February 21, 2018

JFK ASSASSINATION FAKED/STAGED EVENT FRAUD!: Just Like The Sandy Hook Hoax, Boston Marathon Explosion Staged Event, Fake Batman Shooting! [Revelations 2: T.D.P.] UPDATE: JFK LIVES!

zapruder frame_312

The events in Dealey Plaza were a Psy-Op

The ‘shots’ and JFK’s ‘headwound’ were simulated, the purpose was to create an immense MYTH in plain sight.

The ‘Proof’ has always been with us in the form of the Zapruder Film. 29 seconds long, 500 frames at 16 frames per second. We have 2 “Complete” versions here. A completely Stabilized, 720/1040 High Definition, 3D Version. And an ‘Enhanced’ completely Stabilized (1) Frame Per Second Version.

The key here is “High Definition” – “Full Screen”, and knowing where, when and what to look for.


The Short Version:

JFK had a flesh colored explosive ‘dye-pack’ type device attached to the right side of his face and the top of his head. It also covered at least his right eye with the same flesh colored material. The controls for the device were located under his chin or neck-tie area.

But since he was blind in at least his his right eye, (the left eye and side of his face are never shown after they drive past the sign. That could of been protected too.) due to the flesh colored protection, he might have problems setting off the device.

This is where Jackie K. comes in.

Jackie Kennedy had (3) very important jobs that day.
1) Assist JFK with ‘Setting Off’ the device.
2) Withstand the blast from the device going off in her face. (Like a powerful balloon bursting in your face.)
3) Securing the ‘Fake’ Headwound Make-up device in place with a transparent or white, cord or ribbon type material, already embedded into or around the suit collar area of JFK’s suit.

Everything went perfect. She assisted and set off the device. She quickly reached around behind his head with her right hand and found the white cord/transparent ribbon, and pulled it tight…

…and then things went brilliantly wrong.
The cord snapped and a piece of it fluttered onto the trunk. EVIDENCE!
She sprang from the back seat onto the trunk and crawled out after it. She got it with her right hand and started pushing herself back into the car seat.

The nearby Secret Service Agent, barely touched her. In fact, it seems he may of pointed at it a couple of times.

She sat down, they drove away…end of drama.


Number of websites in the World that have this information as of today: 1
The Youtube video that contained this information has vanished within one day.

The other website is still up, but it didn’t provide any information other than, the JFK Assassination was a ‘Hoax’.
The video that is gone told and marked exactly what to look for on the Zapruder Film, which of course is part of the cover-up itself. It was right on.

Every single website that contains information about the JFK Assassination is Bogus. Every Single one. Which is all of them. They all talk about an assassination, when there wasn’t one.

Just like today, all the media is talking about the Boston Marathon Explosions. But since the whole thing was a fake staged event, then everything they have to say on the subject is a fabricated lie. There are no dead bodies, so there are no killers to look for. It’s hilarious! 🙂

Complete Zapruder Film Stable HD 3D

You’ll need to go through the videos very slowly, stopping, or moving along , at only a few frames at a time.
Everything you will need is in this HD Zapruder Film.

The film below is not HD, but it plays along at a nice speed so you can see what’s going on, if you know what to look for.

Zapruder Film Enhanced – One Frame Per Second

You’ll need to go through the videos very slowly, stopping, or moving along , at only a few frames at a time.


zapruder 337  16610
This is the frame with the white cord or strap that Jackie pulls to secure the Fake Headwound.

One moment later it snaps/breaks and flutters out onto the trunk of the limo. Where she jumps out after it and gets it.


zapruder-film-frame-490 312

Look at this picture very carefully.

1) JFK doesn’t have an eye on the right side of his face. It’s actually covered up by a flesh colored explosive dye pack device.

2) Jackie is helping him to set it off, since he is at least partially blind.


zapruder 313- 314-frags

There are several things to note in these 2 frames;

In frame 314, the arrow points at a projectile type of object that was shot out and upward out of the SFX explosive pack.

And in both frames, you can see a white trail of dust or smoke. this shoots up several feet into the sky. This photo is to small to see it, but the powder like substance forms a cone shape up to the object the arrow is pointing at.

Also cropped out of the frame, is a small white piece of paper that als was ejected from the SFX Pack and then drifted over the car.

The smoke hung around for a second or two before fading away.

And it’s right after this that Jackie reaches around behind JFK’s head and first finds the ‘Securing Strap’.

You will also noticed that Jackie doesn’t move away, but ducks her head down, to withstand the blast she knew was coming.



This is a full frame of frame 313.

Here you can see the small white piece of paper that was also ejected from the SFX Pack, right above the windshield.
In this frame, Jackie is looking directly at the explosion as it goes off. In the next frame, she has already stared to duck her head down.


