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SILENT KILLERS – POISONED WORLD: Aspartame, Fluoride, Fracking, Vaccines “America: Our Poisoned Land” – True Democracy Party

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Aspartame – Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World! Full Length

Uploaded on Mar 4, 2011

Sweet Misery is a close examination into what many in the medical community have voiced over the last few decades on the safety of Aspartame sweetener. Is there a connection with Aspartame and illnesses? Did the government (including Donald Rumsfeld) push the approval of the sweetener and suppress key data? This film delves into the FDA’s process and the various reports of health risks associated with the widely used sweetener.

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The Bizarre History Of Fluoride (FULL VERSION)
Uploaded on Mar 29, 2011

A wonderfully informative documentary explaining the pros and cons of lying to the public about their forced fluoridation. I wonder how/why we have gotten to this point, the beautiful thing is people are waking up! Please enjoy.

“Fluoride is a Poison”.

Fluoride is a synthetic waste product of the nuclear, aluminum, phosphate fertilizer industries, has an amazing capacity to combine and increase the potency of other toxic materials, and it can cause skeletal or dental fluorosis, which weakens bone and dental matter. It damages the liver and kidneys, weakens the immune system, possibly leading to cancer, creates symptoms that mimic fibromyalgia, and performs as a Trojan Horse to carry aluminum across the blood brain barrier. Also, the pineal gland can become calcified from fluorides, inhibiting it’s function as a melatonin producer, which is needed for sound, deep sleep

Fluoride: The Protected Pollutant. A comprehensive look at the bizzarre history of Fluoride, by Darlene Sherrell.

Fluoride in Your Tap Water is Industrial Toxic Waste (Literally)


‪The Fluoride Deception – FULL LENGTH

Hailed as a harmless chemical that would prevent tooth decay, new evidence shows how fluoride could be linked to serious health problems.

Fluoridation was first advanced in the US at the end of the second World War. Proponents argued that fluoride in water and toothpaste would help to protect teeth and prevent decay. Over the following decades, fluoride was added to public water supplies across the country.

While the benefits of fluoridation have been held to be unquestionable, accumulating evidence points to a frightening prospect: that fluoride may have serious adverse health effects, including infant mortality, congenital defects and IQ.

Now a new book, titled “The Fluoride Deception” by Christopher Bryson examines the background of the fluoridation debate. According to Bryson, research challenging fluoride’s safety was either suppressed or not conducted in the first place. He says fluoridation is a triumph not of medical science but of US government spin.


Fluoride and your Thyroid—a dangerous connection

The following article is written by Mr. Bill Buckel of Utah, who has discovered and compiled sobering information about Fluoride on our health…

Before writing of my own difficulties with Fluoride, which caused my supplementation of Armour Thyroid to be attacked and diminished, it is important that we understand just what the chemicals “Fluorine”, the compound “hydrofloric acid”, and the element “Fluoride” really are. Therefore, a quote from Dr. Joseph Mercola is in order:

“Fluorine is an element. It is a gas, never occurring in its free state. In microscopic amounts complexed with other minerals, it is often listed as a trace mineral, a nutrient for human nutrition. This has nothing to do with “fluoride or fluoridation.” Yet the fluoride added to 90% of drinking water is hydrofluoric acid, which is a compound of fluorine that is a chemical byproduct of aluminum, steel, cement, phosphate, and nuclear weapons manufacturing.

Such fluoride is manmade. In this form, fluoride has no nutrient value whatsoever. It is one of the most caustic of industrial chemicals. Fluoride is the active toxin in rat poisons and cockroach powder. Hydrofluoric acid is used to refine high octane gasoline, to make fluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons for freezers and air conditioners, (think “FREON”) and to manufacture computer screens, fluorescent light bulbs, semiconductors, plastics, herbicides, — and toothpaste. It also has the ability to burn flesh to the bone, destroy eyes, and sear lungs so that victims drown in their own body fluid.

Once in the body, fluoride is a destroyer of human enzymes. It does this by changing their shapes. You’ll remember from the Enzymes chapter that in human biochemistry, thousands of enzymes are necessary for various essential cell reactions that take place every second we’re alive. (Howell) Without enzymes, we’d die instantaneously. Enzymes trigger specific reactions in the body. One way they do this is by having the exact shape necessary, like a key in a lock.

Fluoride Changes The Shape Of The Enzymes So That They No Longer Fit. Since enzymes are proteins, once they’ve been changed, they’re now foreign-looking. The body now treats them as invaders, even though they’re part of that body. This is known as an autoimmune situation – the body attacks itself. Another way to look at it: enzymes are long-chain proteins held in certain shapes. Hydrogen bonds are the Velcro strips that hold the enzyme in a certain shape. Fluoride comes along and hydrolyzes the enzyme: cuts the Velcro strips away. The shape collapses. No more enzyme; now just a foreign protein.”

Only after researching and finding fluoride information like the above did this subject become one near-and-dear to not only to myself, but to my wife and children as well.


In 2003, I began experiencing a nagging morning brain fog—a confused, “what-am-I-to-do-next?” kind of thing, when I first addressed the mirror for shaving in the morning. Soon, at the suggestion of my wife, a regimen of one grain Armour natural desiccated Thyroid was begun (one grain = 60 mg.). And within a very short time, I had no more low body temperatures, no uncontrolled shivers and another big plus–no more symptoms of asthma! No longer needed are those various inhalers that had become the norm for more than ten years! Additionally, I now had a fuller eyebrow, which had never been more than half there. (With subsequent increases, my dose is now 3 gr.)

At the end of that first year, on October 1, 2003 while using thyroid and feeling GREAT like I hadn’t felt for years, our County began adding “Hydrofluosilicic Acid”, the cheapest (and most dangerous form of) Fluoride available to our water district. Within the next few weeks, both my wife and I discovered a reversal of the good health we had discovered after starting the use of thyroid supplementation. When we visited the Water District Plant and complained of the horrible effects of that fluoridation, the manager said: “Hold it, you are preaching to the choir! We must add it, since it has been mandated by the county, and I need my job.” The manager was actually (privately) very agreeable to our position, admitting knowledge of toxicity and the effects of fluoride on human health.

