February 20, 2018

EZ-PASS HELL PT. 4: Highway To Hell – Facist Bank/State Scam! – “Be Warned, Beware!” NO MORE TOLL ROADS IN AMERICA! – T.D.P.


“I think paying money to the E-ZPass is like paying money to the Mafia.”

“The local governments can run it just as badly for a savings. At least their inept company won’t get huge profits for doing a horrific job.”

“EZ Pass is the epitome of bad government getting in your pockets.”

“E-ZPass is a Facist, Bank and State Scam”

“The Politicians must know about this scam, why aren’t they doing something about it! It’s ridiculous!”

“WHY should we pay for Toll Roads? Our Taxes are supposed to cover Transportation Road building and maintenance!”

“Ez Pass..my ASz. It’s a total scam and rip-off! If you use it, Be warned and beware!”

These are just a small sample of the extremely angry comments to the below story by Fox News handled through the Huff Post. Strange thing is, when we went back to retrieve the Post and it’s comments for this story…they were all gone. Not a single comment was listed under the Post. ZERO!

There had been well over a hundred. Now there were none. Fox News had removed every single comment. At least through the Search Engine FireFox. No where on FireFox, even getting the story from the web, were there comments to the story.

We tried going through Google Chrome, and located the story from Fox News there. And as it turns out, it had some comments. 13. It had 13 comments, where before the Post had well over a 100. And these weren’t the same comments.

There are Games Afoot with the Web/Internet!

We normally don’t carry Main Stream Media News, but since we did several Posts on the subject 2 years ago, and promised a Part 4, well here we are.

EZ-PASS HELL PT. 4: Riding The Highway To Hell – The Nightmare Continues!

E-ZPass Express Lane Drivers who paid thousands in fines want refund

Posted: Nov 25, 2014 9:34 PM EST Updated: Nov 26, 2014 11:17 AM EST



Tuesday and Wednesday are the worst days of the year for traffic. Many of you who use the 495 Beltway will take the E-ZPass Express Lanes in Virginia to save a little time. But as our FOX 5 investigation series has shown, a glitch on your E-ZPass account can end with you getting sued for fines like $17,000 and more.

Our investigation pushed the company that operates the roads, Transurban, to change its policies last month.

They now offer “first-time forgiveness” and cap lawsuits at $2,200. But many say that’s still way too high for missed tolls. And many drivers, who have already paid whopping fines, say this new policy is unfair to them. They want someone in power to hold Transurban accountable and get some of their money back.

Chris Lane saves about a half hour each way of his commute from Fairfax to Rockville by using the 495 Express Lanes.

But the saved time wasn’t worth it to Chris when he got sued by Transurban for $31,000 for less than $50 of missed tolls. He wasn’t guilty but took a deal.

“I was scared if I hired a lawyer and went to court and lost, I’m then liable for all $31,000, plus paying a lawyer. And I didn’t want to risk that. So I took the bargain that they offered me,” Chris said in an interview.

I asked if he thought $4,600 was really a “bargain.”

“No, it’s a complete rip-off,” Chris replied.

Chris’s E-ZPass account was linked to a credit card that had fraudulent activity. While he had a backup credit card on his account, the toll charges didn’t default to it.

Chris said he never got a notice about the missed tolls. But suddenly he got summoned to court because he was being sued by Transurban.

“Who are the people who are making these prices up?” asked Chris. “What justification and what checks and balances do they have? Who do they answer to?”

Transurban paid Virginia a billion dollars to operate these beltway lanes.

Now that Transurban has capped the court fines to $2,200, I asked Chris what will happen to people like him who were forced to pay much more than that.

“My hope would be someone would be able to step in or somehow — at least refund the money above and beyond the $2,200. That’s $2,400 just for myself,” said Chris.

Miranda Ford was in court with Transurban just last week.

Miranda missed $27 in tolls. She was sued by Transurban for $6,000 and settled for $1,100.

Miranda admits that her E-ZPass account didn’t have enough funds. She monitors it daily, but she didn’t know that Transurban lumps the tolls together days later.

Just like Chris, Miranda said she never got a notice from Transurban, and then it escalated to a lawsuit.

“Anybody — consumer or otherwise — they should say this is wrong,” said Miranda. “There’s no way to justify it. Tolls from $27 going to $1,100 – and that’s supposed to be a reduction!”

She is frustrated that Virginia does not allow class actions lawsuits. She can’t understand why no lawmaker will help people.

“If the politicians are allowing it, what can we do? Vote someone else in? They should be on our side, but they’re not. It doesn’t seem like anyone’s on our side,” said Miranda.

Rachel Amarti put her E-ZPass transponder on her dash for a while. It worked just fine on the toll road part of her commute, but apparently it didn’t get picked up by the gantries on the 495 Express Lanes.

So Rachel missed $111 in tolls. The result? Transurban sued her for $25,000.