ZapruderFilmHeadShotSequenceInSl 311-316

This is a great sequence.
in the very first frame, you can clearly see the large flesh colored SFX Pack on his Jaw. It’s large and lumpy. This is the spot ‘the source video’ said to look at first. The video has since been removed by Youtube. In fact, it was removed within one day of us starting this post.


z 344

This is the frame right after the strap breaks and flies onto the trunk. A moment later, she jumps after it.
We belive it’s the small blur of white object about 2 feet from her right elbow towards the Agent. As she goes for it, her eyes and those if the agent, never leave it.

In fact, he appears to point it out at one point. He points at it, as if to say,”There it is!”


zapruder Image3

Here’s other frames of her catching and pulling on the cord to secure the SFX Headwound assembly.

Also notice that lack of blood on this massive headwound. Iv’s seen cuts bleed more!

She should of had brain and blood all over the top half of her!


This is only the beginning.

It took us over fifty years to learn the truth about the JFK Scam.
It took us 11 years to learn the truth about 911
It took us less than 3 months to learn that the Batman Shootings and the Sandy Hook Incident were both fake staged events.
It took us less than 3 days to prove the Boston Marathon Explosions were a faked staged event.

The next time this BS happens, it will take us less than 3 hours to prove it false, and after that…less than 3 minutes.

The times, they are a changing!

Anyone can take this information and get large HD enhanced still shots from the video, and make a truth video that would be pretty incredible.

We’ve done our part, now let you go ‘Make some noise!”

Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today)


JFK Is Still Alive!


jfk jimmy image431_kennedy1000

jfk jimmy e image432_Fullscreen-capture

Total Voice Match: play both together!

Jacqueline Kennedy Campaign Interview

12/11/1977: The First Lady

NEW POPE IS A FRAUD!: Actor Jonathan Price Plays/Is Pope Francis – Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio! [Revelations 1: T.D.P.]

Actor Jonathan Price as the ‘New’ Pope

POPE FRANCIS I (Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J.) 1

jorge-mario-bergoglioSign of the “Hidden Hand” (Illuminati)

Photo: (AP) In this 2008 photo, Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, second from left, travels on the subway in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bergoglio, named pope on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, was known for taking the subway and mingling with the poor of Buenos Aires while archbishop. Bergoglio chose the name Pope Francis and is the first pope ever from the Americas.
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VATICAN CITY (AP) — At gatherings of Latin American bishops, then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was often a star speaker about economic inequities in a profit-driven world. He also has used the forums to warn fellow church leaders about drifting from core Catholic values and teachings.


Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is Jonathan Price - Copy

Pope Francis is played by actor Jonathan Pryce

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was crowned Pope today March 13, 2013, taking the papal name Francis in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi, and because the new pontiff was a lover of the poor. The new Pope said, “I choose the name Francis, in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi.”

But why do you look so glum, old chap? Were you forced to play the role of the Pope? Many people have noticed the lack of excitement both in your voice and your demeanor. We know you are indebted to the studio who owns your character role. If there is any trace of real humanity left in you, give us a sign. As the Pope, it is your duty to uphold the loftiest ethics and sense of justice. This is your chance to spill the beans. Billions of people are waiting to be released from the prison of this actor-based reality.

Bergoglio is the first Jesuit priest chosen to be pope. He is also the first pope from the Americas, the New World, and the Southern Hemisphere. He is the first non-European pope in 1,272 years. The last non-European pope, St. Gregory III, was born in Syria and reigned from 731 to 741.

Cardinal Bergoglio became known for personal humility, doctrinal conservatism and a commitment to social justice. A simple lifestyle contributed to his reputation for humility. He lived in a small apartment, rather than in the palatial bishop’s residence. He gave up his chauffeured limousine in favor of public transportation.


Jonathan Pryce as New Pope

Jonathan Pryce as New Pope

Jonathan Pryce, Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) (born 1 June 1947) is a Welsh stage and film actor and singer. After studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and meeting his longtime partner English actressKate Fahy in 1974, he began his career as a stage actor in the 1970s. His work in theatre, including an award-winning performance in the title role of the Royal Court Theatre’s Hamlet, led to several supporting roles in film and television. He made his breakthrough screen performance in Terry Gilliam’s 1985 cult film Brazil.

Critically recognized as a true acting talent, Pryce has participated in big-budget films such as Evita, Tomorrow Never Dies, Pirates of the Caribbean and The New World, as well as independent films such as Glengarry Glen Ross and Carrington. His career in theatre has also been prolific, and he has won two Tony Awards—the first in 1977 for his Broadway debut in Comedians, the second for his 1991 role as “The Engineer” in the musical Miss Saigon.

Pryce starred with Madonna and Antonio Banderas in his first musical film, Evita. In this Oscar-winning adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage musical, Pryce portrayed the Argentinian president Juan PerĂłn.

