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SUPER HEALTH, ANTI-DISEASE — LONGEVITY, ANTI-AGING: S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol And The Arsenal Of Health (AD) “Nature’s Fountain Of Youth!” UPDATE: Quick Look [shad-laa.com]

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INTRODUCTION: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates; Considered the Father Of Western Medicine

WHAT IS THE SHAD-LAA Natural Health Protocol?

Super Health, Anti-Disease, – Longevity, Anti-Aging, — D.N.A. Repair And Maintenance +Overall Pain Reduction:

The Shad-laa D’Naram O.P.R. (it’s full name) is a combination or compilation of several Natural Health and Natural Anti-Cancer Protocols boiled down to a few simple steps/parts that do everything from fighting cancer and other Diseases to weight control, to vastly improving over all health.

It also helps reduce pain from aching bones, joints and muscles, and other ailments that come with age, or just regular wear and tear.

It does such a good job that it can be described as putting some in nearly perfect, pain free health. A kind of Super Health of mind and body. And it does it simply and easily. (Results Vary per Individual)

And a fantastic side effect that wasn’t discovered until years later, was it’s Anti-Aging Properties, that actually seems to slow down the natural aging process by 3 to 4 years, if not more. For every 3 to 4 years that others age, you age about 1…maybe less!

NOTE: It was actually discovered very early that this program REVERSED the Aging Process by years, 10-20 years on average(6 months to 1 year into the program). But the real, noticeable Anti-Aging Properties were not discovered until later.

And the best part is, it does it almost completely All-Naturally. 2-5 natural supplements and food are all that this program calls for to achieve all desired health goals, as set forth within the parameters of the Shadlaa-D’Naram O.P.R. Natural Health Protocol.

Super Health, Anti-Disease – Longevity Anti-Aging, D.N.A. Repair And Maintenance +Overall Pain Reduction

The SHADLAA D’NARAM OPR System combines no less than Ten (10) Natural Health and Natural Anti-Disease Therapies.

On a personal note;
You will recognize the Reverse Aging and Major Health Benefits long before the Anti-Aging aspects of this Personal Natural Health Program. You can ‘Feel’ the Reverse-Aging and Health Benefits. You can’t feel ‘Anti-Aging’!

You can only see and realize Anti-Aging over time, when you see others continue to age, too quickly it seems, and you not only don’t appear to age like others, but actually start looking younger, 5-10 years younger approximately. You feel easily 20 years younger inside with a mental and outward attitude to match.

What’s really weird is seeing young people get older and more mature and you still stay basically the same.

* Should You Buy This Book?…Would I Recommend It To A Friend?? ABSOLUTELY YES!!!
I would and do recommend it to friends and family alike. Those both younger and older. They all have aches and pains or this ailment or that. And who wants to grow old…fast.

* Other Anti-Aging, Reverse-Aging Diets:
I studied many Reverse-Aging and Anti-Aging Diets before i released the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol. You know, checking out the competition. All the big name universities, and famous Doctors, online and off.

I was shocked at what I found. Many talked about the importance of increasing Fruits and Vegetables, Vitamin D, and Anti-Oxidants. But that was basically it.

All those things are vitally important. But they left out the least known and most important Mineral to Anti-Aging on the Planet. The one Mineral that the young have in abundance and that older people have virtually none of! And it’s not Calcium, Copper or Iron. It’s a corner stone of the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Diet, and helps keep you limber and your skin elastic.

They don’t have the number one natural product in the World for maintaining and protecting your D.N.A. A product that is so great at what it does, that Science uses it to clean and maintain D.N.A. during Research. Nothing on Earth does the job this natural mineral does, and it is absolutely Vital for Human Life! And of course, most people never heard of it.

Aging starts at the D.N.A. Level, below that of Cells. So any thing you do to protect your D.N.A., can have life extending benefits.

* They also don’t mention another natural food, “That’s been used for thousands of year”, that has been proven by World Science and Medicine to Protect D.N.A., as well as kill almost every disease thrown at it, including all types of cancer.

* There are even two more natural foods that are not mentioned that both have High Anti-Aging Properties as well as High Anti-Disease properties. And it doesn’t stop there. There are two other natural foods that both have “High Anti-Aging and Anti-Disease properties that aren’t mentioned at all.

This is why I was shocked! They didn’t even discover half the truth and then sat back on their heels like they had done something! And of course, all these items are prominent in the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol.

The problem was that they were only looking for Reverse-Aging and Anti-Aging Protocols and I wasn’t looking for that at all.
I bumped into it completely by accident.

I was looking for Natural Anti-Cancer, Anti-Disease and Pro-Natural Health Protocols. Which I found. But as it turns out, the exact same Protocols are also Reverse-Aging and Anti-Aging. In fact, they may be even stronger at Reverse and Anti-Aging, than they are at Anti-Disease. Maybe!

At it’s Heart of Hearts, this is an Anti-Cancer Protocol, or abundance of such. But comparing this Natural Protocol to your average Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol, is like comparing a 1967 VW Beetle to a Millionaires Car Collection. They both have wheels, but one is much, much better than the other!
And that also goes for your average ‘run of the mill’ anti-aging or reverse-aging diet or protocol.

And all this is accomplished with food and 2 to 5 natural supplements. It so easy…it’s almost as easy as breathing, You could put the whole basic program on a 3″ x 5” Note Card. But it’s so easy, you can’t forget.

It's literally mouth-watering - isn't it - werner22brigitte


*** PLUS BONUS: Yours Free with the Purchase of the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol ***

The GARLIC – APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – HEAT THERAPY: Anti-Disease Protocol is pound per pound and dollar per dollar, the simplest, cheapest, quickest, most powerful, natural anti-disease protocol in the world today, bar none.

It combines (3) Anti-Disease Protocols or Therapies that have been used for thousands of years for natural healing, since the days of Egypt and before.

In 1997, when I started this journey on the Quest for Natural Cures and Remedies, it actually only took about (6) months to settle on this protocol. And it had sustained me for the next (14) years, until it was rolled into the Shad-laa D’Naram OPR Natural Diet System.

This is an Anti-Disease Protocol only. Not Anti-Aging or Super Health or anything like that. It does only one thing and it does it effectively. It fights all sorts of ailments, inside and out.