Inside of those three weeks, both my wife and myself felt that our thyroid supplement was no longer doing anything for us. With much Internet searching and watching the difference in how our health was going downhill, we became aware of many articles written by doctors worldwide that were warning of the very problems and dangers we were currently experiencing. We subsequently bought and installed a 5-stage reverse-osmosis filtration system, which takes out the fluoride by filtering to about .0001 to .0003 microns, and in a very short time we were back to our good health and our thyroid levels were once more at a good level. (But, a diligent awareness tells us that we should increase our daily-dose when those niggling hints of hypothyroidism present themselves.) Since that time we avoid the use of any toothpaste! Rather – we use baking soda and filtered water and avoid “most juices and soft drinks.” We even tote our filtered water along to stores, movies and restaurants.

Our research had led us to such articles as this excerpt from the following:
MORE: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/fluoride-and-your-thyroid/




GASLAND (2010)

#Gasland is a 2010 American documentary written and directed by Josh Fox. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2011, the film focuses on communities in the United States impacted by natural gas drilling and, specifically, a method of horizontal drilling into shale formations known as slickwater fracking. #fracking

It is happening all across America-rural landowners wake up one day to find a lucrative offer from an energy company wanting to lease their property. Reason? The company hopes to tap into a reservoir dubbed the “Saudi Arabia of natural gas.” Halliburton developed a way to get the gas out of the ground by a hydraulic drilling process called “fracking”-

GasLand (2010) Catch it while you can, this movie gets removed by youtube all the time.
Can’t have Americans knowing the truth.

Fracking is the controversial process of blasting water mixed with sand and chemicals deep underground at high pressure so as to fracture rock and release the oil and gas it holds. It has made previously inaccessible fossil fuel reserves economical to tap, and drilling operations have spread rapidly across the country.

The University of Missouri team found that 11 chemicals commonly used in the fracking process are “endocrine disrupters” – compounds that can affect the human hormonal system and have been linked to cancer, birth defects, and infertility.

“More than 700 chemicals are used in the fracking process, and many of them disturb hormone function,” said Dr. Susan Nagel, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and women’s health at the University of Missouri School of Medicine and a co-author of the study, in a news release.

“With fracking on the rise, populations may face greater health risks from increased endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure.”

Drilling for natural gas is contaminating drinking water!

MORE: [ GASLAND – FRACKING HELL: The Truth Behind HydroFracking / Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Linked to Fracking (Nat Geo) ]


vaccines medic6

((( VACCINES )))

“ALL VACCINES ARE CONTAMINATED, EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!” – Dr. Maurice Hillerman, Former Head Of Vaccines at Merck

“The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination” — Dr. Robert Bell (former Vice President International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital)

Vaccine Nation – FULL LENGTH‬‏

8 Damn Good Reasons Not to Get the Flu Shot

Every year the mainstream media war drum beats for you to get vaccinated against the flu. They rarely discuss anything but the benefits of the vaccine.
vaccine 1918flu-


Maybe it is because many people are already skeptical about the flu vaccine.

I’m going to be very up front with you here. You rarely hear about the adverse reactions or about the toxic chemicals being injected into you. My goal is to get you to investigate vaccines more closely. Here are eight reasons to question the flu shot.

Let’s begin… [ 8 Damn Good Reasons Not to Get the Flu Shot – “Into the Labyrinth: Discovering the Truth about Vaccination” Free E-Book ]




GASLAND – FRACKING HELL: The Truth Behind HydroFracking / Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Linked to Fracking (Nat Geo) – True Democracy Party


#Gasland is a 2010 American documentary written and directed by Josh Fox. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2011, the film focuses on communities in the United States impacted by natural gas drilling and, specifically, a method of horizontal drilling into shale formations known as slickwater fracking. #fracking

It is happening all across America-rural landowners wake up one day to find a lucrative offer from an energy company wanting to lease their property. Reason? The company hopes to tap into a reservoir dubbed the “Saudi Arabia of natural gas.” Halliburton developed a way to get the gas out of the ground by a hydraulic drilling process called “fracking”-

GasLand (2010) Catch it while you can, this movie gets removed by youtube all the time.
Can’t have Americans knowing the truth.

In May 2008, Josh Fox received a letter from a natural gas company offering to lease his family’s land in Milanville, Pennsylvania for $100,000 to drill for gas.[1]

Following the lease offer, he looked for information about natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale under large parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and West Virginia. He visited Dimock, Pennsylvania where natural gas drilling was already taking place. In Dimock, he met families able to light their tap water on fire as well as suffering from numerous health issues and fearing their well water had been contaminated.

Fox then set out to see how communities are being affected in the west where a natural gas drilling boom has been underway for the last decade. He spent time with citizens in their homes and on their land as they relayed their stories of natural gas drilling in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Texas, among others. He spoke with residents who have experienced a variety of chronic health problems as well as contamination of their air, water wells or surface water. In some instances, the residents are reporting that they obtained a court injunction or settlement monies from gas companies to replace the affected water supplies with potable water or water purification kits.[2]


Drilling for natural gas is contaminating drinking water!


Water contaminated shortly after hydraulic fracture

Uploaded on Jun 10, 2010

Shortly after a natural gas well was fractured using the controversial technique of hydraulic fracturing, a private water well within a thousand feet of the natural gas well site began showing sedimentation. DISH resident Amber Smith says shortly after the well was fractured a fine sand like sediment was present in the water from their private water well. The Smith family installed a water filtration system shortly after the sediment became present and continued using the water. However, after a year the sedimentation reached the point that it clogged the entire plumbing system, and the water well is now unusable.