“It really is highway robbery,” said Rachel. “You’re driving on the road. You think everything’s paid. You have your transponder, and it is okay.”

The kicker is Rachel paid the $111 tolls twice! She paid it when E-ZPass sent her a notice and again when a collections agency called.

But Rachel folded to Transurban’s hard-nosed lawyers in court. She accepted a plea of $3,600.

“If you’re summoned to go to court, and you have all the documentation, why shake you down?” asked Rachel. “Have a conversation with them. Settle for whatever the toll was — not for whatever they want to get out of it. They’re just making money over money.”

This single mother is still feeling the pinch from that unplanned expense.

“I think there should be some kind of recourse and you get paid back,” she said. “Pay the fine for the $111 — and a $200 fine for that. But really — $3,600? That makes no sense.”

Like Miranda, Rachel said Virginia politicians need to get involved.

“What’s the recourse for this?” she said. “How can you charge somebody who didn’t commit a felony or misdemeanor — it’s not even a traffic violation — it’s a toll.”

These massive fines for missed tolls will affect even more people when Transurban’s new express lanes on 95 South open up in December.

“It’s a shame they’re being given more area to control because it’s that many more people that they can potentially take advantage of,” said Chris.

Transurban’s spokeswoman Pierce Coffee declined to be interviewed for this story. She sent us a statement:

“Since the start of the First-Time Forgiveness program, we have helped more than 300 customers and waived or reduced fees at each stage of the enforcement process. No first-time violator is going to court for more than $2,200. Implementing this new approach will hopefully help all travelers avoid issues and escalating fees. But to implement the policy fairly we had to choose a starting date and apply the rules evenly across the process. Any rulings made in the Fairfax County court system by a Fairfax County judge stand.”

So for those of you traveling on the E-ZPass lanes this holiday, be sure to check that your account is linked to a current credit card and your license plate. You should also make sure the DMV has your current address. And if you are concerned that the gantries missed your transponder, you can call 495 Express Lanes to check your account.

SOURCE FOX NEWS.com { drivers-face-thousands-of-dollars-in-fines-from-e-zpass-495-express-lanes }


ez pass screw

EZ Pass NY has HORRIBLE business tactics
EZ wrongfully signed my bank account up for automatic payment.After speaking to someone and being told to have the transaction cancelled through my bank I was told was free and clear from anymore issues and the bank information had been removed.

Four days later EZ pass again deducted $250 from my account. THis time the transaction had gone through. After speaking with a supervisor she told me I would receive my full $250 refund in 20 days. I called EZ pass today and was told they are only refunding me $167 dollars.

It has been nearly a full month I’ve been waiting for my full refund and now I find out they are not giving me a full refund after I was told I would receive one.

The customer service representative was rude the supervisor I spoke with today sounded like he could’ve cared less.They are very unprofessional and everyone tells you different information, I’m completely disgusted


E-ZPass Hell – Rockville, MD. $1500 In Losses

I’m disappointed in how much money is invested into paying $8.00 / day on the icc plus all other toll roads ,

Then you get a letter in the mail even though you did what you were supposed to (buying an EZ pass) and mounting it on your windshield.Signing up online.

The letter states I owe $1500.00 of that $1200 is administrative fees. Ok you call and get put on permahold or nooone answers then you get hung up on. Let me tell you something. I am paying here not you, and when a paying customer needs service or has a dispute you should have staff that’s capable of assisting .

Or how about you sell us ez passes that work correctly, after all I spend over $100 in tolls a month. get it together and fix this!

Its unfair!So everyone knows My ezpass account shows the transactions paid for on my pass, but i’m being billed again on another “account” and Ez pass keeps sending letters even after I’ve sent back a signed affidavit with proof.


Ez Pass – E-Z Pass Shock You When You Do Auto Deposit – Albany, New York

Our trucking company has been running back and forth on the clean up for Hurricane Sandy.E-Z Pass was taking $900.00 two to three times a week from my credit card.

Without any warning they took $28000.00 from my card. I was shocked. One one will help you at e-z pass. When my statement came a week later in small print, I was told they were changing the deposit they would be taking from me.

I think this is a bunch of !@*!, I was also shocked with the credit card company, because my line of credit is know where near $28000.00 and they paid them anyhow. They told me it was to late to do anything for me.

I have credit card protection you would of thought they would have called me.Now I have canceled e-z pass and fighting them to get my money back.

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There were dozens of more Comments from the Fox Post we wanted to bring, but they were removed. That means this is a Touchy Subject, they don’t want Americans coming together on. Let’s see if we can change that!


We pay our Taxes for certain Services. Transportation Infrastructure is one of those Services!

It’s time for Politicians to Step Up…or Step Down! Put our Citizens to work, or find New Jobs yourselves!

It’s time to set a New Course, a new direction for ourselves and our Country. It’s time to get off this Highway to Hell!

T.D.P. Admin.


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