February 18, 2018

DEFEATING DEATH – IN THE NAME OF HUMANITY: A World Without Cancer – The Budwig Diet And Laetrile/B-17 Protocols – True Democracy Party


Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death:

Death in America is largely a foodborne illness.

Focusing on studies published just over the last year in peer-reviewed scientific medical journals, Michael Greger, M.D., offers practical advice on how best to feed ourselves and our families to prevent, treat, and even reverse many of the top 15 killers in the United States.


“The 6th leading cause of death in America is Doctors. 100,000 thousand people die each year due to Adverse Medical Reactions (ADR’s), due to FDA Approved and Properly administered Medications.

And each one of them is Preventable.”

– Michael Greger, M.D.


The Budwig Diet

A Rolls Royce cancer treatment program on a VW budget!

You can get rid of almost any cancer without surgery, without radiation, and without chemo.

How this miracle food kills cancer cells by the millions

A simple protocol to cure cancer at home. If cancer patients do only one thing, they should eat this miracle food every day.

It can’t hurt. It’s only food.

Actually, the miracle food is a combination of two foods that you mix together. You can get these foods at grocery stores and health food stores all over the developed world. And if that fails you can get them from the Internet.

In the 1950s, a medical researcher discovered that when you combine these two foods in a blender, they form a unique molecule that has an amazing power: it oxygenates the entire body all the way down to the cellular level. The researcher was nominated for a Nobel Prize seven times because of this discovery.

It’s critical for cancer patients to oxygenate their cells because cancer cells are anaerobic. That means they thrive in an oxygen-free environment. These abnormal cells live and multiply through a fermentation process and they can’t stand oxygen.

Like exposing a vampire to sunshine

Bringing fresh oxygen to cancer cells is like exposing a vampire to bright sunshine. If you’ve ever seen a vampire movie, you know that when sunlight shines on the vampire, the vampire recoils, shrivels up, and dies.

Well, the same thing happens when you blast cancer cells with an extra dose of fresh oxygen. They shrivel up and die by the millions. And that makes it critical that cancer patients regularly blast cancer cells with high doses of fresh oxygen. And that’s exactly what this miracle food does.

The cancer patient can easily get into a downward spiral: when the body’s cells start to run down, they attract less oxygen from the blood stream, causing them to become even more run down and attract even less oxygen. Cancer thrives in this downward spiral.

Here’s how the miracle food reverses the downward spiral:

Because this miracle food is water-soluble, the human body easily absorbs it so that it can travel right to the cells, which are in dire need of help!
In layman’s terms, this miracle food attaches “magnets” to the walls of the cells. These tiny “magnets” attract oxygen, pulling extra oxygen to the cells from the vast network of blood vessels.
This miracle food makes the cells’ walls more permeable so the newly attracted oxygen can actually enter the cells and energize them.

This oxygen disrupts the cancer cells’ anaerobic environment, causing the cancer cells to die by the millions! Eating this miracle food brings extra oxygen to ALL of your body’s cells. It reinvigorates normal cells, making them healthier and more disease resistant.

Like melting the Wicked Witch of the West

Oxygenating cancer causes the cancer to melt. If you’ve ever seen the Wizard of Oz, I’m sure you remember what happened when Dorothy splashed the bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the West. The Witch moaned, “I’m melting… melting…” as she got “liquidated” into a dark puddle.

Well, that’s pretty much what happens to the cancer cells when you eat the miracle food. As the cancer melts away, your body eliminates the dead cells.

And there’s another HUGE benefit. The miracle food also oxygenates and energizes your normal cells, making them healthier and protecting them from turning cancerous. In other words, you get protection from cancer for as long as you eat this amazing food. This is the cheapest health insurance I know of.

This miracle food can benefit ALL OF US,
whether we have cancer or not

You see, this miracle food is for anyone who wants more energy and better health. So whether you’re looking to lose weight, get pain relief, get more energy, prevent cancer, or cure cancer, I believe you could benefit from the miracle food.

