December 15, 2017

SWEET POISON SILENT KILLER (ASPARTAME) Causes – Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Brain Cancer, Holes in Brain, Seizures, More

This video briefly explains the history of aspartame, how this killer drug has been manipulated by donald rumsfeld, to destroy and cause illnesses in the world’s population. Please search, investigate, educate yourself, about aspartame. Save yourself, and your children!

We think this Video is so important, that we are re-posting it sooner than later. This is a must watch.


Uploaded on Mar 4, 2011

Sweet Misery is a close examination into what many in the medical community have voiced over the last few decades on the safety of Aspartame sweetener. Is there a connection with Aspartame and illnesses? Did the government (including Donald Rumsfeld) push the approval of the sweetener and suppress key data? This film delves into the FDA’s process and the various reports of health risks associated with the widely used sweetener.


Aspartame – The Silent Killer

There is an epidemic across North America today of
Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus. Most people do not
understand why this epidemic is happening, and they do
not know why these diseases are so rampant. I would
like to share with you the main reason we are having
this very serious problem.

Many people today use artificial sweeteners in their tea
or coffee. They do this because the ads they see on TV
tell them that sugar is bad for their health. This is
absolutely true. Sugar is toxic to us, but, what most
people use as a replacement for sugar is much more

I am talking about Aspartame. It is the cause of the
epidemic that was mentioned above. Aspartame is an
extremely toxic chemical that is produced by a
chemical company called Monsanto.

Aspartame is being marketed around the world as a
sugar substitute and is found in all diet soft drinks, such
as Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. It is also found in artificial
sweeteners such as NutraSweet, Equal, and Spoonful;
and it is used in many other products as a sugar

Aspartame is marketed as a diet product, but it is not a
diet product at all. In fact, it will cause you to GAIN
weight because it makes you crave carbohydrates.

Causing you to gain weight is only a very small part of
what Aspartame does. Aspartame is a toxic chemical
that changes the brain’s chemistry. It can and does
cause severe seizures. This chemical changes the
dopamine level in the brain, and it is particularly deadly
for anyone suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Aspartame is extremely poisonous, and here is why.
One of the toxic ingredients of Aspartame is wood
alcohol. When the temperature of Aspartame exceeds
86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in the Aspartame is
converted to formaldehyde, and then to formic acid,
which in turn causes metabolic acidosis.

Formaldehyde is grouped in the same class of poisons
as Cyanide and Arsenic – which are very deadly toxins.
The only difference is… Formaldehyde kills quietly,
and it takes a little longer. And, in the process of killing
people, it causes all kinds of neurological problems.

There are 92 documented symptoms of Aspartame
Poisoning leading to coma and death. The majority of
these symptoms are neurological, because the
Aspartame attacks and destroys the nervous system.
Some of the symptoms of Aspartame Poisoning are
covered below.

One of these symptoms is Lupus, which has become
almost as rampant as Multiple Sclerosis, especially with
Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi drinkers.

When someone develops Lupus as a result of using
Aspartame, they usually do not know that the
Aspartame is the culprit. They then continue to use
Aspartame, which aggravates the Lupus to such a
degree that it sometimes becomes life threatening.

When people finally get off the Aspartame, the severity
of the Lupus decreases.

It is generally believed that once you develop Lupus,
you will have it for the rest of your life, but this is not
so. Lupus can be defeated with some very special

Aspartame Poisoning is also very often diagnosed as
Multiple Sclerosis. The methanol toxicity mimics
Multiple Sclerosis, and therefore, people are being
diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when in fact they do
not have it. Multiple Sclerosis is not a death sentence,
where Methanol Toxicity usually is.

When those who suffer from Aspartame Poisoning stop
using Aspartame, most of the symptoms of Multiple
Sclerosis disappear. There are many cases where
someone’s vision has returned, and even their hearing
has returned.

We have a very serious problem here. More and more
people who are heavy Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi
drinkers are being diagnosed with MS.

This also applies to other diseases. If you are using
Aspartame and you suffer from Fibromyalgia
symptoms such as spasms, shooting pains, numbness in
your legs, cramps, vertigo, dizziness, headaches,
tinnitus, joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, slurred
speech, blurred vision, or memory loss, you probably
do not have Fibromyalgia, you very likely have
Aspartame Poisoning.

At the Conference of the American College of
Physicians, doctors admitted that they did not know the
cause of the epidemic in MS and Lupus. It is believed
that the phenylalanine in the Aspartame breaks down
the seizure threshold and depletes Serotonin, which
causes manic depression, panic attacks, rage, and

According to the Conference of the American College
of Physicians, “We are talking about a plague of
neurological diseases caused by this deadly poison”.

Aspartame is especially deadly for diabetics. All
physicians know what wood alcohol will do to a
diabetic. There are many cases where physicians
believe they have a patient with retinopathy, when in
fact, the problem is caused by Aspartame. The
Aspartame keeps the blood sugar level out of control,
causing many patients to go into a coma. Unfortunately,
many diabetics who have used Aspartame have died.

There are many recorded cases where diabetics have
switched from Saccharin to an Aspartame product, and
many of these people have eventually gone into a coma.
Their physicians could not get the blood sugar levels
under control. Thus, the patients suffered acute memory
loss, and eventually coma and death.

Two prominent Doctors, Dr. Blaylock and Dr. H. J.
Roberts, have written books on Aspartame Poisoning.
Dr. Blaylock’s book is entitled: “EXCITOTOXINS:
THE TASTE THAT KILLS”. Dr. H.J. Roberts, diabetic
specialist and world expert on Aspartame Poisoning,
has written a book entitled “DEFENSE AGAINST

Dr. Roberts realized what was happening when
Aspartame was first marketed and used. He said that his
diabetic patients who used Aspartame presented
memory loss, confusion, and severe vision loss”. The
methanol in the Aspartame converts to Formaldehyde
in the retina of the eye, and causes people to go blind.

Memory loss is due to the fact that aspartic acid and
phenylalanine are neurotoxic without the other amino
acids found in protein. Thus it goes past the blood brain
barrier and deteriorates the neurons of the brain.

Dr. Roberts tells how Aspartame Poisoning is
escalating Alzheimer’s disease.. Women of 30 years of
age are being admitted that have developed Alzheimer’s
disease as a result of using Aspartame.

Aspartame Disease is partially the cause of what is
behind some of the mystery of the Desert Storm health
problems (Gulf War Syndrome). The burning tongue
and other problems discussed in over 60 cases can be
directly related to the consumption of an Aspartame

Several thousand pallets of diet drinks were shipped to
the Desert Storm troops. (Remember that heat can
liberate the methanol from the Aspartame at 86 degrees
F). These diet drinks sat on pallets in the 120-degree F.
Arabian sun for weeks at a time. The service men and
women drank them all day long, and all of their
symptoms are identical to Aspartame Poisoning.

According to Dr. Roberts, another serious problem is
that consuming Aspartame during pregnancy can cause
birth defects. When the Aspartame attacks the nervous
system it does not allow the unborn child to develop

Aspartame consumption has also been shown to lead to
cancer. In the original lab tests on Aspartame, animals
that were given Aspartame developed brain tumors. The
phenylalanine breaks down into DXP, which is a brain
tumor agent.

How serious is this Aspartame Poisoning? A mother
who had a child on NutraSweet was told to get her child
off the product. The child was having grand mal
seizures every day. The mother spoke to her doctor,
who called the ADA, who told the doctor not to take the
child off the NutraSweet. They are still trying to
convince the mother that the Aspartame is causing the
seizures. Every time you take a grand mal seizure
victim off of Aspartame, the seizures stop.

Here is the major problem. Congressional Hearings
were held when Aspartame was originally approved for
use in 100 different products. Since that initial hearing,
there have been two more hearings to try to ban this
product, but to no avail. The drug and chemical lobbies
have very deep pockets.

This list of 100 has now expanded to where there are
over 5,000 products containing this chemical, and the
patent has expired. Also, Aspartame is now available in
over 90 countries around the world.

There is a bit of hope. Stevia, a sweet herb which helps
in the metabolism of sugar, and which is proving to be
ideal for diabetics, has now been approved as a dietary
supplement by the F.D.A. For years, the F.D.A. had
outlawed this sweet food because of their loyalty to

I assure you that MONSANTO, the creator of
Aspartame, knows exactly how deadly their product is.
They fund the American Diabetes Association, the
American Dietetic Association, Congress, and the
Conference of the American College of Physicians.
They have the contacts and the power to keep their
product on the market. Public health means nothing to
these people, it’s all about making money.

Senator Howard Hetzenbaum wrote a bill that would
have warned all pregnant mothers and children of the
dangers of Aspartame. The bill would also have
instituted independent studies on the problems existing
in the population (seizures, changes in brain chemistry,
changes in neurological and behavioral symptoms). It
was killed by the powerful drug and chemical lobbies,
letting loose the hounds of disease and death.

We ask that you help to get the word out about
Aspartame. Print this article and distribute it to
everyone you know. There are a lot of people out there
who must be warned, PLEASE let them know this
information. You might want to print it out, hand it to
your friends, or fax it to people who are not online.

Young people drink a lot of Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi,
and because of this, they are the most susceptible to
Aspartame Poisoning. Please let your children know
about the toxins in these drinks.

A large number of adults use Nutrasweet, Equal, or
Spoonful. They also need to be warned of the dangers
in those products.

And, very importantly, do not consume anything that
has Aspartame in it. If it says “Sugar Free” on the label,
you know that it contains Aspartame. DO NOT USE

One other thing, and this is for your own benefit. Go to
the Search Engine “Google” and do a search using the
search word “Aspartame”. You will be surprised by
what you will find.

Copyright © Ron Harder 2002

This article written by Ron Harder, Nutritional Health
Consultant, Iridologist, and Author of “How To Defeat
Cancer – Naturally – without Chemo, Radiation, or



DANGERS OF DRINKING COWS MILK – THE TRUTH ABOUT MILK: “It Does A Body Harm! Unless You’re A Baby Cow :)”

Milk…it does the body harm!

“WHAT?” I can just hear you saying out loud. “But I thought that milk provided me with calcium & essential nutrients?” No, you’re not a calf, right? Nor are you a baby. Think about it this way: We scoff at mothers who let their child past a certain age still suckle at their breast, yet adults drink gallons of milk…although not from their mommies, but from another species. Does this make sense to you? It certainly doesn’t to me!

As Kim Barnouin & Rory Freedman point out in their book, “Skinny Bitch“, “We don’t need our mother’s milks as adults, just like grown cows don’t need their mothers’ milk anymore. We are the only species on the planet that drinks the milk of another species. We could be putting gorilla milk on our cereal or having zebra milk and cookies. Why cows’ milk? Using the animal that produces the largest quantity of milk but is more easily housed than an elephant means more money for farmers. It has nothing to do with health and nutrition…The dairy industry is a multibillion-dollar industry based on brilliant marketing and the addictive taste of milk, butter, and cheese. It has convinced doctors, consumers, and government agencies that we need cows’ milk.” (p. 57 – The Dairy Disaster) Yes, indeed you are being lied to…BIG time!

Like Banksy, the Brittish graffiti artist who made the sign above, I’d hold this up to the dairy industry! “YOU LIE” to your consumers…and you know it! Meanwhile the public is getting heavier around the waistline and sicker from its products, but do you think they care? No they don’t! I hate to break it to you, but your health is in your hands! None of them care as long as they are making a profit! If you get sick then their friends in the pharmaceutical industry benefit as well because now you need drugs to stay healthy & alive! Meanwhile, you’re being bombarded with images like the one below. Portraying intelligent people, whom most of us trust, like Dr. Phil or Meredith Vieira and other celebrities trying to convince us that we must “get it” or else we’re just not that smart. It’s shameful!

Here’s something to consider from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, author of The 30-Day Vegan Challenge, she writes, “In cow’s milk, 80-87 percent of the proteins are caseins, which is not a good thing. According to renowned researcher and professor emeritus of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University T. Colin Campbell, casein is the “number one carcinogen [cancer-causing substance] that people come into contact with on a daily basis.” In dairy-based cheeses, the casein is even more concentrated, and in low-fat dairy milks, there tends to be more casein to make up for the fat that has been removed.” (p. 54-55) Not only is casein in milk a huge problem, but there’s also dioxin to consider, which is one of the most toxic substances in the world, often found in dairy products. Yikes, doesn’t that sound appetizing?

And there’s more toxic stuff for your body to battle with. Freedman & Barnouin write, “Sickening high levels of pesticides found in dairy meet government standards. Records from the Food and Drug Administration show that “virtually 100% of the cheese products produced and sold in the U.S. has detectable pesticide residues.” Would you like a glass of wine & crackers with that? I didn’t think so.