The movie’s soundtrack was an international success. It contains over 30 songs sung mainly by Madonna, Banderas and Pryce, of which two are solos for Pryce: “She Is A Diamond” and “On The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada”. After Evita, Pryce went on to portray Elliot Carver in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. During the rest of the decade Pryce would play to his new acquired fame as a villain, portraying an assassin in Ronin, a corrupt Cardinal in the controversial Stigmata and, for Comic Relief, the Master in the Doctor Who special, Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death. About this time Pryce sang at The Hollywood Bowl alongside opera singer Lesley Garrett in highlights from My Fair Lady and in 1998, he performed in Cameron Mackintosh’s gala concert Hey, Mr Producer!, also as Professor Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady and reprising his role as the Engineer from Miss Saigon.


In 1983, Pryce played the role of the sinister Mr. Dark in Something Wicked This Way Comes, based on the Ray Bradbury novel of the same title. After appearing mostly in TV films, such as the Ian McEwan-scripted The Ploughman’s Lunch, and Martin Luther, Heretic, he achieved a breakthrough with his role as the subdued protagonist Sam Lowry in Terry Gilliam’s 1985 film, Brazil. The film, set in a world similar to the one depicted in Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, was acclaimed in Europe and won two BAFTA Film Awards. The movie was also well received in the United States and won three awards from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and two Academy Award nominations. Brazil has since become a cult film, and is still frequently mentioned in “best film” lists and rankings, such as Time magazine’s list of the 100 best films of all time and Total Film magazine’s 2004 list of the 20 greatest British movies of all time (which Brazil topped). The film was described by Harlan Ellison as “the finest SF movie ever made”…


Pope Francis I appears on the central balcony A.K.A. - Actor Jonathan Pryce

Pope Francis I appears on the central balcony A.K.A. – Actor Jonathan Pryce

Actor Jonathan Pryce Named New Pope

In a surprise move, the Catholic Church’s Cabal of Choosing has chosen British character actor Jonathan Pryce as the new Pope.

Pryce is best known for his roles as Sam in Brazil and Lord Douchington in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pontiff. Pryce replaces outgoing pope Benedict XXXIV.


Habemus More Time

For a few weeks, people have been concerned about of St. Malachy’s prophecy. He has been correct over and over again, and his prediction of there being 112 Popes before Judgment Day was a tad worrisome.

St. Malachy said that the very last Pope would have something to do with the term Peter the Roman…

Fortunately, the Vatican’s conclave broke the prophecy. Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina was chosen instead, and he is not directly linked to the prophecy.

Habemus More Time

Habemus More Time

For a few weeks, people have been concerned about of St. Malachy’s prophecy. He has been correct over and over again, and his prediction of there being 112 Popes before Judgment Day was a tad worrisome.

St. Malachy said that the very last Pope would have something to do with the term Peter the Roman…

Fortunately, the Vatican’s conclave broke the prophecy. Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina was chosen instead, and he is not directly linked to the prophecy.

“That was a close call!”

Good News. The future is not “written” hopefully. Prophecy can simply be a warning. That is why I pay attention to it. Prophesy will not happen unless…

Lots of evangelical Christians (including my ex) are convinced that the Apocalypse is certain. Hopefully they, like St. Malachy and 2012 doomsdayers, can be proven wrong.

Only the theologically pure are teleported into Heaven (they’re “outta here” they insist), and the remaining sinners, held to above-human standards, get separated out, to burn in Hell. This ending looks a lot like a Gestapo railway platform in 1943.

So the new Pope throws the entire End Times scenario into question. Even the Illuminati’s wish to launch World War III and exterminate 85 % of the world’s population (which dovetails with parts of Revelation) does not have to happen…

There is an Illuminati movement for World War III, with a parallel war on humanity. But really? Can these forces still implement their plans when surrounded by so many people watching?

Is not their authority drained by our endless scorn and mockery?

The selection of Cardinal Bergoglio is good news. Lots of critics are pointing to his possible involvement in this or that scandal, this or that secret society… Maybe. I’m not particularly interested. Breaking the curse of St, Malachy’s prophecy is more important.

It is also fair to point out that the Catholic Church is dualistic. Part of it is neck deep in financial fraud and pedophilia; but part of it has also fed and clothed the poor, and aided those in comfort.

From his photograph, Pope Bergoglio seems like he would encourage the better and higher parts of human nature. But who knows. This is not my concern.

What’s this!?!

pope jona

A new conspiracy theory? Holy Smokes!

Pope Bergoglio is not Pope Bergoglio. He is actor Jonathan Pryce, a Papal imposter who once changed his name from Price to Pryce, because there was another Price in the actor’s union. What else is he hiding?

Do we have a real Pope? Or do we have an MK-Ultra, mind-controlled Illuminati drone? Some kind of Manchurian Candidate? A Papal Pretender?