February 21, 2018

FREE MUSIC NEW MUSIC: A Lifetime Of Music – T.D.P. (The MUSIC POST- The Online Musictropolis)

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“The Best Music Post In America!” The Gateway, not only to a whole New World of Music. But also to a Whole New World Of Downloadable Free And New Music! Six Websites of ‘Free Downloadable Music and One with Free and Half Price Music!


The Magnificent Seven Of Music –

Every Website here offers free Music Downloads and More, period! Some offer movies as well. There are well over 20 Million songs+ combined here.

The only Paid Subscription Website is Emusic, which offers $10 worth of Songs if you try it out for a Free 7 Day Trial.
The songs average $0.49 cents per song. I got Lindsey Stirling’s Album (Lindsey Stirling) for $5.88 and then cancelled a few days later.

Below is what the album sells for on average:
Lindsey Stirling: Linds…

Lindsey Stirling By Lindsey St…

Lindsey Stirling ‑ Lindsey Stirl…

Do you see the difference? This service is Great. Whenever I need Music in the future, I can easily pay $0.49 cents per song or $5.88 a CD/Album Download. Of course I didn’t pay even $5.88. I got it for…’Free’. But $5.88, is a damn good price on it’s own. And I really wouldn’t of minded paying it.

And they are good and quick with your cancellation request, if you go that route.

Below are (6) other websites that offer “Free Music Downloads” of New Artists and Public Domain Music as well as much, much more.

“Life Is Frequency! Time To Change The Beat!” – T.D.P.

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Download Groove Stream

Free Music Downloads!

Download Groove Stream Now and get tons of Songs – All FREE! Discover New artists, Listen to your favorite songs, unlimited streaming and much more.

Groove Stream is an application that’s quick and easy to download. It provides instant access to songs in the public domain. Ever had a song stuck in your head you just want to hear once, or can’t wait to listen to over and over again? Then download Groove Stream and get your groove on!


GROOVE STREAM: Free Music Downloads

GROOVE STREAM: Free Music Downloads


Music Oasis
Free Music Downloads

Need more music in your life? Once you have downloaded Music Oasis, you can stream or download any song from the library in high quality, non-DRM, mp3 format for use with any music player – no restrictions!
* It’s Free
* It’s Legal
* Spyware and Virus Free
* Instant unlimited access to the Music Oasis Library
* No purchase or registration required


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Legal Free Music Downloads
Great free music downloads from artists at SoundCloud – submit your track as a free download!

Do you create music & audio?
Post your sounds to share them with friends, fans and followers everywhere. Connect with the community on SoundCloud to build your audience.

[ SOUND CLOUD.com: soundcloud.com/groups/legal-free-music-downloads]

[ SOUND CLOUD: Home Page ]

SOUND CLOUD: Legal Free Music Downloads

SOUND CLOUD: Legal Free Music Downloads


Start Downloading FREE Music Today
Over 20 million songs & videos – All legal and free!

Why BearShare is the best?

* Free MP3 music downloads
* Fully LEGAL, Totally SAFE.
* iPod and MP3 players support
* Discover and download free music and videos

Free MP3 Downloads – BearShareMcAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams
* 100% CLEAN

[ BEAR SHARE.com ]

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iMesh 12 gives you access to over 15 million songs & videos, all legal & free! Sync with your Smartphone,
listen to DJ stations, discover new artists & share the music you love with people like you!

Dig your favorite artists, get playlists and
albums of all the new artists

[ IMESH.com ]imesh2 logo
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Discover the best in free music with the Jamendo radio channels!
* Best Of Radio

Treats for your ears! We gathered the best of Jamendo music across all genres for your enjoyment. Don’t forget that you can download every track you hear for free and share them with your friends!

* The world’s biggest free music library
* Free and unlimited listening and downloads


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