Here we are being lulled into thinking milk is good for us and like a friend said to me recently, “The people around us are starting to look more and more like the people in the cartoon Wall-E!” But is that their fault?

No, it is not! All the chemicals and harmful substances are actually making it harder for them to loose the weight! Listen to this: Freedman and Barnouin write, “When you consume dairy products, you are ingesting the same antibiotics, pesticides, steroids, and hormones you would if you ate meat directly. Cows are injected with bovine growth hormone.” And where do you think all those harmful substances are going? Right, into your body! No wonder you’re expanding and you can’t seem to ever loose the weight even though you’re eating low fat yogurt for breakfast and drinking low-fat milk. Even worse, when your child enters early puberty in the second grade or someone you love comes and tells you they got cancer!

The good news is that you got plenty of other alternatives. Freedman & Barnouin give plenty of suggestions in their amazing little book, “Skinny Bitch”. Personally, I have never been a big fan of milk or dairy except in cheese and frozen yogurt, but now I will gladly go choose a vegan alternative or go for organic soy or almond milk instead.
The last thing to consider, but by no mean the least, is the way the cows are being treated
in the factory farms. Cows only produce milk when they have given birth to a calf. After the birth, the calf is then yanked away from its mother. The mother cow cries out for the loss of her calf! Our vision of “mother & child” in the green pasture, sadly does not exist! Further, Freedman & Barnouin write, “There is no gentle farmer milking the cow with a bucket between his feet. Cows are milked by machine; metal clamps are attached to the cows’ sensitive udders. The udders become sore and infected. Pus forms. But the machines keep on milking, sucking the dead white blood cells into the milk. How freaking gross is that?” (p. 60-61) Plus then there’s the radioactive particles found in milk…

If you still go ahead and drink a glass of milk after reading this, I’m not going to hold you back. Now you know the facts! I can’t spell it out for you any more than I have. Dairy products are harmful and disease producing! They cause suffering in major ways! Just ask my mother, she’s been eating lots of ice cream with whipped cream on top and as a result she suffers from severe intestinal issues that will never go away because it has ruined her intestinal system.

Stormbringer on April 28, 2012
Very informative – I would like to point out as an addendum to your post that not only does milk do the body harm, but we in fact, might as well drink poison – the effects would be similar.
When we consume milk and dairy products, it has an immediate effect on our bodies – it turns our blood against us. It turns our blood acidic. It actually changes the PH balance of our blood – and this is not a good thing. Our immune system kicks in and does its best to recover. The only way it can is by leaching out calcium from our bones to counteract the PH change. As it does this – it slowly changes back to the way it should – with one major change – our bones over time become more and more brittle as a result. They simply have less calcium in them. The excess calcium is excreted in our urine and this contributes to lower intestinal blockages over time. Know someone who has to go in for a gall bladder stone removal? Well guess what! If you look at societies who drink the most amount of milk – you will see that the western diet has the highest amount of osteoporosis in the world. There are some Asian countries where very little dairy products are consumed and they have some of the lowest counts of osteoporosis in the world.

The lie that people are fed about “milk, it does a body good” couldn’t be further from the truth. We are told that women especially need to drink and consume lots of milk and dairy products to help protect themselves from the onset osteoporosis as a middle age adult. This is another lie. People who consume milk and dairy products are actually rapidly assisting the onset of osteoporosis. The calcium loss is directly contributed to the amount of dairy products we consume in our lives. So the next time you think you need more calcium in your diet and need to eat and drink milk and dairy – remember the lie. This is not about YOUR health and well being – it’s about THEIR profit and nothing more.

Posted on April 7, 2012 by urbanveganchic


Dangers of drinking cow’s milk
Before we discuss some of the dangers of drinking cow’s milk, first, it is important to mention that I am not completely anti-milk. I personally do not drink unless it is seed or nut milk but in its pure form, it is not necessarily dangerous.

Yet, due to the extreme processes that milk undergoes, as well as the high amounts of antibiotics, hormones, and genetically-modified substances that cows are continually exposed to, I can, with much certainty, say that there are real and eminent dangers associated with drinking milk from cows. All cows release toxins through their milk, as milk is a natural exit-portal for substances that the body cannot use.

List of “Ingredients” Added to Cow’s Milk
Here are just a few of the artificially-engineered components found in the average glass of non organic pasteurized and homogenized milk on the American dinner table:

A Veritable Hormone Cocktail:
including pituitary, steroid, hypothalamic, and thyroid hormones (remember most cows are extremely stressed)
Gastrointestinal Peptides:
Nerve and epidermal growth factors, and the growth inhibitors MDGI and MAF
rBGH ( Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone ):
a genetically engineered hormone directly linked to breast, colon and prostrate cancer. This is injected into cows to increase milk production.
Pus: National averages show at least 322 million cell-counts of pus per glass. This is well-above the human limit for pus-intake, and has been directly linked to paratuberculosis bacteria, as well as Crohn’s disease. The pus comes from infected udders on the cows known as mastitis.


Blood Cells: The USDA allows up to 1.5 million white blood cells per milliliter of commonly-sold milk.[3] Yes, you are drinking cows blood in the milk and the USDA allows this!
Antibiotics: Currently, cows are in such a state of disease and mistreatment that they are continually being injected with antibiotic medicines, and rubbed down with chemical-laden ointments to deal with their chronic infections. Currently, regulating committees only test for 4 of the 85 drugs in dairy cows. This means that the other 81 drugs in cow’s milk are coming directly into your glasses and bodies. Estimates show that 38% of milk in the U.S. is “contaminated with sulfa drugs or other antibiotics,” according to a study by the Centre for Science in the Public Interest and published in the Wall Street Journal on December 29, 1989. A study from the FDA data showed that over half of all milk was laden with traces of pharmaceuticals yet nothing has been done to control this.

How Does This Affect the Cows?

Furthermore, not only are people drinking in these toxins, we are also taking in the energetic effects of the life of the cow.

Studies show that many cows are infected with incredibly painful inflammatory infections such as mastitis. Due to over-milking, artificial hormones, bacteria and medications, cow’s udders can become chronically inflamed, thus altering the color and taste of the milk.

Over time, this bacterial invasion causes harm to the cow’s mammary gland, reeking havoc on the milk being produced. From parasitic worms to cancerous tumors, these diseases are often passed along to the next generation of cows, and more often, into the milk we drink.

Even more, the conditions in which cows live, as well as the rigorous milking regimes, cause dairy cattle to live in a permanent state of sympathetic (stress) response, as well as adrenal over-load. When our adrenal glands are overworked for long periods of time, there is a overload of cortisol in the blood. When we drink this milk, we are then exposed to the millions of stress-response cells in the milk of cows. It is no wonder that we are a chronically-stressed society ..

How To Avoid Dangers Related to Cow’s Milk
In conclusion, it might be a good idea to take a cleansing break from dairy. Here are some ways to avoid the dangers associated with cow’s milk:

Replace cow’s milk with healthy natural substitutes: rice milk, almond milk, raw goat’s milk or my favorite — hemp milk.
If you do insist on drinking cow’s milk, make sure to buy only the non-genetically modified, range fed, organic raw versions. Even better, talk to your local organic farmer to make sure the cow’s are treated kindly.
Eat less cheese and always buy organic versions. Goat’s cheese is the best for you!
For in depth information on the dangers of cow’s milk I recommend visiting


Dairy: 6 Reasons You Should Avoid It at all Costs

Got milk? Plenty of people think its perfectly healthy to drink, and advertisements would have you eating dairy all the time. But it may not be as healthy as you think. In this weeks UltraWellness blog Dr. Mark Hyman gives six reasons you should avoid milk and explains why it may be at the very root of your health problems.


Milk The Deadly Poison

About the Author

Robert Cohen performed research in the 1970’s on the hormonal effects on the brain and behavior. Twenty-five years later, this father of three became concerned about the most controversial drug approval in FDA history, the genetically engineered hormone that is now in our milk supply. Along the way, Cohen discovered that milk is implicated in causing breast cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, and chronic childhood illnesses.

Cohen’s skills as a researcher, and his passion for the safety of his family, led to his single-minded pursuit to expose the truth about milk. Based on his exhaustive and comprehensive research over the past six years, Cohen predicted the Mad Cow Disease outbreak. His dogged determination has set the American dairy industry on its ear. To insure that all citizens of the world learn the truth, Cohen founded and is executive director of America’s Dairy Education Board, a group of nationally prominent doctors dedicated to dispelling the myth that milk is nature’s perfect food.

This is a 1998 Hard Copy Special on MILK.

What the government doesn’t want you to know about milk. Don’t drink milk, we know it contains fat and cholesterol but did you know it contains the protein CASEIN (which is basically a glue which leads to a lot of mucous build up and other health problems like asthma and congestion), milk also contains.. powerful growth hormones, viruses, a host of deadly chemical and biological bacterial agents, bovine proteins that cause allergies, insecticides, antibiotics, all this can trigger the growth of cancer and contributes to today’s problem of obese children (ever notice why young girls breasts develop faster?). Cow’s milk is the number one allergic food in this country. It has been well documented as a cause in diarrhea, cramps, bloating, gas, gastrointestinal bleeding, iron-deficiency anemia, skin rashes, atherosclerosis, and acne.

It is the primary cause of recurrent ear infections in children. It has also been linked to insulin dependent diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, infertility, and leukemia. Milk, refined salt, and refined sugar make three of the largest contributions to food induced ill health in our country.




True Democracy Party blogged USPS UNDER ATTACK! CONGRESS AND CORPORATE MEDIA LEAD CHARGE TO DESTROY US POSTAL SERVICE: Put us further at the Mercy of CORPORATIONS And Put 574,000 American’s OUT OF WORK! 9 months ago

“The Postal Service is completely Self Funded and doesn’t rely on tax money to thrive, unlike GE and EXXON. In 2006 Bush and Congress dictated to the postal service to set aside 5.5 billion dollars of their profits every year to fund several future decades of their retirement funds within 10 years (which no other […]
How the Right Wing Destroyed the U.S. Postal Service…

– This is all that remains of (2) Posts we did about the U.S. Congress and Corporations trying to put the U.S. Postal Service into Private Hands by destroying it and then Privatizing it at pennies on the dollar.

Both Posts that told the truth about the U.S. Postal Service situation have been CENSORED from our Website, completely.
Only the pictures remained in our ‘Photo Gallery’ which allowed us to track down the exact day and month when we Posted the Article.

But when we go there in our Post Log, the Posts are gone. The residuals from one Post was still on Youtube, which is where we got the above information from.

One was Posted on Feb. 12, 2012 and the other was posted about May 2012. Both are gone from our website completely.

We wouldn’t of known except that the Huff Post and the Mainstream media just did a ‘Hit Piece’ against the U.S. Postal Service about how inefficient they are compared to the private sector and they should be Privatized, yet not one single word about being mandated by Bush and Congress in 2006 to “set aside 5.5 billion dollars of their profits every year to fund several future decades of their retirement funds within 10 years (which no other corporation or Department has to do in the entire world!”

We were going to re-post our original article/posts to show people the truth, but we couldn’t find them. They had somehow vanished from our website.

We don’t know if other posts have vanished from our website. We do know that many others of our posts have vanished from or were never allowed to appear online. That we do know.

But to come on our website and censor and hide the Truth from American’s, so they can continue to spew their lies, is just totally insane.

If you continue to hide the truth from Americans, it will mean that the Government is totally illegitimate, because it is based completely upon lies. Lies make you illegitimate.

Why listen to a ‘bunch of liars’ who themselves are based entirely upon lies?

Google has also been in the habit of changing our Post Titles to suit their wants. Some posts just vanish into thin air when posted on Google. Puff! They’re gone!

Others are segregated away from all other posts online. You’ll get back results like 6 or 7 or 109. All related to our on posts or website. Like we are being segregated by a bunch of racists or something.

And now, since there are other ‘News Websites’ that carry some of our Posts, they are starting to get the “Segregation Treatment” along with us.

What Google likes to do also is change our capital lettering in our posts to small lettering. They are de-capitalizing our Posts. This, we have not seen online to anyone else, except us.

We haven’t seen Google de-capitalize any one else’s posts, large or small. Anyone!
We searched online for hours. We were the only ones this particular phenomenon was/is happening too.

You can see in the below online extracts that they simply change our post titles at will, to make them look like sentences instead of Post titles. Sentences are alot harder to locate online than the actual Post Title(s).

