I knew that all ‘Reich’s’ sources were alkaline; seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, even if we weren’t told so.
I also like the way the salt mimic’s the saltwater that’s in our oceans and in our bodies. Any alkaline medium will work, I think salt works best. But I haven’t experimented with all different mediums.

I normally change water every year in the 50 gal. unit. But I didn’t last year. The water is still clear, no scum build up at all in 2 years. But it is standing water and I wash it off my hands immediately if I get some on them.
Also, I thought I saw a small clear, jellyfish-like glob about a 1 1/2″ in diameter one day not to long ago. When I looked again a couple of days later, it was gone. Did it swim away? The water is clear, but by no means clean. Remember, ‘life’ started in the oceans/saltwater.

Tube Diameter:
Yes! No need to buy any pipe. You can use smaller diameter pipe.
Example: (3) 1″ pipes bundled together will give you an inside diameter of 3″ approx. That’s Great!
Bundle away my friend!

What you are seeing in the sky is actually your unit clashing against the weather controllers units. It’s a real sky fight right before your eyes. It happened here recently.

This unit freezes to a block of ice in the winter. I noticed at once that it’s effectiveness went straight down. So for the past 3 winters there was really not much I could do. We just had to endure the gray, cloudy winter skies.

That changed in Feb. When thinking about how to keep the unit warm, it hit me, Aquarium Heaters!

I bought (2). Installed them and presto. They melted the entire 30 gallon ice cube within 24 hrs, and for the first time in months, I could see the mountains in the far distance. It pushed their whole thick cloud cover up into the upper atmosphere within 1 day.

The next day the sky battle started. Heavy clouds and bright Sun. Cloudy, sunny. Sunny cloudy. The next day, the Sun was back in force and has stayed unless a big system comes through. It passes, the Sun returns.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still cold. But when the Sun is shining, it always feels alot warmer.

The 50 Gal. unit is very, very hard for them to overcome.

Another time I’d forgotten to check the unit alkaline level. And the skies were gray 3 days straight. That’s what woke me up.

I checked the unit, 5% alkaline level. (NOTE: The 5% alkaline level seems to be the cut-off low point.)
I quickly re-alkalined it up to 9% and just sat back.
Within 20 minutes to a half hour, a giant hole opened up in the cloud cover and the stars came out.

10-20 minutes or sooner, a spotter plane was flying through the large opening. And then the hole started to close shortly later. It’s as if every square mile of sky was being monitored, and the minute an opening appeared in the cloud cover, they sent some one out in a small plane to investigate, and direct the sealing up of the hole with more clouds.

But they were too late. The unit was up and cooking. That short sky battle lasted from about 12 midnight until 10am, back and forth. After that…they lost! The 50 Gal. unit is very, very hard for them to overcome.

Good Luck, keep me posted. Everything sounds good.


PS> I was just lucky to pick the best materials; copper and salt, and the right alkaline levels on my very first try. Pure luck.

I already had PH Test Strips, so I didn’t have to guess what the level was, I just needed the right level. The level I chose to start was that of the human body 7.4%. Pure luck. It was the perfect level for cloud-busting. But anywhere between 7%-9 or 10% is good.


Hi Wade.

I found that I had a 15-gallon bucket with a lid that I could use and enough 1” pipes so I put them together earlier.

One question: how deep should the pipes extend into the water?
I have the pipes of the small device almost touching the floor of the bucket.


My major concern here is the effect of the Chemtrails on my etheric rainmaking operations.
Too often I’ve put a device together and achieved beautiful skies or impressive rains, only to have them redouble their efforts to turn the sky flat grey and negative.
It may be that even with these two running side by side; it will still not be enough to consistently overcome the effects of the chemtrails.
If that happens; I’ll go and find a 50 gallon dustbin.

The chemtrails aren’t visible in the sky for long and usually disappear as fast as they’re laid.

However quickly they seem to disappear; the fact remains that chemicals have been sprayed in the sky and will fall to earth whatever we do.

As they fall through the clouds; the have the effect of ‘dissolving’ them.

As I understand it; the chemicals ‘dissociate’ the component ions (H+ and OH-) that together comprise the water molecules.

We see these dissociated ions as a whitish haze.
After a while; the chemical concentration in the atmosphere reduces as the chemicals fall and the ions recombine to form water vapour.

The haze clears; separating into blue sky and distinct clouds (unless they over-spray; dissolving the clouds once more).

I’ve alkalised the water in the larger bucket to about 8% according to my pool ph tester.
It’s a fairly rough, colour-coded system so probably only ball-park accurate.
We’ll see how the pair of them work out over time.

Thanks for all your help and advice.
It’s good to be in contact with another down-to-earth, barefoot experimenter.
I’ll let you know of my results as they unfold but I have to say that I’m very pleased to have discovered your site and your instructions on how to make this neat device.

All the best.


Mar 11

Hi Dan,

That unit looks great. It is going to surprise you with it’s strength.

1) You want the pipes touching the ground. Orgone energy is stored in the Earth and radiates outward, according to pictures I’ve seen.

2) Water collects and stores it, and you are surrounded by it! The unit will tap into it becoming even stronger.
Note: your unit is brand new. It takes a few days to a week to fully charge, so to say. It’ll get stronger every day.

3) Your pipe configuration is outstanding. Instead of a few narrow beams, that configuration should give you a column of energy. They may not be able to overcome that.

4) In theory, that unit should be a minimum of half the strength and capabilities of a ‘General’ unit.
But considering the variables, Location: near main orgone energy source (the ocean) Climate: These things operate at top efficiency when the water is 80-90 degrees. Pipe Configuration: Great! Potential Column Style! And you have it next to another unit. They’ll support each other.

All the chemicals and stuff they put up in chemtrails are attached to a “single hydrogen molecule” so that it can float and not drop straight down. That’s why the skies are so colorful in the morning and evenings as the light hits these chemicals, basically oil(hydrogen) mixing with water(moisture) making any color in a rainbow.

It’s been my experience, visually only, that the orgone pushes all this stuff straight up where the Sunlight and it’s Radiation will kill all the really nasty stuff.

The air around here now is noticeably crisper and cleaner. You can tell the difference, and others can to, up to 50 miles away.

D.C. is a small congested city. But unless you are traveling directly behind a car or truck spewing thick exhaust, you will not smell any fumes or pollution at all. And I travel the city daily. And live 50 miles away,so I’m aware of most things there and inbetween there and Frederick and surrounding cities.

It shouldn’t hamper your rain-making plans, unless you bring to much rain. Then, it just might stop it. When the California Drought Slayer General Unit went up, New Mexico was being pounded daily by torrential rain and flooding like crazy, for days!!! Within 2-3 days of that unit being set up, maybe sooner, those massive stalled rains, ceased and the system moved on, never to return, even though they said it would.

