February 25, 2018

GOOGLE HELL: NEW YOUTUBE COMMENT SECTION SUCKS!!! YouTube Comments Revamped, Users Give Thumbs Down “Americans Speak Out!” Time For A New Video-Sharing Service!



YouTube comments revamped, users give thumbs down

Google has shaken up YouTube’s commenting system in an effort, it says, to improve the quality of conversations — but its users aren’t impressed.

Among the changes are the ability to make your comments private, reply in threads, share comments to Google+, edit your comments and get notifications.

Comments can now be much longer — which one user tested by posting the entire script of the 177-minute movie Braveheart — and can include URLs, which seems like an open invitation to spammers.

This video explaining some of the changes, which focuses heavily on its integration with Google+, is already deeply unpopular, with 85 per cent of voters giving it a thumbs down at time of publication.

Reading the comments, many focus on how the increased size of comments and ability to include special characters will increase the potency of trolls. Unicode phalluses and depictions of Hitler are among the top-voted comments.

When you go to leave a comment, even if you’ve chosen before that you want to keep your YouTube and Google+ accounts separate, it asks you again, and prompts you to agree to new ‘Pages terms’, whatever they are. What’s my channel? Is that the same as my account? Why does it want to link it to a work-related account?


The biggest change for many users will probably be the ordering of comments. Instead of showing the top two highest voted recent comments and then everyone else in reverse time order, all comments will be sorted for relevance.

“Let’s say you’re enjoying Lindsey Stirling or Epic Rap Battles’ latest video and want to join in the conversation,” YouTube explains. “Would you rather see comments from people you care about (including Lindsey or ERB themselves), or just whoever in the world was last to post?

“Starting this week, when you’re watching a video on YouTube, you’ll see comments sorted by people you care about first. If you post videos on your channel, you also have more tools to moderate welcome and unwelcome conversations. This way, YouTube comments will become conversations that matter to you.”

What do you make of the new YouTube comments? Does Google+ need this boost to its visibility, or will forcing people to use it dent its reputation? Do you think this will improve the amount of constructive comments after the initial fuss has died down? Leave a constructive comment in full anonymity below, or use your real name on our Facebook page.


ban youtube


Users are not giving this a thumbs-up? What BS! There are lots of forums where YouTube community is having fits. As of yesterday Google is forcing its users to make a Google+ account or they cannot use the comments section at all. I think this is less about trolls and more about Google forcing a failed Google+ down the public’s throat. The community is extremely upset by this. It’s going to backfire just like when they tried (and failed) to force us to give our real names. Google is in the process of ruining YouTube. Personally, I’m looking for a YouTube alternative right now. Have already started using Bing as my search engine. RIP YouTube.
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anonymous 7 November, 2013 16:33

I am unwilling to create a Google+ account and can now not comment which I don’t mind about, what I do mind though is legitimate comments by users on my videos are now classed as spam and hidden by default when they are not spam. For me to fix this and say they are legitimate I am again required to create a Google+ account, so no I’m moving my videos over to Vimeo and Dailymotion instead. It’s a shame as Youtube used to be great but has been going downhill ever since Google acquired it.
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anonymous 7 November, 2013 19:36

I agree with the comments above. Google is ruining Youtube and we do need an alternative to it. I refuse to join Google+. I think Google is becoming too powerful and is employing bully boy tactics. They won’t let Windows Phone users have a Youtube official App either.
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anonymous 7 November, 2013 22:28

As a long-time user of Google+ anyway, I like the change. Yes, I think there are a few teething issues but I do think the changes will ultimately turn out to be a good thing.

It was inevitable that some people would not like this, but the fuss will die down eventually and people will realise it’s not that bad. Either that, or they will more to another video sharing service (which is their choice).