It’s all about controlling what American’s can and can’t Think About, through the internet!

rothschild’s/world bankers seek total corporate control of new …

google has access and codes to every website –

in the heat of the night / to sir

tesla: free energy – tesla electric car –

TESLA Free Energy Aerial RCVR

killing babies – vaccinations: part i

cynic, sadist, communist, shriner, jewish illuminatus

white house denies darpa/cia teleported obama to

One look at the Post Titles, most of them anyway, and you can tell who is behind it. ‘They’ don’t want American’s to know about;
1) Rothschild’s and World Bankers trying to take over the emerging Industrial Hemp Industry through Labor and Medical Marijuana Backdoors.
2) Google has access and Codes to all websites in America and Canada. Most likely the World.
3) They hate ‘New’ energy and Tesla.
4) They don’t want you to know that Vaccines are dangerous to children and and babies or that Communism is completely Jewish.

If someone says the internet is the way out of this mess because of open information. They are either dis-information, or clueless.


Steps taken during the Bush administration are the reason why the once successful U.S. Postal Service is currently in financial trouble. Sam takes a look at the Right Wing cause to privatize the mail and destroy a U.S. institution.


Did you know that UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other private shipping companies use The USPS to ship most of their packages? The USPS does it cheaper. Its cheaper for them to have the USPS ship their own packages. These private companies do it better and are efficient because of the USPS. I worked for both The UPS and USPS. UPS models the USPS delivery system.


Take out this collossal obligation to fund the retirement of people who have not yet been born, and you will find they are still profitable.


billionare pieces of trash ISSA etc etc FORCED usps to PRE PAY 75 years of health benefits for retirees etc in lame duck republican run congress in 2006 …fix is EASY ,remove that 75 year PRE PAY obligation … no other company on earth has that obligation ??? its all about greed and them politicians passing legislation to ultimately ENRICH the corporations who line their pockets …


Here’s the Huff Post Mainstream Article “Hit Piece” against the U.S. Postal Service: Why Doesn’t the Postal Service Make Money?
What do UPS and FedEx know that the USPS doesn’t?
By Brian Palmer|Posted Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013,

PRESIDENT OBAMA COULD PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT TOMORROW! – Bill Still: With U.S. Treasury Created Debt Free Money – U.S. Minted Quarters And Dollars



As a man of sense, I am a gold bug and I support a gold bug government and a gold bug society. As a man of the world, I like confusion, anarchy, and war. – J.P. Morgan 1895, in a letter to his brother.


“Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. 

Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. 

However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.”  
– Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of England (appointed 1928). Reputed to be the 2nd wealthiest man in England at that time.

bill still debt free money

Bill Still Pay the debt in quarters
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The Global Monetary System and Mega Trends by Bill Still. 3rd Annual World
Bill Still at the 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba

Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and produced the syndicated radio program, Health News.

He has written 22 books and two documentary videos, including: The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz, both of which critique the United States monetary system. In our current economic crisis, what can the government do?

Bill says, under the current monetary system, nothing. It’s not going to get better until the root of the problem is understood and addressed. Bill will talk about the imploding Ponzi scheme that will be felt by all nations. We’ll discuss currency, gold backing and the lender/borrower relationship.

In the second hour, Bill talks about the relationship between the news and bankers. He’ll also discuss reforming the monetary system, full reserve lending and debt free money.




In the below article from the Huff Post you will see “The Media” support Labor Unions which hasn’t happened in 20 years.

Media is controlled by big bankers who control corporations. They hate ‘organized labor’.
They also hate “Hemp” for it’s many industrial benefits. But they and the police love to use it to control and fill the American Prisons and their pockets with profit.

So when the Mainstream Media starts talking sweet about two things it hates with a passion, organized labor and Marijuana, that’s a major Red Flag.

Since the Rothschild’s own Reuters News Agency and Reuters owns the Associated Press, both of whose fingerprints are all over this article, we can assume, they are behind this.

They used the Hearst News Papers and Hollywood to Ban Hemp, and now they are trying to control it’s return.

The benefits of it Industrial Hemp can be found in the Post following this article. And think for just a minute. Do you want all the benefits and control of Industrial Hemp to be in the hands of the same people who control everything else, including Bankers, the Media and Corporations?

At the T.D.P. we say “Hell No!”

RESIST the Banker, Media, Corporate take over and control of Industrial Hemp. There is too much to lose!


Marijuana Industry Provides Hope For Shrinking Labor Unions


* Legal marijuana businesses could provide new workers, union says

* Organized labor helped push successful marijuana ballot initiatives

* Legalization could create hundreds of thousands of new jobs

By Samuel P. Jacobs and Alex Dobuzinskis

WASHINGTON/LOS ANGELES, Feb 6 (Reuters) – The medical marijuana shop next to a tattoo parlor on a busy street in Los Angeles looks much like hundreds of other pot dispensaries that dot the city.

Except for one thing: On the glass door – under a green cross signaling that cannabis can be bought there for medical purposes – is a sticker for the United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW), the nation’s largest retail union.

The dispensary, the Venice Beach Care Center, is one of three medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles that are staffed by dues-paying union members. Another 49 in the city plan to enter into labor agreements with the UFCW this year, the union says.

Together, the dispensaries are a symbol of the growing bond between the nascent medical marijuana industry and struggling labor unions.

During the last few years, unions, led by the UFCW, have played an increasingly significant role in campaigns to allow medical marijuana, now legal in California, 17 other states and Washington, D.C.

In the November elections, UFCW operatives also helped get-out-the-vote efforts in Colorado, where voters approved a measure that made possession of one ounce (28.3 grams) or less of the drug legal for anyone 21 and older. Washington state approved a similar measure and both states require regulation of marijuana growers, processors and retailers.

Union officials acknowledge that their support stems partly from the idea that the marijuana industry could create hundreds of thousands of members at a time when overall union membership is shrinking.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last month that union members – who accounted for 11.8 percent of the workforce in 2011 – now make up about 11.3 percent of all American workers, the lowest percentage in nearly a century.

Retail unions such as the UFCW are fighting the rise of part-time workers and a steady drop in real wages over the last two generations. Organized labor also has been under pressure from Republican governors such as Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, who led an effort to curb collective bargaining rights for public workers in that state.

Union officials say there are now 3,000 UFCW members who work in the cannabis industry, a tiny fraction of the union’s 1.3 million members.

Industry advocates acknowledge that the legal marijuana industry’s potential to produce jobs is difficult to project. One reason: uncertainty over how the U.S. government will deal with an industry whose product is illegal under federal law but increasingly accepted by state laws.

Since Colorado and Washington state voted to legalize marijuana on Nov. 6, President Barack Obama has said his administration will not pursue recreational pot users in those states.

However, the president has not said whether the U.S. government will allow widespread sales of the drug that would be legal under some state laws but not federal law.


Despite such uncertainty, the marijuana industry’s growth potential intrigues unions and retailers, among others.

An analysis by Sea Change Strategies, a research firm for non-profit organizations, estimated that the medical marijuana market could grow to $8.9 billion by 2016.

A study by Washington state’s Office of Financial Management said legalization could result in $1 billion in sales per year in the state, which is home to about 2 percent of the U.S. population.

For people like Dan Rush, who leads the UFCW’s cannabis division, the numbers hint at big things to come for the marijuana industry.

“Since Election Day, we’ve had a rush to join the union” in states where marijuana is sold legally, said Rush, who has become a key player in the union’s efforts to promote the legal use of the drug. “I can’t keep up,” he said. “That’s a direct result of the best poll in the world being Election Day.”

Rush said that if the industry expands, as he and others hope, it would support jobs across the country, from growers to truck drivers to carpenters to retail clerks.

The scale of the business could rival that of a major U.S. crop or the alcohol industry, according to UFCW officials who estimate that 100,000 workers could be added to their union in California alone.

By joining a union, marijuana workers could have more sway in pressing for higher pay and benefits such as healthcare.

Unlike business owners in other industries who typically view unions warily, some legal marijuana retailers welcome the prospect of a unionized workforce – for now, at least.

Marijuana retailers have invited the UFCW into their shops. They think the union could give legitimacy to their business and support against competitors who, the retailers say, undercut the industry’s standing by operating outside the law.

“It’s the difference between being – I hate to use the term – but a street dealer and being a legitimate business operator,” said Brennan Thicke, 38, one of the founders of the Venice Beach Care Center.


Other marijuana business owners aren’t as enthusiastic about unions being involved with their enterprises.

Perhaps the toughest staging ground for the UFCW’s marijuana efforts has been Colorado, where an individualistic spirit guides many of those who have tried to get a toehold in the medical marijuana business.

The retailers there say they are conflicted – grateful for the legitimacy that labor’s involvement could bring their businesses, but worried that the support could undermine the already shaky financial footing of their small operations.

One marijuana business owner in Denver said he considered aligning with the UFCW but eventually backed away. He said he was worried that having a union shop would hurt the value of his business by driving up employment costs.

“Colorado isn’t a big union state anyway,” said the owner, who asked not to be identified. “I was surprised that they put so much focus and money in here in the first place.”


The UFCW’s Rush, a thick-shouldered 52-year-old with a laugh turned to gravel by Lucky Strike cigarettes, is based in Oakland.

The city became a major hub for medical marijuana after California became the first state to allow marijuana for medical treatment 17 years ago. Marijuana is prescribed as a pain reliever for a range of maladies.

Cannabis businesses, Rush said, have helped to revitalize the downtown and have put millions of dollars in tax revenue into Oakland’s coffers.

He recalled that when the union was deciding in 2009 whether to get involved with the legal marijuana industry, not everyone in the leadership was sold.

“It was a struggle,” Rush said. “Folks were not ready to hear it.”

Eventually, he helped to persuade enough labor leaders that the same union that organized Hostess bakery workers could represent people who made pot brownies.

“Whether it was semolina or cannabis, this happens to be where our industry is growing,” said UFCW spokesperson Dawn Le.

A major goal of the union’s marijuana effort involves Obama – who enjoyed broad union support in winning re-election in November – to stop federal crackdowns on pot dispensaries that are legal under state laws.

Last year, federal authorities in California targeted more than 200 medical marijuana businesses, including the first in the country to unionize, in a show of force that highlighted the gulf between federal and state marijuana laws.

Union leaders say they aim to help businesses navigate the difficult legal climate and pressure lawmakers for change.

In Los Angeles, UFCW Local 770 is pushing a ballot measure that would set zoning and safety standards for medical pot dispensaries. For years, police and residents have complained about the impact that less-than-reputable medical marijuana dispensaries have on some neighborhoods.

Dispensary workers and owners who have aligned themselves with the union say that some competitors undermine prices and security by flouting labor laws and avoiding taxes.

“I feel safer with the union around,” said Ayrn Taylor, 23, an employee at the Venice Beach Care Center.

UFCW gathered enough signatures for a local ballot measure in May that would limit the number of dispensaries in Los Angeles to fewer than 130.

The 50-plus dispensaries with union ties would be allowed to stay in business, said Rigo Valdez, an organizing director with UFCW. One city councilman estimates there may be as many as 900 dispensaries now open in Los Angeles.

If the union-backed initiative is successful, it would put most of those dispensaries out of business and make the UFCW a dominant player in one of the nation’s most important markets for legal marijuana sales. (Jacobs reported from Washington; Dobuzinskis from Los Angeles. Editing by David Lindsey and Christopher Wilson)

They say they want to create jobs, yet their very first Law would put 800 out of 900 small businesses out of business.

This is how they work, they say something good to get a law supported and passed, and then use the new law to decimate American Business and Workers.

So they seek to control the massive benefits and products of Industrial Hemp through Labor Control. Just like some modern day Mafia and the Dock Workers.

We must Resist. Just understand, when we do, the Media/Mafia will portray us as standing in the way of progress, when in reality, we are standing in the way of the New Corporate Mafia with their mouthpiece, the Mainstream Media.


If you used Hemp, you would never have to cut down another tree for paper, EVER! And it’s stronger and lasts longer.
The seeds alone could produce enough oil and fuel to completely get off OIL in America, COMPLETELY.
It used to be against the Law, NOT TO GROW HEMP!!!

Just 3 out of a hundred amazing things Hemp can do, not even mentioning the massive medical and cancer healing properties of this one plant.

All this Information has been suppressed from the American Public because entire industries (wood, fuel, clothing, plastics, Big Pharma, etc.) could be threatened.

WHEN WE GROW, This is what we can do (Full Documentary)

The Marijuana Conspiracy – The reason hemp is illegal

(Nothing to do with its effects on the mind and body)

By Doug Yurchey – Article from The Dot Connector

They say marijuana is dangerous. pot is not harmful to the human body or mind. marijuana does not pose a threat to the general public. Marijuana is very much a danger to the oil companies, alcohol, tobacco industries and a large number of chemical corporations. Big businesses, with plenty of dollars and influence, have suppressed the truth from the people. The truth is, if marijuana was utilized for its vast array of commercial products, it would create an industrial atomic bomb! The super rich have conspired to spread misinformation about the plant that, if used properly, would ruin their companies.

