February 20, 2018

INDUSTRIAL HEMP – TRILLION DOLLAR CROP: “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” – Jack Herer Day (Free E-Book) The Power Of Hemp And Its Countless Uses

For the People We Present FREE on Jack Herer Day “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”!
Jack Herer’s Emperor Wears No Clothes is a short documentary film co-directed by author Jack Herer and filmmaker Melissa Balin. Featuring celebrities and activists reading excerpts from the eponymous best-selling Hemp book, the film integrates archival footage, periodicals and government propaganda film Hemp For Victory to create an educational look into the Truth about Hemp, its history and its many uses.

The film premiered in August 2009 at the Laemmle Theatres in Los Angeles for Academy Award consideration and has since had special screenings and premieres at The High Times’ Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, The Cultiva Fair in Vienna, Spannabis in Barcelona, 1st Cannabis Hemp Expo in Toronto, and the Hanf Museum during the 60th Berlinale in Berlin.

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Jack Herer (June 18, 1939-April 15, 2010) was a great civil rights activist who dedicated his life to the ReLegalization of Cannabis Hemp and the Freedom of All Pot Prisoners. He will be forever remembered for his tireless crusade to spread the Truth about the many uses of Hemp and the conspiracy behind its Prohibition. To find out how you can help support Jack Herer’s family, the Jack Herer Museum & Hemporium and to continue Jack Herer’s message of the Truth about Hemp and its history, please visit http://www.JackHerer.com
Published on Apr 20, 2012


[ “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” – Jack Herer Day (Free E-Book) ]

The Emperor Wears No Clothes- Jack Herer Day


Uploaded on Aug 1, 2010

A short film about the miracle plant called hemp. Get to know potentially the greatest land plant that could tremendously benefit humanity and the planet and find out why the criminal federal government doesn’t want you to grow it in the US.


Billion Dollar Crop: The history and advantages of hemp as an industrial Hemp
Published on May 7, 2012

This surprising video explains the environmental interest in the non-drug variety of hemp as a versatile industrial fiber, and documents the history of its prohibition.

Backed by years of worldwide research, BILLION DOLLAR CROP exposes the political and industrial manipulations, which outlawed one of the most valued plants in history.

Hemp once provided the paper on which US banknotes were printed, the cloth for the original Levi jeans, as well as the sails and rigging of ships. During World War II it was of such strategic importance that the US Government encouraged farmers to convert to hemp cultivation.

BILLION DOLLAR CROP shows how the recently developed, non-drug variety of hemp is being researched and cultivated internationally because of the plant’s versatile qualities and environmental friendliness. This program takes the audience on a world tour from Australia to the United Kingdom, and from The Netherlands to France and the US. It illustrates how hemp is being cultivated as an industrial fiber for use as an alternative to wood for paper production, to cotton for clothes, and to plywood for construction. We all benefit, especially our forests and topsoil.

Directed by Barbara Ann Chobocky
Produced with Michael Cordell and Jeffrey Bruer

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