The Budwig Diet

by Robert Willner, M.D., Ph.D. (author of The Cancer Solution)

Six time nobel award nominated doctor says this essential nutrient combination actually prevents and cures cancer!

A top European cancer research scientist, Dr Johanna Budwig, has discovered a totally natural formula that not only protects against the development of cancer but people all over the world who have been diagnosed with incurable cancer and sent home to die have actually been cured and now lead normal healthy lives.

After three decades of research Dr. Budwig, six-time nominee for the Nobel Award, found that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients was always, without exception, deficient in certain important essential ingredients which included substances called phosphatides and lipoproteins. (The blood of a healthy person always contains sufficient quantities of these essential ingredients. However, without these natural ingredients cancer cells grow wild and out of control.)

Blood analysis showed a strange greenish-yellow substance in place of the healthy red oxygen carrying hemoglobin that belongs there. This explained why cancer patients weaken and become anemic This startling discovery led Dr. Budwig to test her theory.

She found that when these natural ingredients where replaced over approximately a three month period, tumors gradually receded. The strange greenish elements in the blood were replaced with healthy red blood cells as the phosphatides and lipoproteins almost miraculously reappeared. Weakness and anemia disappeared and life energy was restored. Symptoms of cancer, liver dysfunction and diabetes were completely alleviated.

Dr. Budwig then discovered an all natural way for people to replace those essential ingredients their bodies so desperately needed in their daily diet. By simply eating a combination of just two natural and delicious foods not only can cancer be prevented but in case after case it was actually cured. (These two natural foods, organic flax seed oil & cottage cheese) must be eaten together to be effective since one triggers the properties of the other to be released.)

After more than 10 years of solid clinical application, Dr. Budwig’s natural formula has proven successful where many orthodox remedies have failed. Dr. Budwig’s formula has been used therapeutically in Europe for prevention of: Cancer! Arteriosclerosis, Strokes, Cardiac Infarction, Heartbeat (irregular), Liver (fatty degeneration), Lungs (reduces bronchial spasms), Intestines (regulates activity). Stomach Ulcers (normalizes gastric juices), Prostate (hypertopic), Arthritis (exerts a favorable influence), Eczema (assists all skin diseases), Old age (improves many common afflictions), Brain (strenghthens activity), Immune Deficiency Syndromes (multiple sclerosis, auto-immune illnesses)

Thousands have flocked 10 hear Dr. Budwig lecture all over Europe. The many people Dr. Budwig’s formula has helped testify to the benefits of her remarkable discovery. Following are a few examples: In one of my interviews with Dr. Budwig I was introduced to Siegried Ernst, M.D.. He is a rare and dedicated man who counts among his personal friends the current Pope as well as many other dignitaries.

Seventeen years ago Dr. Ernst had developed cancer for which he had major surgery requiring removal of his stomach. Two years later he had a recurrence of the cancer and was offered chemotherapy as the only available remedy. There was little hope for survival as virtually all individuals with recurrence of this type of cancer rarely last a year.

Dr. Ernst knew that chemotherapy was not only ineffective for his type of cancer but completaly destructive of the quality of life, so he refused.

He turned to Dr. Budwig and her formula for help. He religiously followed Dr. Budwig’s formula and fifteen years later has not had any recurrence of cancer. As a matter of fact he seemed to me to be in perfect health and is tireless for a man in his late seventies.

Maria W. tells her story in her own words: “I was told by the most expert of doctors that I would have to be operated on to cut out the cancerous tumor that was causing a swelling under my eye. They explained that the size of the tumor was much greater inside and that there was very serious bone involvement. The malignancy was too far advanced to respond to radiation treatment. The doctors planned to remove considerable facial tissue and bone. I was afraid for my life, but being a young woman, couldn’t bear the thought of such disfigurement.

When I heard about Dr. Budwig’s natural formula, I was skeptical but desperate for help. After four months on this regimen, the swelling under my left eye completely disappeared. The doctors at the University hospital gave me many exhausting tests. One told me, ‘If I didn’t have your previous x-rays and medical history in front of me, I wouldn’t believe that you ever had cancer. There is hardly any indication of a tumor remaining.’ I never thought using Dr, Budwig’s formula would be so successful. My whole family and I are very grateful.”