You could see them on futurecast doppler and on the news about other major storm systems building up off the Mexican Baja Coast, but they never arrived with fury, just rain…in Southern California…WHERE IT NEVER RAINS!!! They have songs about it “It Never Rains In Southern California”

Good talking to you again. You are going to love that unit! Let it charge, watch it work!


I’ll get those PH Tests Strips off soon. I’ll have to go to the actual Post Office, since it’s overseas.


Metal attracts Orgone Energy. With all the individual pipes you have, and the number, the energy will be very active jumping around from pipe to pipe. More active orgone should lead to a more active unit!

Again…Way To Go!


Mar 11

Hi Wade.

I’m glad that you like the second unit.

The bucket size and pipe sizes were largely determined by what I had lying around the house and workshop.
The component parts were left over from a Reich Cloudbuster project that I had running for a while in a ‘closed loop’ system.

It was very strong but had negative side-effects on people living close by so I dismantled it.
The pipe-configuration was just a guess; I decided to space them fairly evenly across the lid rather than set them in bunches.

Drilled individually; they’re going to seal better and let less rainwater in.

I saw a YT video clip recently that showed that the base slurry that’s sprayed as Chemtrails is actually Coal Ash waste from coal-fired power stations.

I’m sure that they add specific poisons for particular areas though.

This is a familiar story:

The Sodium Fluoride that is added to drinking water in so many places is just waste from aluminium factories that is difficult to dispose of otherwise.

I’ll keep you posted of my results but things look very positive right now.
Once again; thanks for all your help and advice.

I’m very pleased to be acquainted with you and your wonderful device.

All the best.


Mar. 12

Hi Wade.

You’re right about the pipe position in the water.

When I set the larger unit up; I didn’t know to set the pipes resting on the floor of the bucket and had them extending only about half way down to the bottom.

I was a little disappointed at the performance of this unit but I figured that it would improve over time.

Then I got your email and pushed all the pipes as far down as they’d go and immediately the sky became more positive with the effects of the chemtrails fading fast.

Since then; the sky has become steadily darker with heavy rainclouds.

For all their chemspraying; they can’t get rid of the clouds in the mountains and it frequently rains up there whether monsoon season or not.

The energy in the mountains of Bali is legendary and I guess they find this hard to overcome with their chemical concoctions.

I love the rain and understand it’s essential value to Nature in general and the Ether in particular.
It’s nice when it’s sunny too but I hate to see the monsoon season artificially defeated by a bunch of weather-wars morons.

This unit is great as it offers something of a permanent solution to institutionalised environmental degradation.

All the best.


Mar 13

Hi Dan

I like very much the new knowledge you’ve provided about Aluminum. That could help start a whole new campaign! It appears to be even stronger than copper as a cloudbuster/rainmaker.

I also like the new design. You have to give it a name like The Ripsaw or The Bali Tiger or something 🙂 I’ll carry it.

You also have a nice website. Very clean and professional.

Keep up the great work and keep me posted.

I’m sure we will continue to learn from each other.

Good Luck with everything!



Mar 13

Hi Wade

By all means use my name; perhaps just Dan.

I’m not one of those paranoiacs who thing the world is crawling with CIA agents.
Actually I’m kind of pleased to be generally associated with positive innovations.

I’ve always liked Aluminium; mainly because it’s cheap so more devices can be made for less money.
Also; it seems to work just as well as Copper and doesn’t rust like steel.

I worked with Virgil Grenier on his Aegis CB which I quickly renamed the Induction CB as it sounds more technical and less new-age.

He was making them with Copper pipes but I made them less that half the size and with aluminium pipes.
This rendered them virtually ‘giftable’ and people started mass-producing them and giving them away.
Same sort of thing is likely to happen with your Alkaline Water Rainmaker.

No great ideas about a name for the aluminium-piped version of your device; perhaps just quietly change the specs from Copper to Aluminium and keep going as before.
The guys on the Rainmaking Technology facebook group used aluminium pipes and got good results almost overnight.
I think they were quite impressed.

I’m actually really surprised that nobody’s trying to bust the drought in Australia.
They’re so lazy over there; just sit around waiting for the government to grant them drought-relief funds.
I hope your post will inspire someone to make some rain there.

All the best.


PS. It’s just started raining again here.


Mar 14

Hi Dan.

Aluminum may work even “Better” than copper. You’ve convinced me!

I may change the specs from Copper to Aluminum, but I won’t be quiet about! This is a major deal! Less money, and it seems like more power.
I may check my funds to think about adding Aluminum Pipes to “The General” Unit. I’ll also notify others who are using Copper pipes of the changes.

In fact I’ve already changed the specs, I just haven’t done the Post/Article yet.
You’ve been a Great Help Dan, keep up the good work and as always, Keep Me Posted.

Thanks, and Good Luck with everything!



Mar 14

Hi Wade.

I found that Aluminium pipes worked pretty much the same as Copper pipes and it’s interesting that you feel that Aluminium actually works better.

My concern was just that Copper was so ridiculously expensive.

The 15 gallon unit seems to be working well and producing lovely weather.
Beautiful skies, cool temperatures and a great feeling in the area.
Unfortunately it still gets overwhelmed by Chemtrails which they spray very aggressively whenever there’s any serious cloud build-up.

We don’t get those multiple stripes, tic-tac-toe in the sky and although the trails disappear quickly; there effects don’t.

The clouds dissolve leaving a pale blue hazy sky with little or no wind and obviously no chance of rain.


This is the sky right now.
After a night of chemtrailing; it’s been steadily building towards rain.

Whatever area-specific poisons they add to the mix; Chemtrails naturally dissolve clouds and (around here, at least) they’re obviously following a Drought Agenda.

Clear skies, blue skies, light cloud etc will see little or no chemspraying but as soon as the clouds build up and threaten rain; they spray in earnest with constant over-flights until there is no longer any possibility of rain.
Essentially the more powerful any rainmaking device is; the greater amount of chemicals are required to be sprayed until the required drought conditions are met.

From terrestrial observation; it seems be that the chemicals from above dissolve the clouds while the orgone from below restore it.

This frequently results in long periods of highly restrained, sparse light rain from apparently total cloud cover.
If they were to stop spraying the clouds; they would certainly build into proper rainclouds but they continue until they’re gone.

I’ll give it another week or so but it’s looking like I’ll need to source a 50 gallon plastic drum and set up a General unit in the hope that it will defeat the ever more intense chemspraying required by the effects of ever more powerful orgone projectors.

