February 20, 2018


ban youtube

Last Thursday, Oct. 3rd, during the day we noticed the Audio was dying on a number of YouTube Videos across the board. By evening all Audio on all YouTube videos on every post had been disabled.

YouTube also deleted the true democracy party youtube channel. We had two. They deleted our most popular channel with the phrase “This website no longer exists”. So when you goggle True Democracy Party, the first thing to come up was our popular youtube channel. A very easy way to find our website and see what’s going on. No more of that.

After two complete computer memory wipes and reboots, we realized the problem wasn’t with our computer system.
A few phone calls later across the country confirmed our most precious dreams were coming true, Youtube had pulled the Audio from all True Democracy party.net youtube videos. Unbelievable! WTH!

No one could believe it at first. There was ‘general shock’ all around. This was completely unprecedented. No one had seen anything like this before. Totally Cool!

Goggle, Google Chrome, Yahoo, Bing, Startpage, Dogpile, Ixquick, Duck Duck Go: every search engine we tried came back with the same results, except Mozilla/Firefox.


Mozilla/Firefox was the only search engine we tried that allowed the audio to play on our T.D.P. Embedded YouTube Videos.
FireFox to the rescue!

The current attack by YouTube-Goggle was lifted yesterday Oct. 9th, with all youtube audio being restored to our embedded youtube videos.

If you understand that YoutUbe belongs to Google and that Google is run by DARPA (D.A.R.P.A. – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), you begin to understand how major this attack really was.

The general response, after the shock, was “You guys must of really pissed somebody off!”

Uh yea. That was our thoughts too!

god of war3


The Attack….was Major. We could see our numbers drop to almost nothing, no hits. within no time at all. Why visit a sight that doesn’t have audio on it’s videos.

That changed within 24 hrs. We simply put up a short note explaining the situation and that you could view our complete posts with audio on Firefox/Mozilla. The numbers jumped back up almost immediately.

Almost like there was no attack at all. People just switched to Firefox to visit our website. No big deal.

We want to thank Mozilla/Firefox for continuing to allow our YouTube Video Audio to still be played on their ‘Search Engine’ and we want to thank our loyal readers for continuing to visit our site during our recent Youtube/Google Website Assassination Event.

Were we worried?

Not even a little. We’ve always come back stronger from any attack launched against us by anybody. Always.



We don’t fear these False Alien Gods (F.A.G.S.) for short, anymore than we fear any other wild animal.
In Truth, it’s them who control DARPA. It’s them who control All Media. It’s them who control all the governments of the World including the U.S. Government. It’s them who control All Religions. All Religious Leaders are high ranking Illuminati.
It’s them, who want Humans to Kill each other.

Why go to War with somebody when you can simply have them Kill each other instead? Much more efficient.

It’s these Ancient Alien Arseholes, these Gay Alien Bass-Turds (GABs) that are the True Enemy of Humanity.

Governments, politicians, bankers, religions: these are all buffers for them to hide behind, to conceal themselves while at the same time, diverting our thoughts away from them and toward others.

These Beings are completely psychotic. They hurt us but want us to love them. Completely psychotic.

It’s them, we have a problem with.

It’s them, who are about to feel our pain, our Wrath!

They are Highly Telepathic and our thoughts (if not good towards them) are like a knife in their sides. We can’t kill them with our thoughts, yet. But we can cause them all kinds of Pain and severe discomfort.

And that will do, for now.

So don’t get mad at the Government, Politicians, Bankers, Religions etc.

Direct your thoughts of Anger and worse at those Ancient Alien Arseholes, Gay Alien Bass-Turds, False Alien Gods (F.A.G.S.), who want you and your children to be their slaves.

Direct your thoughts and energies at those who want to destroy you!

This is War, Silent and Hidden, but just as Deadly.

Also, and this is what I do, simply ignore them and think of ways to fix issues without involving the government. Ignore the government, media and holy wood as much as you possibly can.

Ignoring them is just as painful to them as bad thoughts towards them. Really!

They want to be loved, even if they hurt and kill us. Remember, these aren’t normal people or beings, they are completely Psychotic. Alien Psychos 🙂 OMG! How funny is that? Or should I say OMFAG (Oh My False Alien God 🙂

Keep a smile, Peace to All

Wade House
True Democracy Party Of America – Frederick MD. Chapter

We are just getting warmed up! Much More to Come!
They Messed with the wrong Human this time 🙂

ufo spaceship

Are Aliens really Gay?

I don’t know about all Aliens, but this group that runs the World is as queer as a $3 Dollar Bill.

Every Organization they control is ripe and overrunning with Homosexuality. The Media, Hollywood(Holy Wood – Tree Of Life), Government, Corporations. This is the reason Holy Wood and the Media push Homosexuality so heavily in our schools(they also control our educational system) and on our public.

“Washington D.C. has been in the news repeatedly for sex-abuse at the White House. Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr. .. all busted for bringing male escorts into the White House.”

They want to turn us and our children like them. 2 words, NO THANKS!

I believe their species is Bisexual in nature. But they hate being made fun of. So calling them derogatory names pisses them off.

When you are pissed off, you make mistakes.
So we try to piss them off as much as possible 🙂

Once their cover is blown, they will be much easier to deal with.

They are also experts at DNA Manipulation, and can make themselves look like any earth species or combination of species that they want. And yes, they do walk this earth disguised as Humans.

Some as actors, some on TV newspeople, and some as politicians, even in government. They like to play parts where people ‘like’ them, like a popular Pope or President. But behind the scenes, they are as nasty and ugly as any very vile creature.

These beings kill and cause suffering as a way of life. Their ‘reality TV’ is to see real people really kill each other and suffer for real. Fake deaths don’t appease them!

This is why I call them Ancient Alien Arseholes. This is what they are. Psycho Aliens! Alien Psychos!

Read: THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God (Ancient Astronaut). We have it here.
It explains everything. It’s the oldest writing in history. About 10,000 to 12,000 years old. Translations were just completed about 20 or 30 years ago.


[ FAMOUS FREEMASONS: Billy Graham, Jesse Jackson, Oral Roberts, Louis Farrakhan, Dalai Lama ]

[ THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God (Ancient Astronaut) – Pre-Babylon, Pre-Sumeria, Pre-Humanity “The Origin Of Modern Man” ]