The Smith family removed the tank from the water well and removed over ten pounds of the sand like substance. After dismantling and cleaning the well system, the Smith family reassembled the well only to have it completely obstructed after only 30 minutes of operation. Devon Energy who is the operator of the gas well has refused to take responsibility for the failure. The Railroad Commission of Texas responded and took samples of the tainted water for limited analyzing. The town of DISH also had independent testing accomplished to determine the content of the sand like substance.

The water well owned by the Smith family shows levels of arsenic at 7.5 times the acceptable level for drinking water. The water also contained lead at levels that were 21 times above the acceptable levels, and chromium at more that double the allowable limits. Independent testing shows elevated levels of butanone, acetone, carbon disulfide, strontium, as well as heavy metals, all above safe drinking water standards. The town is awaiting additional test results.

DISH is located in the epicenter of the Barnett Shale gas play and is home to a megacomplex of compressor stations, as well as pipelines, metering stations, gathering lines and gas wells. The town of DISH spent nearly 15% of its annual budget on a comprehensive air study after months of complaints to the state regulatory agencies and the operators of the compressor sites, gave the citizens no relief.

DISH mayor Calvin Tillman says that “we are finally getting our air cleaned up, and now our water is showing signs of pollution, we take two steps forward and three steps back”. These results clearly show a correlation between the natural gas drilling process and water contamination, and this industry should no longer make claims that they have never contaminated a water source.

DISH resident Amber Smith is extremely concerned that her young children has been drinking this water.

For more information see http://txsharon.blogspot.com



Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Linked to Fracking Found in Colorado River – National Geographic

This week, more evidence came in that hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) poses potentially serious risks to drinking water quality and human health.

A team of researchers from the University of Missouri found evidence of hormone-disrupting activity in water located near fracking sites – including samples taken from the Colorado River near a dense drilling region of western Colorado.

The Colorado River is a source of drinking water for more than 30 million people.

The peer-reviewed study was published this week in the journal Endocrinology.

Fracking is the controversial process of blasting water mixed with sand and chemicals deep underground at high pressure so as to fracture rock and release the oil and gas it holds. It has made previously inaccessible fossil fuel reserves economical to tap, and drilling operations have spread rapidly across the country.

The University of Missouri team found that 11 chemicals commonly used in the fracking process are “endocrine disrupters” – compounds that can affect the human hormonal system and have been linked to cancer, birth defects, and infertility.

“More than 700 chemicals are used in the fracking process, and many of them disturb hormone function,” said Dr. Susan Nagel, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and women’s health at the University of Missouri School of Medicine and a co-author of the study, in a news release.

“With fracking on the rise, populations may face greater health risks from increased endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure.”

The research team collected samples from ground water and surface water from sites in Garfield County, Colorado, where fracking fluids had accidentally spilled, as well as from the nearby Colorado River, into which local streams and groundwater drain. They also took samples from other areas of Garfield County where little drilling has taken place, as well as from a county in Missouri where there had been no drilling at all.

They found that the samples from the spill site had moderate-to-high levels of endocrine-disrupting activity, and the Colorado River samples had moderate levels. The other two samples, taken from areas with little or no drilling activity, showed low levels of endocrine-disrupting activity.

The new findings add urgency to calls for moratoriums on fracking until the risks have been fully assessed and regulations and monitoring put in place to safeguard water supplies and public health.

Due to the so-called “Halliburton loophole,” the oil and gas industry is exempt from important requirements under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, and states have been slow to fill the regulatory gap.

Colorado, in particular, should exercise the utmost caution.

According to a report by Ceres, a Boston-based non-profit organization that educates investors about corporate environmental risks, 92 percent of Colorado’s shale gas and oil wells are located in “extremely high” water stress regions, defined as areas in which cities, industries and farms are already using 80 percent or more of available water.

Adding contamination risks to the high volume of water fracking wells require – typically 4-6 million gallons per well – argues strongly for a precautionary approach to future development and a pause in existing production until the full range of environmental health risks can be assessed.

But Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has said the state will sue any city that bans fracking within its borders. Indeed, in July 2012, the state sued the front-range town of Longmont, which had issued such a ban.

A statement about the new findings of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in waters near fracking sites issued by Concerned Health Professionals of New York, and posted here, concludes with this warning:

“These results, which are based on validated cell cultures, demonstrate that public health concerns about fracking are well-founded and extend to our hormone systems. The stakes could not be higher. Exposure to EDCs has been variously linked to breast cancer, infertility, birth defects, and learning disabilities. Scientists have identified no safe threshold of exposure for EDCs, especially for pregnant women, infants, and children.”

And environmental health expert Sandra Steingraber writes in a letter posted at the same site:

“[I]t seems to me, the ethical response on the part of the environmental health community is to reissue a call that many have made already: hit the pause button via a national moratorium on high volume, horizontal drilling and fracking and commence a comprehensive Health Impact Assessment with full public participation.”

Related posts in Water Currents:

Fracking’s Threats to Drinking Water Call for a Precautionary Approach

As Oil and Gas Drilling Competes for Water, One New Mexico County Says No

South African Anti-Fracking Activist Calls for Global Alliance

Sandra Postel is director of the Global Water Policy Project, Freshwater Fellow of the National Geographic Society, and author of several books and numerous articles on global water issues. She is co-creator of Change the Course, the national freshwater conservation and restoration campaign being piloted in the Colorado River Basin.

Posted by Sandra Postel of National Geographic’s Freshwater Initiative in Water Currents on December 20, 2013

NOTE: Additional Information are in the comments section of the Source Article at National Geographic’s website, where Sandra Postel answered questions from the public and Paid Consultants for the Oil/Gas Industry.



Fracking Hell: The Untold Story

An original investigative report by Earth Focus and UK’s Ecologist Film Unit looks at the risks of natural gas development in the Marcellus Shale. From toxic chemicals in drinking water to unregulated interstate dumping of potentially radioactive waste that experts fear can contaminate water supplies in major population centers including New York City, are the health consequences worth the economic gains?

