February 22, 2018

RESCIND THE FED – END FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING: The Creature From Jekyll Island, The Beast From Greece! “Sign Of The Sun-Gods(Ancient Aliens)”



The first coins ever to be recorded on earth were gold and silver denominational coinage minted by the Lydian’s around 600 BC. The Lydian coin pictured above, called a third stater (or trite) but perhaps the largest denomination of its type and without question the most common.

This coin was minted around 600 BC in Lydia, Asia Minor (current-day Turkey), a country in close proximity to both the civilizations of Mesopotamia, from which ideas about money and much else originated, and the Greek colonies in Asia Minor, through which ideas about coinage and much else spread.

The techniques were quickly copied and further refined by the Greek, Persian, Macedonian, and later the Roman empires. Unlike Chinese coins which depended on base metals, these new coins were made from precious metals such as silver, bronze, and gold, which had more inherent value.

World’s First Coin: The Lydian Lion

The above coin is smaller in diameter than U.S. half dime but is thick as a pebble and weighs almost as much as a U.S. quarter. It’s made of electrum, an alloy of gold and silver called “white gold” in ancient times (50-60 percent gold with these coins). At the time of its minting, it may have been worth about a month’s subsistence, a sizeable chunk of change.

The above coin is a more refined and more attractively rendered variety of the same type minted a decade earlier. One of the many fascinating aspects of this coin is the mysterious sunburst above the lion’s eye.
eye sunlighteye sunlight py
NOTE: The Sunburst or Rays of Sunlight above an Eye is an Ancient Egyptian/Sumerian/Inca Sun-God Symbol, and denotes, who controls the Money, and has from the beginning. “He who has the Gold, Makes the Rules” As then, as today.

The Lydian’s invented a way to verify if gold was pure or not, they used a black stone that was like jasper and later became known as the touchstone.

The goldsmiths would rub the gold object against a set of 24 needles containing varying amounts of the 3 metals: gold, silver, and copper. The 24th needle of course was pure gold, thus creating the system to show that 24 carats is pure gold, (carat is a word derived from the Greek word Keration.)

SOURCE: http://www.coinace.com/gold-denominations-rare-coins.aspx




If you goggle; ‘the federal reserve is fraud’ you get “About 28,700,000 results (0.30 seconds)”.

If we can prove the Federal Reserve committed Fraud, they can have their Contract Rescinded, and all the monies they have gotten from the U.S. Government from their inception in 1913: MUST BE RETURNED! Proving the Federal Reserve as Fraudulent, will be easy.

Banking is, to put it bluntly, a strange and unique business. The industry is centuries-old, and the legality of its operations has been questionable since inception. I am referring specifically to the practice of bankers lending out claimed reserves.

The underlying chicanery behind fractional reserve banking has existed since the days of Plato. Modern technology has not negated the rationale used to discover and affirm natural law. Binary codes on a computer screen do not create a new reality.

4 simple rules to help fix the U.S. and World Economy.

1) Fractional Reserve Banking is Fraud, and should be Ended.
2) Money should be created free Of Debt, (DEBT FREE).
3) Money should come into the Real (Non-Financial) Economy before it reaches financial markets and property bubbles.
4) Banks should not be allowed to Create Money, out of thin air – from nothing.


“We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board of governors and the Federal Reserve banks.

The Federal Reserve Board has cheated the Government and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt.

This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government.

It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Federal Reserve Board, and through the corrupt practices of the money vultures who control it.”

“Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are not Government institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers, foreign and domestic speculators, and swindlers. Those 12 private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this country by bankers who came here from Europe.”

– Congressman McFadden, who was chairman of the House of Representatives Banking and Currency Committee for ten years


Rescission – (LAW) The act of rescinding; the cancellation of a contract and the return of the parties to the positions they would have had if the contract had not been made; “recission may be brought about by decree or by mutual consent”

The abrogation of a contract, effective from its inception, thereby restoring the parties to the positions they would have occupied if no contract had ever been formed.

The True Democracy Party doesn’t just want to “End The Fed”, we want to “Rescind” them.

An Act Of Rescission:
The TDP has our eyes on the $16 Trillion Dollars the Fed has given away over the past 8 to 10 years.
We want that money back. Every cent.

And any additional billions or trillions they give away to foreign banks or to “Too Big To Fail” US banks.
What would we do with money? SHELVE IT!

We would cancel it out and Print New Debt Free US Treasury Notes, as needed.

The banks will cry foul, but you must understand one thing. For every dollar we have given them, they have created nine dollars out of thin air. If we gave them $10 trillion dollars, they turned around and made up $90 trillion out of nothing.

Yes, believe it or not, this is how the Fed works.

So whatever money we take back from them, they have already made up nine times that amount, out of thin air.
We will take this money out of circulation, and thereby strengthen the remaining money in circulation.
Since the Federal Reserve was created, the US Dollar has lost 96% of it’s value. The very thing that the Fed was supposedly created to prevent.

They have been a complete and utter failure at the job they said they would do, and we want our money back, period. Of course the Fed will say: “There are no US Laws that we have to follow. We can’t be charged with breaking any US Laws.

We can’t be Charged with breaking our own laws and rules. We have total immunity from ALL LAWS.”
This is actually correct. They paid off Congress to make them immune from all US Laws. But laws can be changed.
A True Democracy Controlled Congress would Repeal or Rescind any Federal Reserve Immunity Laws within 30 days. And the following day, we would start Rescission Proceedings.