I wonder if the pipes that I already have will be sufficient for the big unit or whether their small diameter and length will restrain its full potential.

They have been cut now to around 5’ lengths and the larger of my units has 12 of them.

I shall probably need to dismantle the smaller units if I build the BIG one as I don’t have enough space for them all.

Please let me know when you post the new article as I’d like to read it.

All the best.



Mar 15

Hi Dan,

I will be Mailing out your PH Test Strips today, in about an hour or two. I hear it takes 10 to 12 days for our mail to arrive at it’s destination in Bali. Hope it reaches you sooner.

Thanks for everything.



Mar 27 (9 days ago)

Hi Wade.

Thanks for sending the Test Strips that just arrived.

I just moved my small unit to my house in Java; about 100 Km away as the crow flies.
As it now contains freshly alkalised water; it’ll probably take a day or two to charge up but it seemed to be working pretty much straight away.

I’m interested to see how these units perform if set at some distance from one another for better coverage (rather than sitting side by side in my garden).

Certainly with Orgonite TBs; a pile of ten has considerably less effect than if the ten were spread out evenly across a larger area.

The main result of setting these units up is that the chemspraying has intensified greatly.
My larger unit (and the only one here in Bali) is just 15 gallons and I’m interested to know how a larger 50 gallon unit would perform.

I’m going to source a big plastic dustbin this week and some aluminium pipes.
One inch pipes are readily available here and I assume that I can find larger diameter pipes too.

An Australian friend has just settled in the suburbs of Perth in SW Australia and asked about rainmaking/drought-busting technology.

He’s build a couple of directional accumulator tubes to reduce the effects of remote HAARP stations to his north and intends to build a G2 unit soon.

He’s very new to this kind of tech but is a handy sort of chap and has worked in the building trade so it should be easy for him.

Thanks again for sending the PH strips; much appreciated.
All the best.


Mar 28 (8 days ago)

Hi Dan,

I was starting to think the test strips wouldn’t arrive. I’m glad they did.
They only work wet. No instructions, but they all work the same by testing liquid (wet).
Since I now know my letters will get there, if you need another pack of Test Strips, for yourself or someone else, just let me know.

The smaller unit will mimic the capabilities exactly, of the bigger unit thus extending the range and effectiveness. It’ll be just like having your bigger unit there. It’s one of the good things about these units. If you have one powerful unit as and anchor, smaller units can be set up, to 50 miles away and they will mimic the strength of the main/primary unit exactly. All the skies between the units and surrounding area, will be totally protected.

Note: My main unit is really only 33 Gallons. I just like calling it a 50 Gal. since that’s what my original specs. called for. And I think it sounds better. But it’s only 33 gallons. Same as the unit in California. 30 gallons seems to be plenty for ‘General’ chemcloud-busting, drought-busting and weather mitigation. The “G” in Guardian/General really stands for ‘General Purpose’.

Rule of Thumb; the more water, the greater the horizontal range / the longer the pipes, the greater the height range.

When I first started, others said the chem-spraying had intensified also. But here, they hadn’t really intensified as much as people thought. The skies were just so much clearer, that you could actually see what they were doing. We still get regular X’s and crosses in the skies, but they never last long. This is all show, to say “We are still in charge!”

They are not. Before, they could block out the Sun here for days or weeks. Now they are down to hours, unless they bring in a rain system. But rain is good. So they really aren’t winning there either. Chem-fall, the dropping of chemicals to earth from spraying chemtrails, has totally ceased here. I haven’t seen chemfall in years.

I’ve seen them pump up the entire sky with chemtrails and 2 hours later or less, they are all gone.

It actually still amazes me at how quick and how hard they can respond to a threat to their weather control/chemspray agenda.

The very first G1 Unit (5 gal./(8) 3/4″ copper pipes) brought us uncontested good weather for 2 full months. It took them only 2 weeks to respond to the (30) gal. unit in California. With you, they responded almost immediately.

Note: My very next Post/Article will be titled Fury Over Bali, and will be mainly about your efforts in Bali, and your contribution in knowledge about Aluminum Pipes. And Our efforts, yours and mine, to help defeat drought in Australia. I’m behind at the moment.

Bottom line: We have 70%-80% beautiful skies and weather, where before we had none. No Drought whatsoever. No Pollution. No Chem-fall whatsoever, that I have seen since 2012. No long, heavy thunder storms and flooding. No direct hits from Hurricanes within 300 miles.

They will come at you hard, if you are effective. That’s actually part of your proof! If you were ineffective, they wouldn’t care.

As a side Note:
I did testing with those accumulator tubes or similar also, during my short rain-making phase, before I realized the “G” units were effective rainmakers, far out-ranging any W.R. rainmaking units. I discovered that metal thickness/mass matters greatly.
* I could produce rain clouds with thin metal tubes or plastic tubes wrapped with sheet metal, but no rain. They were too weak, no matter the pipe diameter.
* I could produce strong but short Rains using copper tubing. But they didn’t last long, took 24 hrs. to produce and I couldn’t control anything about them.

But both units were capable of ‘locking the wind’ into a certain direction. I would find a dominate wind direction and set the units up facing the wind at a 45 degree angle. I noticed but didn’t take into account then, that whenever I pointed these units into the wind, the wind would blow in that direction until the unit was taken down. At least 24 hrs. I always took them down after 24 hrs.

WR was said to be able to control wind direction. I never could…or at least didn’t know it was possible with these types of units. And I stopped trying because both units produced Grey cloudy skies, and I love the Sunlight. So I just stopped even trying.

If we can influence wind direction, that gives us another tool to use. Example, bring warm air up from the south to combat cold northern arctic air forced southward thru haarp. Or if you see a storm being forced your way, you could create a counter-wind to help steer it in another direction. Pure speculation of course.
I haven’t worked with these ‘accumulator tubes’ in years. But it seems like you have. What are your thoughts on “wind direction influence”? What have you noticed about ‘the wind’.

NOTE: All Cell Phone Towers are Mini-Haarp units. They are extremely powerful when many are used together. (Hundreds)
Anything less than hundreds can easily be overcome by any ‘General Unit”. But when they combine thousands of these units, like they did in California to overcome that unit, it takes but a small push to overcome even them. And these are some of the most powerful weather control tools in their unholy arsenal. A little additional push from some wind in the right direction, may be all that is needed to totally and easily overcome even these units.

Glad to have met you. You could be opening a whole new chapter in our struggle against the Weather Controllers/Haarpsters.




dragon a-man-without


Mar 29 (7 days ago)

Hi Wade.