Marcellus Shale contains enough natural gas to supply all US gas needs for 14 years. But as gas drilling takes place, using a process called hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” toxic chemicals and methane gas seep into drinking water. Now experts fear that unacceptable levels of radioactive Radium 226 in gas development waste.

Fracking chemicals are linked to bone, liver and breast cancers, gastrointestinal, circulatory, respiratory, developmental as well as brain and nervous system disorders. Such chemicals are present in frack waste and may find their way into drinking water and air.

Waste from Pennsylvania gas wells — waste that may also contain unacceptable levels of radium — is routinely dumped across state lines into landfills in New York, Ohio and West Virginia. New York does not require testing waste for radioactivity prior to dumping or treatment. So drill cuttings from Pennsylvania have been dumped in New York’s Chemung and other counties and liquid waste is shipped to treatment plants in Auburn and Watertown New York. How radioactive is this waste? Experts are calling are for testing to find out.

New York State may have been the first state in the nation to put a temporary hold on fracking pending a safety review, but it allows other states to dump toxic frack waste within its boundaries.

With a gas production boom underway in the Marcellus Shale and plans for some 400,000 wells in the coming decades, the cumulative impact of dumping potential lethal waste without adequate oversight is a catastrophe waiting to happen. And now U.S. companies are exporting fracking to Europe.

FLUORIDE TEA – THE SODIUM FLUORIDE TEA CONNECTION: The Truth About Tea – It Contains Toxic Sodium Fluoride – “Green Tea Is One Of The Worst!”




Fluorine compounds or fluorides are listed by the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry(ATSDR) as among the top 20 of 275 substances that pose the most significant threat to human health.

Tea is VERY high in fluoride because tea leaves accumulate more fluoride(from pollution and air) than any other edible plant.”

“Due to industry contamination, fluoride content in tea has risen dramatically over the last 20 years. There is approximately 22.2 mg of fluoride per green tea bag and 17.25 mg per black tea bag.”
“Aluminum content was at 8 mg per bag. One bag of black tea contains as much fluoride as 7.8 liters of fluoridated water.”



Did You Know Green Tea Contains Dangerous Levels of Toxic Sodium Fluoride?

Green tea has emerged as a major natural substance in fighting diseases like heart disease, cancer and helping with weight loss. It’s been mass marketed to billions around the world and many sip it religiously everyday in the hopes that it will make them healthier. All except for one thing, it contains toxic sodium fluoride.

Green tea is one of the worst culprits having double the amount of fluoride as black tea. Brick tea has the highest fluoride concentration and symptoms of fluorosis have been seen in Tibetan children and adults who drink large amounts of this kind of tea.

Tea plants accumulate fluoride in their leaves over time, so the oldest leaves contain the most fluoride, while the youngest contain the least.

Tea Exempt From Contaminant Levels Defined by Government:
Fluoride in tea is much higher than the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) set for fluoride in drinking water which is 4 parts per million (ppm). About 50 percent of fluoride (from any source) is deposited in the bone and teeth; the other half is excreted.

The MCL is set so as to only avoid the third and crippling stage of this disease. It is set at 4ppm => 4mg/liter, assuming that people will retain half of this amount (2mg), and therefore be at a “safe” level. The EPA scientists, whose job and legal duty it is to set the MCL, declared that this level was set fraudulently by outside forces, and that 90% of the data showing the mutagenic properties of fluoride were omitted. Chemical toxicologist and former EPA consultant Nancy Webert stated “once that EPA started receiving funding from sources that were not disclosed to the public, fluoride studies and safety limits took a back seat to other interests.” Webert believes the United States Government was fully aware of these foreign interests and did nothing to protect Americans from current levels of fluoride poisoning in drinking water.

How Does Fluoride Affect The Body?:
Tea leaves accumulate more fluoride (from pollution of soil and air) than any other edible plant. Coincidently, fluoride content in tea has risen conconcurrently and dramatically with global tea consumption over the last 20 years.

Drinking high levels of fluoride can cause bone-forming cells to lay down extra skeletal tissue, which increases bone density. At the same time, it also increases bone brittleness that can result in a disease known as skeletal fluorosis. So while bones are more dense, they are also more brittle. Skeletal fluorosis can produce:

Bone, muscle and joint pain
Calcification of ligaments
Bone spurs
Fused vertebrae
Difficulty moving joints

Says Dr. Whyte, “When fluoride gets into your bones, it stays there for years, and there is no established treatment for skeletal fluorosis, No one knows if you can fully recover from it.” In other words, fluoride accumulates in your body.

According to one estimate, the first phase of skeletal fluorosis could easily develop in as few as five years if a person were to consume the amount of fluoride found in three or four cups of green tea every day.

While in 1976 a Belgian analysis showed content of between 50 and 125 ppm fluoride in 15 varieties of tea, a Polish study in 1995 found fluoride content of up to 340 ppm in 16 varieties of black tea. A major Canadian study published in 1995 reports average fluoride content in tea to be 4.57 mg/l in the 1980’s.

Babycenter.com, a pro-fluoridation infant medical group lists a cup of black tea to contain 7.8 mgs of fluoride, which is roughly the same amount as if one were to drink 7.8 litres of water in an area fluoridated at 1ppm.

Virtually every company selling green tea advertises it’s high fluoride content as “beneficial” in preventing cavities, promulgating the misleading and false data supplied for the last 50 years by the ADA/CDA and other dental health trade organizations, as well as various public health agencies. There are NO double-blind studies anywhere proving the efficacy of fluoride as a caries preventative. There ARE double-blind studies proving adverse health effects, at the level of 1ppm (1mg/l) in water. There are no studies documenting safety at any intake level.

Drinking a cup of tea with fluoride content as mentioned above (7.8mg) would mean a fluoride intake much higher than amounts which were actually given as medication to treat hyperthyroidism (over-functioning thyroid) for numerous decades – in several countries – specifically to reduce thyroid activity.