“I’ve spent thousands of dollars online for information or products, and whether they were worth it or not, and many of them weren’t, none of them, even come close to this BASIC information; in importance, usability or longevity.” – Wade House



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Category: Natural Health Information
Sub Categories: Anti-Aging, Reverse-Aging, Anti-Disease, Anti-Cancer
Number Of Pages: 60

S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol [The Super Foods Diet]

– If you only take in Super Foods, you can’t help but be Super Healthy. Even the Water, Sweeteners and Snacks used in this Program are considered by many to be Super Healthy or Super Foods. How can you go wrong!? – Wade House

The best way to describe the S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol [The Super Foods Diet], is through it’s full name.

The SHADLAA-D’NARAM OPR Natural Health Protocol.
Every letter or Group of letters of the name actually stands for different parts of the system.

S.H. = Super Health
A.D. = Anti-Disease
L.A.A. = Longevity Anti-Aging
D.N.A.R.A.M. = D.N.A. Repair And Maintenance / R.A. = Reverse-Aging
O.P.R. = Overall Pain Reduction
It also includes: T.W.C. = Total Weight Control
(But I couldn’t work that into the name:)

All this is achieved through only a couple of handfuls of different natural products or supplements, so every product(food/vitamin/mineral) must do multiple things.

In fact, every product in this Program except one, is considered a Super Food.
You could easily call this a Super Foods Diet.

All Super Foods do multiple healthy things for the Human Body. Most of them are in this Natural Health Program.

But there is another group of Super Foods that are at the top of the list and must be separated from Super Foods that are only healthy when eaten(internally).

This group of Super Foods I call the “Real SUPERFOODS” or the “Total SUPER FOODS”.

This very small group of Superfoods all have three things in common:
They have all been used for 10,000 years or more, and are considered Ancient Cures and Remedies.
They all do multiple healthy things internally.
They all do multiple healthy things externally, also.

Anti-Aging / Reverse Aging
With fully 80%-90% or more of the Shad-Laa D’Naram Natural Health Protocol Dedicated to Reverse-Aging and Anti-Aging, this could be one of the best Reverse-Aging/Anti-Aging Natural Health Protocols in the World Today!

LIVE LONG! LIVE HEALTHY! – K.I.S. H.A.R.D.! Keep It Simple – High Antioxidant Rich Diet!


Category: Natural Health Information
Sub Categories: Anti-Aging, Reverse-Aging, Anti-Disease, Anti-Cancer
Number Of Pages: 60



(2) S.H.A.D.-L.A.A. Natural Health Protocol [The Super Foods Diet] 4


(32) A.D. EXAMPLE 2 : H10-N5 The Flu From Hell! 43
(35) HEALING BATHS : Hot Mineral Springs At Home! 47

(38) SHADLAA : UPGRADE TWO (The Winter Warrior Variant) 50
(39) The GARLIC – APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – HEAT THERAPY: Anti-Disease Protocol 51
(40) WHERE TO PURCHASE ITEM(S) – OPTIONS: Basic Costs/Duration 54
(41) ADDENDUM(S): Timeline(s) – Total Weight Control (Addendum) – Exercise – Hot Foods – Cancer Treatments; Medical vs. Natural 55



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FDA Disclaimer
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and or information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

NOAH’S TRUTH: Three Versions Of The Flood/Deluge – 13,000 B.C. (Alien Version) 5,700 B.C. (Alien Offspring Version) 3500 B.C. (Human Version-Torah/Bible)

Here you will find 3 Versions of the Famous World Wide Flood Story. One was written about 13,000 years B.C. by an Alien Insider named Enki. Another Flood/Deluge story was written about 5,700 B.C. by Survivors and Alien Offspring. And the third story was written entirely by humans with help and input from “Ancient Aliens”. It was brought to modern man through Religion…The Judaic Torah and the Christian Bible.



“The Flood Myth or Deluge Myth is a narrative in which a great flood, usually sent by a deity or deities, destroys civilization, often in an act of divine retribution. Parallels are often drawn between the flood waters of these myths and the primeval waters found in certain creation myths, as the flood waters are described as a measure for the cleansing of humanity, in preparation for rebirth. Most flood myths also contain a culture hero, who strives to ensure this rebirth.[1] The flood myth motif is widespread among many cultures as seen in the Mesopotamian flood stories.

sumerian cuneiform

The Mesopotamian flood stories concern the epics of Ziusudra(Noah), Gilgamesh(Demi-God RA). In the Sumerian King List, it relies on the flood motif to divide its history into Pre-flood and post-flood periods. The Pre-flood kings had enormous lifespans, whereas post-flood lifespans were much reduced. The Sumerian flood myth found in the Deluge tablet was the epic of Ziusudra, who heard the Divine Counsel to destroy humanity, in which he constructed a vessel that delivered him from great waters.” – Wiki

These are excerpts from; THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God (Ancient Astronaut) Tablets 20-24 ]

These are excerpts only. The actual book shows the Ancient Aliens disgusted with Humans and their constant complaining about being Slaves. And arguing about what to do about it. They decide to send a Deluge/Flood of water and wipe out Humanity in a single swoop. In this excerpt, the argument is left out. And instead of them actually causing the Flood, they blame it on a ‘Cosmic Event’ that is impossible.

In Short, they say Nibiru passed close to Earth and caused this to happen. But Nibiru means “The Crossing” or “The Planet That Crosses Earth’s Path.” The only planet that actually crosses Earth’s Path is Venus.

Venus is Nibiru! Home of the Gods!
That’s why America and Russia have flown over a dozen space missions each to Venus. Landing and taking pictures. Floating around Balloons with Camera’s, etc. All photographs are Completely Censored of course. Don’t believe anything, any government or space agency says about Venus, PERIOD!

It’s not a dead rock surrounded by a Belt Of Fire, with a surface of molten lava. 🙂 It’s the Home Of The Gods!
And thus, it never passes so close to us to effect such great planetary changes. What’s more likely is that they carved off an exact chunk of the Ice sheet with a powerful space based Heat Ray/Beam Weapon of some type.

So they tell us what happened, just not exactly, how.

You don’t go around telling people that; “Hey, we destroyed your whole planet and all the Humans before you.” That might not set well with the “new batch” of slaves, US! Especially when you are about to create a “New Religion, and you want to be worshiped as Gods and Saviors. LOL!

Remember, these are only Excerpts. The books are much better, but these are more than enough to give you a basic idea of what was really going on.

The book is well worth reading even though it has intentional lies in it. Those who control the Press today, controlled it back then also. Even among themselves.