Where did the word ‘marijuana’ come from? In the mid 1930s, the M-word was created to tarnish the good image and phenomenal history of the hemp plant – as you will read. The facts cited here, with references, are generally verifiable in the Encyclopedia Britannica which was printed on hemp paper for 150 years:

✔ All schoolbooks were made from hemp or flax paper until the 1880s. (Jack Frazier. Hemp Paper Reconsidered. 1974.)

✔ It was legal to pay taxes with hemp in America from 1631 until the early 1800s. (LA Times. Aug. 12, 1981.)

✔ Refusing to grow hemp in America during the 17th and 18th centuries was against the law! You could be jailed in Virginia for refusing to grow hemp from 1763 to 1769 (G. M. Herdon. Hemp in Colonial Virginia).

✔ George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers grew hemp. (Washington and Jefferson Diaries. Jefferson smuggled hemp seeds from China to France then to America.)

✔ Benjamin Franklin owned one of the first paper mills in America, and it processed hemp. Also, the War of 1812 was fought over hemp. Napoleon wanted to cut off Moscow’s export to England. (Jack Herer. Emperor Wears No Clothes.)
✔ For thousands of years, 90% of all ships’ sails and rope were made from hemp. The word ‘canvas’ is Dutch for cannabis. (Webster’s New World Dictionary.)

✔ 80% of all textiles, fabrics, clothes, linen, drapes, bed sheets, etc.,were made from hemp until the 1820s, with the introduction of the cotton gin.

✔ The first Bibles, maps, charts, Betsy Ross’s flag, the first drafts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were made from hemp. (U.S. Government Archives.)

✔ The first crop grown in many states was hemp. 1850 was a peak year for Kentucky producing 40,000 tons.Hemp was the largest cash crop until the 20th century. (State Archives.)

✔ Oldest known records of hemp farming go back 5000 years in China, although hemp industrialization probably goes back to ancient Egypt.

✔ Rembrandt’s, Van Gogh’s, Gainsborough’s, as well as most early canvas paintings, were principally painted on hemp linen.

✔ In 1916, the U.S. Government predicted that by the 1940s all paper would come from hemp and that no more trees need to be cut down. Government studies report that 1 acre of hemp equals 4.1 acres of trees. Plans were in the works to implement such programs. (U.S. Department of Agriculture Archives.)

✔ Quality paints and varnishes were made from hemp seed oil until 1937. 58,000 tons of hemp seeds were used in America for paint products in 1935. (Sherman Williams Paint Co. testimony before the U.S.Congress against the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act.)

✔ Henry Ford’s first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and the car itself was constructed from hemp! On his large estate, Ford was photographed among his hemp fields. The car, ‘grown from the soil,’ had hemp plastic panels whose impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel. (Popular Mechanics, 1941.)

✔ In 1938, hemp was called ‘Billion Dollar Crop.’ It was the first time a cash crop had a business potential to exceed a billion dollars. (Popular Mechanics, Feb. 1938.)

✔ Mechanical Engineering Magazine (Feb. 1938) published an article entitled ‘The Most Profitable and Desirable Crop that Can be Grown.’ It stated that if hemp was cultivated using 20th century technology, it would be the single largest agricultural crop in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

The following information comes directly from the United States Department of Agriculture’s 1942 14-minute film encouraging and instructing ‘patriotic American farmers’ to grow 350,000 acres of hemp each year for the war effort:

“…[When] Grecian temples were new, hemp was already old in the service of mankind. For thousands of years, even then, this plant had been grown for cordage and cloth in China and elsewhere in the East. For centuries prior to about 1850, all the ships that sailed the western seas were rigged with hempen rope and sails. For the sailor, no less than the hangman, hemp was indispensable… Now with Philippine and East Indian sources of hemp in the hands of the Japanese… American hemp must meet the needs of our Army and Navy as well as of our industries… The Navy’s rapidly dwindling reserves.When that is gone, American hemp will go on duty again; hemp for mooring ships; hemp for tow lines; hemp for tackle and gear; hemp for countless naval uses both on ship and shore. Just as in the days when Old Ironsides sailed the seas victorious
with her hempen shrouds and hempen sails. Hemp for victory!”

Certified proof from the Library of Congress, found by the research of Jack Herer, refutes claims of other government agencies that the 1942 USDA film ‘Hemp for Victory’ did not exist.

Hemp cultivation and production do not harm the environment. The USDA Bulletin #404 concluded that hemp produces four times as much pulp with at least four to seven times less pollution.

From Popular Mechanics, February 1938:
“It has a short growing season… It can be grown in any state… The long roots penetrate and break the soil to leave it in perfect condition for the next year’s crop. The dense shock of leaves, 8 to 12 feet above the ground, chokes out weeds. …Hemp, this new crop can add immeasurably to American agriculture and industry.” In the 1930s, innovations in farm machinery would have caused an industrial revolution when applied to hemp. This single resource could have created millions of new jobs generating thousands of quality products. Hemp, if not made illegal,would have brought America out of the Great Depression.

William Randolph Hearst (Citizen Kane) and the Hearst Paper Manufacturing Division of Kimberly Clark owned vast acreage of timberlands. The Hearst Company supplied most paper products. Patty Hearst’s grandfather, a destroyer of nature for his own personal profit, stood to lose billions because of hemp.

In 1937, DuPont patented the processes to make plastics from oil and coal. DuPont’s Annual Report urged stockholders to invest in its new petrochemical division. Synthetics such as plastics, cellophane, celluloid, methanol, nylon, rayon, Dacron, etc., could now be made from oil.Natural hemp industrialization would have ruined over 80% of DuPont’s business.

Andrew Mellon became Hoover’s Secretary of the Treasury and DuPont’s primary investor. He appointed his future nephew-in-law,Harry J.Anslinger, to head the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Secret meetings were held by these financial tycoons. Hemp was declared dangerous and a threat to their billion dollar enterprises. For their dynasties to remain intact, hemp had to go. These men took an obscure Mexican slang word: ‘marijuana’ and pushed it into the consciousness of America.

A media blitz of ‘yellow journalism’ raged in the late 1920s and 1930s. Hearst’s newspapers ran stories emphasizing the horrors of marijuana. The menace of marijuana made headlines. Readers learned that it was responsible for everything from car accidents to loose morality.

Films like Reefer Madness (1936), Marijuana: Assassin of Youth (1935) and Marijuana: The Devil’s Weed (1936) were propaganda designed by these industrialists to create an enemy. Their purpose was to gain public support so that anti-marijuana laws could be passed.

Examine the following quotes from The Burning Question, aka Reefer Madness:
a violent narcotic;
acts of shocking violence;
incurable insanity;
soul-destroying effects;
under the influence of the drug he killed his entire family with an ax;
more vicious, more deadly even than these soul-destroying drugs (heroin, cocaine) is the menace of marijuana!
Reefer Madness did not end with the usual ‘the end.’ The film concluded with these words plastered on the screen: ‘Tell your children.’

In the 1930s, people were very naive, even to the point of ignorance. The masses were like sheep waiting to be led by the few in power. They did not challenge authority. If the news was in print or on the radio, they believed it had to be true. They told their children, and their children grew up to be the parents of the babyboomers.

On April 14, 1937, the prohibitive Marijuana Tax Law, or the bill that outlawed hemp, was directly brought to the House Ways and Means Committee. This committee is the only one that can introduce a bill to the House floor without it being debated by other committees. The Chairman of the U.S. Senate, Ways and Means Committee, at the time,Robert Doughton, was a DuPont supporter. He insured that the bill would pass Congress.

Dr. James Woodward, a physician and attorney, testified too late on behalf of the American Medical Association. He told the committee that the reason the AMA had not denounced the Marijuana Tax Law sooner was that the Association had just discovered that marijuana was hemp.

Few people, at the time, realized that the deadly menace they had been reading about on Hearst’s front pages was in fact passive hemp. The AMA understood cannabis to be a medicine found in numerous healing products sold over the last hundred years.

In September of 1937, hemp became illegal. The most useful crop known became a drug and our planet has been suffering ever since.

Congress banned hemp because it was said to be the most violence-causing drug known. Harry Anslinger, head of the Drug Commission for 31 years, promoted the idea that marijuana made users act extremely violent. In the 1950s, under the Communist threat ofMcCarthyism, Anslinger then said the exact opposite: marijuana will pacify you so much that soldiers would not want to fight.

Today, our planet is in desperate trouble. Earth is suffocating as large tracts of rain forests disappear. Pollution, poisons and chemicals are killing people. These great problems could be reversed if we industrialized hemp. Natural biomass could provide all of the planet’s energy needs that are currently supplied by fossil fuels.We have consumed 80% of our oil and gas reserves.We need a renewable resource. Hemp could be the solution to soaring gas prices.

Hemp has a higher quality fiber than wood fiber. Far fewer caustic chemicals are required to make paper from hemp than from trees. Hemp paper does not turn yellow and is very durable. The plant grows quickly to maturity in a season where trees take a lifetime.

All plastic products should be made from hemp seed oil. Hempen plastics are biodegradable! Over time, they would break down and not harm the environment. Oil-based plastics, the ones we are very familiar with, help ruin nature. They do not break down and will do great harm in the future. The process to produce the vast array of natural (hempen) plastics will not ruin the rivers as DuPont and other petrochemical companies have done. Ecology does not fit in with the plans of the oil industry and the political machine.Hemp products are safe and natural.

Medicines should be made from hemp. We should go back to the days when the AMA supported cannabis cures.‘Medical Marijuana’ is given out legally to only a handful of people while the rest of us are forced into a system that relies on chemicals. Pot is only healthy for the human body.

World hunger could end. A large variety of food products can be generated from hemp. The seeds contain one of the highest sources of protein in nature. Also: They have two essential fatty acids that clean your body of cholesterol. These essential fatty acids are not found anywhere else in nature! Consuming pot seeds is the best thing you could do for your body. Eat uncooked hemp seeds.

Clothes should be made from hemp. Hemp clothing is extremely strong and durable over time.You could hand clothing, made from pot, down to your grandchildren. Today, there are American companies that make hemp clothing; usually 50% hemp. Hemp fabrics should be everywhere. Instead, they are almost underground. Superior hemp products are not allowed to advertise on fascist television.

Kentucky, once the top hemp producing state, made it illegal to wear hemp clothing! Can you imagine being thrown into jail for wearing quality jeans?

The world is crazy. But that does not mean you have to join the insanity. Get together. Spread the news. Tell people, and that includes your children, the truth. Use hemp products. Eliminate the word ’marijuana.’Realize the history that created it.Make it politically incorrect to say or print the M-word. Fight against the propaganda (designed to favor the agenda of the super rich) and the bullshit.Hemp must be utilized in the future.We need a clean energy source to save our planet. Industrialize hemp!

The liquor, tobacco and oil companies fund more than a million dollars a day to Partnership for a Drug-Free America and other similar agencies.We have all seen their commercials. Now, their motto is: ‘It’s more dangerous than we thought.’ Lies from the powerful corporations, that began with Hearst, are still alive and well today.

The brainwashing continues. Now, the commercials say: If you buy a joint, you contribute to murders and gang wars. The latest anti-pot commercials say: If you buy a joint… you are promoting terrorism! The new enemy (terrorism) has paved the road to brainwash you any way they see fit.

There is only one enemy: the friendly people you pay your taxes to, the war-makers and nature destroyers.With your funding, they are killing the world right in front of your eyes.

Half a million deaths each year are caused by tobacco. Half a million deaths each year are caused by alcohol. No one has ever, ever died from smoking pot!!

In the entire history of the human race, not one death can be attributed to cannabis. Our society has outlawed grass but condones the use of the killers: tobacco and alcohol.

Hemp should be declassified and placed in drug stores to relieve stress. Hardening and constriction of the arteries are bad, but hemp usage actually enlarges the arteries, which is a healthy condition. We have been so conditioned to think that smoking is harmful. That is not the case for passive pot.

Ingesting THC, hemp’s active agent, has a positive effect: relieving asthma and glaucoma. A joint tends to alleviate the nausea caused by chemotherapy. You are able to eat on hemp. This is a healthy state of being.

[one personal note. During the pregnancy of my wife, she was having some difficulty gaining weight.We were in the hospital. A nurse called us to one side and said: “Off the record, if you smoke pot… you’d get something called the munchies and you’ll gain weight.” I swear that is a true story.]

The stereotype for a pothead is similar to a drunk, bubble-brain.Yet, the truth is one’s creative abilities can be enhanced under its influence. The perception of time slightly slows and one can become more sensitive.You can more appreciate all arts, be closer to nature and generally feel more under the influence of cannabis. It is, in fact, the exact opposite state of mind and body as the drunken state. You can be more aware with pot.

The pot plant is an alien plant. There is physical evidence that cannabis is not like any other plant on this planet. One could conclude that it was brought here for the benefit of humanity. Hemp is the only plant where the males appear one way and the females appear very different, physically!

