January 20, 2018

BOSTON MARATHON EXPLOSIONS [100% FAKE] STAGED EVENT: 100% Mainstream Media Photographic Proof! “Announced On Google 4/8 and 4/12” Documented By Google! [Censorship Level] Very High


media liesUPDATE: Youtube is adding dis-information video’s to the T.D.P. (YT)Channel under the T.D.P. Name!

The Mainstream Media and Homeland Security have done it again with another Fully staged X-PLAN (Exercise Plan), with the Media there covering and reporting it like it was something real, instead of a planned event.

Facebook has deleted the account of the person who was right on top of this from the very beginning. But we have some photographic evidence of our own. Provided by AOL/Huff Post and others.

Their own photo’s prove this was nothing but another Media/Homeland Security Fake Attack/Drill/X-Plan, just like Sandy Hook! But this time we got the proof in ‘Real Time’.

We will kick things off and set the tone with this very first document photograph.

This is a screen shot of a Google Page showing the Boston Marathon Explosions were announced on April; 8th, 11th, 12th, and 14th.

Keep in mind, the Event happened on the 15th. April 15, 2013.



The next group of photographs are all from the Mainstream Media.
This first one sets the tone for the second group of pictures.

Notice the worker standing in very bright, very red and shiny (fake) blood and leaving no footprints. Ha Ha Ha! πŸ™‚
We love this picture. Who’s running this thing? They need more brain power!


Is it just us, or does that look more like Paint than blood? Don’t forget, no footprints anywhere.
The clean rubber glove with no blood on, just randomly dropped on the ground, is a nice touch. πŸ™‚

Oh, there’s more where that came from. Study the pictures below, courtesy of AOL/Huff Post, and notice if anything is missing. Let’s have some fun with this!

Let’s play “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

boston 1 slide_292101_2340778_free



boston 2 slide_292101_2341257_free

Notice all the spectators standing and walking through all these blood trails…but no footprints!


boston 3 slide_292101_2340953_free

More people standing in trails of blood, but…NO FOOTPRINTS!


boston 4 slide_292101_2340519_free

NO BLOOD TRAIL? NOT EVEN A FEW DROPS! Let’s see. Two foot long gaping wounds that don’t drip any blood or leave any kind of blood trail? Only in Hollywood, or by Hollywood.


boston bs no blood trails or drops

Okay, this is getting sad. How dumb do they think we are? I don’t have to be a doctor to know that if you lose the bottom half of your leg, there’s going to be a severed artery squirting blood somewhere…

C’mon now?! Two severed legs are going to drip just a little, even with tourniquets on them.

Where’s the blood trail?

Jesus H. Christ…are you starting to wake up yet. Or are you still laughing?

In Conclusion:

Blood everywhere with people standing and walking through it, and not a single footprint?
Does blood dry all nice and shiny like it is in these pictures? I thought it turned rustic colored and had the consistency of water, not paint.

I’ve seen MANY people severely injured and NONE look like this. They would beο»Ώ screaming in pain and agony or just out of shock and confusion. They do not look authentic at all.

Of course, and to have the event documented online/Google as to have happened several days before the event…that’s just sad!

They learn as they go. After the Sandy Hook Hoax, they learned they needed more (graphic evidence) if it was to be really believed. But they still screwed up.

Wait for the “Next” X-Plan/Staged Event/Fake Terrorist Attack, there will be plenty of footprints through the Fake Blood!

But we already have a multitude of other methods to prove these events Fake. They are high tech and ready to be released on this Scum!

Boston Marathon Bombing (GRAPHIC [STAGED] PHOTOS)



We didn’t source this Post because, in the “REAL” Truth Media, there is controversy about ‘This Source”. He has some really good information, and some information that is so far out there, even we have issues with them.

We are not saying they are all fake…but we haven’t yet been able to locate other sources to confirm the information.
We are not done with him yet. He has even more and better information than this, that we are almost done checking out.

Stay Tuned…

BTW, Google has encrypted this Post.
It can’t be found online…except here. Yea, we still got it!

Original Post Title:
BOSTON MARATHON EXPLOSIONS [100% FAKE] STAGED EVENT: 100% Mainstream Media Photographic Proof!

Encrypted / Googlized Post Title:
BOSTONb> MARATHONb> EXPLOSIONSb> [100% FAKE] STAGEDb> EVENT: 100% Mainstreamb> Mediab> Photographi…

Bostonb> Marathonb> Explosionsb> 100 Fake Stagedb> Event 100 Mainstreamb> Mediab> Photographicb> Proof?

When you Google our Post, all Google gives you are Dis-Information Agent/Websites.



Youtube is adding Dis-Information Video’s to True Democracy Party Posts. There is no Video on this Post Page. Yet when we checked our Youtube Channel, low and behold, there was a dis-information agents video (Alex Jones) there. We don’t upload Cointelpro alex jones infowars Bull Sh!t to our Posts.

This is completely unheard of. Youtube/Google/NWO BS is uploading their crap onto/into other Political Party Websites and Posts. That’s totally Insane!

They are trying to make it look like we support their cointelpro dis-information agents and campaign.

Oh, we are on a roll.

Every single one of these is Cointelpro Counter Intelligence Program. Pure Disinformation and Misdirection!

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