December 15, 2017

SEAT TOLEDO – 72 MPG: NOT ALLOWED IN AMERICA! – But Everywhere Else Since 1991! “Because Your Government Loves You :)”

Bankers, Big Oil, and MSMedia vs Americans –

“Americans are not allowed to have truly Fuel [ efficient ] vehicles!”


The SEAT Toledo is a compact car built by the Spanish automaker SEAT, part of Volkswagen Group. The Toledo name was first introduced to the SEAT line-up in May 1991, with the fourth and more recent generation being introduced in late 2012 as a 2013 model year car. WIKI

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The Seat Toledo, a 74MPG car I would LOVE to have

Ever heard of a 74mpg Cadillac sized family sedan that is not a hybrid and has no power plug?

Not on the American market but this car does exist. And it proves that hybrids are a scam. This 2013 Seat Toledo is close to the same size as the 2013 4 door Cadillac CTS and it gets an astonishing 74 mpg with what by all accounts is just an ordinary engine. Perhaps all those stories about 80 mpg carburetors were true, because this car proves it can be done.
I have always known that cars should be many times more efficient than they have been allowed to be. There have been plenty of examples of extrordinarily efficient cars, Volkswagen made a little pickup truck that could easily get 60 MPG, and a few of the Geo Metros could get 55 mpg, and then, all of a sudden, hybrids could not seem to squeak out over 45. That is when I knew for sure something was going on, and that our cars were indeed intentionally sabotaged to be as inefficient as possible.

This car is bigger than it looks in the picture. The trunk is a 550 litre trunk and is so big that the mafia could easily throw three bodies in. At 550 litres, 12 large 20 litre waterbottles would take up less than half the space. I have had a cadillac before, and despite how it looks in the pictures, the trunk on this car is an easy match. It´s among the largest I have ever seen.

Performance is also not compromised. With a 0-62 time of 10.4 seconds it is no sports car, but it is not a slow dog either, and tops out at 117 mph which is a rated top speed and not just a spot on the speedometer. The sheer size and performance of this car, when put in perspective with it´s fuel economy proves beyond all doubt that a conspiracy to keep all cars on the American market as antiquated and poorly efficient as the American people will tolerate is in fact a reality.

I looked at all aspects of this car, studied it, and it is top notch in all areas.

It has a five star European crash test rating. it has 4 wheel antilock disc brakes. Air conditioning and steering wheel mounted phone controls, radio controls and driving controls are on all models. The price is only $16,000 U.S, the drivetrain is rated as being one of the most reliable on the road, in fact legendary for reliability, All models have at least a smart phone sized digital readout of temperature, time, and whatever else you want on it (you can get more than that), performance tires are standard equipment, and it even has odd features, such as – the front of the car is designed to not hurt pedestrians if you hit them.
Somehow the car has been designed to not break people´s legs and to just push people aside rather than run them down, and the European automotive safety groups have noticed this and rated the car highly in that regard as well. Knowing this feature existed I went back and pushed on the front, and indeed, it was like a stiff cushion that returned to its original shape after being pushed in. And they don´t fall apart as a result of being that way. More advanced optional features include the ability watch the road and automatically brake for you if you are digging for an Ipod and are about to run into someone.

Under the hood – I took a look under the hood, and the engine has at least a foot of open space around it on all sides. It has modern emission controls. It is a turbocharged 1.6 litre diesel. If you want to settle for 55 mpg, you can get the gasoline version. But the bottom line is that the car is so big that as small as that engine compartment looks relative to the rest of the car, you can get a wrench in anywhere without being restricted at all, just like cars were back in the 70´s. Simply unbelievable.

The interior is incredibly spacious. It may be rated for 4 adults, but you could easily get six in. The passenger side air bags (front, side, head, and chest) can be disabled to allow you to use a rear facing child seat. The rear seats fold flat, which opens up enough space (combined with the trunk) to allow you to put a double bed mattress in there so you could go to Yellowstone and camp comfortably and not worry about the bears.

The ride is refined at driving speeds, but as you slow down you can feel a few bumps. But refined and a $16,000 base price are two words that do not go together often in any form, and because it is nicely refined at cruising speeds, the driving experience is excellent.

By all accounts this is a remarkable car, and if I could afford it I would buy it ON THE SPOT. Consider this – with 74 mpg, you can fill the fuel tank ONCE, and go on an 890 mile road trip and never need to stop for fuel. This is something that both the manufacturer and European car magazines have made note of as being one astonishing aspect of this car. And most importantly The performance stats I posted here are for the most fuel efficient variant of this car. The one with the best economy stats will go 117 mph.