Unfortunately, unless you read the beginning, you will not know who the main characters are. But the story, even at this point is amazing. Did you ever wonder where the water came from to “Flood the entire Earth”? Well they tell us a Cosmic Event caused a large portion of the Antarctica Ice Sheet to suddenly slip into the seas causing massive waves and planetary reverberations.

Ever wonder how and why the Pyramids and the Sphinx were built. The Pyramids were built by “Them” with their technology, as “Set” Planetary Guide Posts for visiting Space Craft. Oh, and did you know there was some kind of Interplanetary Council of some sort that Governs this part of Space? And it was old 13,000 years ago! (In fact, in the beginning of the Book Of Enki, he states that they arrived here some 500,000+ years ago. And even that, others say is a lie, saying they have been here even longer, 2-3 million years or so.

Who’s the Real Alien, if they have been here longer than us. And that’s exactly how they look at it.
Who owns the Farm, the Animals or the Farmer? Answer: The Banks! Everyone has someone over them!

Well it’s all here in these 4 short chapter excerpts of the Lost Book Of Enki.



DATE: 13,000 B.C.E.
Antarctic ice sheet was sliding to the ocean and would, next approach of Nibiru, slide into the sea and cause wave reverberations that would engulf most of Earth.

21 – Galzu Keeps Nibiran Leaders On Mission Earth

The Story:
Enlil planned to let the hybrid Earthlings Enki created — a species created in violation of interplanetary law — drown when, next time Nibiru neared Earth and the Antarctic Icesheet would slip into the sea, inundating all Earth except great peaks. Then, Enlil calculated, the Nibiran gold-mining operations on Earth would end and the Nibirans could return to Nibiru.

Narrative Resumes:
Anu and the Counsel on Nibiru beamed Earth: “’For evacuating Earth and Lahmu prepare.’ In the Abzu [Zimbabwe] the gold mines shut down; therefrom the Anunnaki [colonists on Earth from Nibiru] to the Edin came; … smelting and refining ceased, all gold to Nibiru was lofted. Empty, for evacuating ready, a fleet of celestial chariots [interplanetary spaceships] to Earth returned.” One spaceship brought the mysterious white-haired Galzu (Great Knower) with a sealed message from Anu to Enki, Enlil and Ninmah [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: 208].

“Enlil the seal of Anu examined; unbroken and authentic it was, its encoding trustworthy. ’For King and Council Galzu speaks, his words are my commands.’ So did the message of Anu state. ’I am Galzu, Emissary Plenipotentiary of King and Council, to Enlil,’” he said.

Plenipotentiary Galzu summonsed Enlil’s elder sister and brother, Ninmah and Enki. Galzu told Ninmah, “’Of the same school and age we are.’ This Ninmah could not recall: the emissary was as young as a son, she was as his olden mother.” Galzu told Ninmah she aged and he hadn’t because she’d been so long on Earth. She and her brothers had been on Earth so long that they’d die if they returned to Nibiru, where their bodies could not survive the homeplanet’s netforce.

“The three of you on Earth will remain; only to die to Nibiru you will return.” Ninmah and her brothers must orbit Earth in their rockets when the Antarctic icesheet slipped into the ocean and waves washed over the planet. When the waters calmed, the Leaders were to return to Earth, the only place they could survive.

King Anu’s order continued, “To each of the other Anunnaki, a choice to leave or the calamity outwait must be given. The Igigi [astronauts] who Earthlings espoused must between departure and spouses choose. No Earthling, Marduk’s Sarpanit included, to Nibiru to journey is allowed. For all who stay and what happens see, in celestial chariots they safety must seek.” [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: 209 – 211].

Enlil convened the Anunnaki Council, which consisted of the Leaders’ sons and grandchildren and the Igigi commanders. He said he decided the Earthlings must drown in the deluge.

Enki protested, “’A wonderous Being by us was created, by us saved it must be,’ Enki to Enlil shouted.”

Enlil roared back, “’To Primitive Workers you gave to them knowing you endowed. The powers of the Creator of All into your hands you have taken. With fornication Adapa you conceived , Understanding to his line you gave. His offspring to the heavens you have taken, our wisdom with them you shared. Every rule you have broken, decisions and commands you ignored. Because of you a Civilized Earthling brother [Abael] a brother [Ka-in] murdered. Because of Marduk your son the Igigi like him with Earthlings intermarried.’”

Enlil demanded Enki and all swear not to tell the Earthlings of the impending inundation. Enki refused; he and Marduk stamped out of the Council. But Enki was still reluctant to openly defy Enlil, who, after all, had drawn command of Earth Mission [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: 212 -214].

Enlil brought the Council back to order. Astronauts with Adapite wives and children, he decreed, must move to the peaks above wave level. When the deluge engulfed Earth, repatriating colonists would rocket to Nibiru. “Enki, Ninmah, and I — as well as our sons, daughters and their descendants — will orbit Earth till the Earthlings drown and the waters recede.” Marduk was to shelter on Marsbase; Enlil’s son Nannar would wait out Earth’s flood on the moon [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: 230].

In preparation for the flood, Enki and Ninmah buried their records and computer programs deep in the Iraqi soil. They prepared genetic banks of Earth’s creatures to save from coming flood. “Male and female essences and life-eggs they collected, of each kind two by two … they collected for safekeeping while in Earth circuit to be taken, thereafter the living kinds to recombine. The day of the deluge they waited.” [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: 216].


The Story:
Enlil, Earth’s Nibiran Commander, convened the Anunnaki Council, the leaders’ sons and grandchildren and the Igigi astronaut commanders. He ordered all to hide news of the coming flood from the Earthlings who, he ruled, must drown. Astronauts with Adapite wives and descendants must flee to peaks above the waters. “Colonists will repatriate to Nibiru while Enki, Ninmah and I orbit around Earth with our children and grandchildren till the Earthlings all die in the flood.”

Narrative Resumes:
Enki dreamed Galzu spoke “’Into your hands Fate take, for the Earthlings the Earth inherit. Summon your son Ziusudra, without breaking the oath [swearing not to tell humans] to him the coming calamity reveal. A boat that the watery avalanche can withstand, a submersible one, to build him tell, the likes of which on this tablet to you I am showing. Let him in it save himself and his kinfolk and the seed of all that is useful, be it plant or animal, also take. That is the will of the Creator of All.’”

Enki woke and pondered his dream. When he got out of bed, much to his amazement, he kicked an actual tablet — where none had been before he slept — next to his bed. He searched his home and grounds for Galzu but Galzu’s was not there, nor had anyone seen him, except Enki, in the dream. The appearance of the tablet — a physical object — following a dream or trance encounter with a representative of a higher power — Galzu in this instance — is what Sitchin calls a Twightlight Zone miracle.