Put it this way; Google have not hidden the fact that they want Google+ to be the backbone that links all their services. They can do what they want and consumers can do what they want (either stay with the service and use it…or go elsewhere). Google doesn’t owe us anything for the services we don’t directly pay for.
anonymous 7 November, 2013 23:30

Google can take a running jump. We pay Google (and other “free” services) very directly with something much more onerous than money: we pay with our privacy. And we all have the right to say ‘So far but no further’.

Put it this way: consumers can’t do what they want at all… they join an internet community – any community – this one happens to be YouTube. It becomes popular, Google buy it, and the carpet is pulled from under our feet. We move to a new service and most likely the same will happen. This is unfair and unsustainable. Google needs tethering, with some very powerful legislation.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 01:30

Not everyone wants to use google+. Not everyone wants to use Gmail. Not everyone wants to use google as a search site. So stop forcing everyone to use a google+ account and maybe you wouldn’t be getting a “thumbs down”. I like the idea of trollers being blocked from commenting, but stop rubing our faces with google+
anonymous 8 November, 2013 02:13

What this doesn’t address is also when the youtube user switches…the process has glitches, and you can lose all your videos! Yes, you can salvage them, but only after panicking, searching for help, and they expect us to spend OUR time doing all the work to save the videos that were already safely sitting there. Unfortunately, a ton of people lost their videos because there is also a timeframe of 2 weeks to recover them or lose them forever! Yes, this is forced on us, yet there’s no customer support.

For some reason, Google seems to think it’s only the ‘bad apples’ who don’t like it. Why do they not realize they are upsetting good customers? Maybe the large numbers of people who complain and sign the petition will wake them up that it’s not just a few disgruntled people!
anonymous 8 November, 2013 02:14

Google+ is a social layer of Google. If you use Google for any social interaction, you use Google+.

anonymous 8 November, 2013 02:27

HA! Youtube comments just got better. That’s pretty rich. Let’s put those words through a Truth Filter: Youtube comments just got clunky, overcomplicated, and inacessible.
Now it’s borderline impossible to carry on a conversation with anybody, friendly or otherwise, because Google just can’t leave a good thing alone. Who cares if people get off-topic on a video? It’s a mixed bag, but overall it’s more interesting than annoying. I’ll use the comments section on another website as an example- Manly Guys Doing Manly Things (www.thepunchlineismachismo.com) has the most interesting and hilarious comments on every page- and more than half of it is random, to say the least.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 02:40

Google seem intent on world domination! Like many people I don’t want to give Google total access to all of my internet activity or my whole life in general. I think these changes to Youtube will backfire as like most of those who have commented above, I will be unlikely to waste the hours watching videos on this site that I used to. Thus, they will inevitably lose a whole lot of advertising revenue, as who is going to continue advertising on a site which has suddenly lost half of its viewers overnight?!
anonymous 8 November, 2013 02:54

This is the worst thing to happen to YouTube since..Well.. Google.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 03:05

Google is just being a bully and strong-arming peopleIin to Google+. They did this last year as well fforcing you to need a Google+ account if you wished to leave a rate and review for apps in Google play/android market.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 04:21

Sign this to fight the new YouTube changes : http://www.change.org/petitions/google-change-the-youtube-comment-section-back-to-its-original-form
anonymous 8 November, 2013 07:36

WTF Google? Quit messing with people’s yt accounts. if I wanted bloody google+ I’d be using it already, and now you force me to link to it if I want to comment on a video? Where the hell are your heads at? All persons involved in this mess should be frikken fired asap. You Tube was doing a perfectly fine job of screwing itself up already without google’s involvement. Count me as another royally pissed off user.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 07:50

I am about ready to move all my youtube content to vimeo.
I do not wish to link my youtube account to google (or is it now Youoogle) I declined when I was previously asked and now if I don’t I can’t reply to any comments.
This is rediculous, Bad move on googles part.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 10:29

The new YouTube layout is really bad
anonymous 8 November, 2013 10:39

I’m starting to miss the times when Microsoft was the boss.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 11:03