You can buy one of these amazing cars in Mexico, but you cannot buy it in America, or even hear about ANYTHING LIKE IT in the American press, because YOUR GOVERNMENT LOVES YOU.

Other notes – since becoming aware of this brand which has been for sale in Mexico for over 12 years, I have made it a point to see how they hold up. They do not fall apart. They look good with age. They do not start to smoke after a while. They run quiet. They are VERY common, if not the most common car. And you seldom see them for sale on the used market, once people buy them,they keep them.

SOURCE: [ May 23, 2013 ]



Seat Toledo review

The Seat Toledo makes a good case for itself as a no-nonsense family car, but don’t expect any thrills

Are you a form-over-function person, or do you incline more towards substance than style? If the former, there is nothing in this test of the new Seat Toledo that could possibly be of interest to you. If the latter, step this way: we have something to share.

The new Toledo is sensible to the point of making Hermione Granger seem louche. About as visually interesting as the inside of your eyelids, it is the automotive equivalent of a Bosch dishwasher: well made, utterly functional and entirely devoid of character. It takes the notion of quality white goods for the road and re-invents it on a level shared only by its badge-engineered sister, the Skoda Rapid.

A hatchback cleverly concealed behind a conventional three-box design, it’s based on an extended VW Polo platform. There are three 1.2-litre petrol specifications, although the least powerful has just three cylinders and musters a mere 74bhp, appearing to exist only to allow Seat a sub-£12,500 entry point to the range. If you want anything approaching respectable performance you’ll need the four-pot motor offering power of either 84bhp or 103bhp and a price point north of £14,000. There’s a 120bhp 1.4 as well but it can only be specified with a DSG gearbox and top SE specification, at a £17,780 list price.

For most, the 1.6-litre diesel is probably the preferable choice, even at its £16,640 starting price. Like the top spec 1.2-litre petrol it has 103bhp, but vastly more torque and, at 72.4mpg combined, truly impressive fuel consumption. Performance is good on paper (0-62mph in 10.4sec) and even better on the road thanks to the wide powerband’s ability to mask gaps between the five-speed manual gearbox’s ratios.

But none of this makes the Toledo fun to drive. Lacking the sophisticated rear suspension of the Leon or VW Golf, body control is merely adequate and ride quality a little disappointing, proving rather too willing to let the presence of every-day lumps and bumps be felt in the cabin. Its chassis is safe but stodgy and lacking in the kind of finesse that will appeal either you as a driver, or your friends and family as passengers.

Its static qualities are more impressive, especially if you believe big is beautiful. By extending the Polo wheelbase and attaching what amounts to a big box on the back, Seat has provided the Toledo with a spacious interior and a simply colossal boot. How large? Bigger than that of a Mercedes E-class, Audi A6 or BMW 5-series saloon. That notchback shape does limit things a little when loading truly bulky items, but if it’s just the usual shopping and luggage, the Toledo is second to none in the class. Rear legroom is exceptional too.

As for the driving environment, the kindest thing to say is that at least it doesn’t make any promises about the quality of the drive to come. The dashboard architecture is, like the rest of the car, definitively functional and dull.

Some people want no more from their wheels, in which case the affordable and effective Toledo may make a lot of sense. But to those who want and even expect just a little sparkle even from our affordable family transport, they’ll be better off looking elsewhere.

£12,500 = $18,977.50

£14,000 = $21254.80



seat toledo-header

Get to know the new SEAT Toledo, the family car that welcomes the road at every turn.

Before we built the new SEAT Toledo, we asked ourselves some very basic questions. Like could we improve design, enhance performance, cut emissions and make better use of space?

And we found the answer: the elegance of a coupe, the versatility of an estate.

Step inside the new Toledo and discover for yourself:

Effortlessly efficient engines: Economical but powerful, generating up to 122PS
Stylish, spacious interior: Plenty of legroom all around, quality seats and a superior finish.
Generous hatchback boot: 550 litres of space and opens like a hatchback for ease of use.
It’s a family car that’s been meticulously crafted from headlight to tail lamp with a host of features and stunning good looks. With its precise design lines and slick angles, the new SEAT Toledo is a real eye-opener. But what makes it even more beautiful is that it’s so affordable.

Experience a unique combination of exterior beauty and interior space.

This wonderful duality comes together in a car that satisfies your desire for a dynamic driving style and your family’s need for a safe, quality vehicle.

Get a New Toledo and show your friends and family just how smart you are with your money.

£2,500 to dollars = $3,795.50