To make matters much worse for human health, fluorides in teas are found together with aluminum. The combination of aluminum and fluorides in tea is of urgent concern, due to the increased damage done by fluorides when in the presence of aluminum, especially neurological and renal damage. It also increases the extent to which aluminum can be absorbed by the body, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Aluminum by itself is not readily absorbed by the body, however in the presence of fluoride ions, the fluoride ions combine with the aluminum to form aluminum fluoride, which is absorbed by the body. Aluminum eventually combines with oxygen to form aluminum oxide or alumina. Alumina is the compound of aluminum that is found in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease.

SOURCE: http://preventdisease.com/news/10/080610_green_tea_fluoride.shtml


tea_herbal_  main1

Tea, fluoride, and wild alternatives
Arthur Haines

Wed, 13 Feb 2013 12:17 CST

Tea, including black, green, white, and oolong varieties, is prepared from the leaves of a shrub native to Asia called Camellia sinensis. It is a well-known hot beverage and is consumed in many households as a replacement for or in addition to the other common, hot beverage of the United States – coffee (made from the seeds of Coffea arabica). Tea is considered to be a beneficial drink and is known to contain antioxidants (e.g., epigallocatechin gallate). However, most are unaware that cultivated tea plants accumulate fluoride, a central nervous system toxin that accumulates in the body. We are told our entire lives that fluoride is beneficial for cavity prevention (through hardening of the enamel of our teeth). What we are never told is that fluoride is not used by our body in any natural physiological pathway and that there are health effects to its consumption, including dental and skeletal fluorosis, osteoarthritis, thyroid issues, endocrine disruption, immune system suppression, and several nervous system effects. And though it does harden the enamel of our teeth, it also makes them more brittle and susceptible to breakage. I do not expect a simple listing of the health issues to make you reconsider your family’s use of fluoride; therefore, you may find the following numbers informative.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has set standards for the amount of fluoride that can be present in drinking water because it is known to cause harm at high doses. The maximum contaminant level (MCL) was set at 4 parts per million (ppm). At that level, a person would consume 4 mg per liter of water each day (this assumes they consume only four cups of water each day). Studies show that people are actually consuming nearly 8 mg per day, which is twice the MCL set by the USEPA. Read carefully: this amount is higher than the amount provided when fluoride is used to treat hyperthyroidism (i.e., an over-functioning thyroid). Therefore, consuming fluoridated water at this level depresses thyroid function, which can create many issues, including memory problems, weight gain, depression, apathy, fatigue, constipation, skin problems, sexual dysfunction, loss of ability to concentrate, and more.

Here are some additional results of studies regarding fluoride’s health effects:

> fluoride accumulates in the bones, leading to brittleness, and studies show higher incidence of hip fractures in areas with fluoridated water;

> fluoride likely contributes to cancer – males living in fluoridated areas have a 6.9-fold increase in bone cancer rates;

> fluoride contributes to learning disabilities and leads to lower IQ scores in children exposed to fluoride;

> fluoride positively affects the rate at which aluminum (another neurotoxin) is absorbed by the body, meaning that the central nervous system effects are actually greater than the measured effects of fluoride alone.

For these reasons (and many more), I do not use any product that contains fluoride and will not drink fluoridated water. Fluoride is a cumulative neurotoxin that should not be added to our water supply or dental products.

Tea plants are known to accumulate both fluoride and aluminum in their leaves. It has recently been learned that the amounts of these minerals are much higher than previously thought because they combine to create aluminum fluoride, a compound that was not detected by former test methods. In one study, seven brands of tea were tested using new methodology, and all brands contained significant amounts of fluoride and aluminum (1.4 – 3.3 times more than formerly reported). Decaffeinated tea can be worse because fluoridated water is often used in the process of removing the alkaloid caffeine. If you are wondering about differences between conventionally grown and organically grown tea – studies are lacking. Preliminary evidence suggests that tea is a natural bioaccumulator of fluoride, so that while organically grown plants have less fluoride, they still contain elevated levels in their leaves (conventionally grown plants apparently obtain additional fluoride in the fertilizer that is used). Therefore, I turn to the local landscape to provide me with healthful tea plants. Here are four of my favorite species to collect and some of their known benefits.

stinging nettle (Urtica dioica)

Many people are intimidated by stinging nettle, but this is my most frequently consumed wild tea. We gather this in quantity so it can be enjoyed throughout the year. Stinging nettle is a tall, unbranched or sparingly branched perennial herb that is often found associated with open areas near moderate-sized to large rivers. It also sometimes occurs as a weed in areas of cultivation. It has stinging hairs that create a painful, itchy sensation when the plant is contacted by bare skin. Despite this, it is well worth gathering and becomes completely innocuous once dried (i.e., the stinging hairs are no longer potent). Use gloves if you need, though it is possible to collect this with bare hands. Stinging nettle is a nutrient-dense plant and tea made from the dried leaves provides several benefits, including lowering elevated blood pressure, reducing the severity of allergic symptoms (i.e., it is anti-allergenic), reducing pain associated with arthritis, promoting healthy skin, and serving as a general tonic for good health. I consider this plant to also have a role in cleansing due to its mild diuretic effect (and effect that also helps prevent kidney stones). The flavor of stinging nettle tea is mild and it has a wonderful dark green color. This species is treated in detail in the first volume of Ancestral Plants.

narrow-leaved fireweed (Chamaenerion angustifolium)

Narrow-leaved fireweed is a species of open areas, often found in fields, along roadsides, and on recently cleared lands. Its magenta flowers make it conspicuous and easy to find when in bloom. This plant has had a number of taxonomic changes, so you may find it in your references under the scientific name Epilobium angustifolium and Chamerion angustifolium. Narrow-leaved fireweed has been used as an adulterant in black tea. It has many documented health benefits, including being a powerful antioxidant, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial (with action against viruses), an anti-inflammatory, and an astringent (the latter two actions helping to reduce swelling and assist with many ailments, including arthritis). I generally gather this species when in flower and use both the leaves and flowers for making infusions. This species is also treated in detail in the first volume of Ancestral Plants.