YouTube. Fuckoff!!!
anonymous 8 November, 2013 11:56

Great, just what I needed. I suffer from Avoidant Personality Disorder and social networks are precisely the kind of stuff I need to avoid. Besides, I want to keep my private life separated from my public life…

This has to be a sick joke…
anonymous 8 November, 2013 11:58

I found this article while searching in g**gle search for “Y**tube spams user to use g**gle+” 🙂 St*p*d Y**tube is going to be a sh*t. Y**tube before was great now is a piece of a sh*t and these id**ts in that company are forcing people to use their sh*t g**gle+!
anonymous 8 November, 2013 14:00

I use Google+ and HATE what they did to YouTube! I want Free & EZ expression in Replies!
This is more about CONTROL of Info then anything!
TRUTUBE maybe where I go Next if not changed back ASAP!
anonymous 8 November, 2013 14:25

I suspose now i will just look at You tube for its web link, Then use dailymotion as an alternative so to put in my comments. I’ve pretty much locked down my google+ account. I will not use it in any shape or form. I do not want, or care what my ‘friends’ think of a youtube link. Generally we have different interests anyway!

Pity really as there are some decent youtube channels out there. Looks likely now i will log in anoymously to youtube.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 15:05

Google have moved YouTube to a whole new level of clunkiness. The team who dreamed this should get an award. They have truly excelled.

When I found I HAD to contend with Google+ & then when I do so find that the comments section was way too convuluted, unfriendly – and frankly ANNOYING – I decided to withdraw completely, loose all my posts, and cancel my gmail account.
samuelc 8 November, 2013 15:20

Is there any chance of Cnet doing a much needed improvement to their comments section so that when I write more than five lines in Google Chrome the writing doesn’t disappear off the screen?
anonymous 8 November, 2013 15:36

My company has a YouTube channel. Forcing people to get G+ accounts if they don’t want them, in order to comment or communicate makes that channel almost worthless. Shame on you. You’re going to find out the hard way you’ve just shot yourself in the foot.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 16:14

On youtube I want my comment to be read by whoever comes on next not disappear forever. Whats the point commenting if no-one ever gets to read it since youtube will definitely not consider it a VIP comment? Absolute farce.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 16:39

Google is absolutely despicable for requiring YouTube users to make a Google+ Account if they want to continue using the Comment Section.

They claim to be doing this to provide a better experience for the users, which is false. If creating a better experience was really Google’s intentions, they would see how displeased people are with the recent changes and revert YouTube back to the way it originally was.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 16:42

The repercussion of this notorious update are
-YouTube Channel owners are no longer able to reply to comments that were made prior to the changes.
-YouTube Users who have not signed up for a Google+ Account will not have access to the Comment Section at all

People were able to comment just fine without Google+, so why the changes?
anonymous 8 November, 2013 16:46

Changes were made to prevent “trolls” from the internet? That’s a laugh.
Before the update we were limited to 255 characters per post.
Now we have an almost unlimited character allowance per post, nothing wrong with that to be honest.
However, trolls are now able to post giant dicks and hitlers in the comment section once again.
I actually cheer the trolls for doing these things, it serves Google right for the crap the company decided to pull.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 16:50

Google+ is garbage… I hope people will not make Google+ accounts because of these changes.
You know there’s something wrong with a product when it has to be forced on people.
If Google+ was so great, why make it a requirement to have it do post comments when the Comment Section was doing just fine before?
Shouldn’t people be willing to use Google+ if it honestly was a good product?
Go to Hell Google
anonymous 8 November, 2013 16:57

As always, a web designer should be hired to create a web site and then executed before he screws it up. Google just screwed up You Tube.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 17:32

everything is ok except for the reply button, when you want to react asap it starts from the beginning. And by the time you get it you cant vent out your frustrations the way you felt from the initial reaction.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 18:10

many bike vloggers like myself refuse to sign up for the google+ as we want to make bike vids and not share who we are with the world.we all have started using vimeo now….rip youtube
p.s. the petition has over 44k names on it now.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 18:43