No one ever speaks of males and females in regard to the plant kingdom because plants do not show their sexes. Except for cannabis. To determine what sex a certain, normal, earthly plant is, you have to look internally, at its DNA. A male blade of grass (physically) looks exactly like a female blade of grass. The hemp plant has an intense sexuality. Growers know to kill the males before they fertilize the females. Yes, folks, the most potent pot comes from ‘horny females.’

The reason this amazing, very sophisticated, ET plant from the future is illegal has nothing to do with how it physically affects us.

Pot is illegal because billionaires want to remain billionaires!

“And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land.” – Ezekiel 34:29.

p.s. I think the word ‘drugs’ should not be used as an umbrella-word that covers all chemical agents. Drugs have come to be known as something bad. Are you aware there are legal drugstores?! Yep, in every city. Unbelievable. Each so-called drug should be considered individually. Cannabis is a medicine and not a drug. We should dare to speak the truth no matter what the law is.

Great documentary, unfortunately the corrupt unjust government rule the country with stupidity. They have the power to pull a blanket over our eyes so we remain clueless and naive to the world around us. Not just regarding cannibas but everything.

Its hard to believe in 2011 we can still be in denial to the obvious with this wonderous god given herb. Thats the power of corrupt money folks.

Great documentary, unfortunately the corrupt unjust government rule the country with stupidity. They have the power to pull a blanket over our eyes so we remain clueless and naive to the world around us. Not just regarding cannibas but everything.
makes me want to spread the word… leaglize it!

Hemp – Could Save America
The Weed That Can Change The World
From Varied Sources


1) Hemp is among the oldest industries on the planet, going back more than 10,000 years to the beginnings of pottery. The Columbia History of the World states that the oldest relic of human industry is a bit of hemp fabric dating back to approximately 8,000 BC.

2) Presidents Washington and Jefferson both grew hemp. Americans were legally bound to grow hemp during the Colonial Era and Early Republic. The federal government subsidized hemp during the Second World War and US farmers grew about a million acres of hemp as part of that program.

3) Hemp Seed is far more nutritious than even soybean, contains more essential fatty acids than any other source, is second only to soybeans in complete protein (but is more digestible by humans), is high in B-vitamins, and is 35% dietary fiber. Hemp seed is not psychoactive and cannot be used as a drug. See

4) The bark of the hemp stalk contains bast fibers which are among the Earth’s longest natural soft fibers and are also rich in cellulose; the cellulose and hemi-cellulose in its inner woody core are called hurds. Hemp stalk is not psychoactive. Hemp fiber is longer, stronger, more absorbent and more insulative than cotton fiber.

5) According to the Department of Energy, hemp as a biomass fuel producer requires the least specialized growing and processing procedures of all hemp products. The hydrocarbons in hemp can be processed into a wide range of biomass energy sources, from fuel pellets to liquid fuels and gas. Development of biofuels could significantly reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

6) Hemp grows well without herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides. Almost half of the agricultural chemicals used on US crops are applied to cotton.

7) Hemp produces more pulp per acre than timber on a sustainable basis, and can be used for every quality of paper. Hemp paper manufacturing can reduce wastewater contamination. Hemp’s low lignin content reduces the need for acids used in pulping, and it’s creamy color lends itself to environmentally friendly bleaching instead of harsh chlorine compounds. Less bleaching results in less dioxin and fewer chemical byproducts.

8) Hemp fiber paper resists decomposition, and does not yellow with age when an acid-free process is used. Hemp paper more than 1,500 years old has been found. It can also be recycled more times.

9) Hemp fiberboard produced by Washington State University was found to be twice as strong as wood-based fiberboard.

10) Eco-friendly hemp can replace most toxic petrochemical products. Research is being done to use hemp in manufacturing biodegradable plastic products: plant-based cellophane, recycled plastic mixed with hemp for injection-molded products, and resins made from the oil, to name just a very few examples.

Hemp History

Hemp is among the oldest industries on the planet, going back more than 10,000 years to the beginnings of pottery. The Columbia History of the World states that the oldest relic of human industry is a bit of hemp fabric dating back to approximately 8,000 BC.

Presidents Washington and Jefferson both grew hemp. Americans were legally bound to grow hemp during the Colonial Era and Early Republic.

In 1937 Congress passed the Marihuana Tax Act which effectively began the era of hemp prohibition. The tax and licensing regulations of the act made hemp cultivation unfeasable for American farmers. The chief promoter of the Tax Act, Harry Anslinger, began promoting anti-marijuana legislation around the world. To learn more about hemp prohibition visit or check out “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer

GUN CONTROL: Second Amendment Doesn’t Give Americans The “Right to bear Arms” It Prohibits the Government from ‘Disarming The People’.

2nd amendment


The Second Amendment doesn’t give Americans the “Right to bear Arms.” The 2nd Amendment” is supposed to “Prohibit the Government” from taking our Arms and ‘Disarming The People’.

It’s a protection from a possible Tyrannical Government!

There are two versions of the text of the Second Amendment, each with slight capitalization and punctuation differences, found in the official documents surrounding the adoption of the Bill of Rights. One version was passed by the Congress, while another is found in the copies distributed to the States and then ratified by them.

As passed by the Congress:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State:
A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

U.S. Supreme Court: District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), “Right to bear Arms” is “clearly an individual right, having nothing whatsoever to do with service in the militia” and that it is a “Right” not to be disarmed by the Government and was not the granting of a new ‘right to have arms’.

“The Second Amendment is not about duck hunting….It is about our rights, all of our rights to be able to protect ourselves from ‘All Enemies Foreign and Domestic’. This includes protections from a possible Tyrannical Government.”

State Militia’s are completely separate from the Citizen’s Inherent Right ‘to bear Arms’.

The “Right to bear Arms” is not a State Issue, it’s a Federal Issue. No State Law can override the Federal United States Constitution.



The Preamble to The Bill of Rights

Congress of the United States
begun and held at the City of New-York, on
Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine.

THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.

RESOLVED by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, two thirds of both Houses concurring, that the following Articles be proposed to the Legislatures of the several States, as amendments to the Constitution of the United States, all, or any of which Articles, when ratified by three fourths of the said Legislatures, to be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of the said Constitution; viz.

ARTICLES in addition to, and Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, proposed by Congress, and ratified by the Legislatures of the several States, pursuant to the fifth Article of the original Constitution.

The Bill of Rights: A Transcription

The Preamble to The Bill of Rights

Congress of the United States
begun and held at the City of New-York, on
Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine.

THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.

RESOLVED by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, two thirds of both Houses concurring, that the following Articles be proposed to the Legislatures of the several States, as amendments to the Constitution of the United States, all, or any of which Articles, when ratified by three fourths of the said Legislatures, to be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of the said Constitution; viz.

ARTICLES in addition to, and Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, proposed by Congress, and ratified by the Legislatures of the several States, pursuant to the fifth Article of the original Constitution.

Note: The following text is a transcription of the first ten amendments to the Constitution in their original form. These amendments were ratified December 15, 1791, and form what is known as the “Bill of Rights.”

– Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


– Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


– Amendment III

No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

– Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

– Amendment V

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

– Amendment VI

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

– Amendment VII

In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

– Amendment VIII

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

– Amendment IX

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

– Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

2nd amenment2


Passed by Congress July 2, 1909. Ratified February 3, 1913.

Note: Article I, section 9, of the Constitution was modified by amendment 16.

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.




The Government does this Gun Control bit every year since 2009. And every year at least 10 million new guns are added to the 350 million we already have.

At the T.D.P., we don’t get it.

President Obama has been called the “Best Gun Salesman in America”. For some reason, we don’t think “Gun Control” is the ‘real’ issue.

It’s a great distraction and it causes division among the citizens.

We think the Government is secure in their knowledge of their ‘new’ crowd control devices, that we know about, and their “Frequency and Earthquake Weapons” they think we don’t know about.

We will be exploring their ‘new’ capabilities soon in greater detail.

DISNEY CRUISE LINES GAY AGENDA: (GAYCRUISE) Trying To Turn Young American Boys Into Young American Girls “Even Children Know Something Is Wrong!”


PARENTS TAKE NOTE: Walt Disney Company Has A Homosexual Agenda

Disney Cruise Lines doesn’t appear to provide entertainment for the young boys who take Disney Cruises. They only seem to provide ‘Little Princess’ type entertainment with only Female Disney characters.

Can you say “Jewish Gay Agenda”?. Because that’s exactly what this is and even children recognize it as such. Not providing Male Disney characters for young boys on a Cruise Line is not an oversight.

How can you not realize that you don’t have any Male Characters? You can’t. Any FOOL can look at an entertainment line-up and notice there are no male characters.

Though Disney Cruise Lines will most likely say, “Oh, we didn’t notice.” Yea, sure you didn’t.

Below is what Huff Post calls a “Cute little letter” about a 8 year old boy who has just come back from a Disney Cruise Line trip and complained about there not being any “Cool Male Characters” on the Cruise.

Others in the comments pointed out that “There never are” any Male Characters on their cruises.

Jewish controlled Disney is asking for a Boycott and we will be happy to oblige.
Along with their hidden subliminal messages in their movies make them very unwelcome to entertain our children.

ADD’L NOTE: If you google ‘DISNEY CRUISE LINES GAY AGENDA: (GAYCRUISE)’ you get “About 4,240,000 results (0.34 seconds)”
It surprised us that Disney is really a quite popular Gay Cruise Line:
*GAY time on a Disney Cruise?* “We met more gay’s traveling on this Disney cruise than any of our …” UH, WTH?



They Are Trying To Turn Young American Boys Into Young American Girls!


Uh…Did we just give free advertising to promote a Gay Cruise Line? That’s pretty funny! 🙂
We don’t have anything against Gays or Homosexuals. We just don’t want it “pushed” on our young impressionable children.
And we are quite adamant about that!

BvooIG8 - Imgur

0qPJPEs - Imgur (1)


“If I were Disney cruises I’d be giving that boy a free cruise with Johnny Depp & Robin Williams & Spiderman. The kid’s right. Very easy to dress up a “Princess” in a pink dress & put her on the cruise to spice up a little girls activities.

All the boys ever have are mostly bad acting pirates that would be fired if Disney were still alive. Beyond that the boys have little else than films & video games.”


“No guy characters! This is an outrage!”


“Nothing wrong with letting a company know they could make improvements. His family paid good money to take a cruise their child would enjoy. He expressed his opinion and made a valid point. Don’t just cater to the female customer.”


“It’s Great that Little Guys can ask for Guy friends! Hey Disney, send his family on an all Gay Cruise. With All the $$ you’ve got, you sure as Hell can afford all the Positive publicity you’ll reap in the the very Money’ed and Rapidly growing Gay adoptive family community!”


“The boy has a valid point”


“If there were only female Disney characters on the ship, he has a legitimate complaint. Just think what the women’s organizations would be saying if there had only been male characters on the ship.”


“This is so cute…and so true! There isn’t much for a little boy. Disney tends to be more about princess characters, but I’d like to see more prince characters presented as well.”


Disney’s Gay Agenda is actually well known to some, but hidden from the majority of Americans through the Jewish Controlled Mainstream Media, which we have dubbed “The Gaystream Media” for their heavy pushing of a Jewish Gay Agenda on America.

If you google “Disney Gay Agenda” these are the types of results you get:


Disney’s Closeted Gay Agenda – The Sexist…/disneys-closeted-gay-agenda…
Jun 26, 2009 – The Sexist is Washington City Paper’s blog about sex and gender in D.C..

Hidden Agendas – The True Intentions of Disney agenda Disney has been accused of supporting is the homosexual agenda. Most people who are against homosexuality denounce such actives as Gay …

The Good Roommates Guide: Disney’s Gay Agenda…/disneys-gay-agenda.htmlJun 5, 2011 – Disney’s Gay Agenda. “Let’s get down to business, to defeat the Huns. Did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons? You’re the saddest …

The Case Against Disney – GAY DAY Disney continue to forsake our children by allowing the next GAY DAY at the Magic Kingdom and by promoting the homosexual agenda as described herein …

Disney Hides The Gay Agenda in Minnie Mouse’s Dress, Mickey … › Christwire BuzzMar 16, 2011 – For too long we’ve caught Disney in the business of selling raunchy agendas as children programs. In the movie the little Mermaid, the …

Disney’s Toy Story Two: The Homosexual Agenda most blatent attack on family values to come out of Disney, ever! Christians will get poisoned $7 at a time at the box office!

Defining the Gay Agenda it comes to the concept of a “gay agenda,” it is actually quite easy to discover what gay activists are … Disney/ABC’s infamous “Ellen” is just one example.