“That night to the reed hut where Ziusudra was sleeping Enki stealthily went. The oath not breaking, the lord Enki not to Ziusudra but to the hut’s wall [computer bank?] spoke from behind the reed wall.

When Ziusudra by the words was awakened, to him Enki said, “Reed hut, a calamitous storm will sweep, the destruction of Mankind it will be. This is the decision of the assembly by Enlil convened.

Galzu tells Enki (depicted with his snake icon) to warn Ziasudra (touching the "wall"--probably a computer bank, depicted with Xs across the screens and slots for programs) of the Flood. Galzu guides Enki’s arm to convey tablet (possibly a computer or holo disk. The disk is shown leaving Enki’s hand en route to Ziasudra’s computer) [Drawing from Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: page 194, but interpretation mine.]

Galzu tells Enki (depicted with his snake icon) to warn Ziasudra
(touching the “wall”–probably a computer bank, depicted with Xs across the screens and slots for programs)
of the Flood.
Galzu guides Enki’s arm to convey tablet
(possibly a computer or holo disk. The disk is shown leaving Enki’s hand en route to Ziasudra’s computer)
[Drawing from Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: page 194, but interpretation mine.]

” ’Abandon thy house, Ziusudra build a boat. Its design and measurements on a tablet…. A boatguide [Enki’s son, Ninagal] to you will come. To a safe haven the boatguide will navigate you. By you shall the seed of Civilized Man survive. Not to you Ziusudra, have I spoken, but to the reed wall did I speak.’” [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: abridged from pages 220 -222]

13,000 years ago, “in the Whiteland, at the Earth’s bottom, off its foundation, the [Antarctic] icesheet slipped. By Nibiru’s netforce it was pulled into the south sea. A tidal wave arose, northward spreading.

enki22_02Depiction of Ziusudra’s submersible
[Sitchin, Z., 1995, Divine Encounters, page 95.]

The boat of Ziusudra the tidal wave from its moorings lifted. Though completely submerged, not a drop of water into it did enter. For forty days, waves and storms swept Earth, downing everything on the planet except those on mountaintops and in Ziusudra’s boat” [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: abridged from page 227].

enki22_03Enki’s and Enlil’s whirlwind/hovercraft

Surfacing, Ninagal raised sail and steered to Mt Arrata, where Ziusudra built a huge fire as a signal and roasted lamb as an offering to Enki. Enki and Enlil descended in helicopters (Whirlwinds) from their rocketships.

“When Enlil the survivors saw, Ningal among them, “‘Every Earthling had to perish’, he with fury shouted’; at Enki with anger he lunged, to kill his brother with bare hands he was ready.” Ningal radioed Ninmah and Ninurta to bring their copters down quick.

“‘He is no mere mortal, my son he is,’ Enki to Ziusudra pointing. ‘To a reed wall I spoke, not Ziusudra.’ ”

Enki, joined by Ninmah and Ninurta, revealed his dream vision. He told Enlil of the instructions and tablet Galzu gave him.

Together, Enki, Ninurta and Nimah convinced Enlil “The survival of mankind the will of the Creator of All must be.” [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: abridged from pages 228 – 229].


The Story:
Enlil wanted to kill Enki for defying his order to let the hybrid earthlings perish with the Deluge caused by the passage of homeplanet Nibiru through the inner Solar System and the resulting plunge of the Antarctic icesheet into the South Sea. When Commander Enlil descended to Mt Ararat as the Deluge subsided and he first saw Ziusudra and Enki’s son Ningal and the sub they used to survive (and to also save Ziasudra’s descendants, his village, and genetic starts for flora and fauna), Enlil was so angry he challenged Enki to fight to the death hand to hand. Enki admitted that he’d fathered Ziasudra. Ninmah, Ninurta and Enki then convinced Enlil that Galzu had facilitated the will of the Creator of All when he gave Enki the plans for the sub and strategy to save the hybrids.

Narrative Resumes:
The flood waters from the deluge, 13,000 years ago, receded; they left the uplands intact. The waters had totally carried away the Nibiran settlements and buried Mesopotamia and the goldmines in Africa under silt and mud. Of the Anunnaki settlements, only the raised stone Landing Place at Baalbek, Lebanon, was intact; their spaceport at Sippar was totally gone.

NIBIRU’S PERIGEE 13,000 YEARS AGO, BURIED MESOPOTAMIA, SUCKED OFF MARS’ ATMOSPHERE AND SURFACE WATER NOTE: (Most likely untrue) The Alien Slaves on Mars Rebelled, these people love to make Slaves of others, and there was inter-planetary war, as recorded in the Book Of Enki. They also Love War! Both planets suffered. But in truth, I’m not sure Mars Lost that one.

Enlil summonsed to the Landing Place the Nibirans who survived the flood on the Earth’s peaks and the astronauts in spacecraft orbiting the planet. He also called in his son Nannar from his refuge on the Moon and Enki’s son Marduk from his refuge on Mars.

Marduk reported: “Lahmu [Mars] by the passage of Nibiru was devastated. Its atmosphere was sucked out, its waters evaporated, a place of dust storms it is.” Nannar reported the Moon was only usable with Eagle Masks [helmets].


The survivors opened the vault beneath the Landing Platform, unlocked the diorite chests there, and found intact the grain seeds Nibiru had sent to introduce to Earth. Enlil put his heir and champion, Ninurta in charge of creating an irrigation system in Mesopotamia for the grain. Enki, in his genetics lab, doubled, tripled and quadrupled the chromosomes of the grain from Nibiru they’d been using on Earth [Sitchin, Z., 1985 The Wars of Gods & Men, p124]. Enlil assigned Ziasudra’s son as Ninurta’s foreman to supervise the hybrid survivors dam and terrace building as well as provision of bread.

Enlil charged Adad/Ishkur, his youngest son, with surveying the fruit trees that survived the flood. Adad found the grapes brought by Ninmah from Nibiru had survived, and the Hybrids resumed grape growing for both white and red wine.

Enki’s son Ninagal, who’d piloted Ziusudra’s submersible, revealed the genetic starts Enki and Ninmah had stowed aboard. Ninagal said, “The life essences and life eggs, in the four-legged animals from Ziusudra’s boat can be combined. Sheep for wool and meat will multiply, cattle for milk and hides will all have.” Enki bade his son Dumuzi (assisted by Ziusudra’s middle son) shepherd the livestock. Enki and Ninagal engineered a system of dams and sluices to regulate the Nile to create a pastureland for Dumuzi’s herds.