Thanks for the offer of further test-strips but I imagine that the present pack will last me some time.
My larger unit tested at 9% so I upped the PH to around 12% by adding a handful of Soda Ash (sodium carbonate).

Moving the smaller unit to Java had little effect on the skies here in Bali so it looks as though you’re quite right about it working the same even though no longer right here.
Increasing the PH didn’t seem to make any difference yesterday but today there’s much more cloud around (although it doesn’t appear on the satellite image) and some of it looks quite dark.

The monsoon season is usually defined by the wind blowing from the West.

It’s been blowing from the East for about a week now so I assume that it’s no longer the ‘rainy season’ as they call it here.

Looking at the animated satellite images; the direction of the clouds follows the flow of the Ether and not necessarily the wind.

The cloud always flows from West to East whatever the local winds are doing.

This was a point of some curiosity for me before I realised the ‘etheric’ connection.

I’d see the clouds following the wind across the sky above my garden but the satellite images showed the broad banks of clouds flowing in the opposite direction.
From this; I’d say that preservation of the flow of the Ether is far more important than the flow of the wind.

Here’s a screenshot of a current satellite image of Australia which I got from this site: [ http://www.weatherzone.com.au/satellite ]

australia weatherzone

The cloud crossing the west coast comes from the Indian Ocean to the west.
It is usually completely blocked by the HAARP stations at Broome, Exmouth and Geraldton on the coast.
This results in a constant drought across Australia due to the disruption of the etheric flow across the continent.

I have a couple of Accumulator Pipes pointed due south from Bali at these coastal stations and it seems to weaken their capability to disrupt the etheric flow.

There’s also another pair of pipes facing north from Perth for similar reasons.

As you can see; this has resulted in the free flow of the cloud across the border.

There’s a large cloud bank at Broome associated with the remains of a tropical cyclone that was controlled across the north of Australia but began to fizzle out around Darwin and weakened to nothing when it came to the area south of Bali apparently under the protection of the Accumulator Pipes.

Another tropical cyclone built off the coast near Port Hedland and was forecast to remain out at sea following the coast before dissipating in the Indian Ocean.

In the event; it tracked due south across Exmouth and Geraldton and finally pegged out north of Perth.

I had a Reich Cloudbuster trained on Exmouth for a week or so last year and cloud immediately began building in the area around the HAARP facility there.
It dropped more rain in one night than at any time since records began and it continued raining until I dismantled the device.

I haven’t noticed the wind changing direction due to pointing the Accumulator Pipes.

The weather today is becoming increasingly cloudy and cool.

They’ve been spraying constantly for the last week or so although the skies have remained blue.

The obvious difference has been the near total lack of cloud despite having at least one Alkaline Water unit running.
It seems that today they’ve decided to take a break as the clouds are returning fast.

I’m also very glad to have met you, Wade.
It’s refreshing to find someone with a clear practical attitude to counter weather-modification.

All the best.


Mar 29 (7 days ago)

Hi Wade.

Your mention of the length of the pipes relating to altitude reminded me of a similar experiment I did with a Croft CB some years ago.
I noticed that although it ‘cleared’ visible chemtrail lines in the sky; there was a residual haze at a higher altitude.

This was visible mainly at sunrise and sunset when the oblique rays of the sun picked out this high-altitude layer and turned the sky totally white.

Before sunrise; there were crisp stars in clear a sky and the sky was clear blue after the ‘white phase’ (with similar dynamics at sunset).

I added an extra yard to each CB pipe and got a thunderstorm out of nowhere that lasted a couple of hours.
After that; the ‘white phase’ never returned.

Accordingly; I just added some length to four of my 12 ‘G’ unit pipes and will report on any results if I get any.

As for wind: when I had my little Reich Cloudbuster running; I noticed the wind blew in whatever direction I pointed it but it was a fairly local effect.
I never noticed the wind changing in response to the alignment of my Accumulator Pipes.

Further to my observations on the apparently reduced operational capability of the HAARP stations to my south; the free flow of cloud past Exmouth, Broome and Geraldton continues and even threatens to reach Perth which is highly unusual.

Remember that my friend has had a couple of Accumulator Pipes pointed northwards at the HAARP facilities for about a week now.

You can animate the images across 3, 6 or 12 hour periods up to the present time at: [ http://www.weatherzone.com.au/satellite ]

australia weatherzone2

The red dot marks an apparently stationary but continuously growing spot of cloud in mid ocean and (coincidentally) exactly in the sights of my Accumulator Pipes.

This spot of cloud now seems to be feeding the dense cloud currently flowing across Port Hedland.

This area is usually totally dry due to the flow of the Ether being blocked by the array of HAARP stations along the coast.

I only mention this as circumstantial evidence of Remote Drought-busting.

All the best.



April 5 – 1:42 PM (2 Minutes ago)

Hi Dan,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

It’s taken time to check Australian weather to confirm your Drought Slayer Status, and add that to the Post/Article.
It’ll be done within a day or two. You should like it.

Welcome to the Club…Drought Slayer!





April 5 – 8:43 PM (3 hours ago)

Hi Wade.

If you’re updating your article about Australia; you might like to add that there’s now a G2 unit at Perth with a brace of Accumulator Tubes pointing at the HAARP stations at Geraldton and Exmouth the the north of Perth.

My friend just sent me a few photos of the sky which was previously chemtrailed to hazy grey and now looks like this:

Australtia G2

The local HAARP stations don’t seem to be working the way they used to and cloud now flows unrestrained over the western coast of Australia.

It appears that they are down to Chemtrails only which are easily dealt with by the G2.

All the best.


{ Perth Sky }

April 5 – 9:57 PM (2 hours ago)

Hi Wade.

An incidental update on the situation in Perth where the new G2 is:

Heavy cloud crossing the coastline in the south-west:

australia weatherzone3

Note the grey chemtrailed area of the cloud north-west of Geraldton.

This is probably out of range of the G2 at Perth.

This is what the sky looks like right now (photo taken this morning).


All the best.



April 5 – 12:34 AM (19 hours ago)

Hi Dan,

You caught me in time. This will be the 3rd time I have to change the title and add information.

Things are happening so quick I can barely keep up!

Orgone Energy moves quick. Hours, not days!

That is great and exciting news about the other Australian Drought-Slayer!

I told you that you were going to open a whole new chapter! 🙂

The New Post should be done by Monday night.
Working Title: AUSTRALIA DROUGHT BUSTED – FURY OVER BALI: Birth Of A Drought Slayer – Actually Two!



April 6 – 4:01 AM (16 hours ago)

Hi Wade.

Sorry to mess you around so much with added information about Australia.

As if to illustrate how fast things are moving; another friend of mine just built a G2 in New South Wales:

Australia nsw g2

This is his facebook post on my Rainmaking Technology group page.

