February 21, 2018

BLACK 911: Money, Motive and Technology – 911 Observance “Observe The Truth!” T.D.P.

9/11 Research Connecting Money, Motive and Technology – SEPTEMBER CLUES: 2008 (FULL VERSION), DID 3000 PEOPLE REALLY DIE ON 9-11??, and Hollow Gutted WTC on 911, make this short Video Expose the true “911 Definitive Collection”.

ADMIN NOTE: The very first Video, ‘Black 911’ and the post it went to were removed from our archives and website. The second video has a full 1 hour plus Debunking Video created against it. The video doesn’t debunk a single thing from the video ‘Septembers Clues’. They simply rely on the title to put the idea in your head that the video has been debunked. It hasn’t!

This post answers only 2 questions, Why and How. But not who. Those upon whom blame is laid, are simply front men and scapegoats if something goes wrong. They are simply soldiers following orders. But who gave them the orders will be discussed later.

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BLACK 911: 9/11 Research Connecting Money, Motive and Technology


SEPTEMBER CLUES : Definitive Edition | 2008 (FULL VERSION)

[ 911 PLANES NEVER HIT TWIN TOWERS: Septembers Clues / Television = Weapon Of Mass Destruction ]

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[3000 VICTIMS 9/11 WTC DEATHS “FAKED”: “Nearly 3000 9/11 Victims Not Registered As Dead By Social Security Death Index” ]

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911 – Hollow Towers parts 1 and 2

[ 911 THE GREATEST ILLUSION!: The Real Truth – Hollow Gutted Buildings, Power Down On 911, Fake Passengers, Fake Occupants, Fake Jumpers ]