The passage of Nibiru through the Inner Solar system not only damaged Earth and Mars; it also ripped away the shield of gold dust the Nibirans had shipped to the mother planet. Nibiru’s atmosphere was again dwindling and gold from Earth was desperately needed on Nibiru. But in Africa, not only were the mines buried in mud, but the hundreds of Nibiran miners had been evacuated back to Nibiru and the thousands of hybrid miners had been drowned in the deluge. The gold refinery at Bad-Tibira was gone, as was the rocket terminal at Sippar in Mesopotamia. Ninurta came to the rescue.

Ninurta prospected huge gold finds of pure gold, needing no refining, in Peru, where, he also found, descendents of Ka-in had survived the great flood on rafts and now lived on an island in Lake Titicaca. Abundant gold was now available to send to Nibiru. Enlil selected the Saudi Arabian peninsula for a new interplanetary freighter rocket terminal site to ferry the gold to the homeplanet.


Story So Far:
From 10,500 to 7,000 years ago, Reclaiming Earth after the Deluge, the Nibiran Goldmining Mission rebuilt Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) with Adapite Hybrids ruled by the Enlil clan through Ziusudra’s sons Shem and Japheth.

Narrative Resumes:

THE NEW SPACEPORT (“Place of the Celestial Chariots”) in Sinai Enki’s son Ningizidda/Thoth (using Nibiran power tools that still exceed the capacity our 2005AD tools to cut and transport stones) built two pyramids in Egypt. The larger pyramid, the Great Pyramid, was to be the southwestern marker of a line extending from Mt. Ararat in Eastern Turkey, running through the landing platform at Baalbek in Lebanon and ending at this Great Pyramid on the Nile. The first, smaller, pyramid Ningishzidda had built was a scale model of the Great one. The Great Pyramid was to contain Nibirans’ master computer programs and astronavigational equipment. Enki induced Enlil to authorize a monument to Ningishzidda for designing the pyramids:

“Let us beside the twin peaks a monument create, the Age of the Lion to announce. The image of Ningishzidda, the peaks’ designer, let its face be. Let it precisely toward the Place of Celestial Chariots gaze.”
[Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 238]

The actual Spaceport was to be run by Enlil’s son’s son, Utu. The Spaceport was on the 30th parallel, the line of division between the realms of Lineage Enlil North of the parallel and the realms of Lineage Enki, South of the 30th. In the Great Pyramid, Enki’s son Gibil installed pulsating crystals and a capstone of electrum, to reflect a beam that marked the western edge of the runway line from Ararat to Tilmun for incoming spacecraft. The eastern edge of the rocket runway corridor was Mt Katherine, at the southern tip of the Sinai. Mission Control itself was to be on Mount Moriah (the future Jerusalem), off-limits to Earthlings.

[ SOURCE: THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God (Ancient Astronaut) Tablets 20-24 ]


ancient planet chart 12112010


The Moon is never mentioned in the book or shown on any of their Planetary Maps like the one above. Why?
Because many say it is one of their Space Craft. It’s already a proven Artificial Satellite.

Also, Nibiru as described in the book, is not a planet, it’s a Solar System complete with Sun and Planets, that’s supposed to cross our Solar System every 3,600 years. Nibiru means “The Crossing”. We would see a Solar System headed our way years before it even got close.

Another problem with that theory, is that we have over 10,000 years of recorded history, which means if this were true, it would of happened at least 2 times in Recorded history. There is no such record of this ever happening at any time.

You must use your thinking caps when dealing with these beings. They love to lie.

Enki was the best of their lot by far, but he wasn’t in control. If he told the whole truth, we would never see it.
But he was smart. His lies are so blatantly obvious, that anyone who thinks even a little, should be able to see right through them.


gilgamesh 5072245_orig

This is an excerpt from the Story of Gilgamesh: The Deluge

Gilgamesh is the Future God RA, of Is-RA-el Fame. He was purported to be 1/3 Alien, or 1/3 God, depending on how you look at it. An Alien-Hybrid. But loved by his Alien Parents and hated by Humans. He was a despicable character and a mass rapist. He was also a Sumerian King of some sort. You know, Babylon and such.

The Book of Gilgamesh is also a good read. It’s not first hand like the Book of Enki. It’s second hand. He knew many of those involved and was told directly what had happened and met some of the major players.

DATE: 5,700 B.C.E.

THE DELUGE – THE FLOOD: Journey to Sumeria – Gilgamesh Part 2c

Time: 2698 BC (About 5700 years before present)
Location: Orygeia (Uruk) , Sumer , southern Mesopotamia (now southern Iraq)

The caravan, after meeting with the Semites of the desert nomads, started again.
After leaving the desert, continued south towards the Erytheia (Eridu) , the first Sumerian city that will be stationed on their long journey. Kyllaveias The priest, Seated comfortably in his car, he continued to observe the route. Moving along a channel of the Euphrates , which before the flood , 200 years ago, was passing through town.

Now had bazothei from silting. The Deluge had carried incredible amounts of mud from the sources of the Euphrates river, the mountains of Armenia. The silting of the channel that led to the decline of Erytheia , to the benefit of Orygeias .

For a century before the Flood (3000 – 2900 BC) the Sumer era has seen severe drought. Then the level of water in the Euphrates River had fallen too, the canals dried up, the fields are dried up, crops wiped out and people were dying en masse.

All this was recorded in the sacred signs and Kyllaveias the priest had read them all. It was considered unfair to the most learned man of the Universe . Of course, all these were warnings of Gods people not to protest against their rulers. But they did not get the divine message. They continued to protest and revolt. So, finally, the gods sent the Flood (2900 BC).

Oh, the Flood ! How many thousands of times did not tell the story of the White Temple of the god Anu (An ) in Orygeia (Uruk) !!!! Always the audience was polyplithestato. Even merchants from other cities came to hear him!

Many said a number of incorrect variants. But he, telling the story as I describe the sacred signs.

How it all began; The priest brought once again the big story in mind.

“Riots, protests, moaning, blasphemies of ordinary people against the gods, kings and priests were unimaginable degree tilt in the gods . The gods wanted peace. All this commotion that sounded from down the incredibly disturbing. So, at some point The Enyllos (Enlil) (Zeus’s Olympic Religion ) convened divine council.