Dense cloud still over Perth.
The chemtrails are stopping it rain but they haven’t been able to eradicate the cloud.

australia weatherzone4

Note also the dense cloud enveloping Bali (red dot on the satellite image above).

Here where the G2 is; we’re now enjoying the first rain since I built the unit.
Thunderstorms over the whole area as I write.

Also of note are the many spots of raincloud along the Queensland coast.
I’ve never seen this before and it just happened within the last hour or so.

I think their weather-modification agenda is in serious trouble.

Don’t forget to send me the link to your new article when it’s finished.

All the best.


{ Perth Update }

April 6 – 6:22 AM (14 hours ago)

Hi Wade.

Apparently it’s pouring with rain in Perth now for the first time in ages.
Seems the G2 finally won against the chemtrail assault.

All the best.




{ Australian Rainfall }

April 6 –

Hi Wade.

Australia is usually dry and dusty so all the more surprising that it now seems to be raining all over the place.
See Perth (bottom left) which rarely gets any serious rainfall.

There’s a HAARP facility just north of the town of Alice Springs in the centre of the country (and centre of the drought) all the more strange that it’s raining there.

Australia Rain

Bali rained hard yesterday and last night (and threatening rain right now).

Seriously anomalous as the monsoon season ended a month ago.

Beautiful skies, high humidity and a lovely feeling everywhere.

These G2 units are wonderful devices and I thank you for sharing them with the world.

All the best.



April 7 – 1:59 AM (1 hour ago)

Hi Wade.

Nice article which accurately represents the huge developments in Australia.

The only thing that occurs to me is that the most common reaction to reading that the Australian Drought is Busted is to just sit back and wait for it to rain.

It may do just that but Australia is a big country and is fairly bristling with HAARP arrays and it may take another few G2s and a bunch of strategically-pointed Accumulator Tubes before we can be completely complacent.

The Accumulator Tubes have played a major role in the ‘remote’ aspect of what has been achieved.

What the Perth Drought-slayer and myself like to call ‘the gateway’ on the west coast was apparently opened by remotely ‘disabling’ the HAARP stations at Exmouth and Geraldton that were previously responsible for cutting the etheric flow from the Indian Ocean across the coastline to drought-stricken Australia.

Without this ‘gateway’ being opened; the situation would be quite different.

The HAARP facilities seem now to be virtually inoperable and for the time being at least; the weather-wars boys are down to Chemtrails alone.

They’ve been trying chemtspraying the cloudbanks over the ocean in a vain attempt to clear them before they make landfall.

This is desperation tactics indeed and quite ineffective because the clouds are reassembled by the positive Orgone charge as soon as it makes landfall (an ironic reversal of the situation that they’ve been used to over the last few years).

Whether the general Australian public receives the ‘Drought Busted’ news with complacency or not; it will only take a few good souls in strategic areas of the country to finish the job properly and I have a feeling such people are stepping-up even as we speak.

The rate of requests for membership of the Rainmaking Technology facebook group accelerated sharply when the impressive results from the G2 trials started coming in and looks set to continue.

Thanks again for sharing this technology with everyone.
All the best.


April 7

Hi Dan,
Thanks. I’ll Add your words to the Post.

I know what you’re saying and I thought about that also.

And then I thought, “These spectacular results didn’t happen until you set up your units.”

Just like with organite, if anything major was going to happen, it would of happened by now.

So I really believe, it was the water based units that made all the difference in the world.

Without them, we’d be back at step one.

Just my thoughts.



April 7 – 4:06 AM (12 hours ago)


I quite agree.

The G2 units are pivotal to the Drought-Slaying program but everything plays its part (even the impressive orgonite gifting of the Australian cell towers in recent years).
Orgonite has done local good but it’s no match for HAARP and Chemtrails.

I don’t really see how a G2 unit can disable a HAARP station a thousand miles away although it protects a huge area in impressive fashion.

I never thought that the Accumulator Tubes would be so good at disabling HAARP and I only tried it as a casual experiment for want of anywhere else to point them.

It was only when I saw a line of cloud stretching from southern Bali across the sea to Exmouth that I started looking more closely.

I’ve had stronger results with a variation of a Reich Cloudbuster but it had negative local effects as I mentioned before so I dismantled it.

The Accumulator Tubes look far less powerful but have the advantage of being cheap to make, have no local negative effects and require no maintenance whatsoever.

I think it creates a pencil-beam of Orgone flow which continues for hundreds or even thousands of miles without dissipating.

This line in the etheric field can be used to carry intention (in this case against Exmouth and Geraldton) in fact that intention is implicit in the decision to point them in that direction.
So the Accumulator Tube is simply a carrier for Intention; the etheric field does the rest.

The fact is that a well-positioned etheric force (even a relatively weak one) is virtually indestructible whereas these stupid electromagnetic transmitters are actually very fragile.
There’s a certain amount of supposition and circumstantial evidence there but we have substantial empirical results for which I see no other explanation.

Accordingly; I’d always recommend pointing an AT or two in the direction of the nearest HAARP station in order to reduce the electromagnetic opposition to the G2 which works all the more strongly for it.
The two devices seem to work very well together.

All the best.


April 7

Hey Dan,

You could very well be right. I actually agree with you.

But… America is 3000 miles long. And all it took was (2) Drought Slayers and (2) G2 General Units to defeat All Drought across the land. We are having only a small issue with California. But the rest of the West Coast, Oregon, Washington State and neighboring States are drought free and getting regular rains.

I didn’t mean that the G2’s can disable a HAARP System. What I meant was that they can Defeat HAARP’s ability to bring and sustain a drought. I still stand by that. HAARP Systems aren’t that hard to overcome with orgone energy. It’s GWEN/CELL PHONE Towers that can bring the power of Haarp right up under and within an area under the protection of an Orgone Unit that even worries me a little. And 2 Units can even easily overcome them. G2’s have the power to defeat droughts up to 1500 miles away.

That may surprise you, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. I just make it sound like it does. I’m well aware of the fact that since 2012, the only droughts in America, were on the U.S. West Coast. 5-6 States out of 48. That ain’t bad 🙂

HAARP can still create large weather systems outside the range of the Orgone Units, alot of work on their part, for very short term results or gains.

But that is neither here nor there. They must be defeated while at full strength no matter what weather control tools they use. And as far as I’m concerned, you are more than able to now handle anything they can dish out. G2’s can steer away Hurricanes!

You and your Crew have all the tools you need to direct the Protection of Bali and Australian skies with whatever tools you deem best. And if you look around, you’ll most likely notice that you are having positive effects other places within 500 miles of you.

