February 22, 2018

The SANDY HOOK/T.D.P. FREE HOUSES FOR ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS CAMPAIGN: “Sandy Hook: Whole City Got FREE Houses!” – True Democracy Party


It appears that the U.S. Government, The I.R.S., The Federal Reserve, and the World Bank, have all conspired to cover up the debacle known as the Sandy Hook Hoax, by giving away or paying off all the houses in Sandy Hook, Conn. But not only the houses, but all the businesses also had their property loans paid off.

All is explained in the Below video. You will learn that this was done through the I.R.S., who works directly for the Federal Reserve, who in turn works for the World Bank. Yes it’s a mess. Time to “take the Red Pill” because we truly do live in a Matrix of lies and deceptions on a Grand Scale. The Matrix Has US but it’s gripe is loosening.

Most people who find out this information are fuming mad. They don’t understand the greatness of this act. At the True Democracy Party of America, WE DO!

The bottom line is simple. If they can do it for them, they can do it for the rest of US. This was done through the I.R.S. and the Federal Reserve by doing nothing more than punching some keys on a computer some where. That’s all.

97% of all Money, is nothing more than blips within Cyberspace. A few key strokes on a computer. That’s all money is nowadays.

And if they can punch a few computer keys and give a whole city free houses, then they can do the same for the rest of us. It’s only fair!

Who will lose money. NO ONE! Don’t you understand, 97% of all money only exists inside computers. It’s Not Real!
It has only the value that we allow it to have.

Americans aren’t slaves to money. It’s worse than that. We are slaves to nothing! We are slaves to air! We are slaves to a few strokes on a computer, WTH!? Do we want to be slaves to a got dam computer! Buck That!!

So we and others quickly realized an opportunity to launch a New and Exciting “Free Houses and Homes For All American Citizens Campaign.” or the Sandy Hook Inspired “H.A.H.F.A.A.C./ Hah-Faac Campaign.

Since the True Democracy Party believes in FAIRNESS, it shouldn’t be right for just those who already have houses and homes for them to be paid off. What about the other American Citizens who don’t have homes. Do we perpetuate a program of the “have’s versus the have not’s”. The exact same got dam system we have now that leads directly to the problems we face as a nation together. The same system that separates Americans from each other.

A system that takes from everyone forcing those who have to defend what little they have left from those who have virtually nothing. This is not the best we can do!

We can do much, much better than this.

This is exciting news! Free Houses and Homes for all American Citizens and Businesses. You see, they also gave away free property to most of the Businesses in Sandy Hook also. We will do the same!

Whatever they did in Sandy Hook, we want to Institutionalize Nation Wide. Nothing would help the Economy more. Nothing.

Who will pay for this giant housing give-away. Haven’t you learned anything yet? 97% of all money doesn’t exist!
But to ease your mind and soothe your soul, we already have plan.

THE PLAN TO PAY FOR THE: Free Houses and Homes For All American Citizens Campaign.” or the Sandy Hook Inspired “H.A.H.F.A.A.C./ Hah-Faac Campaign.

It’s simple as pie. We have already started a Rescind The Fed Campaign. Once the Fraudulent 1913 Federal Reserve Charter Contract is Rescinded, we will have access to multiple Trillions of dollars. And we will want at least a 20% Slice of the profits made from that money. On top of that, we also want “Recovery Fees.” It will take an army of Accountants to locate this money, and we think they should pay for that also.

Oh yea, this program will pay for itself.

So even if the below video isn’t correct, we have a plan in place, in spite of, that will pay for everything!
After watching the below video, you will see just how easy this will really be.

These are great and exciting times to be alive. But in order for this to happen, we will need to educate others and we will need to organize at the State, Town, and Neighborhood levels.

We can’t do it alone.

This is the beginning of a New “True Democracy Party of America” Campaign. And we will need the help of many other Americans. The Sandy Hook Inspired, Free Houses and Homes For All American Citizens Campaign.

Sandy Hook: Whole City Got FREE Houses!


A friend of mine was raised in Newtown Ct all her life she lived there and knew every inch of that town. She moved only two years before the hoaxed school shootings. She said that elementary school was closed in 2006-2007 and had not been used since. It was vacant because they built a new one elsewhere. She said the whole thing is made up but she has no idea how they got it done. Another guy has a video where he accessed the internet use chart for the schools address off the cable companies website and internet use is zero since 2007 NO INTERNET USE IS IMPOSSIBLE UNLESS THE SCHOOL WAS CLOSED just like my friend said it was. I have no problem believing they re-set all the property records in Newtown to cover up paying off the mortgages of all those who agreed to participate or keep their mouths shut to benefit from the government scam.


if you go to google earth and you look at the timeline changes you can see the changes to the play ground and outside area after 2007…so that would mean google earth is in on it to?


All you fuckers come on here and try to call this man names. I dont see you making videos to debunk him. You all think ” my government cant and wont do this to its citizens”. You people are living in a fucking fantasy world. OH YEAH, WHY DID THEY TEAR THE SCHOOL DOWN?


This is 100% true. This was a hoax from top to bottom.
They must of spent a $billion or more setting this hoax up. (including houses)
All to GET YOUR GUNS for the UN. THIS is how much they want them!


this is freaky but to pull off what they wanted to do, they needed an entire town with residents who were in on it too. how else could it possibly have been done. this makes a lot of sense now.

its sickening but its the truth the whole town was in on it. No bodies were shown. actors of children laughing. Something doesnt add up. I woke up 2 years ago and have been researching ever since we are truly living in a matrix time to take the red pill because once u wake up from the lies you wont go back to sleep. Most falseflags have occured before going to war.


The truth is there are very few Newtowners that DONT have $0 listed on their houses in 2009. Properties that were bought within the last few years show the sales price. All others show $0 sold on 12/25/2009.


If it was a “glitch” don’t ya think they would have fixed it by now? I just checked Rosen’s house and it still says his house cost him ZERO dollars on December 25, 2009
Ashley Smith via Google+


The majority of homes in Sandy Hook, were mysteriously purchased on Christmas Day 2009… I didn’t think you could buy a property on Xmas Day.

Sandy Hook residents were “purchased” on 12/25/2009.

The City and the State were bought.


If this was a glitch and it only effected all of these houses back in 2009, then why is it 2014 and it is still not fixed? It wasn’t a glitch and it did happen.


I’m looking this stuff up now. It’s all there. They have had more than enough time to fix the so called glitch. Why haven’t they?

The ppl who’s homes weren’t payed for, what did they get?


No glitch, the truth is there are very few Newtowners that DONT have $0 listed on their houses in 2009. Properties that were bought within the last few years show the sales price. All others show $0 sold on 12/25/2009