– I can not stand anymore, these people said. The riots are not suffering. I do not let me sleep anymore either.

– Neither I, completed the Ninylleia (Ninlil) (Hera’s Olympic Religion ), his wife, to support her husband.

– I’m furious with them , screamed the Nergalos (Nergal) (Mars’s Olympic Religion ). Neither the breakfast drink did not let me drink from the bustle.

The Enyllos (Enlil) facing the wrath of all the gods took the plunge.
– This, warnings, do not understand. I say we send them the flood to wipe them.

– Yes, we all die! said with a mouth, Inanneia (Inanna) (Venus’s Olympic Religion ) and Ninocharsageia ( Ninhursag) (Demeter’s Olympic Religion ).

– To not left nostril by daftous , screamed the Ninyrdos (Ninurta) (Saturn’s Olympic Religion ).

Only two were differentiated from the general climate:
– The Egkis (Enki) (Poseidon’s Olympic Religion )

– The Anos (An) (Heaven’s Olympic Religion ) The Anos (An) remained neutral while the wise Egkis (Enki) was alone had no objections but did not dare put them with all the angry gods .

The decision was taken now. Immediately Enyllos (Enlil) called god Iskyro (Ishkur) (Aeolus of Olympic Religion ) of hurling the winds, the clouds gather to begin the great rain. At the same time, he ordered the bird sanctuary, the Ando (ANZU) , leontomorfo the eagle, to tear with claws at the sky to get out of the crevices of the terrible lightning.
Soon the universe turned into hell.

The Euphrates , the tiger and other rivers have started to download tons of water and mud from the mountains of their sources. Gradually dragging overflowed all irrigation projects diakanalika and the cities of Sumer . Bridges, dams destroyed everything.

The raging water inrush in the cities dragging everything.

Houses flooded, people and animals drowned and covered up all the mud.

Seven days and seven nights, it rained and blew incessantly. Eventually, when everything had been destroyed by the Great Flood ended.

Inanneia (Inanna) goddess of the city Orygeias (Uruk)

Anos (An) God of city Orygeias (Uruk)

Then intervened and Anos (An) who left a neutral stance and verbally attacked the sovereign god and son, Enyllo (Enlil) .
– Well, Enylle , she said. How did you get such a decision to destroy the people; Now who will work for us;
– destroying all agreed, replied curtly that Enyllos (Enlil) . As for what will work I guess we all know. We are working and those who worked before people make. The younger gods, the Ogygia .

When Ogygia (Igigi) [were the people who built the irrigation system diakanaliko Euphrates Delta and downstream the Sumerians deified] informed the decision of Enyllou (Enlil) , to work again, rose up.
– We xanadoulefoume not, began to cry. So we had made ​​people. We will not pay us, now broken. To those who pay their fault.

And while the gods stood in embarrassment and quarreled among themselves, suddenly, someone noticed that something moving on the plain.

They looked better and saw the top of a term in a small boat, a family of people.
Moreover, Enyllos (Enlil) turned to other gods with wild eyes.

– Who of you was the one who saved this family;

– Who else; This Egkis (Enki) who always reacts by the decisions of God’s House, called the exasperated Ninyrdos (Ninurta) .

Egkis (Enki) God of city Erytheia (Eridu)

Then the wise Egkis (Enki) stepped forward and spoke openly to everyone.

– I knew that your decision was wrong. You are foolish, impulsive and make mistakes. Were you angry and you do not understand our interest. People need to be there to work for us.

And, seeing others in icy stare, he said. – Knowing, then, that sooner or later recover from the error and you would understand your mistake, I decided to break the common decision to go to Syroppageia ( Shuruppak) and alert to the pious dream, the young king Otonapisto ( Utnapishtim, Atrahasis, Z iusudra, Xisuthros, Xisouthro) to build an ark, to put through his family, his servants and all his friends and animals and plants to continue life in the universe .

Otonapistos ( Utnapishtim) (Modern representation)

The Enyllos (Enlil) , although angry with Egkida (Enki) who once again challenged his authority and contravened the orders, seeing and mutation of most gods , he accepted the right energy and the ark came to bless the surviving family.

There, watching the Otonapisto ( Utnapishtim) to offer sacrifice, as the first act after salvation (as he was bring home a proactive Egkis (Enki) in his dream), moved for the first time, so decided give him “immortality and eternal youth” and to him and to his wife.

They took anything from the Sumeria and settled in the island of callus (Dilmun) (near the Qatar) where they lived the rest of their life dreams. ” – arrive in Erytheia ! – Yes, look, it seems! cries of people’s interest in them the caravan Kyllaveias priest from the daydream.

He looked away to the south, and saw him raise the walls of beautiful Erytheia (Eridu) , the first city that created the universe.

In this map much later (after a millennium) it seems that all the Sumerian cities were built on the banks of tributaries and canals of the Euphrates River (not on the Tigris). The tiger stopped far north as the sea, then formed a small bay in front of the bed of which reached the height of Nippur!!!

SOURCE: http://truedemocracyparty.net/2012/07/the-deluge-the-flood-journey-to-sumeria-gilgamesh-part-2c/



DATE: 3500 B.C.

The next and last recent retelling of the Flood is of course the biblical Story of Noah’s Ark and the Flood.
In this story, and only this story, The Humans are the Bad guys. Well in the first story we are the bad guys too, but that’s from an “Alien Slave Owner” point Of View. So it doesn’t count!

Instead of retelling the story of Noah’s Ark which we all know by heart, since it’s been drummed into us since birth. We’ll lighten it up a bit and give you a piece of Fine Alien Hog Wash/Propaganda.

Gotta Keep Pushing that Religion!

This movie is being pushed by every online free video site with 3 or more versions on YouTube alone.
Are you starting to get the Picture…Ha Ha Ha:)

NOAH!!! (2014)


Admin Note: This movie has been up for free online almost since it came out. But within a couple of days of our posting this post, suddenly YouTube wants to take some of them down. Please!!

They removed one from our website and a few others. But there are still a couple of copies up. Some with high resolution. They are not serious!

It didn’t take but a minute to find and put up copy.

They push religion like Monsanto pushes G.M.O. Food!!! And anything they push, can’t be good for you!


3 STEPS TO A BETTER, FAIRER, AMERICA! Want to Fix Income/Wealth Inequality? Here’s How – Charles Hugh Smith


“Were the Fed abolished, the top holders of financial wealth would no longer have access to unlimited sums of free money, and the asset bubbles that are the essential engines of wealth inequality would all collapse, along with the vast majority of the top holders’ phantom wealth.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Want to Fix Income/Wealth Inequality? Here’s How
Posted on April 30, 2014 by Charles Hugh Smith
There is nothing fancy about these three solutions.