Walt Disney Company Has A Homosexual Agenda – Topix
8 posts – 1 author – Apr 22, 2011
Disney and the homosexual agenda. When Disney extended company benefits to the same-sex partners of its homosexual employees, it was …

Top 18 Ambiguously (Or not so ambiguously) Gay Disney Characters

hidden disney gay sex in the goofy movie

For those who do not know who Illuminati are, here is a quick description:

The Illuminati are the top players on the International playground, basically belonging to the thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world, and they are the men who really rule the world from behind the scenes (yes, they are mostly men, with a few exceptions).

They are the REAL Decision Makers, who make up the rules for presidents and governments to follow, and they are often held from public scrutiny, as their action can’t stand being scrutinized. They are connected by bloodlines going back thousands and thousands of years in time, and they are very careful with keeping those bloodlines as pure as possible from generation to generation. The only way to do so is by interbreeding.

That is why you so often see royalties marry royalties, for example. Their parents decide whom to marry. These are the same people who carry out false flag attacks such as 9/11 and 7/7 London Bombings.




2/6/13 Google added it’s Ad Words to every Website in America and Canada, large and small. From AOL down to small websites and everything in between, including all Political Websites that we checked.

In order for Google to put Ad Words advertising on a website, they need Access and the Codes. So what this means is that Google has Access and the Codes to EVERY WEBSITE IN AMERICA And CANADA.

Every website we checked except for one in Japan, had these new Ad Words added to them.

This website is a Non-Google Website. It was not set up through Google. Google is not the web host. This website has no involvement from Google whatsoever. Yet Google has our Codes and Access and there is no way we can keep them out.

We pay for the website and hosting. So how and why does Google have access to our website and our codes. Even Political Websites now have their Ad Words on them. Which of course means, Google has direct access to the entire political system in the U.S.

This is completely unacceptable! Who the Hell do they think they are?!

Knowing that Google has Access and the Codes to every website in America, and that they can do whatever they want to any website in America, CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Even websites that have top of the line computers and security have these new Google Ad Words on them. And strangely, we have seen not one single complaint. We waited 3 days before writing this post to see if other Americans and websites would complain.

Funny, not one has, or their complaints are being censored by ‘Guess Who”, The Googler.

We are already thinking about shutting down several websites that we have. Your private website should be like your house. No one gets in without permission. So much for that.

To us here at the T.D.P., Google has just Shiat all over the entire Web in America and Canada. No matter where you go online, you see their shiat. We hate looking at our own posts that we try to keep non adverting and we see their shiat Ad Words on our pages
and posts. It makes us sick to our stomachs.


It should be like the road system we have now. If you want to visit Google, you leave the Information Highway and go into their Google Store. If you don’t want anything to do with them, you simply pass them by and ignore them. and there needs to be not a goddam thing they can do about it.

Even Youtube now has these effing Ad Words on them.

What is next. Will Google next put Full Blown Ads on private websites? If we can’t stop them from inserting their Ad Words on our Private Websites, can we stop them from putting full blown ads on them.

No one has any privacy from Google.

Understand what this means. The Media is already totally controlled. And now we know that the Internet is Completely Controlled.
We have no way of communicating with each other (except talking face to face) without going through a Corporate/Government control filter!

This is one of the Reasons the True Democracy Party was formed.

NOTE: We could not find a single Post, Article or Video that even mentions this as a possible problem. NOT ONE!

They talk about SOPA, the Government or U.N. taking over the Internet and we must stop them. Yet they don’t mention, that the Internet has already been completely taken over and is under the control of a single organization.

Even the Military Roots of the Internet is being hidden, censored.

“GOOGLE IS SHIAT – THE ENEMY” The Mainstream Media is Shiat. We stand against Shiat, the Enemy of Humanity!

internet control3


media control6

MAINSTREAM MEDIA NOW CONTROLS ALL LOCAL NEWSPAPERS: Wall Street Controls Your Local Newspaper [CBS = CIA: Mind Control Over War, Economics, Other issues]

How The Media Controls Your Mind

If you ever had any doubt the media was controlled…

media control6

If you google “Boy Scouts makes the right move with new policy on gays” you get About 28,200,000 results (0.30 seconds).
The article came out only 4 days ago. This many results so quickly is what is known as “Total Media Saturation”.

This story was carried in every Major and Minor News Outlet in America, including Blogs. The problem is that when it was reported in the our local newspaper, it was done in a way to make it seem like it was a Local Story done by the Local News. They used words like “us” and “ours”, like this is the way the Locals feel.

They are in effect trying to impose their “Gaystream” Media mentality on American Local Citizens, and trying to make it look like it’s coming from the Local Citizens.

They did the exact same thing with Gun Control. They used Mainstream News Articles and posted them in the local news saying “we” locals fully support Increased Government Gun Control.

Here’s a better explanation and example:



Read all about it
(but not in the mainstream media)

Wall Street controls your local newspaper

by Hannah Clark

Dollars and Sense magazine, September/ October 2001

On Wednesday, June 27, staff of the Grand Forks Herald in Grand Forks, North Dakota, along with other communication workers from around the city, demonstrated outside of the Herald’s offices. The reason: Knight Ridder, the Herald’s owner, was forcing the newspaper to cut jobs. The cuts were not because of poor journalistic performance, but because the Herald, like virtually all Knight Ridder papers, was not meeting the company’s profit goals.

Knight Ridder is not the only company facing massive cutbacks. All over the country, hundreds of newspaper employees – reporters, editors, administrative staff, custodians and sales representatives – are getting the ax. Knight Ridder – owner of 58 newspapers, including the Miami Herald, the Akron Beacon Journal, and the St. Paul Pioneer Press – leads the pack in this spending squeeze, with 2,100 job cuts announced since December 2000. The New York Times Co. – owner of the Boston Globe – is close behind with 1,700 cuts. Dow Jones Co., which operates the Wall Street Journal, is eliminating 500 positions. And dozens of other media companies are cutting their payrolls by anywhere from 3% to 25%, all with the excuse that advertising revenues are down.

Most papers are initially offering buyouts, in hopes that enough people will volunteer to leave. Some are relying on attrition. And some are firing people right off the bat – 40% of the Dow Jones cuts will be layoffs, as will many of Knight Ridder’s cuts.

The newspaper industry must be in dire striates, right? Wrong. Newspapers operate regularly at 20% profit margins, double those of the average Fortune 500 company, and triple those of most businesses. Though the numbers have slipped

recently, papers are still immensely profitable. The Boston Globe reported a profit rate of over 20% this year. Meanwhile, Knight Ridder raked in 18.5% in the first quarter of this year; that’s 2.3% less than last year but still more than enough for your average entrepreneur.

Even this year’s little stumble is hardly a fall, since industry profits have been increasing for years – and 2000 was a year of record highs. The Globe’s profit rate was up by more than 7% in 2000; the New York Times by nearly 10%. Ten years ago, newspaper profits averaged less than 15%. And many papers will now employ fewer people than they did in those less prosperous times.

So why is this happening? Once a newspaper sells its shares on the stock exchange, as all the big news companies do, it is beholden to its shareholders and their desire for profits. Companies claim that if they don’t keep up the pace, they risk losing big investors. Since labor is the highest cost of production in the newspaper business, labor is the first to go when profits dip.

And what happens to the news when Wall Street controls your local paper? Gannett, owner of 98 daily papers and the country’s largest newspaper company, is a prime example. Between 1966, the year before Gannett went public, and 1980, the average number of news staff on a Gannett paper dropped from 45 to 26. And Gannett is not alone – all across the country, newspapers are closing foreign and domestic bureaus, slashing whole sections, and replacing locally produced content with wire service articles and advertising. At the Boston Globe, the “New Hampshire Weekly” and “Sunday New England” sections have both been eliminated and the “Focus” and “Book Review” sections have been cut by almost half. U.S. News and World Report has already eliminated its London and Tokyo bureaus, and Moscow and Beijing might be next. As more and more reporting jobs are eliminated, papers are forced to rely more on the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters for articles. And that means that we get less and less news, from fewer and fewer sources.

But at least the money saved is passed on to consumers, right? Wrong again. Savings are passed on to stockholders, yes. But after gaining monopoly power, Gannett typically raises subscription rates and advertiser prices, and then siphons the enormous (sometimes over 30%) profits out of the home community and into the Gannett bank account. These exorbitant profits then have Wall Street expecting more from other news companies.

Currently, there are laws in place regulating how many media outlets one company can own in any market (e.g., a given city). This curbs concentration of power, and preserves some competition – helping to ensure that a variety of news sources continue to exist. Such laws, however, are in danger. Media tycoons like Rupert Murdoch are already buying more than their allotted share of media outlets in anticipation that legislators will repeal these regulations. In their great book Its the Media, Stupid, John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney propose expanding regulations to limit the total number of media outlets one company can own, rather than simply limiting purchases within a given market. They also advocate increasing government support for non-commercial, community-run media. Good ideas all.

What can you do as an individual? Locally, you can find out who owns your town’s newspaper, and work to hold them accountable to the community – especially if they are cutting jobs and content. Nationally, you can join the fight to preserve existing regulations. For more details, check out the website of the Media Access Project

Hannah Clark is a Dollars & Sense intern and a student at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is worried about how the recent layoffs in the newspaper industry will affect her job prospects after graduation, so if you have any leads, give her a call.

Propaganda and Media Control



[ CBS = CIA: Mind Control over War, Economics, other issues ]

media-ownership (2)


AIDS HOAX C.I.A./W.H.O.(World Health Organization) AFRICAN DEPOPULATION PROGRAM: African Depopulation System (A.D.S.) 13 Out Of 20 Million World Dead From AIDS? In Africa (Excludes Famine, Drought, Wars)


The US Government’s Worldwide Campaign Against AIDS Will Kill Millions of People with the Side Effects of Highly Toxic Anti-HIV Drugs
By Robert Herron

Oct. 2001

“The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous.”

— Frederick Douglass, 1885



An Estimated 50 Million People May Die Soon Due to the US Government’s Worldwide Anti-HIV/AIDS Campaign

We do not want to believe that our government would knowingly hurt anyone, but its failure to communicate honestly and openly with the American people on the HIV/AIDS issue has created a breeding ground for suspicion. What the US spy organizations are doing looks like race-based eugenics or even genocide to many people. Quick, honest action is urgently needed.

In January 2000, the Central Intelligence Agency issued a report that claims the worldwide Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) epidemic is a major threat to the United States. This created fear. President Clinton officially declared the HIV pandemic to be a national security threat. He assigned the National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency to supervise the US government’s global campaign against AIDS. These agencies seem unqualified to fight disease. Why weren’t the US Public Health Service and Center for Disease Control given this task?

Although most of us are unaware of it, dozens of studies, including several funded by the government, have found that HIV does not cause AIDS. In fact, HIV is relatively harmless. Dr. Charles Thomas, molecular biologist and former Harvard Professor of Biochemistry, explained:

The HIV-causes-AIDS dogma represents the grandest and perhaps the most morally destructive fraud that has ever been perpetrated on the young men and women of the Western world (Sunday Times, London, 3 Apr. 94).
To kill harmless HIV, the US government, World Bank, and many other organizations will spend billions of dollars purchasing and distributing hazardous anti-HIV medications to the estimated 36 to 50 million people who are presumed to have HIV worldwide.

These drugs do not cure AIDS, but are supposed to slow its progression. Not one person has ever been cured by these highly toxic chemicals. Not one life saved. Some research indicates that virtually everyone taking these drugs is dying. A substantial body of research further suggests that most of the 22 million people who were thought to have died from AIDS actually died from the adverse side effects of anti-HIV drugs (See P.H. Duesberg & D. Rasnick, The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus. Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132).

AIDS compromises the immune system’s ability to defend the body from disease. Many people in the world certainly have immune system dysfunction. However, they are not dying from HIV. According to research, only a fraction of the people who have HIV contract AIDS. According to numerous studies, AIDS patients’ immunodeficiency is the result of chemicals that damage the immune system, including recreational drugs (i.e., cocaine, nitrite inhalants, and heroin), alcohol abuse, pesticides, over-use of certain medicines (i.e., antibiotics), industrial pollutants, other environmental toxins, and anti-HIV medications. Certain lifestyle factors also suppress and weaken the immune system, including prolonged malnutrition (main cause of AIDS in Africa); repeated infections, chronic stress, and sleep deficit.

The majority of AIDS patients exhibit several of these chemical and lifestyle risk factors. The US campaign against AIDS will not attempt to remedy any chemical and behavioral causes of immune system dysfunction. The reason the US government is conducting this campaign apparently has more to do with helping multi-national firms than improving health.