You have the power, just as I do. Go for it!!!


Note; Interesting that you mention INTENTION as a tool. I 100% agree. I don’t mention it because I already sound crazy enough claiming to be able to bring rain and Bust/Slay Droughts. 🙂

But the fact is, on more than one occasion, the moment I made up my mind to modify the weather, it started to change before I even got the Unit fully up. Funny that you should mention that too. 🙂



April 7 – 4:11 AM (12 hours ago)

Just as I sent that last email; my friend who lives about 10 miles away sent me photographs of an approaching storm in Bali:






My G2 is under the darkest bit of the second image.

All the best.


April 7

Oh My Goodness!!!

That’s outrageous!!!

I mean, how many times am I going to have to MODIFY this Post/Article? I can’t leave out these last three emails!!! Especially the last one!!!

You are having just way too much fun!!!



April 7

Hi Wade.

Then we are in complete agreement.
HAARP must need to set up a critical mass of EMR in order to operate its agenda and this can be disrupted easily by a force as potent as the G2 unit.

Once ‘broken’ the HAARP system becomes inoperable.
A bit like a telephone network without total coverage; it’s essentially useless.

This explains why the weather in Australia improved greatly even though the only Drought-Buster was in Indonesia.
When my friend set up his unit in Perth; the whole weather-modification thing just fell apart.

The ‘critical mass’ no longer applied and so their system (as it stands now) was rendered junk overnight.
I say ‘as it stands now’ because they will no doubt try to beef it up somehow to deal with the challenge presented by the G2s.

It’s always been something of a ‘cat and mouse’ game but now they have tigers to deal with.

I also don’t mention the ‘Intention’ factor for the same reasons.
Most people don’t even believe that the weather can be modified so most of what we know and work with on a daily basis is already branded as ‘crackpot speculation’.

The last thing we need is to be taken for New Age Muppets for going on about Intention.
Notwithstanding; Orgone is an ‘intelligent’ and ‘interactive’ energy and seems happy to carry ‘Intention’ on its way.

Whilst the Perth G2 seems invincible and is drawing huge quantities of rain through the ‘gateway’ on the Australian west coast; the new unit south-west of Brisbane has yet to make any obvious impact on its area.
It may still be charging-up as it was only built a couple of days ago.

There seems to be a permanent circulation system now originating in the Bali area and running west across Java to Sumatra; then turning south across the Indian Ocean and East across the W.Austrlian coastline in a broad swathe between Perth and the defunct HAARP station at Exmouth.

It’s been running for some time now and shows no signs of changing course or intensity.
The two G2s seem to be connected through the ether by this river of cloud.

Apparently unconnected and anomalous weather events prevail:
At Darwin on the north coast; it’s raining very heavily although the surrounding area is cloud-free.
On the south-east corner of Australia; another ‘river of cloud’ making its way down the east coast suddenly curls west to create an area of intense rain.

Headlines on [ http://www.weatherzone.com.au/satellite ] read “Canberra records more than the monthly rainfall average in the past 24 hours” and “We were basically in drought node”: Central West farmers revel in the rain.

Things are looking good for Australia and Indonesia and I’m sure more G2 units will be set up in the near future.

All the best.



April 7

Hi Dan.

You know better than I that, ‘nothing is unconnected’.

That’s just more great and exciting news coming from Bali and Australia.

About that other unit;

What size and length pipes are he using? In today’s environment, you need at least 9″ inches ‘Total Pipe Diameter’ just to not get crushed 🙂

I’m putting out 9″ and you are putting out 12″ from (1) unit alone. Your Total Working Pipe Diameter is 20″ inches. That’s pretty good. 🙂

You also need, I believe, at least 15 Gallons of alkaline water. You taught me that 🙂



April 7

Hi Wade.

This is the Perth unit:

These are 1” pipes.

This is the NSW unit:

He’s using 2” diameter pipes.

How do you calculate the total accumulated diameter of all the pipes in a unit?

Mine seems to be doing well as it is but I have a steel pipe nearly 4” in diameter that I have an idea of setting in the middle of the lid.
Do you think that this would increase its output significantly?

Also; how do you keep rainwater from entering the open ends of the pipes and diluting the alkalinity of the water in the bucket?

I guess it’s no so much of a problem with gentle rain and relatively narrow pipes but with drainpipes and a heavy shower; it would most likely need its alkalinity boosting after every storm.

All the best.


April 7

Hi Dan.

The Perth Unit is pushing 10″ inches. (10) X 1″ inch = 10″ inches
That’s good.

You have (12) 1″ Pipes. 12 X 1″ inch = 12″ inches
You also have a 8 pipe unit. (8) X 1″ inch = 8″ inches
You have a Total Pipe Diameter of 20″ inches all together. (12″) + (8″) = 20″

The NSW Unit looks to have (3) 2″ pipes. (3) X 2″ = 6″ inches.
[ It’s too weak. ] You need at least 9″ inches.
He needs at least 3″ – 4″ more inches. This can be achieved by (2) more 2″ pipes. (2) X 2″ = 4 ///or/// (4) 1″ pipes. (4) X 1″ = 4″

My Unit is (6) 1 1/2″ pipes. 1 1/2″ is 1.5″ …………(6) X 1.5″ = 9″ ……….[ 6 times 1.5″ = 9″ ]
My smaller unit is a 8 pipe unit with 3/4″ inch pipes. 3/4″ is .75″ inches. Not quite 1″ inch. (8) X .75″ = 6″

The NSW 6″ Unit is only as strong as a G-1 Unit. It can easily be overcome.
He needs 2 more 2″ inch pipes or 4 more 1″ pipes, to bring it up to 10″ inches.
He could also easily double it’s strength by just cutting the pipes in half. That will get him (6) 2″ pipes. That would be a good Unit. A 12″ Unit, instead of a 6″ Unit.

Hope this answers your question about Total Inside Pipe Diameter(s)


I don’t worry about rain water getting into the unit. I just check in every so often. Once or twice a week.
But it will maintain it’s alkaline level for a month, sometimes more. And then I start forgetting to check at all.

That’s how they get me 🙂
I forget about it until we have excessive cloud cover or rain or I hear a Hurricane is headed our way. 🙂



April 8 – 9:50 PM (1 hour ago)

Hi Wade.

After a euphoric few days of great weather here in Bali; they managed to fry us out again.
Deep blue skies but with no cloud and searing, dry heat.
Maybe this is the GWEN system in action as I didn’t see a lot of Chemtrails.