We would also Repeal or Rescind the Patriot Act, which by default, would automatically cancel out The Dept. of Homeland Security, and a multitude of other heinous, expensive anti-liberty, anti-freedom laws, regulations and security departments, that are based upon it. But that’s another story.

Whatever we need, to do whatever we want, this is the immediate seed money to get started. Converted into debt-free treasury notes first though.

This is a law and practice that is constantly being used against citizen’s. Especially in the Healthcare insurance industry.

If they fail to weed you out in the screening process and fail to find any thing to stop you from having much needed medical care, they have one more trick.

-Rescission: Rescission Department’s, re examine all your records. And if they find anything, no matter how small, that “they” think is a little fraud, they pull all the money paid to hospitals and doctors, and force the new patients and doctors to fight each other in court for payment.
“What’s good for the Goose, is good for the Gander.”

We can also recover up to $4 trillion per year if corporations pay; They’re fair share of Taxes, and for minerals taken off Public lands and not paid for. Gold and platinum come to mind.


The British Fractional Reserve Banking System Is Destroying America!

Fractional Reserve Banking allows a very small group of people to create/make money out of thin air, from nothing.

They use this FREE MONEY to both buy and control the Political System and Corporations and they use these to Destroy our Country and Start Never Ending Wars – “Perpetual War” they call it.

“They” Poison the Air, Water, Land and Food supply. They also control all Media; TV, Online, Radio, Advertising, Movies, etc. and quite effectively hide most of what they are doing and lie about the rest.
But it all stems from their total control of “FREE MONEY”, which they get through the British Fractional Reserve Banking System.

Recently during a drive into Virginia from Maryland I noticed all the beautiful trees were gone from along the road/highway. It looked like a ‘war zone’, ugly. I knew a massive construction project was now underway there.
The land was being Raped/Destroyed for more commercial purposes. “Paving over trees to bring in a new parking lot” I believe a song said once.

Where did the money come from to destroy this land? A Loan – The British Fractional Reserve Banking System!
If they couldn’t make up money out of thin air, this might not be happening!

“Repeal the Fed or face another, bigger Fiscal Cliff Government Shutdown” Same news, different title.
Unless we Repeal or Rescind the Federal Reserve System and the British Fractional Reserve Banking System, we aren’t doing anything that will change anything.

We must End the Federal Reserve System, before they End US.

*** The only real question is “What do we replace it with?”
We now agree with The Daily Bell who said changing the current system from Private to Public will do nothing. It will still be controlled by the same people!

The People who control the Banking System already control the Government.
Moving control of the Banking System to the Government from the banks, does nothing but install and codify a FRAUDULENT SYSTEM into the Government.



The last thing we or our Government needs is “INSTITUTIONALIZED FRAUD”. It has enough fraud already. Why write it into LAW??!!

The Creature From Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin 360p

The Creature from Jekyll Island – one of the classic expose’s of the treachery and thievery we call “The Federal Reserve” – which is curiously neither federal, nor is it a reserve. No one cuts to the center of the issue quite like Griffin.

This is an issue which impacts nearly every aspect of your material life, since you probably earn and buy almost everything you have with “Federal Reserve Notes”.

The IRS, too, is but little more than a collection agency for the “Federal Reserve”. Find out the truth and the history of this evil which strangles our society.





Slavery was known in civilizations as old as Sumer, as well as almost every other ancient civilization, including Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, the Akkadian Empire, Assyria, Ancient India, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Islamic Caliphate, and the pre-Columbian civilizations.


Ancient Greece
Slavery in ancient Greece

Records of slavery in Ancient Greece go as far back as Mycenaean Greece. The origins are not known, but it appears that slavery became an important part of the economy and society only after the establishment of cities.[11]

Slavery was common practice and an integral component of ancient Greece, as it was in other societies of the time, including ancient Israel and early Christian societies.[12][13][14] It is estimated that in Athens, the majority of citizens owned at least one slave.



Most ancient writers considered slavery not only natural but necessary, but some isolated debate began to appear, notably in Socratic dialogues. The Stoics produced the first condemnation of slavery recorded in history.[14]

During the 8th and the 7th centuries BC, in the course of the two Messenian Wars, the Spartans reduced an entire population to a pseudo-slavery called helotry.[15] According to Herodotus (IX, 28–29), helots were seven times as numerous as Spartans.

Following several helot revolts around the year 600 BC, the Spartans restructured their city-state along authoritarian lines, for the leaders decided that only by turning their society into an armed camp could they hope to maintain control over the numerically dominant helot population.[16] In some Ancient Greek city states about 30% of the population consisted of slaves, but paid and slave labor seem to have been equally important.[17]

SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_slavery

NOTE: The Sumerians and the Pre-Inca were the very first Humans to Worship Ancient Aliens as Gods I.E. Sun-Gods or those who came from the Sun.

The very first thing the Ancient Aliens did was Enslave Humans.
When OUTRIGHT Slavery didn’t work, They Destroyed/Killed most Humans in a World Wide Flood.

“After The Flood/Deluge”, they Created Religion, Racism, War and then Money/Gold!! to enslave us in a different manner(Economically), “By Consent” and force, only if nessesary.

When Money Equals Debt / Debt Equals Slavery

We must take the “Debt Out Of Money”(Debt Free Money), and “Money Out Of Debt!!”