January 20, 2018

MEGA-DROUGHT WARS COOLING OFF: California Heat Siege Lifted – Entire West Coast Receiving Regular Rains {California/West Coast Weather Wars Round 2 – US}




The entire West Coast of the U.S. is now again receiving regular rains. Actually, the Heat Siege of California was lifted within a week of our last post; MEGA-DROUGHT WARS HEAT UP. The temperatures lowered from the 90’s to the 70’s almost overnight.

Since about Oct. 15, the weather has seemed to be pretty nice. Washington, Oregon and Northern California have been getting good regular rains. In Mid and Southern California, they are only getting about half as much rain as everybody else. But with the cool and comfortable weather, they don’t mind as much. “The Bake” is over. The oven has been turned off.

Like I said in our last Post about this subject, the end would be Anti-climatic. No big deal. And it was. They’ve now defeated all regular weather control measures including HAARP and GWEN. Now it’s Backlash Time for “Them”. And that may have consequences “They” have not anticipated.

In the Harpsters/Weather Controllers Major Heat Attack upon California and the West Coast and disruption of the Jet Stream, they have completely thrown off the natural weather pattern for the entire United States.

I follow U.S. Weather and Patterns on a daily basis. And I’ve been seeing things that are stranger than usual. Rain Weather Systems are traveling clear cross country in almost a straight line from west to east. These systems are mixing with the Gulf and Atlantic Weather Systems which is bringing the East Coast rain from almost all directions.

We’re dealing with it with no problems at all so far. But when I see rain systems crossing the entire U.S. now, I pause to think great thoughts.

We are now getting regular rains in places like Arizona, Nevada and others. Could the two General Orgone Accumulators be working together to end all drought in the U.S., as well as parts of Mexico and Canada? Could this be a New Weather System Country-wide. Washington State, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, California, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, And even New Mexico are all getting regular rains. Even many parts of the Mojave Desert are getting rain.

In the 10 day forecast for Death Valley, 10-31-14, the temps range from 76 to 95 degrees. Not bad for the Hottest place in America. Not bad at all. And there’s only (1) 95 degree day and (2) 90 degree days. The rest are 76 to 88 degrees! That’s Cool! We’re talking a place that can reach 100 degree or more, daily.

Like our West Coast Drought Slayer G.H. is fond of saying; “We need more Rain Makers!”

It’s time to think big. Total U.S. Coverage of Orgone Energy and Weather Mitigation/Protection. TOTAL! We could do it with just 7 to 9 (G-2) units spread around the country. (2) more on the West Coast, (2) more on the East Coast and (3) more in Middle America, North to South.

Soon we’ll launch a “Natural Skies Across America Campaign” of some sort or name. But the Goal, no matter the name, will be the same. Beautiful Skies, Regular Rains and No More Drought, anywhere in America. Time to make Deserts Bloom. Hey, that’s a good name, Operation: Desert Bloom! 🙂

This is the True Democracy Party of America. We represent and stand for, not only all Americans, but all of America, (the land), also. And when we say ‘Land’, we mean our “Skies” too.

desert bloom