There are clouds around today and it promises to be a nice day but they seem to be able to turn up the heat at will and the G2 is no match for such an attack.
Do you think that a 50 Gallon unit would be more resilient?
I remember you saying that water volume relates to horizontal range but does it also make the unit more potent at a local level?
I’m quite happy to make one if it’s likely to be significantly stronger.

What’s your recommendation for total pipe diameter on a 50 Gal G2?
Also: if the accumulated pipe diameter is increased beyond basic recommendations; does its output also increase?

In Australia; it’s still raining in the same places but to a lesser extent.
The exception is Perth where the rain has increased as a large cloud-bank makes landfall:

australia weatherzone5

Note the lack of rainfall across Indonesia.

All the best.


Hi Dan,

Bad News:
Not only do they not regulate heat, they increase heat by 4 Degrees in whatever area they are in. Range unknown.
You are right again, they don’t regulate heat. And like in California, they can disperse clouds with the GWEN System.
It’s just a basic fact and way they can work.

The only protection against a ‘heat attack’ is cloud cover and rain. Both of which, you now have some influence. In California, when they did this, there was only a single G2 to stand up to them within 3000 miles. You are luckier.

To be honest, we’ve had hotter summers ever since 2012. The main two things these units do are; Prevent drought, bring regular rains and bust up chemtrails. If they do lay down trails, the unit will bunch them up into clouds, but they know this by now 🙂

Orgone Energy, in my experience is ‘self regulating’ at 7%-9% or 10%. The units won’t do much when they are 5% or less, in my experience. But when the units are ‘over-alkalined’ 14%-20%, they bring clouds and rain.

Since I love Sunlight, and the unit has always brought us regular rains, I stopped all rain-making experiments in 2012. I hate gray cloudy skies.

I don’t know if we can micro-manage the weather. But we can try!

We can start by cranking up the PH level of you units to 14%-20%, just like you did when you first started. You won’t be able to read the ph levels above 14% with the strips you have so you’ll need ‘rule of thumb’, 1 pound of salt per 5 gallons of water.

You can start with your unit. If that’s not good enough, no need to go up to a 50 Gallon Unit. A 30 gallon Unit should be fine. Minimum of 18″ Total Inside Pipe Diameter. All the pipes you have in one (30) Gal. Unit should be fine.

Remember, they will have victories here and there. They are not dead, just weakened. And they are not really weakened, we just have tools to stand up to them now. And they don’t give up, period. That’s why they must be defeated ‘at their highest strength’. When we do this, we know we can defeat any of their weather control tools.

But in the end, this is basically only an; anti-drought and anti-chemtrail/chemcloud weather mitigation device. Stopping a heavy snow or heavy heat attack requires more units. These units can and do mitigate heavy weather attacks.

You might bring so much rain, you’ll wish for those high heat, cloudless skies you are having now.

Go Luck. Go get them Tiger!

As always, keep me posted.


“if the accumulated pipe diameter is increased beyond basic recommendations; does its output also increase?”
It most definitely should! But, you tell me!

More water should give you more ‘back-end’ power. It will be more resilient.

When you want more rain and more cloud cover, higher ph levels are recommended.
“Just be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. Get it?

end of the drought...by Rafaelll90 Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Conceptual

end of the drought…by Rafaelll90 Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Conceptual



[ weatherzone.com.au/satellite ]

[ wral.com/weather_map_center ]

[ google.com/maps/place/Bali,+Indonesia ]

[ abc.net.au/news/2014-02-26/100-years-of-drought/ ]

[ australia drought 2014 ]

[ australia drought 2015 ]


SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

Side Note: Yesterday when I googled East Coast Drought, all kind of information about the; “Severe” “Dramatic” “Continuing” 2012/2013 East Coast Drought popped right up. When I googled it today…nothing. Like it never existed…

Google just erased an entire “Severe” “Dramatic” “Continuing” Drought from the web!
They are a riot! 🙂

When Internet Giant, Google and The Media decide, they can and do remove all information on any given subject…completely from the internet. Even Major Droughts!

At the Link below you can read how Frederick County was the only MD. County to turn down Federal Drought aid. “We were like everybody else, but the recent rains have helped us and the farmers.” [ Frederick County spared drought, weather damage – Originally published August 04, 2012 ]

This was about 2 and a half weeks after the very first Orgone Unit was set up. A unit built solely for a Proof Of Concept application test.

The G-1, 5 gallon bucket of 7%-8% Alkaline Salt Water with (8) 5’X3/4″ Copper pipes stuck into the lid in a circular pattern.

Since that day, July 25, 2012, there has been no Drought on the entire U.S. East Coast, PERIOD!

I did just find a couple of Posts that said there was a minor drought here or there. But not the multiple; “Severe” “Dramatic” and “Continuing” East Coast Drought Posts that had been there before.

“When they want to, they can just make anything, even a Major Drought, just disappear from the THEIR Web.”


Drought expands throughout USA – USATODAY.com
USA Today
Apr 12, 2012 – The drought is mainly an agricultural concern in the Northeast at this point, says Eggleston. While agricultural conditions in the Northeast could …


Southeast Drought 2012: Georgia, South Carolina …
The Huffington Post
May 29, 2012 – MODOC, S.C. (AP) — The persistent drought across the Southeast … The worst of the drought is also spreading slowly north and east into …


For this reason, we try to show what the Media is and web are currently saying, because it can just disappear anytime:

* [2014 Australia Drought]

How severe is the drought in Queensland and New South …
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Mar 11, 2014 – Justifying the package, Mr Abbott said: Drought of this severity is not the normal … A 2014 report from the weather bureau says Australian …


Drought bites deeper across eastern Australia
www.smh.com.au/…/drought-bites-deeper-acr…The Sydney Morning Herald
Aug 7, 2014 – A large swathe of eastern Australia, including coastal regions from Coffs … an El Nino event in 2014, have contributed the relatively dry period.


Is Drought Becoming the New Normal for Australia? | TIME
Time Feb 14, 2014 – 14, 2014. SHARE. A dead tree stands in front of shallow water and a dried-up area of … Australia’s highly populated southeast and southwest corners are … Millennium Drought of 1995-2012, which changed the way Australia …


Drought fears across southern Australia after months of …
www.theguardian.com › … › Australia › Australia weather
The Guardian
Oct 7, 2014 – Tuesday 7 October 2014 02.08 EDT … Jones said all of southern Australia had below average rainfall in … BOM 24 month drought map 2014.


