February 25, 2018

WEST COAST MEGADROUGHT BUSTED!: N. California, Oregon, Washington State, Now Getting Regular Rains! “Almost the Entire West Coast!” Ca. Megadrought Downgraded To “Historic” And “Exceptional”

end of the drought...by Rafaelll90 Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Conceptual

end of the drought…by Rafaelll90 Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Conceptual


California / West Coast Megadrought downgraded to “historic California drought” and “exceptional drought.”

Accu-Weather shows Rain Precipitation Probability of 50%-100% on Thursday for Northern California, Oregon and Washington State, and a 100% Rain Probability for all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Northern California for Friday. That’s the entire U.S. West Coast except for Southern California.

Doppler Future Cast, echoes these early weather forecasts, as does Northern California news casts and weather blogs.

They all received some rain last week. They will all see rain this week. And in all likely-hood, they will get more rain next week. They have alot of catching up to do!


Northern California Weather Blog
I have worked as meteorologist in northern California for over 40 years. The intent of this blog is to explain/discuss the current and expected weather for northern California.

Weather Discussion for Monday September 22, 2014

Wednesday Night: Cloudy with light rain or showers. Min temps 54 to 59. South wind 5 to 12 mph.

Thursday: Cloudy with showers. Max temps 69 to 74, Southwest wind 10 to 20 mph.

Thursday Night: Partly cloudy with evening showers. Min temps 52 to 58. Light wind.

Friday: Partly cloudy with a chance of showers. Max temps 72 to 77. Southwest to northwest wind 8 to 16 mph.

Friday Night: Partly cloudy with a chance of evening showers. Min temps 54 to 60. Light wind.

Saturday: Partly cloudy with the chance of showers. Max temps 73 to 78. Light wind.



The Mainstream Media is no longer covering the California/West Coast Megadrought, Weather and Wildfires with the same zest of only a week ago. Here are a couple of the only post-Orgone Posts/Articles we could find online.

The Huff Post gives us a “Start From” record in dated-pictures which we can use to monitor progress, and The Vatican and Reuters News Agency jump in trying to stir up fear in the World Populace.

Watch California Dry Up Right Before Your Eyes In 6 Jaw-Dropping GIFs
The Huffington Post | By Lydia O’Connor and Chris McGonigal
Posted: 09/18/2014 4:49 pm EDT

California is drying up.

“This is a big deal,” California Governor Jerry Brown said at a ceremony Tuesday as he signed into law a trio of bills regulating, for the first time, the state’s groundwater use. As of Thursday, almost 60 percent of the state is facing “exceptional drought,” the most severe level of dryness measured by the U.S. Drought Monitor.

But if you’re not living in a community dependent on bottled water rations, farming land that’s projected to lose $800 million in crop revenue or watching raging wildfires ravage your drought-parched town, the historic California drought may still feel like little more than a headline.

To fully grasp how desperate California is for relief, we’ve created six before-and-after GIFs that will show you how badly the drought has dehydrated the state in just the last three years.

california-drought-ba-900-6The Green Bridge passes over full water levels near Bidwell Marina on July 20, 2011, in Oroville, California, and much lower levels on Aug. 19, 2014. Credit: Getty Images


california-drought-ba-900-1The Green Bridge passes over full water levels near Bidwell Marina on July 20, 2011, in Oroville, California, and much lower levels on Aug. 19, 2014. Credit: Getty Images


california-drought-ba-900-5Full water levels are visible in the Bidwell Marina at Lake Oroville on July 20, 2011, in Oroville, California, followed by current drought levels on Aug. 19, 2014. Credit: Getty Images


california-drought-ba-900-4Full water levels are visible behind the Folsom Dam at Folsom Lake on July 20, 2011, in El Folsom, California, followed by current drought levels on Aug. 19, 2014. Credit: Getty Images


california-drought-ba-900-2Full water levels are visible in the Bidwell Marina at Lake Oroville on July 20, 2011, in Oroville, California, followed by current drought levels on Aug. 19, 2014.


california-drought-ba-900-3The Enterprise Bridge passes over full water levels at a section of Lake Oroville near the Bidwell Marina on July 20, 2011, in Oroville, California, followed by current drought levels on Aug. 19, 2014.



Shocking Before and After Photos of California Mega Drought!



Climate Change To Trigger Longer, Fiercer ‘Megadroughts,’ Study Warns

Posted: 09/22/2014

By Chris Arsenault

ROME, Sept 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Climate change will unleash megadroughts in the coming decades worse than anything seen in the last 2,000 years, new research warns.

In semi-arid regions such as the U.S. southwest, there is an 80 percent chance of a drought lasting more than a decade, according to a study published in the Journal of Climate.

The paper from academics at Cornell University, the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Arizona combines historical data on droughts with new climate models looking at changes to rainfall patterns caused by global warming.

One ominous scenario puts the chance of a drought in the United States lasting more than 35 years at 20 to 50 percent.

The burden of drought will also fall heavily on subtropical countries in the developing world, including across the Mediterranean, western and southern Africa and Latin America.

“Risks throughout the subtropics appear as high or higher than our estimates for the U.S. Southwest,” researchers wrote.

Previous megadroughts are believed to have caused the collapse of once strong civilisations, including Khmer empire of Southeast Asia, which fell into chaos in the 14th century.

The U.S. dust bowl of the 1930s, caused by roughly a decade of drought, forced a mass migration away from parched fields and worsened the Great Depression.

Researchers said the severity of drought would be worsened if global warming is not checked.

“Future drought severity will be exacerbated by increases in temperature, implying that our results should be viewed as conservative,” they said.

“These ndings emphasize the need to develop drought mitigation strategies that can cope with decadal and multi decadal droughts in changing climates.” (Reporting By Chris Arsenault; Editing by Ros Russell)



An extensive study of world drought published in Scientific Data for the past 30 years has found that there has been no increase in droughts world wide. The areas impacted by droughts are constantly changing, but the percentage of the earth that is under drought conditions remains about the same.

This study said that it combined drought history and climate models to come up with this scary prediction. The climate models are not working in this area. They predicted that California would become wetter, and now it is in a drought.

This is just another article fabricated in an attempt to scare the world into taking making extremely expensive changes to our energy system.
– B.D.L.: Oregon Institute of Technology



In the 70s drought, it was predicted that it would take 10 years to fully recover but then we rebounded and recovered in only about 2 years. (In the 70s, they were only looking at 100 years of data at the most, and that data spanned two major droughts, so the projected averages may have been low)

From a meteorological perspective (not a water resources, reservoir capacity point-of-view), much of northern/coastal California needs 18+ inches of rain in the next month to end the drought.


3 to 6 months! PERIOD!

The G-2 type Orgone Accumulator Cloud-Buster, doesn’t only bring water from the air, it also raises watertables from below.

In Frederick, MD. and Washington D.C., the drought ended within 2 weeks to a month, and has not shown it’s head since.

In Frederick, MD. Jul. 25-Aug. 25 2012, there wasn’t enough rain to end the drought and bring up all the ground water tables in that short of a time frame. So the only answer must be that the G-2 type Orgone Accumulator Cloud-Buster also raises ground water tables from below in the same manner that it does above ground.

This little known theorem cuts recovery time from a drought by 50%-75%. GOOOO ORGONE!


[ CALIFORNIA MEGA-DROUGHT BUSTED! By Orgone Energy, T.D.P. And G. H. – “Rise Of The Drought Slayers! – Guardians Of Orgon!” ]

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