I cant even see the comments section thats how broken it is right now google screwed up big time there stock even went down when this new comment system came up and they had to recover part of it today.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 18:43

I don’t know whose worse… the NSA or Google. I do not want people on my contacts in gmail to see my comments if i do not want them to. Or any losers in Google+. This is my comment from America.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 18:47

I don’t know whose worse… the NSA or Google. I do not want people on my contacts in gmail to see my comments if i do not want them to. Or any losers in Google+. This is my comment from America. This is all about tracking and seeing what everyone is up to. Manipulation of Privacy Standards.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 19:52

This is one of the reason why I now detest Google for what they’ve done. I detest them with an absolute passion.

I’ve been on YouTube for seven years and I for one hate what they are doing. That’s why I vow NOT to sync my YT channel with Google+. I would rather have my YT account banned than this.

Everything about YouTube has been ruined by Google. Even one of the co-founders know this. I just wish that YouTube can die so I can leave the site for good.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 19:53

This is one of the reason why I now detest Google for what they’ve done. I detest them with an absolute passion.

I’ve been on YouTube for seven years and I for one hate what they are doing. That’s why I vow NOT to sync my YT channel with Google+. I would rather have my YT account banned than this.

Everything about YouTube has been ruined by Google. Even one of the co-founders know this. I just wish that YouTube can die so I can leave the site for good.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 19:53

This is one of the reason why I now detest Google for what they’ve done. I detest them with an absolute passion.

I’ve been on YouTube for seven years and I for one hate what they are doing. That’s why I vow NOT to sync my YT channel with Google+. I would rather have my YT account banned than this.

Everything about YouTube has been ruined by Google. Even one of the co-founders know this. I just wish that YouTube can die so I can leave the site for good.
anonymous 8 November, 2013 20:42

I don’t have the option to like comments or reply to them anymore. Do I have to have a google+ account to do this? This is getting really ridiculous. Maybe Youtube would’ve taken their time and walked us through all these changes it would’ve been better. But I really don’t want a google+ account. None of my friends have one, so it would be pointless to get, and I just want to watch and comment on videos on youtube. Does anyone know how I can turn my reply to and like comments settings back on?


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google chains


*** WARNING: Mature Language Alert on Below Video Responses to New Google Comment Section Changes ***

Why the new YouTube Google+ comment integration sucks

Published on Sep 26, 2013

This video explains why the new YouTube integration with G+ is terrible, annoying and quite honestly needs to be re-thought. They made things way too complicated.

Quoted from SocialBlade: http://socialblade.com/blog/2013/09/2…

“Google is turning up the pressure to link your G+ account to YouTube. Their new comment system is powered by G+, and without it, your comments are likely to fall by the wayside.

According to YouTube, instead of posts just appearing chronologically, now they will be ranked by who posts them. This makes sense for posts from the video creator, but YouTube is also ranking them according to “popular personalities, engaged discussions about the video, and people in you Google+ Circles.”

There is also a new options to keep conversations about videos public or private to keep them within groups defined by the creator, and better moderator tools. We’re all for the moderating tools that help sort through comments by blocking specific words or auto-approving certain users, but the change Google/YouTube is making just isn’t sitting quite right with us.

Besides the fact that Google seems to be forcing YouTubers to have and link a Google+ account to be heard (read?) on the new system, there is the question of how someone is determined to be a “popular personality” or “engaged in conversation.” Depending on how it works, this could very well lead to some real clique-i-ness on YouTube, with the same people appearing as top comments on the same circle of videos. As for engaged discussion, do trolling wars count? Technically, they are in engaged discussion.

What do you think of the changes? Do they benefit or hurt the average YouTuber?


The New Youtube Comment Section SUCKS: RANT!!

Published on Nov 7, 2013

Its really bad that Google is forcing people to go to google plus to comment


Comment notifications to Google Plus? & The new YouTube comments system SUCKS!