February 18, 2018

Police Execute Homeless Man For Camping: TOTAL B.S. FAKED STORY! – Graphic FAKED Video! “Online Media Event – The Box Of Lies”

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Below you will encounter a story and video of Albuquerque, New Mexico Police Department Officers and SWAT Team shooting a homeless man in the back six times.

The whole story is a completely FALSE. The only real question is WHY?

There are a multitude of alternative media websites pushing this story online, 3 minor European news agencies and 1 American online news service (Huff Post).


fact or fake

The first clue the incident was faked is by who is pushing the story the hardest, with the most to gain.
Infowars/Prison Planet with Alex Jones. Infowars with Alex Jones is a complete Disinformation Agent as is his whole organization. Many say he is tied to the CIA’s Operation: Mockingbird. Goggle it.

This has been proven many times in the past. Since he has been proven to be a Fake, with alot of his old followers gone, “They” need a way of putting him back on top with a new group of followers. They need something BIG for him to lead on, and prove he is anti-establishment…again.


Out of the multitude of online posts, we found the ‘source article’, dated 3/21/2014. After that, all the other stories and posts don’t start until (3/24/2014), led by Infowars and the Huffington Post.

The original Post/Article is from KRQE.com (KRQE News 13) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The thing about this Post is that we are never told WHEN the shooting happened, just that “It Did”.
The story comes to us complete on 3/21/2014.
We are told what happened, the investigation is over (Justified Shooting), and that the Police have released the Entire Shooting Video. All this in one day. NOTE: When do Police EVER Release “THEIR” “ENTIRE” video of anything without prompting, in a short time frame like a couple of days.

The Huff Post, EU Times, The Guardian and one or two other minor European online news agencies were used to give their American alternative news media counterparts some legitimacy.

They all work for the same people. And that’s why we are doing this post. We are right at the beginning of a ONLINE “Media Event”, so we can see how it operates and we can see and identify all the Roaches as they crawl out of their holes and are exposed to the light.

So the Huff Post, EU Times, The Guardian and one or two other minor European online news agencies, are completely tied with Infowars(Proven Disinformation Agency) and all the other FAKE Alternative News sites. 99.99% of them are totally fake, provided by “The Controllers”.




When you watch the video, there are some things you should look for.

1) The Homeless man is bundled up in several layers of clothes, in New Mexico. How hot could he have been by talking to police for 3 hours as reported. New Mexico is partly desert.
NOTE: This thick clothing/padding completely defused the stun bags and even the dog only grabbed his clothes, for the few seconds that they allowed it to do so.

2) As the police go through his things, it’s all covered by Brand new plastic with no rips or tears. All the belongings are so new, they practically shine. All the clothing is bright white and or clean, like it was just purchased or washed at a really good Cleaners.

Keep in mind, he is supposed to be living in the mountains, and dirt away from everybody else.

3) But the best evidence that this was a staged fake event, is when they shot him multiple times. He was 15 feet away and they shot him 6 times in the back. But besides for one patch of dried blood, his nice clean white sweater is as clean as the moment it came out of the Dryer.

4) They were using AR-15 Assault Rifles and every one reports they sounded like pops. One gun, I can’t tell. But the other has no Suppressor to dampen the sound of an Assault Rifle being fired at Point Blank Range.


Here is the Complete Original Article/Post:

After you watch and study their Fake Video, watch the short video under it to hear what a “REAL” Assault Rifle sounds like without a Suppressor, firing “REAL LIVE” Bullets. You will be shocked at the difference.


Video: APD releases HelmetCam footage of shooting


Shooting Walmart’s AR 15, The Colt


police anm

KRQE News 13

APD: Officer involved shooting was justified
By Chris McKee
Updated: Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 10:45 am
Published: Friday, March 21, 2014, 4:17 pm


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Critics of the Albuquerque Police Department are raising serious questions about the fatal shooting of a homeless camper in the foothills, one even calling it murder. Meanwhile, the department says the shooting was justified.

In the department’s first news conference since the shooting took place, APD did something they normally don’t do, releasing the entire video of the incident.

Police say 38-year-old James M. Boyd is the man who was killed in the shooting last Sunday. So far, they’ve been unable to contact any of Boyd’s family members.

New Albuquerque Police chief Gorden Eden said Friday the video shows that the latest officer involved shooting is justified.