The pharmaceutical industry has donated millions of dollars to both the Republican and Democratic Parties. The Clinton AIDS crusade appears to be repayment to the multi-national drug firms that made large donations to the Democratic Party. Most of the US worldwide campaign against AIDS will consist of the US government’s buying and distributing billions of dollars of anti-HIV medications to the 36–50 million people worldwide who are presumed to have HIV. It’s poisoning for profit. There seems to be, however, more to this story than your garden-variety campaign finance bribery that is endemic in the United States during election years.

The main focus of the new anti-AIDS campaign is nations in Sub-Saharan Africa. The World Health Organization claims that 70%-80% of the people with HIV are located in this region. Since in Africa, a blood test is not required for verification of HIV, millions of people who do not even have HIV may be given these dangerous drugs. This matter is urgent because these highly toxic anti-HIV medications will soon kill millions of vulnerable people.

By coincidence, many rare minerals and metals that are essential for high-tech weapons production are located in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially South Africa. In recent years, the dominant Western powers (USA, UK, and Germany) have had increasing difficulty controlling the governments and resources in this part of the world. The natives are restless and want to rule themselves. This restive feeling has been particularly strong after apartheid ended.

The spy agencies want to avoid loosing control of the strategic natural resources in Africa. Thus, we must ask whether this crusade against AIDS is also a new form of covert warfare to dominate Sub-Saharan Africa. To many people, from African Americans dying of AIDS in our inner cities to innocents dying in their mothers’ arms in the parched plains of South Africa, the NSC and CIA activities might look like racial genocide. We do not want to believe this. But, because the government has been so dishonest with us in the past, what can we think? Mark Twain once said, “When in doubt, tell the truth.” An epidemic of truth in Washington, DC might solve the global AIDS problem.

Doesn’t it look strange? Clancy, Ludlum, or Le Carré could not write a more sinister plot. Why are the National Security Council (NSC) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) coordinating the US worldwide war against AIDS? The answer probably has little to do with health. The answer may have everything to do with expanding US political control, enhancing pharmaceutical profits, exploiting the natural resources of Africa for high-tech weapons production, and even depopulating nations with high birth rates.

In this comprehensive, in-depth article, we will see that due to the American campaign against AIDS, most nations in Sub-Saharan Africa will have their populations decimated by toxic anti-HIV medications (See E. Papadopulos-Eleopulos, et al., A critical analysis of the pharmacology of AZT and its use in AIDS. Current Medical Research and Opinion 1999; 15(Supplement); P.H. Duesberg & D. Rasnick, The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus. Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132; D.T. Chiu, P.H. Duesberg, The toxicity of azidothymidine (AZT) on human and animal cells in culture at concentrations used for antiviral therapy. Genetica 1995; 95: 103–109; M.D. Zaretsky, AZT toxicity and AIDS prophylaxis: Is AZT beneficial for HIV+ asymptomatic persons with 500 or more T4 cells per cubic millimeter. Genetica 1995; 95: 91–101).

In the US, African Americans have had disproportionately high AIDS death rates. The US government’s AIDS campaign appears to be a new form of covert racial warfare. How can the nations under assault defend themselves?

South African David versus American Goliath

South African President Thabo Mbeki is one of the bravest men on earth. To save his people, he is defying the entire Western medical establishment. He is resisting intimidation by the most powerful nations on earth, including the United States. They are trying to force him to give hazardous, anti-HIV medications to pregnant mothers and infants in South Africa. Research shows that the toxic side effects of these drugs harm developing fetuses and newborns. Some scientists have said that no humans should be given these poisonous medications.

At the 13th International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa, President Mbeki denounced his critics. He asserted his right to seek an African solution to AIDS. Mbeki said the remedy to AIDS and other immune system problems is to reduce the extreme poverty that afflicts over half the population of Africa. He claimed that poverty, not HIV, is the biggest killer in Africa. President Mbeki also demanded that all voices be heard in the controversial debate on the causes of AIDS. He implored all scientists to show “sufficient tolerance to respect everybody’s point of view.” In the US, most of us have heard only one side of the AIDS story—the drug industry propaganda expounded by most media and governments.

If President Mbeki prevails, he will protect millions of innocents from needless suffering and death. More is possible. Perhaps, like the Berlin Wall’s sudden fall, his courage may help catalyze the collapse of what many people feel is the tyranny of the medical-industrial complex that suppresses innovative approaches to promoting health and preventing disease.

Most people assume that the medical profession is usually correct. However, recent reports on medical errors show that physicians can make big mistakes. These errors and drug side effects result in thousands of deaths each year. The medical establishment has declared that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). This condition compromises the competency of the immune system to defend the body. AIDS is characterized by persistent immune system dysfunction as measured by low CD4 T-cell levels, detection of HIV antibodies, and approximately 30 opportunistic infections.

The medical establishment claims there is no known cure for AIDS, and the syndrome results in death. Anti-HIV medications are administered to slow the progression of the disease, and not to cure it. However, some scientific research has indicated that AIDS patients who stopped all recreational drugs and anti-HIV medications have improved. In many cases, drug-free AIDS patients were even restored to normal health (See attached P. Duesberg & D. Rasnick, The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus. Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132). The explanation of why dangerous anti-HIV medications are being given to so many people worldwide has more to do with politics and corporate profitability than medical science.

The Clinton Anti-AIDS Crusade

On April 17, 2000, in Washington, D.C., James D. Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank said that the Word Bank will commit “unlimited money” to fight HIV/AIDS in poor countries. The plan of the world’s top finance ministers and central bank governors who oversee the World Bank is to provide highly toxic medication to treat the estimated 34–50 million people who are presumed to have HIV in underdeveloped nations. These people live mainly in Africa, India, China, and the Caribbean, all major World Bank clients. According to United Nations figures, 70%–80% of the people in the world who have HIV live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

On April 30, 2000, the Clinton Administration formally designated the HIV/AIDS epidemic as a major threat to United States security. This declaration was based mainly on a recent Central Intelligence Agency report, The Global Infectious Disease Threat and Its Implications for the United States. This report was declassified in record speed to share with the public earlier this year. The CIA claimed that the HIV epidemic would destabilize governments throughout the world. Therefore, drastic intervention was needed. The same day Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said that he did not believe HIV/AIDS was a national security threat.

At Clinton’s request, the National Security Council, which has never before been involved in combating disease, has been coordinating the US government’s international efforts to combat HIV/AIDS. On April 30th the Clinton Administration also doubled the budget to battle AIDS overseas to $254 million per year. Most of this money will be used to buy anti-HIV medications from American and British drug companies for administering to people in underdeveloped nations.

May 1, 2000, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright defended Clinton’s declaration of HIV/AIDS as a national security threat and criticized Senator Trent Lott for being out of touch with the needs of the 21st century. She said that the Clinton Administration will ask for an additional $100 million to fight HIV/AIDS worldwide.

May 3, 2000, in Washington, D.C. David Gordon of the National Intelligence Council held a press conference to expand the scope of dire predictions. He said urgent action is needed now because in the future the HIV epidemic could be sweeping like a plague through Asian and Pacific Rim countries even faster than it is going through Sub-Saharan Africa today.

May 8, 2000, US Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala defended the Clinton Administration’s declaration that AIDS is a national security threat and that anyone who does not support this view, such as Sen. Trent Lott, was behaving in a “tragic and dangerous” manner. Rep. Joseph Crowley, Dem.-NY, introduced a bill to increase US funding for global health initiatives to $2 billion annually (mainly for anti-HIV drugs).

May 22, 2000, South African President Mbeki visited President Clinton in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen ties between the United States and South Africa. However, among other points of discussion, Clinton encouraged President Mbeki to expand South African use of AZT and other “lifesaving” anti-HIV medications. Curiously, instead of the President’s Press Secretary, Joe Lockhart, who usually deals with the media, National Security Council spokesman, David Stockwell, represented the Clinton Administration at the White House press conference to answer questions related to President Mbeki’s visit. The NSC normally deals with military issues such as the recent NATO intervention in Kosovo.

May 30, 2000, President Clinton went to Europe to visit several national leaders to strengthen cultural ties and discuss trade and security matters. The first stop was Portugal. Clinton’s top agenda was to encourage the Portuguese to help fight AIDS in Africa. This request was germane because Portugal has developed considerable medical experience and contacts in its former African colonies, including Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and Sao Tome and Principe.

June 8, 2000, in Geneva, Switzerland the United Nations International Labor Organization released a report that said the HIV virus is likely to devastate the labor market of Sub-Saharan Africa with an estimated decline in the workforce of 20%, or more, by 2020. This announcement heightened the already intense sense of urgency to administer more anti-HIV medications in Africa than ever before. Since then, several UN organizations have forecasted mounting death tolls from the worldwide HIV epidemic.

June 14, 2000, US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers toured Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, and Mozambique to promote the campaign against AIDS and encouraged these nations to buy anti-HIV drugs. It appears that, every week or two, high level US officials implore Sub-Saharan governments to give their people anti-HIV medications to stop the so-called AIDS epidemic.

July 12, 2000, the US Congress began debate on a Clinton Administration plan to spend another $100 million on fighting HIV. Sandra Thurman of the White House AIDS office said other countries and international organizations must increase their efforts as well. US drug producer, Merck, and the Gates Foundation have pledged to give Botswana $100 million in cash and medications to slow the progress of AIDS. Help from other firms and foundations has been pouring in from around the world. The United Nations has decided to broker bulk purchases so African nations can pay lower prices for anti-HIV drugs.

July 17, 2000, the United States sponsored a resolution requesting that the United Nations Security Council encourage nations to develop anti-HIV plans and give military peacekeepers additional training in preventing the spread of HIV, which is alleged to cause AIDS. Why are soldiers who are trained to fight military battles being used for public health projects? Does the deployment of troops for this purpose suggest some hidden agenda? This request was the first time that the Security Council, which exists to prevent wars, was ever asked to adopt a resolution to address a health issue.

July 19, 2000, James A. Harmon, president of the United States Export-Import Bank, announced that the bank will loan $1 billion annually to help 24 Sub-Saharan nations purchase anti-HIV medications, medical equipment, and health services from US corporations. Because most of these nations will have extreme difficulty repaying these loans, they will become even more susceptible to US control and manipulation. According to some critiques of US foreign aid, such as When Corporations Rule the World by David C. Korten, these loans will do little to improve the health of African nations, but they will further increase the stranglehold of multi-national firms over their economies.

Later, the US-controlled IMF and World Bank will tell these nations how to run their countries to facilitate repayment of these huge loans. In addition to being a covert way to dominate vulnerable countries, the Clinton AIDS crusade seems to be a form of “corporate welfare” to support already thriving American drug firms. There are unanswered questions about this anti-AIDS crusade.

The National Security Council, which is managing the US part of the AIDS crusade, is composed of political, military, and intelligence agency officials. The NSC has no past experience in public health. Why isn’t every American asking:

• Why were the National Security Council and Central Intelligence Agency assigned to fight disease? They seem unqualified to deal with public health issues. In the past, the NSC has announced “Our strategy has three core objectives: enhancing American security; bolstering our economic prosperity; and promoting democracy and human rights abroad.” Furthermore, the CIA is a national security organization, and not a public health agency.

• Why weren’t the US Public Health Service or Center for Disease Control given this task? These health agencies appear more qualified and equipped to handle a medical problem.

Thus, any rational person must question whether the purpose of the new anti-HIV initiative is solely related to health? This issue deserves deeper investigation.

Historical Background

In April 1984, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Margaret Heckler, declared war against a new microbe called Human T-cell Leukemia Virus-III (later renamed Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV). This announcement was based mainly on the research of one group of scientists led by Dr. Robert Gallo at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). At that time, not even one research paper had been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal to verify Secretary Heckler’s declaration.

This declaration also ended the government’s possible application of the discovery by NIH and CDC researchers between 1981 and 1983 that recreational drugs caused major immune dysfunction. This discovery appeared to offer an opportunity for curing AIDS (See P. Duesberg & D. Rasnick. The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus. Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132). Secretary Heckler, who was not a medical professional, probably never heard of this earlier research. Dr. Gallo appears to have used his NIH status to convince Secretary Heckler with incomplete information, and thereby hijacked the nation’s health agenda for his own profit. One can not fault Ms. Heckler, because she was not a medical doctor or researcher. However, she should have consulted many other scientists for confirmation.

In science, a researcher normally publishes in a peer-reviewed scientific journal before public announcements are made. Peer-review enables other scientists who are also experts in a field to evaluate the new evidence before it is publicized to ensure accuracy and reliability. Peer-review is medical science’s quality-control system. However, Dr. Gallo and his colleagues bypassed the peer-review process to give inaccurate information to Secretary Heckler who was not qualified to evaluate the weaknesses of their research. Dr. Gallo’s studies examined relatively small, specially selected groups that failed to accurately represent the condition of all people who had HIV and AIDS. This rush to judgement has had horrific consequences (See Rethinking AIDS: The Tragic Cost of Premature Consensus by Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein, New York, The Free Press, 1993).

