February 22, 2018

GOOGLE ENCRYPTING TRUE DEMOCRACY PARTY CODE: So Some Posts Can’t Be Found Online “Cool! We Still Got It! Time To Bring The Heat!”


At The T.D.P., we knew that our website was being Attacked by Google, old news. We knew Google was deleting some of our Posts and changing the titles of others, to make them harder to find online. We knew this and reported on it also.

But now Google is actually Encrypting some of our posts so they can’t be found online, even if you have all the information.

We’ve been getting information from others that we were being heavily censored online. People are not finding our Posts online, even when we tell them exactly how it’s worded and where it can be located.

Well we just discovered recently that Google is actually, not just changing, but Encrypting some of our posts so they will never be found online.

Here are a couple of recent examples, but we have noticed this for the past few weeks.

The top lines are the post titles and the bottom line is how it’s coded into Google’s internet search engine


UN Global Gun Cabal Passes Historic (VOLUNTARY / NO ENFORCEMENT) A.T.T.
Unb> globalb> gunb> cabalb> passesb> historicb> (voluntary / nob> enforcement) a.t.t.

These are examples of how a computer program would Encrypt Information so it can’t be found. They change the letter casing and add other letters to our original words. There is absolutely no way anyone could find our posts by doing a Title Search. Even if they type it in Letter for Letter as we posted it.

The Elections over and we are still being Censored.
They want to “Leave No Doubt” about the chances of a New True Democracy Party getting started in the United States.

We got news for them.


Didn’t they learn anything from our Operation: Silent Thunder, Natural Skies?

They can’t control us with their computers and internet! But of course, that won’t stop them from trying.
We’ve been Banned from Commenting on AOL/Huff Post and YouTube. Not because we are vulgar or lie.

Youtube has no problem with the N-Word, curse words or vulgarity. It’s only the Truth that gets censored on Youtube.
Others who notice this and try to put through a little truth through Youtube or AOL/Huff Post Comments, we have friends, are having the comments censored.

No views accept “hate” and the “Party Line” are allowed in the Mainstream Media. Even comments are now Heavily Censored.

To say that we need a “New (Google Free) Information Highway is an understatement.

rain tax

But things are Heating Up. A new Nation Wide State By State Rain Tax has got people to notice the utter futility of relying on a Government that would even consider Taxing rain.

People are Flooding out of their homes and away from the “Control Net” to their respective City Halls and State Representatives.

If a Rain Tax is the best this government can come up with, based on lies of course, then we need a New Government.
More exactly, a New Form Of Governorship.

We need to replace Minority Rule with Majority Rule.

Why? With Minority Rule, you get things like a “Rain Tax”. No average Citizen would ever vote for a Rain Tax.
That’s just silly.

And to base it on lies that it’s the citizens who are damaging and polluting the waters of America.

It’s Corporate Dumping, Hydro-Fracking (pumping poison into the ground), and Farm Runoff (animal waste and fertilizers) that are doing the vast majority of the water pollution, and to turn around and penalize the citizens with New Taxes and a so-called Rain Tax.

Oh Yeah! We are Ready for Change.

This is the Moment the True Democracy Party has been waiting on.
We knew if we just let them have all the Rope They Wanted, that they would Hang Themselves.

Funny how something so small as a Rain Tax, could undo all their years of hard planning and work at getting “Their People” into public office.

But Rain is something everyone sees and everyone knows about. They picked the wrong thing to tax in America this time.

And we love them for it.

The question is, who are the Idiots? Them for doing it, or US if we let them get away with it.

Can you say “Special Elections”?