An examination of Sandy A. revealed arachnoidal bleeding due to an inoperable brain tumor. The doctors informed Sandy that he was beyond medical help. At his expressed wish, Sandy was discharged from the hospital and sent home to die in peace.

A friend brought Dr. Budwig’s formula to Sandy’s attention. Sandy writes. “Since I went on the Budwig regimen, the paralysis is of my eyes, arms, and legs has receded daily. After only a short period of time, I was able to urinate normally. My health improved so rapidly that I was soon able to return to my work part-time. Shortly after that, I was again examined at the Research Center and my reflexes were completely normal. The Budwig diet saved my life! Ten years later, I was given a thorough examination at the Center as a follow-up. My incredible recovery has been written up In many medical journals and I have become what they call a ‘text-book case,’ and all because of Dr. Johanna Budwig’s simple diet.”

Seven years ago Timmy G. was diagnosed as having Hodgkins disease. The child was operated on and underwent 24 radiation treatments, plus additional experimental therapies that the experts hoped would be of some small help. When Timmy failed to respond favorably to these heroic measures, he was discharged as incurable, and given six months to live and sent home to die.

The desperate parents contacted specialists all over the world. A famous newspaper took up Timmy’s cause and ran editorials pleading for someone to come forth who could offer hope for the life of a child. All the specialists who replied confirmed the cruel prognosis: There was no hope or help for Timmy. At this dark hour the miracle the family had prayed for happened! Timmy’s mother told her story to the press:

“A friend sent me a printed piece about one of Dr. Budwig’s speeches. This material gave us hope and I contacted Dr. Budwig.

In just five days, (on the Budwig regimen) Timmy’s breathing became normal for the first lime In almost two years. From this day on, Timmy began to feel good again. He went back to school, started swimming and by winter he was doing craft work. Everyone who knows him says how well he looks.” At age 18 Timmy is showing great promise in his university work. He knows he owes his life to Dr. Budwig and thanks her daily in his prayers.

One of the two foods in on Budwig’s formula, cottage cheese, is available in nearly every grocery store in America. The other, pure organic linseed oil, however comes primarily from Europe and can only be found in certain health food stores throughout the United States.

By simply mixing these two delicious foods together and eating them you will be providing yourself and your family with the optimal preventive nutritional protection against cancer and other disease.

The Budwig Diet



My wife’s basal skin cancer is GONE…..like the apples seeds she’s been eating UPDATED
Submitted by cinco on Wed, 08/13/2008 – 11:50
Daily Paul Liberty Forum

Just want to say a very heartfelt “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” to SENTINEL for originally posting the B17 thread a few weeks back…

It was not a fluke that I was reading on Daily Paul – as I do everyday that I can…..but it’s a fluke having the chance to read certain threads and the posts that follow them – time allowing of course. I watched the G. Ed Griffin film from the 1970’s and with my wife by my side.

She was a little skeptical – well, we both were – but only because of the dis-info job that has been done on the men and women who brought this information to light – or kept it in the light, for that matter.

We had scheduled an appointment with our dermatologist at the summer’s beginning to have two spots removed for sure, and have any others checked out. It’s a two month wait for that appointment.

I read the B17 thread the day before that appointment and we canceled it then and there (though still skeptical!). Very scared that I would jeopardize my love’s health over some thread we saw…..I remembered that my mom had many spots on her back in the past decade and has had them removed. In fact, it was MY MOM that said the two spots on my wife’s hand were skin cancer…..and they did indeed match many of the photos of skin cancer online that we’ve seen together. The same doctor to whom we looked for this service, a woman who is very good and very precise, still had to take out chunks of my mom’s back to get everything gone. She did her best, as far as THAT goes….

But now I’m here to tell each and every one of you……

CODEX is real.
The war against us and our health is real.
It’s as real as real gets.

And my love’s skin cancer was not going away on it’s own. It started about a year ago and grew to about the size of a dime on her hand.
All of the symptoms led us straight to basal skin cancer.