Boyd was arguing with police for more three hours last Sunday in the foothills after officers went to talk to him about illegally camping in open space.

During Friday’s press conference, Chief Eden released video of the moment when officers first contacted Boyd. When one officer went to frisk Boyd, the homeless camper could then be heard refusing to comply, saying he was a government agent. The video shows Boyd continued to refuse officer commands and began threatening their lives.

“I’m almost going to kill you right now. Don’t give me another directive. Don’t attempt to give me, the Department of Defense, another directive,” said Boyd at the beginning of the incident.

As the hours passed, Chief Eden said an APD Crisis Intervention Team officer and a State Police liaison were called to the scene. Both attempted to speak with Boyd, however, Chief Eden says Boyd continued to threaten officers with death. Police also discovered that Boyd had a violent 20-year criminal history that included multiple incidents of violence against officers. Boyd’s history also showed years of mental health related concerns.

Video shows when officers moved in on Boyd around 7:30 p.m on the night of the shooting. At the beginning of incident, Boyd can be heard saying, “In a private world, if you were down at a bar or a bus stop, I would have the right to kill you right now because you’re trying to take me over. Don’t get stupid with me!”

Video shows Boyd then began grabbing bags and attempted to leave when officers started their use of non-lethal force.

As Boyd is moving, officers then threw a flash bang and released a K9 which appears to bite Boyd in the hand. Chief Eden said officers also used a taser gun and bean bag rounds. Two officers, Dominque Perez and Keith Sandy then both fired three bullets each from their department issued rifles, causing Boyd to fall to the ground.

It’s unclear how many shots hit Boyd. APD says it is waiting on a report from the Office of the Medical Investigator to determine an exact cause of death.

However, the video is already raising some questions because of how Boyd appears to be turning away from the officers when bullets were fired.

Chief Eden called the shooting justified at the news conference, saying officers used non-lethal force first and that there was a direct threat made at an unarmed K9 officer. According to Chief Eden, Boyd was less than eight feet from the unarmed canine officer.

“Actually if you watch the video tape, all the less than lethal devices were in fact deployed. It was when the canine officer was down directing the canine dog that the suspect pulled out the two knives and directed a threat to the canine officer who had no weapons drawn. He was handling the dog,” Chief Eden said.

News 13 asked Chief Eden directly, “do you believe this was a justified shooting?”

Chief Eden responded, “Yes, if you follow case law, ‘Garner versus Tennessee’, there was directed threat to an officer.”

In the video recording, officer Keith Sandy’s gun can be heard firing around the exact same second as a beanbag gun. Officer Dominque Perez can be seen firing his gun next, after several pops are heard.

The press conference ended abruptly Friday without reporters being able to ask all of the questions they wanted. After taking questions for four minutes, an APD spokeswoman attempted to stop the press conference but Chief Eden took questions for two more minutes. After that, Chief Eden walked off, thanking reporters and saying “we’re good.”

News 13 wanted to ask why officers didn’t try to use a taser on Boyd again before moving in and why they didn’t have shields.

APD says the two officers who fired shots remain on leave.

One of the officers who was involved, Keith Sandy has a notable history in New Mexico law enforcement. APD hired Sandy in 2007 after he was fired by New Mexico State Police over the Wackenhut scandal. Sandy was accused of fraud for making money doing private security work while on the clock for State Police.

When Sandy was hired by APD, the department said he would be a civilian employee and he wouldn’t have a gun or a badge. However, Sandy quickly rose through the department, landing on the ROPE Team, which goes after repeat offenders or some of the city’s most dangerous criminals.


media lies


The Police have enough problems and issues without making up stories, telling lies and instigating the American Public even more against them.

That’s the real goal of this exercise, to alienate American’s even more from and against U.S. Police.

Our Military is off fighting foreign wars for foreign Bankers, which puts them out of the picture here in America. We don’t want to completely lose our Police forces also. Just in Case…

The Media is nothing but a Box Of Lies. The entire media system is B.S. “DIVIDE AND CONQUER!”


Mamzer_FEMA_REGION_IV • 2 days ago
Ok, this looked staged as in a training film. Anyone ID the body and attend the funeral?

Out of a hundred+ comments on several websites with this story, only about 3 people saw right through this charade, and none of them had a website.

I’m PROUD OF YOU! – T.D.P. Admin.

The best answer was a one word sentence; “Bulls**t”



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