selfheal (Prunella vulgaris)

This common member of the mint family is regularly found on lawns, in fields, along roadsides, and in many types of open areas. It flowers much of early and middle summer, forming relatively dense arrays of blue flowers. Selfheal has long been considered a general tonic for good health. Some research has uncovered its ability to maintain health through its effect on endogenous antioxidants (antioxidants that our bodies produce). It has been found that selfheal boosts levels of super oxide dismutase and prevents depletion of glutathione, two important and powerful antioxidants produced within us (they are extremely important to maintenance of our health). It also supplies several water-soluble antioxidants. Collectively, these free-radical fighting compounds contribute to decreased risk of cancer and protection from UVA (the strongest portion of ultraviolet light produced by the sun) and human-generated radiation. Selfheal is also documented to promote oral health through several pathways, including preventing bacterial plaque formation. It is also beneficial for the lymphatic system and has been shown to be anti-allergenic. Again, I make tea from this species using the dried leaves and flowers.

American linden (Tilia americana)

This tree is a species of deciduous forests, most common along moderate-sized to major rivers and rich, rocky slopes. It is easily recognized by its large, somewhat heart-shaped leaves that are asymmetrical. It flowers in the early summer and the entire array of flowers, along with the narrow bract that subtends the flower array, are gathered for tea. American linden is rich in mucilage, so the mild-flavored tea has a particular texture that is different from other teas. The flowers contain a sweet of polyphenols that are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cleansing, and able to lower elevated blood pressure. In addition, the mild sedative quality (i.e., relaxing) makes this plant a valuable protector of the heart, especially for people living with stress, and helps promote restful sleep. Further, emerging research suggests this plant is hepatoprotective, meaning it protects the liver from damage from medical drugs, toxins, and diseases.

Preparation (in brief)

Collecting your own plants for tea is relatively easy. For some, the most difficult step will be learning where to find the plants in a clean area that occur in numbers sufficient to support collection. I prefer to gather them in the summer, when the plants have accumulated their full component of medicine but not so late as to become damaged, blighted, and otherwise ratty from herbivores, fungal pathogens, etc. The process is: gather, dry, reduce, store. Tall plants are cut or carefully broken, bundled together, and hung to dry. Shorter plants and flowers I often place on an elevated screen to dry. I often dry them outside, bringing them in at night so that the dew doesn’t re-wet them. If you dry the plant material inside, find a warm, low-humidity spot. When the leaves/flowers are dry and brittle, the plants are ready for the next step (this usually takes only a few days in good weather). The very dry leaves insure that the material won’t mold and facilitates reducing it in size so you can maximize surface area for extraction. Wait for a dry, sunny day so you can strip leaves and flowers from the harder stems and then crumble the leaves/flowers up with your hands (if it is very humid or has been raining, the leaves/flowers will be flexible and won’t crumble well). Take all of the reduced (i.e., chopped or crumbled) material and place it in an airtight container out of the light. Now you have tea whenever you need it that brings with it many health benefits. Further, on those cold winter nights, you can reminisce about the summer days when you collected these plants. Of course, each plant has its own intricacies regarding collection and preparation. But the overall process is relatively simple and adds to your family’s self-reliance.
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Reader Comments
By: bentpenny

but only provides a hint of what Prunella vulgaris can/will do for the body. It prevents estrogen-induced cancers; protects the cells’ mitochondria. Immune stimulant that mobilizes NK (natural killer) cells; protects red blood cells against hemolysis; protects the brain and kidneys against lipid peroxidation. It inhibits histamine release, suppressing allergic reaction. Prunella is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral. Inhibits HIV and Herpes replication: will control all manifestations of Herpes, including shingles and herpetic keratosis. It cripples a crucial step in the HIV replication process. It will reverse medication-induced memory problems. Prunella decreases acetylcholinesterase activity for the treatment of Alzheimers; it breaks up amyloid-beta conglomerates inside AND outside the cells, meaning if consumed in large enough daily amounts, it will arrest and reverse Alzheimer’s disease—all with no toxins or side effects.

SOURCE: http://www.sott.net/article/258503-Tea-fluoride-and-wild-alternatives



Additional Natural Tea Idea’s:

Ginger Tea:

Treat yourself to a cup of piping hot ginger tea, a healthy drink that’s great for digestion. Why go out and buy old tea bags when you can easily make your own homemade ginger tea at home using fresh ginger? Here’s how to make the tastiest ginger tea you’ve ever had!
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

4-6 thin slices raw ginger
1 1/2 – 2 cups water
juice from 1/2 lime, or to taste
1-2 tbsp honey or agave nectar, or to taste

Peel the ginger and slice thinly to maximize the surface area. This will help you make a very flavorful ginger tea.

Boil the ginger in water for at least 10 minutes. For a stronger and tangier tea, allow to boil for 20 minutes or more, and use more slices of ginger.

Remove from heat and add lime juice and honey (or agave nectar) to taste.

The secret to making a really flavorful ginger tea is to use plenty of ginger – more than you think you will need – and also to add a bit of lime juice and honey to your ginger tea. You will also probably want to add more honey than you think you will need as well.

Enjoy your hot ginger tea! A homemade ginger tea is excellent in soothing stomach aches and in aiding digestion.

*** Twist For Gastrointestinal Aid

“Boil ginger slices as directed but add fresh mint leaves, a cinnamon stick, 1 bag of chamomile, and half of a lime (just cut one in half, slice the end off, and stick the whole lime in the water).