I have covered rising income/wealth inequality for many years in dozens of entries. Since Thomas Piketty’s new book has catapulted the topic into the media spotlight, it’s a good time to list solutions that go deeper than Piketty’s proposed global wealth tax–a proposal he characterizes as utopian.

Every solution is utopian, because the Financial Aristocracy and their central bank cronies have democracy by the throat. There is no legislative way to change the Status Quo when political power is for sale to the highest bidder, and central banks are issuing nearly-free money to the financial oligarchy that owns the political machinery.

But listing solutions is still important, because it reveals just how far from democracy, rule of law and free-market capitalism we have fallen. I have been describing various aspects of widening inequality in recent entries:

America’s Nine Classes: The New Class Hierarchy

A Critique of Piketty’s Solution to Widening Wealth Inequality

Are You an Elitist? Class Warfare and the New Nobility

I propose three straightforward solutions that will systemically rectify wealth and income inequality.

1. Rather than add taxes to fund more social welfare–in effect, placing a Band-Aid over the tumor–let’s start by removing the source of rising inequality: the Federal Reserve. I laid out in detail how the Fed’s policies have enriched the top .1% at the expense of everyone else in Want to Reduce Income/Wealth Inequality? Abolish the Engine of Inequality, the Federal Reserve (January 28, 2014)

This boils down to the Cantillion Effect: new money is injected into the economy at specific points, creating winners and losers. Those with access to the new money (in the Federal Reserve’s policies, those with financial power) gain immensely and everyone far from the free-money spigot loses purchasing power.

There’s no mystery here: if trillions of dollars are available at near-zero interest rates to those at the top of the pyramid, they will benefit accordingly.

This chart shows how access to the Fed’s free-money spigot causes the very top layer of owners of capital to outpace their less-wealthy peers: while the top 10% has outpaced the bottom 90% and the top 1% has outpaced the top 10%, the real action is at the very pinnacle of wealth holders: the top .1% has outpaced the 1%, and the top .01% has outpaced the .1%.

Were the Fed abolished, the top holders of financial wealth would no longer have access to unlimited sums of free money, and the asset bubbles that are the essential engines of wealth inequality would all collapse, along with the vast majority of the top holders’ phantom wealth.

The collapse of asset valuations would impact middle-class holders of IRAs, 401Ks and pension funds invested in asset bubbles, but the real losers would be those at the top who own most of the phantom financial wealth.

2. Eliminate the 6.2% Social Security payroll tax paid by employees and employers, and print the money to pay Social Security benefits in the Treasury. I described this solution in How About Ending Social Security and Paying Retirees with Cash? (November 15, 2013).

The basic idea is this: rather than borrow money into existence via the Federal Reserve, abolish the Fed and print the new money directly. There is no interest to be paid on this new money, and so the financial parasites have nothing to gain from its creation.

This would wipe out the most regressive tax on the working poor, and benefit all employers. Each currently pay 6.2% of wages, so eliminating Social Security taxes would give every worker an immediate 6.2% raise and every employer a 6.2% reduction in labor overhead. (The 1.45% Medicare tax each pays would remain in place.)

The newly issued $800 billion a year would flow directly into tens of millions of individuals’ accounts, where the the majority of it will be spent in the real economy.

As for those who claim creating $800 billion a year would spark runaway inflation: the Fed has printed over $3 trillion in the past five years, and inflation is mostly a result of asset bubbles and cartel pricing (sickcare, college tuition, F-35 aircraft, etc.), not new money.

Abolishing the Fed would trigger a deflationary collapse of asset bubbles. Printing $800 billion and distributing it to tens of millions of households would only counter some of this deflationary wave. The $800 billion annual distribution is simply too small to create inflation in a $16 trillion economy that is undergoing a cleansing of trillions of dollars in phantom wealth at the top of the wealth pyramid.

3. Tax unearned income at much higher rates than earned income. The vast majority of the New Nobility’s income is unearned income from rents, interest, dividends and capital gains. Taxing unearned income is in effect a wealth tax because only those who own income-producing assets have unearned income.

It would be easy to set up a simple tiered tax structure that reduces income taxes for households with less than $250,000 annual earned income and offsets that reduction by raising the tax on unearned income above some level that enables small entrepreneurs and middle-class households to accumulate capital–for example, unearned income such as interest, dividends and capital gains would be taxed at the same rate as earned income up to $100,000 and then rises to much higher rates above that level.

There is nothing fancy about these three solutions. They shift the incentives away from speculation to earned income/productive work, they lower regressive taxes on the middle class and working poor and they do not restrain legitimate enterprise and wealth accumulation. They eliminate complex systems (the Federal Reserve and the tax code) and put money in the hands of tens of millions of households rather then the top .1%.

Yes, they are utopian, but only because we keep electing the same bought-and-paid-for Demopublican lapdogs of the super-wealthy and vested interests.


joker end the fed

Prominent Economists Say: “End Fractional Reserve Banking!” / POLLS: Americans Sick Of War On Terror And The War On Drugs! – Washingtons Blog

end the fed3

Prominent Economists Call for End to Fractional Reserve Banking:
Posted on April 30, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog.

Challenging a Sacred Cow of Banking Dogma:

Excessive leverage by the banks was one of the main causes of the Great Depression and of the 2008 financial crisis.

As such, lower levels of “fractional reserve banking” – i.e. how many dollars a bank lends out compared to the amount of deposits it has on hand – the more stable the economy will be.

But economist Steve Keen notes (citing Table 10 in Yueh-Yun C. OBrien, 2007. “Reserve Requirement Systems in OECD Countries”, Finance and Economics Discussion Series, Divisions of Research & Statistics and Monetary Affairs, Federal Reserve Board):

The US Federal Reserve sets a Required Reserve Ratio of 10%, but applies this only to deposits by individuals; banks have no reserve requirement at all for deposits by companies.

So huge swaths of loans are not subject to any reserve requirements.

Indeed, Ben Bernanke proposed the elimination of all reserve requirements for banks:

The Federal Reserve believes it is possible that, ultimately, its operating framework will allow the elimination of minimum reserve requirements, which impose costs and distortions on the banking system.

Economist Keen informs Washington’s Blog that about 6 OECD countries have already done away with reserve requirements altogether (Australia, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and the UK).