Australia’s Queensland hit by record drought – BBC News
British Broadcasting Corporation
Australia’s Queensland hit by record drought. 7 March 2014. From the section Asia. File photo of cows in Australia Some farmers struggling because of the …


Drought worsens in eastern Australia: BoM | SBS News
Nov 6, 2014 – Drought conditions are worsening across eastern Australia, the Bureau of … Source: 6 Nov 2014 – 4:35 PM UPDATED 6 Nov 2014 – 8:52 PM …


* [2015 Australia Drought]

Climate Forecast: More Southwest Droughts and Australian …
National Geographic Society
Climate Forecast: More Southwest Droughts and Australian Floods. Global warming will drive La Niña to greater … PUBLISHED January 26, 2015. 0. Picture of …


Farmers talk drought: preparation, climate change and ideal …
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Mar 11, 2015 – At any point in time, somewhere in Australia a farmer is likely to be dealing with drought. What is it like? How do you cope? And is government …


Drought Doco: 03/03/2015, Behind the News – ABC
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Mar 3, 2015 – Many farmers around Australia are struggling with drought right now including 10-year old Ellen’s grandpa. She went to visit him recently and …


Heavy toll as Australian farmers struggle through drought
phys.org › Earth › Environment
Mar 2, 2015 – Mar 02, 2015 by Glenda Kwek. The Australian town of Walgett is at the centre of a crippling drought that has left Enlarge. The Australian town of …

This is the Important one. It says that they are expecting the Australian Drought to start easing.
Between Mar. 9th and Mar. 14th, (2) Orgone Units were set up in Bali, a G-1 and a G-2.

About (2) weeks after both Orgone Units were up and running, we get this;

Drought could ease, with Weather Bureau predicting wetter …
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Mar 25, 2015 – Photo: Weather bureau rainfall outlook, April-June 2015 (Bureau of … South Wales, Victoria and South Australia that have been in drought.


They don’t want Orgone Energy and Drought Slayers to get the credit, so they’ve started a “Media Saturation Blitz”.

“The only thing they predicted was, once Drought Slayers were on the scene, The Drought would be Slain, The Rains would come, and there’s not a (Dam) thing they can do about it! LET IT RAIN!!!”

MEDIA SATURATION: “DROUGHT COULD EASE! bureau suggests most of mainland Australia will have a damp April to June.”

* Drought could ease, with Weather Bureau predicting wetter …
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Mar 25, 2015 – Drought could ease, with Weather Bureau predicting wetter than normal autumn in much of Australia. ABC Rural. Tony Allan. Updated 25 Mar …


* Drought could ease, with Weather Bureau predicting wetter …
Radio Australia
Mar 26, 2015 – There’s been a sudden turnaround in the weather bureau’s outlook for the next three months, with many parts of Australia now expecting a …


* Drought could ease, with Weather Bureau predicting wetter …
Mar 26, 2015 – There’s been a sudden turnaround in the weather bureau’s outlook for the next three months, with many parts of Australia now expecting a …


* Drought could ease, with Weather Bureau predicting wetter …
www.yourlifechoices.com.au › … › General Discussion


* Drought could ease, with Weather Bureau predicting wetter than normal autumn in much of Australia. Sandi (SA) avater 26th Mar 2015 6:01pm. Posted Sandi …
Edwina Farley on Twitter: “Drought could ease, with …


* Drought could ease, with Weather Bureau predicting wetter …
There’s been a sudden turnaround in the weather bureau’s long-range forecast, with many parts of Australia now expecting a wetter than normal autumn.


* ABC News – Could the next three months be a drought…
There has been a sudden turnaround in the weather bureau’s outlook for April to June, … Drought could ease, with bureau predicting wetter than normal autumn.


* Drought To Continue In West Forecasters Predict 2015 …
WASHINGTON – The spring weather outlook for the west issued Thursday by federal … Drought could ease, with Weather Bureau predicting wetter than normal …
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“It’s the exact same thing, over and over again, like a broken record. Like they are trying to drum it into people’s brains or something.



There are so many Orgone Units popping up, I’ve devised a new way to categorize them.

We can use Total Pipe Diameter (TPD)


My G2 Unit has (6) 1 1/2″ copper pipes for a (TPD) of 9″ inches. (6X1.5=9) Thus it’s a 9″ Inch Unit.
I also had (2) smaller G1 Units. (8) 3/4″ copper pipes each. (8X.75=6) I.E. 2X6″=12″ (1) Was 44 miles away in D.C.
9″+12″=21″ Total Pipe Diameter (T.P.D.) 21″ Inch Unit
Note: a Single G1-6″ or 8″ Inch Unit can be easily overcome.

Dan D. Bali’s Unit has (12) 1″ inch aluminum pipes. (12X1″= 12″) Thus he has a 12″ Inch Unit.
He also has a smaller G1 Unit. (8) 1″ Pipes, (6) gallons. (8X1″=8″) Thus it’s a 8″ Inch Unit.
That’s a total of 20″ Inches. Way to Go Dan!

(3) 2″ inch pipes would be a 6″ inch Unit. (3X2″=6″) And so on and so on.

We could further categorize them by Gallons per Unit, but this is enough to start.
G2 = 15 to 50 Gallons
G1 = 5 to 6 Gallons

If you want to build your own powerful unit, costs have gone up. When I built my G2 General unit, 1 1/2″ copper was $43.45 per (1) 10 foot length of pipe. It’s now $63.45. $20 more per 10 foot length. Or about $60-$100 dollars more per unit.

But I’ve located a great price on 1 1/2” Aluminum Pipe at $22.69 per 6 foot section with free shipping over $50. U.S. only, I’m sure, but you can check.

[ Tubing, 1.43 In ID, 1 1/2 In OD, Aluminum – by VALUE BRAND ($22.69 /ea) ]

With (6) of these, you could build a powerful 30 Gallon or 15 Gallon 9″ Unit.

Our Newest Unit utilizes (12) 1 1/2″ Aluminum Pipes in a 30 Gallon Container to create the “Super General” 18″ Unit at 7%-9% PH Balance.

At 14%-20% PH Balance, the Unit becomes “The Storm-Bringer”, our most powerful unit yet! It’ll bring rain and lots of it within an estimated 24-48 hours, maybe sooner. 5 days at the outside.

To turn off the Unit, you must dump out the water, refill and re-alkaline to 8%-9%, and the Weather Mitigation capabilities of the Unit will kick in.

WARNING: This unit is not “Set and Forget” when in Storm-Bringer Mode! This unit is Active and must be manned! You must be ready to “Dump” the water at any time.
In Standard G2 “General” Mode, it’s still “Set and Forget”, except for periodic Alkaline Level Tests.

Of course, this is all theory. I haven’t built or tested this unit. But based upon what I know and the knowledge of others…this is what is expected.


This unit was designed for Australia, but it looks like they don’t need it now 🙁




Bali World Music, Gus Teja, Morning Happiness


The Balinese traditional Bambu & flute Music