Thanks to all who are getting this information out to the people.

Right after seeing the Griffin film, I told my 59 year old mother about B17….in 1991 she was diagnosed with lymphoma and went into remission the next year after radiation and chemotherapy almost killed her.

To my mom I sent an email with a link to the Griffin film and a note saying – I wish we had had this information at times when we needed it most……meaning……..i wish I’d been able to keep her alive some other way than how she was kept alive…….and I wish my uncle had been saved from prostate cancer at the ripe old age of 56. His “doctor” did nothing for him when his PSA count rose to 12.

A shock to my system…..my mother turned me down cold…..saying these exact words in her reply email……..I share them with you because i feel it is important to understand how brilliant she actually is…….and how scared:

“Since I can’t listen to a video here (at work), I read about Ernst Kreb and Laetrile (the chemical equivalent sort of of apricot seeds, etc). From what I read, no laboratory experiments using Laetrile on tumors in rats proved effective. Ernst Kreb flunked out of medical school his second year, after failing miserably at two attempts with the first year and ended up with a degree from some small, Baptist-like college, which offered no science courses at all. His father, who was a doctor, is the one who purported the cancer curing laetrile.

No, I don’t think knowledge has been kept from us anymore than I think anyone has the answer. I think “they” are all collectively ignorant – each doing the best he can within the realms of what each needs to champion his own cause.

This claim is as offensive to me as the American Medical Society’s claim that prescription is the answer to it all.

They are both equally self-serving and to swallow whole either as truth is to be, indeed, one of the masses.”

It made me sad. These, her words……but she still swallows the prescriptions these “doctors” give her…….up to the present day.

Now – I must tell you this tiny little thing as well……so you can fully experience the hypocrisy at work….

Later……my wife was speaking with my mom in my mom’s kitchen…
My mom asked her if she was hungry…..my wife said said that she was but didn’t want anything other than something raw or equally as good. My mother said,”Apple and peanut butter then?”

“Sure”, my wife said.
Then mom again,”You want that apple quartered?”

My wife, remembering the video, says,”No, I’m going to try to eat the core as well as the seeds….”

Then the shocker…….
My mom……”You know, I just remembered that my mom always eats the seeds and core……..”

Ladies and gentlemen………my grandmother smoked from 1955 to 1996. She only quit smoking when she witnessed her daughter, my mother, get carried out of our house and into an ambulance after a trip of vertigo. Her oldest sister is alive at almost 100 years old. My grandmother has never had cancer…..and never will. She may die of old age though……………:)

Thanks for reading this and for your time.
And THANKS AGAIN to whomever it was who posted the B17 thread.
You have done a great service. i only hope I can repay the world with my life’s work. See you all in St. Paul.

EDIT: Due to the high volume of people spouting cyanide nonsense…….PLEASE READ THE GRIFFIN BOOK OR WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT POISON.
…..holy god……..I mean…..gee whiz ya’ll………
Did you start talking about Grapes of Wrath BEFORE you read it?
No. You didn’t…………..no……you didn’t.

And also……….to answer a few……….my wife’s basal skin cancer felt “angry” to her…..like it had it’s own emotions……like it was itchy and moving all at once….like it was separate from her but touching.
That “sensation” is now GONE. She only has the dead center of the big one left (dime size about three or so weeks ago) and she believes that what is left is due to her scratching it for close to a year without knowing what she was doing. It happens. Check yourselves. Learn your own behaviors. Pay attention to your bodies…..they know more about themselves than you do.

This, she is telling me to tell you. I’m not this smart……or maybe I’m smarter………who cares? I don’t and that’s enough.

Here’s a joke, just to end this off nicely….
My dad and mom were talking to a new friend one day recently (true story by the way) and in speaking of them both…..my dad says…

…………….I’m the uglier one.

fda blue
[ AMERICAN HOLOCAUST – ADVERSE DRUG REACTION (ADR) – PREVENTABLE DEATHS: Public Health Crisis – 440,000 Preventable Medical Deaths Per Year – 4.4 Million Deaths over 10 Years ]