Sweeten it with honey (also fights bacteria) and enjoy”


Easy Cinnamon Tea,

“Cinnamon lover! Now here’s an easy tip. Using a coffee maker, put in a stick or two of cinnamon in a clean filter. I throw in Cloves, Anise, & some Nutmeg too. I add 2 more sticks in the coffee pot as well. Add some Honey & then pour in a pitcher with the cinnamon sticks.

Optional: Stick in fridge for Iced Cinnamon Tea.”


Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

Feeling cold? Stuffy? Sore throat? Honey Lemon Ginger Tea will cure what ails you. The heat and the ginger warms you right up, the steam and the lemon and the ginger help clear those sinuses, and the ginger and the honey soothe that scratchy throat. I’ve been known to add a shot of whiskey to the mix, but I’m old school.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

1 Tbsp. freshly grated ginger (no need to peel it)
1 Tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 Tbsp. honey, plus more to taste


Put the ginger in a tea pot or medium bowl. Pour 1 cup boiling water over it and let it steep for 3 minutes.
Meanwhile, put the lemon juice and the honey in a large mug. Strain the ginger tea into the mug.
Stir to dissolve the honey, taste, and add more honey or lemon juice if you like.
herbal teas
Makes 1 mug Honey Lemon Ginger Tea.


[ 10 Health Boosting Herbal Teas ]

[ Homemade Herbal Teas ]


green tea

Is Green Tea Dangerous For Some People?

Sodium Fluoride in Black/Green Tea

By Lynn Daniluk

If you are unwilling to drink a glass of fluoridated water from a city tap, then you should think twice about drinking green or black tea.

According to the City of Ottawa website,

“In September 2009, the City of Ottawa reduced the target level of fluoride in drinking water to 0.70 mg/L in response to the new level recommended by Health Canada. These changes were made under the direction of the Medical Officer of Health.” (1)

According to the calculations made by the Oregon State University’s “Linus Pauling Institute Micronutrient Research Centre” (2) all tea has a higher level of sodium fluoride that the City of Ottawa’s fluoridated drinking water. The levels per liter will depend on the length of time the tea is steeped but even a 5 minute brew will give you a higher level than Ottawa’s City water. These calculations were made from tea that was brewed without fluoridated water so those levels would be compounded. It is important to note that the Linus Pauling Institute website does not have a problem with fluoridation as they feel it prevents tooth decay so they would not be trying to reduce the numbers in order to make the situation look better. Besides, these levels have been confirmed by other studies done in China, Turkey (7) and India.

Sodium Fluoride Content of Teas

Green 1.2-1.7 mg/L

Oolong 0.6-1.0 mg/L

Black 1.0-1.9 mg/L

Brick tea 2.2-7.3 mg/L

*Fluoride in 1% weight/volume tea prepared by continuous infusion from 5 to 360 minutes

It is interesting to note that the initial level of fluoride in green tea is higher that black tea so the concept that green is better than black does not hold water.

My next concern is the level of aluminium in tea that compounds the effects of sodium fluoride. Once you start to look into studies you realize that scientists are talking about aluminium and fluoride together in the same sentence. (3, 4) This has far reaching implications that go beyond the idea that a bit of fluoride helps tooth enamel.

It is also important to not overlook the effects of caffeine on the uptake of sodium fluoride. In their on-line drug reference manual ‘Pharmacokinetics’ section, the Medscape website states, “some studies suggested that oral bioavailability of fluoride may increase with concomitant administration of caffeine.” (5) While it appears that caffeine can increase the absorption rate of sodium fluoride in the body, decaffeination does not solve this problem. One study showed how the process of decaffeination actually increased the level of sodium fluoride in the tea. (6)

A 2009 study conducted in Turkey showed that “herbal and fruit infusions were characterized by low values of fluoride (0.02–0.04 mg/L) after 5 min of brewing and increasing brewing time to 10 min caused only slight increases in some infusions.”(7) Tea grown in the same area had a very large amount of fluoride by comparison. It appears that the tea plant has the specific ability to absorb sodium fluoride and aluminium from the environment that other plants do not possess. It does not a matter what is put on the plant in the way of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer, the plant collects these toxic minerals from the soil and water. In other words drinking organic tea may not be helpful in this case. It is also hard to know what constitutes ‘organic’ in places such as China, Turkey, Sri Lanka, India and Kenya. Though the tea plants may not be sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, etc. the soil and water the plants grow in is contaminated.

According to Dr. Michael P. Whyte, M.D. Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics & Genetics and Medical-Scientific Director, Center for Metabolic Bone Disease and Molecular Research, Shriners Hospitals for Children, St. Louis, “The tea plant is known to accumulate fluoride from the soil and water,” (8)

This is the doctor who conducted the study on Skeletal Fluorosis and green/black tea. (9)

“Says Dr. Whyte, “When fluoride gets into your bones, it stays there for years, and there is no established treatment for skeletal fluorosis. No one knows if you can fully recover from it.” In other words, fluoride accumulates in your body.” (8)

SOURCE: https://www.juliedaniluk.com/health-tips/is-green-tea-dangerous-for-some-people.html

It is known that fluroride has an effect on thyroid function. After reviewing the evidence I would suggest that those with thyroid issues consider limiting their use of green tea and green tea products. For more information check out this particularly well written article: [ Green Tea, Fluoride & the Thyroid ]




You can rid you body of most fluorides with some easy natural remedies. Fluorides have been linked to a variety of severe chronic, even acute health issues. First a quick review summary of fluoride. Fluoride is a soluble salt, not a heavy metal. There are two basic types of fluoride. Calcium fluoride appears naturally in underground water sources and even seawater. Enough of it can cause skeletal or dental fluorosis, which weakens bone and dental matter. But it is not nearly as toxic, nor does it negatively affect so many other health issues as sodium fluoride, which is added to many water supplies.

