February 25, 2018

FREE POISON SEASON – GET YOUR FLU SHOT: Free! Free! Free! Get Your Flu Shot Here! :) [T.D.P. Compilation of Vaccine Posts]

flu shot free

flu shot free2

T.D.P. Compilation of Vaccine Posts:

Recent Comment – What is with the so called FREE flu shots????
My GOD what is with the ‘free’ flu shots?? First is drugstores, now its also grocery stores, now TODAY there is a big push at my place of work to get a ‘free’ shot!!! There is an internal website and I can’t believe how many people are commenting saying how they don’t work, how they get sick soon after getting one, etc etc.

Some woman ‘in charge’ of my company’s free flu shots got on there and commented that the ‘shots are at no cost to our medical plan’ come get your free poison.


Get your Free Flu Shot signs are everywhere. FREE! And some stores are even offering Gifts and 20% off shopping discounts if you get your Free Flu Shot. Desperate to poison you, they are. Are Americans waking up? Getting less Flu Shots? Skipping their Poison Shots?

1) “ALL VACCINES ARE CONTAMINATED, EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!” – Dr. Maurice Hillerman, Former Head Of Vaccines at Merck


3) U.S. GOVERNMENT ADMITS ‘SAFE VACCINES’ KILL 2,699 U.S. CHILDREN A YEAR!: “Selling Sickness” The Hoax Of modern Medicine: 7 Facts You Need To Know

vaccines kill

4) VACCINES – A CASE STUDY: Vaccinations Part 1: Medical Research On S.I.D.S. And Epidemics ***

5) FROM 1 IN 10,000 TO 1 IN 88 U.S. CHILDREN WITH AUTISM: Can We Trust the CDC Claim that There is No Link Between Vaccines and Autism?

6) VACCINES TOXIC TRUTH: Mercury, Autism And The Global Vaccine Agenda

Indian Child Getting Oral Polio Vaccine

Indian Child Getting Oral Polio Vaccine

7) VACCINE LEAVES 47,500 CHILDREN IN INDIA PARALYZED: Doctors Change Names of Diseases When Vaccines Do Not Work – VacTruth

8) PARALYSIS HAUNTS ‘POLIO FREE’ INDIA: 30 Scientific Studies Showing Link Between Vaccines And Autism

Bill Gates promotes more vaccines, not nutrition or clean water, for children in Third World countries

Bill Gates promotes more vaccines, not nutrition or clean water, for children in Third World countries