February 21, 2018

GOOGLE DOCUMENTED – BOSTON MARATHON EXPLOSIONS WERE PRE-STAGED EVENT: CBS-St. Louis, CBS-Wash D.C., New York Post, Yahoo And World Wide ITV, All Knew In Advance – ‘Google Document’

fact or fake

A Google Document has surfaced that shows that the St. Louis-CBS News, Washington D.C.-CBS News, New York Post, Yahoo and World Wide Internet Television, all knew days in advance of the Planned and Pre-Staged Event, later to become known as the Boston Marathon Explosion Terror Attack.

According to the below “Google Search Page”

1) The St. Louis-CBS News(stlouis.cbs), Washington D.C.-CBS News(washington.cbs), New York Post(nypost.com), all knew on April 12, 2013 about the upcoming Boston Marathon Explosion “Staged Event”, 4 days before it happened.

2) To be fair to Yahoo(yahoo.com), they were only notified on April 14, 2013. Only one day before the actual event took place.

3) But World Wide Internet Television(wwitv.com) knew on April 8, 2013 about the upcoming Boston Marathon Explosion Event. A full 8 days before it took place! Well before any other News Agencies. These people need looked into!!!

4) Ventura County Star(vcstar.com), (Scripps News) an American media conglomerate Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, knew of the upcoming event on April 11, 2013 – 5 days before.

So online, “They” (the Media) are trying to limit the debate on the matter to pictures, which are subject to interpretation, and away from the Google Document, which is subject to alot less interpretation.

And away from the fact that most Mainstream Media knew days in advance and talked about it openly.

So yes we have a couple of pictures, but the focus of this Post, is on the Google Document that proves that half of all Mainstream Media in the World, were aware of the “Upcoming” Boston Marathon Explosion Event.



boston bs no blood trails or drops

Nice clean street without a single drop of blood from multiple severed arteries in two legs.


boston 4 slide_292101_2340519_free

Now this is one tough broad! Not only is there no blood trail, or blood dripping from these massive leg wounds, but she doesn’t look like she’s in shock or even pain. In fact…she looks bored.

And what about those nice clean wheelchair wheels. A single smudge of blood? There were gallons of the stuff everywhere!
Those wheels look very clean! Just like the guys shoes, clothes and hands, doing the pushing. Very clean.


All this blood and all these people…


boston 3 slide_292101_2340953_free

and no footprints?! That blood looks just like the fake stuff kids use on Halloween. Just alot more of it. 🙂
And why aren’t those wounds covered up to help keep dirt from getting in them and to help stop the bleeding. How many times have you heard the phrase; “Keep pressure on this”?

Yes, we see the tourniquet. It’s not tight enough, period! Anybody that knows anything about it, would know that. In fact…it looks like it doesn’t even go all the way around her leg. It’s just sitting there on top!!! OMG! What a fake!

You Be The Judge! Or let the Media think and talk for you.

The Online Uproar over whether the Boston Marathon Explosions were a ‘real attack’, false flag attack, or a simple staged event, all center around the Mainstream Media’s own photographs. Gallons of blood, hundreds of people, but no bloody footprints. Multiple legs blown off, but no blood trail on a clean street. Little old lady with multiple foot long wounds, not in shock or crying, but looking bored, etc.

But these are all based on pictures. And no matter how obvious it seems to most, some can argue with the interpretation.

But you can’t argue as much with this Google Document.


The Facebook Account that first broke this story and provided much more information, was quickly DELETED by Facebook.

We hope you are beginning to see the scope and role that the Mainstream Media play in all this. They are 100% aware, and complicit in all these X-Plan Fake ‘Staged Events’.