Sodium Fluoride is a synthetic waste product of the nuclear, aluminum, and phosphate fertilizer industries. This fluoride has an amazing capacity to combine and increase the potency of other toxic materials. The sodium fluoride obtained from industrial waste and added to water supplies is also already contaminated with lead, aluminum, and cadmium. It damages the liver and kidneys, weakens the immune system, possibly leading to cancer, creates symptoms that mimic fibromyalgia, and performs as a Trojan Horse to carry aluminum across the blood brain barrier. The latter is recognized as a source of the notorious “dumbing down” with lower IQ’s and Alzheimer’s effects of fluoride.

Another not commonly known organ victim of fluorosis is the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain. The pineal gland can become calcified from fluorides, inhibiting it’s function as a melatonin producer. Melatonin is needed for sound, deep sleep, and the lack of it also contributes to thyroid problems that affect the entire endocrine system. The pineal gland is also considered the physical link to the upper chakras or third eye for spiritual and intuitive openings.

Various permutations of Sodium Fluoride are also in many insecticides for homes and pesticides for crops. Sometimes it is even added to baby foods and bottled waters. If you live in a water fluoridated area, purchase commercially grown fruits, especially grapes, and vegetables that are chemically sprayed and grown areas irrigated by fluoridated water, you are getting a triple whammy! Better skip that fluoridated toothpaste!

As always, the first step in detoxifying is to curb taking in toxins. Purifying water by reverse osmosis or distillation in fluoridated water communities is a good start to slowing down your fluoride contamination. Distillation comes with a bit of controversy, as all the minerals are removed. A great mineral supplement such as Fulvic Acid (not folic acid) or unsulfured blackstrap molasses is recommended if you distill your water.

Avoiding sprayed, commercially grown foods while consuming organic or locally grown foods is another big step. Watch out for processed foods such as instant tea, grape juice products, and soy milk for babies. They all contain high concentrations of sodium fluoride. So do many pharmaceutical “medicines”. By minimizing your sodium fluoride intake, your body can begin eliminating the fluorides in your system slowly. Magnesium is a very important mineral that many are lacking. Besides being so important in the metabolism and synthesis of nutrients within your cells, it also inhibits the absorption of fluoride into your cells! Along with magnesium, calcium seems to help attract the fluorides away from your bones and teeth, allowing your body to eliminate those toxins. So during any detox efforts with fluoride, it is essential that you include a healthy supplemental dose of absorbable calcium/magnesium as part of the protocol.

So Now Let’s Speed Up the Fluoride Detox. This author received a comment stating that an earlier article’s source reference to sunlight for decalcifying the pineal gland was inaccurate. He said that darkness, not light, is needed to stimulate the pineal gland into melatonin production, which should lead to breaking up the calcification of that gland. Besides being logical, further source research indicates the critic is correct! Day time exercise, a healthful diet, not over eating, and meditation all contribute to higher melatonin production from the pineal gland. Though very helpful to many for getting a full night’s deep sleep, it appears inconclusive whether melatonin supplements will help decalcify the pineal gland.
But it does seem logical that it might.

Iodine supplementation has been clinically demonstrated to increase the urine irrigation of sodium fluoride from the body as calcium fluoride. The calcium is robbed from your body, so make sure you are taking effective calcium and magnesium supplements. Lecithin is recommended as an adjunct to using iodine for excreting fluorides. Iodine is another nutrient lacking in most diets and causing hypothyroid symptoms of lethargy or metabolic imbalances. Eating lots of seafood for iodine has it’s constantly rising mercury hazards. Seaweed foods and iodine supplements that combine iodine and potassium iodide are highly recommended over sea food by most.

Tamarind, originally indigenous to Africa but migrated into India and southeast Asia, has been used medicinally in Ayurvedic Medicine. The pulp, bark, and leaves from the tree can be converted to teas and strong tinctures, which have also shown the ability to eliminate fluorides through the urine. Liver Cleanses are considered effective for eliminating fluorides and other toxins. There are two types of liver cleansing, both of which can be performed easily at home over a week or two of time. One of the protocols focuses on the liver itself , and the other cleanses the gall bladder, which is directly connected with liver functions. Simple instructions for both can be found on line with search engine inquiries.

Boron was studied in other parts of the world with pronounced success for fluoride detoxification. Borox, which contains boron, has a history of anecdotal success for detoxifying sodium fluoride. Yes, this is the borox you can find in the laundry aisles of some supermarkets. It needs to be taken in with pure water in small quantities. As little as 1/32 of a teaspoon to 1/4 of a teaspoon in one liter of water consumed in small quantities throughout the day is what has been demonstrated as safe and effective. Around 1/8 of a teaspoon with a pinch of pure sea salt in a liter consumed in small quantities daily has been reported to have dramatic results. There is the possibility of a food grade version with sodium borate, if you can find it.

Dry Saunas combined with exercise releases sodium fluoride stored in fatty tissues. It can be intense enough to cause side effects or an occasional healing crisis. So keep the pure water intake high and drink some chickweed tea to protect the kidneys while using a highly absorbable cal/mag supplement. Lecithin is another useful adjunct to this protocol for fluoride detoxification.

Vitamin C in abundance was not mentioned as a helpful adjunct. It is now. But do not use ascorbic acid as your vitamin C source for an adjunct to any of the fluoride detox methods. Do take in as much other types of vitamin C as you can tolerate, along with a couple of tablespoons of lecithin daily. Add those to your absorbable calcium and magnesium supplements with plenty of pure water, get good sleep and rest, and the detox should be relatively smooth. Chelation therapies are recommended primarily for heavy metal removals. Though fluorides are salts, the synthetic waste product variety, sodium fluoride, comes with a cargo of toxic heavy metals. And these pernicious salts have a way of combining more heavy metals. So including any one of several chelation therapies may be beneficial for overall health improvements while applying your chosen fluoride remedy or remedies.

Those include bentonite clay internally or externally, fulvic acid (NOT folic acid), cilantro pesto with chlorella, and even DMSA or any other chellation therapy with which you are familiar.

Paul Fassa – NaturalNews

SOURCE: http://nstarzone.com/FLUORIDEDETOX.html