But there is a growing recognition that this is going in the wrong direction, because fractional reserve banking can destabilize the economy (and credit can easily be created by the government itself.)

It was big news this week when one of the world’s most prominent economics writers – liberal economist Martin Wolf – advocated doing away with fractional reserve banking altogether… i.e. requiring that banks only loan out as much money as they actually have on hand in the form of customer deposits:

Printing counterfeit banknotes is illegal, but creating private money is not. The interdependence between the state and the businesses that can do this is the source of much of the instability of our economies. It could – and should – be terminated.


end the fed

What is to be done? A minimum response would leave this industry largely as it is but both tighten regulation and insist that a bigger proportion of the balance sheet be financed with equity or credibly loss-absorbing debt. I discussed this approach last week. Higher capital is the recommendation made by Anat Admati of Stanford and Martin Hellwig of the Max Planck Institute in The Bankers’ New Clothes.

A maximum response would be to give the state a monopoly on money creation. One of the most important such proposals was in the Chicago Plan, advanced in the 1930s by, among others, a great economist, Irving Fisher. Its core was the requirement for 100 per cent reserves against deposits. Fisher argued that this would greatly reduce business cycles, end bank runs and drastically reduce public debt. A 2012 study by International Monetary Fund staff suggests this plan could work well.

Similar ideas have come from Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University in Jimmy Stewart is Dead, and Andrew Jackson and Ben Dyson in Modernising Money.


Opponents will argue that the economy would die for lack of credit. I was once sympathetic to that argument. But only about 10 per cent of UK bank lending has financed business investment in sectors other than commercial property. We could find other ways of funding this.

Our financial system is so unstable because the state first allowed it to create almost all the money in the economy and was then forced to insure it when performing that function. This is a giant hole at the heart of our market economies. It could be closed by separating the provision of money, rightly a function of the state, from the provision of finance, a function of the private sector.

(The IMF study is here.)

In fact, a lot of experts have backed this or similar proposals, including:

Bank of England Chief Mervyn King
Prominent conservative economist Milton Friedman
Prominent liberal economist Irving Fisher
Prominent conservative economist Lawrence Kotlikoff
Prominent liberal economist James Tobin
Prominent conservative economist John Cochrane
Prominent liberal economist Herman Daly
Prominent conservative economist Murray Rothbard
Prominent British economist John Kay
Conservative Spanish economics professor Huerta de Soto
German economist Thorsten Polleit
Conservative French economist Jörg Guido Hülsmann
Head economics writer at the Guardian Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Bloomberg columnist Matthew C. Klein

Interestingly, the Chicago Plan for full reserve banking came very close to passing in 1934. But the unfortunate death of one of its main Congressional sponsors – Senator Bronson M. Cutting – in a plane crash reversed the momentum for the bill.

As Wikipedia notes:

Cutting played a key role in the political struggles over the reform of banking which Roosevelt undertook while dealing with the Great Depression, and which resulted in the Banking Reform Acts of 1933 and 1935. As a supporter of the Chicago Plan proposed by economist Irving Fisher and others at the University of Chicago, Cutting was among a handful of influential Senators who might have been able to remove from the private banks their ability to manipulate the money supply by enforcing a 100 percent reserve requirement for all credit creation, as stipulated in the Chicago Plan. His unfortunate death in an airliner crash cut short what may have been his most enduring legacy to the nation.

SOURCE: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/04/conservative-economist-wants-basically-ban-banking.html



Polls: Americans Are Sick of the War On Terror, War On Drugs … And All of the Other Failed U.S. Wars
Posted on May 1, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog
Americans Turn Anti-War

The American people are now overwhelmingly opposed to more war in Ukraine, Syria, Iran and elsewhere.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows:

Americans in large numbers want the U.S. to reduce its role in world affairs even as a showdown with Russia over Ukraine preoccupies Washington ….

In a marked change from past decades, nearly half of those surveyed want the U.S. to be less active on the global stage, with fewer than one-fifth calling for more active engagement—an anti-interventionist current that sweeps across party lines.

A Pew poll from December found a majority of Americans – more than ever before in Pew’s 50-year history of polling this question – think the U.S. “should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along as best they can on their own.”

A Pew/USA Today poll conducted over the weekend found that Americans oppose – by a 2-1 margin – any U.S. military aid to Ukraine.

A YouGov poll conducted last month found that only 14 percent of Americans said the U.S. has “any responsibility” to get involved in Ukraine, and only 18 percent think the U.S. “has any responsibility to protect Ukraine if Russia were to invade.”


Huffington Post reports:

Americans are more likely than not to say that the United States has no responsibility to get involved in Ukraine even under extreme circumstances, the new survey shows ….

Pluralities of Democrats, Republicans and independents agreed that the U.S. does not have a responsibility to protect Ukraine.

Support for a war against Syria is 500 percent less than for the Iraq war (Americans would rather have a root canal or a colonoscopy than bomb Syria).

A USA Today/Pew Poll from January shows that Americans now believe by a 50%-38% margin that war against Iraq was stupid.

Support even for the Afghanistan war has collapsed. For example, only 35% of all Americans support the Afghanistan war, according to a 2011 CNN poll.

Most Americans are now strongly opposed to intervention in any Arab country.

The warmongers, however, are desperate to drum up business.


drug-war (1)

War On Drugs

A new Pew poll also shows that the American people are sick of the war on drugs, noting that a broad majority of Americans are ready to significantly reduce the role of the criminal justice system in dealing with people who use drugs.

Pew found:
63% of Americans think that we should stop mandatory prison terms for drug law violations

54% are in favor of marijuana legalization

67% say the government should focus more on providing treatment for people who use drugs like cocaine and heroin, and only 26% think the focus should be more on prosecuting people who use such drugs

Of course, the war on drugs is a total boondoggle. And stopping government support for drug dealers and producers might be a good place to start (even though it is making American banks rich).

Other Failed Wars

Obama has also declared a war on inequality. But given that income inequality has increased more under Obama than under Bush, and that bad policy enacted on a bipartisan basis is making inequality worse and worse, we may be in real trouble.

Of course, neither mainstream political party represents the interests of the people as revealed by polls.

SOURCE: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/05/polls-americans-sick-war-terror-war-drugs-failed-u-s-wars.html


[ DAMAGE DONE: The Drug War Odyssey – Police Speak Out (L.E.A.P.) Law Enforcement Against Prohibition “Cops Say ‘No’ to the War on Drugs!” ]