Dr. Gallo left NIH in disgrace. He was accused of serious unethical scientific behavior. For instance, in science, credit for a new discovery is a major issue that demands the highest level of integrity. Dr. Gallo claimed to be the sole discoverer of HIV. However, Dr. Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute sent Gallo the sample from which he made his “discovery.” After heated international legal action, the Presidents of France and the USA officially recognized both Dr. Gallo and Dr. Montagnier as the co-discoverers of HIV. At that time, they both claimed HIV was the only cause of AIDS. Today, there is still no credible research that proves HIV causes AIDS.

One might also question Dr. Gallo’s financial conflicts of interest. When he urged Secretary Heckler to make her announcement, he owned the patent for the only HIV test. Naturally, Ms. Heckler’s HIV-AIDS announcement created a great scare and an instant demand for thousands of HIV tests worldwide. Dr. Gallo became very wealthy. Dr. Gallo owns over 80 HIV-related patents that have netted over a billion dollars in revenues.

Secretary Heckler’s HIV/AIDS declaration was extraordinary because the US government usually demands examination of numerous published scientific reports before making an important announcement, especially far reaching ones that lead to huge expenditures. The US taxpayers have spent approximately $3 billion annually on AIDS research since 1984 for a total exceeding $50 billion in 2000. However, for the last 20 years there has been no progress in curing AIDS. Given the medical establishment’s lack of success, why has NIH completely ignored the alternative explanations for AIDS causality suggested by over 400 top scientists worldwide, including Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kary Mullis?

Does HIV Cause AIDS?

The HIV/AIDS etiology debate is urgent because millions of human lives may be lost needlessly very soon. Most people believe that HIV causes AIDS, because Secretary Heckler declared this to be, and because this is what medical professionals and the media have told us for years. There are, however, credible scientific questions on whether HIV actually causes AIDS, and why extremely toxic medications have been used to treat people who are HIV positive, especially azidothymidine (AZT, trade names: Zidovudine and Retrovir).

Although those who question the hypothesis that HIV causes AIDS are in the minority of medical practitioners and researchers, they must be taken seriously. This controversial group is composed of many of the top scientists in the world, including Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Kary B. Mullis (1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction). As Dr. Mullis has explained:

We have not been able to discover any good reasons why most of the people on earth believe that AIDS is a disease caused by a virus called HIV. There is simply no scientific evidence demonstrating that this is true.
We have also not been able to discover why doctors prescribe a toxic drug called AZT (Zidovudine) to people who have no other complaint other than the fact that they have the presence of antibodies to HIV in their blood. In fact, we cannot understand why humans would take this drug for any reason. (Forward to Inventing the AIDS Virus by P.H. Duesberg, Washington, DC, Regnery Publishing, 1996).

In 1990, Dr. Luc Montagnier, the co-discoverer of HIV, made a dramatic reversal in his stand on the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. In an article in the March issue of Research in Virology, Montagnier demonstrated conclusively that HIV is unable to kill human T-cells in culture dishes. In fact, HIV is one of the weakest viruses in existence; it would have a difficult time killing anything (See Inventing the AIDS Virus by P.H. Duesberg, Washington, DC, Regnery Publishing, 1996). In an interview, Montagnier also explained “There are too many shortcomings in the theory that HIV causes all signs of AIDS” (Miami Herald, 23 Dec. 90). Why are medical professionals and the general public unaware of this crucial change in the understanding of the cause of AIDS?

Dr. Steven Jonas, Professor of Preventive Medicine, SUNY, Stony Brook, NY stated “Evidence is rapidly accumulating that the original theory of HIV is not correct” (Sunday Times, London, 3 Apr. 94). Dr. Harry Rubin, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California at Berkeley said “It is not proven that AIDS is caused by HIV infection, nor is it proven that it plays no role whatever in the syndrome” (Sunday Times, London, 3 Apr. 94). Over 400 other top scientists worldwide have challenged the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. Identification of the actual cause of AIDS is important because it determines how this disease is treated. The cause of AIDS appears to be different in different parts of the world.

What Actually Causes AIDS in Europe and the US?

Even though it is commonly assumed that HIV causes AIDS, many scientific studies suggest other causes. Many chemicals can cause major immune dysfunction. Chemicals that can weaken and destroy the immune system include recreational drugs (i.e., cocaine, nitrite inhalants, and heroin), alcohol abuse, pesticides, over-use of certain medicines (i.e., antibiotics), industrial pollutants, and other environmental toxins. Lifestyle factors that suppress and damage the immune system include prolonged malnutrition, repeated infections, chronic stress, and sleep deficit. The majority of AIDS patients exhibit several of these chemical and lifestyle risk factors. Before 1984, several US government-funded researchers identified several recreational chemicals that induced immune dysfunction similar to that attributed to AIDS (See pages 106–113 in The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus, Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132; V.L. Koliadin, Critical analysis of the current views on the nature of AIDS. Genetica 1995; 95: 71–90).

Furthermore, a substantial body of research has also suggested that anti-HIV medication itself has contributed to the majority of deaths that were once attributed to AIDS (See pages 108, 114–122 in P.H. Duesberg & D. Rasnick, The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus. Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132). The British medical journal, The Lancet, provides a recent example. Researchers found that AIDS patients who were treated with a new combination of highly active antiretrovirals had four times the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma levels than patients who did not take these drug cocktails. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that from the beginning of the HIV epidemic in 1981 through 2001, approximately 22 million people have died from AIDS.

The extensive evidence documenting the toxic side effects of anti-HIV drugs suggests that most of these 22 million deaths were actually caused by the administration of these medications (See E. Papadopulos-Eleopulos, V.F. Turner, J.M. Papadimitriou, et al., A critical analysis of the pharmacology of AZT and its use in AIDS. Current Medical Research and Opinion 1999; 15(Supplement); P.H. Duesberg & D. Rasnick, The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus. Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132; D.T. Chiu, P.H. Duesberg, The toxicity of azidothymidine (AZT) on human and animal cells in culture at concentrations used for antiviral therapy. Genetica 1995; 95: 103–109; M.D. Zaretsky, AZT toxicity and AIDS prophylaxis: Is AZT beneficial for HIV+ asymptomatic persons with 500 or more T4 cells per cubic millimeter. Genetica 1995; 95: 91–101).

In the US, the federal government has been financing the administration of highly toxic medications to all Americans who have been exposed to HIV, even though many researchers claim HIV is harmless. Some researchers have even offered to inject themselves with HIV on national television to demonstrate how harmless HIV really is. People with disproportionately high HIV levels are mainly low-income, inner city African Americans and other minority groups. No one has offered a credible explanation why African Americans have such high AIDS death rates.
What Actually Causes AIDS in Africa?

In Africa, the combination of malnutrition, repeated infections, and chronic stress appear to cause the so-called “AIDS deaths,” not HIV (See E. Papadopulos-Eleopulos et al. AIDS in Africa: Distinguishing fact and fiction. World Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology 1995; 11: 135–143). According to Dr. Peter Duesberg:

African AIDS is proposed to result from protein malnutrition, poor sanitation and subsequent parasitic infections. This hypothesis resolves all paradoxes of the virus–AIDS hypothesis. It is epidemiologically and experimentally testable and provides a rational basis for AIDS control (Pharmacology and Therapeutics 1993; 55: 201–277).
who images
Furthermore, the African AIDS statistics may not be comparable with Western data. The World Health Organization (WHO) definition of AIDS in Africa is very different from that in any other part of the world. WHO does NOT require a blood test for confirmation of HIV antibodies in Africa. WHO has defined an African AIDS patient as any person who presents a combination of persistent cough, fever, diarrhea, and a 10% or more weight loss in two months or less. These symptoms could also indicate malaria, tuberculosis, dysentery, and dozens of other diseases. In fact, many Western tourists have had these symptoms from eating African foods that contained microbes to which they were unaccustomed.

Millions of Africans die of starvation every year. The United Nations has said that this year’s drought may cause 13 million to starve to death. There are parts of Sub-Saharan Africa that have had no rain for three years. No crops grow. Some of the symptoms of AIDS are similar to those of starvation: weight loss, immune system dysfunction, diarrhea, muscle wasting, etc. Note that starvation eventually causes complete destruction of the immune system without HIV. Because the WHO does not require a blood test to verify HIV status in Africa, millions of starvation deaths may have been counted as AIDS fatalities.

In addition, the governments and non-governmental organizations in Africa keep very incomplete statistics on morbidity and mortality. Most people who die in Africa are not examined by a physician to determine their cause of death. Autopsies are very rare on this continent. In addition to widespread starvation, there have also been increased deaths due to the resurgence of many infectious diseases such tuberculosis. Some of these illnesses are thought to be “AIDS defining.” HIV blood tests, however, have seldom been administered to determine whether these patients are actually HIV positive. Thus, the African “AIDS” statistics cited by the WHO, other institutions, and media may be completely erroneous. In reality, AIDS in Africa is causing fewer deaths and is occurring at much lower levels than reported by the World Health Organization and the pharmaceutical industry.

Millions of Phony AIDS Orphans

Many articles and the United Nations have claimed that the AIDS is killing parents causing millions of children to become orphans in Africa. But, is HIV the real cause? Because in Africa blood tests are not required for verification of HIV, there is no science-based estimate of the actual HIV-attributed deaths. There are almost no accurate long-term mortality and morbidity data in Sub-Saharan Africa from which to make scientific inferences of disease incidence and prevalence. What we receive from the media and governments is all speculation with no scientific basis. Wars, ethnic genocide, widespread poverty, famine, drought, malnutrition, starvation, resurgent infectious diseases, toxic pesticides, tribal conflict, violent crime, and industrial pollution have combined over the last 25 years to decimate Africa’s population. These factors appear to be the actual causes of millions of orphans in Africa, not HIV.

Questionable Inference of AIDS Causality

The debate over whether HIV causes AIDS is extremely controversial. Early researchers, such as Dr. Robert Gallo and his colleagues, believed the presence of this virus in relatively small groups of AIDS patients was “proof” that HIV caused AIDS. The first Center for Disease Control announcement of a previously unknown immune-related disease was based on five cases in California. In the preliminary studies, there was a high correlation between HIV and AIDS. However, subjects in those research efforts were specially selected and did not represent all people who had either HIV or AIDS. Thus, the correlations made in those early studies were inaccurate and unreliable.

In the National Library of Medicine database, MEDLINE, there are over 33,000 articles posted on various HIV and AIDS topics. The majority of governments and the medical professionals worldwide believe in the US government’s HIV/AIDS hypothesis and in the need for highly toxic treatment. In this controversy, there are two sides that expound diametrically opposed views.

The challengers are led by Dr. Peter Duesberg who is a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California at Berkeley and member of the US National Academy of Sciences. He was recommended for the Nobel Prize for some of his pioneering work. The challengers tend to rely on the hard sciences, especially virology and molecular biology. They have conducted laboratory experiments that raise many questions about the validity of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. There are also epidemiological studies that challenge the validity of the government’s theory (For a summary see P. Duesberg & D. Rasnick. The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus. Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132).

These scientists have found that HIV fails the standard rigorous tests for disease causality. Disease identification criteria are needed. There are hundreds of thousands of microbes in the environment and in our bodies that could be the potential causes of diseases. However, most of these microorganisms are harmless to humans. How do scientists determine which one is causing a particular disease?

A German physician and Nobel Prize winner Robert Koch developed the set of criteria for determining which disease is cause by a particular microbe. Medical researchers have routinely used his postulates during the last century. To demonstrate proof that a specific germ causes a specific disease:

• The germ must be found in the affected tissues in all cases of the disease.

• The microbe must be isolated from other germs and from the patient’s body.

• The microbe must cause sickness when injected into healthy hosts.

• The same germ must be again isolated from the newly diseased person.

(See Inventing the AIDS Virus by P.H. Duesberg, Washington, DC, Regnery Publishing, 1996).

While HIV can be isolated, it fails the other criteria. Even in the sickest AIDS patients, HIV exists only in very small quantities, if present at all (many AIDS patients are not HIV positive). This paucity is not the mode of function for other serious viral diseases, including retroviruses. It is difficult to comprehend how HIV could destroy the patient’s immune system when it never infects more than an extremely small fraction of immune cells. Koch’s principles are not popular with the medical-industrial complex, and they often discount this standard means of verification.

One of the great oddities of AIDS is its definition. If a person has antibodies for HIV, and also has one or more of 30 “AIDS defining illnesses,” such as tuberculosis, the patient is diagnosed as having AIDS. However, if he has one or more of the same 30 illnesses, but tests negative for HIV antibodies, then he does not have AIDS—just ordinary tuberculosis, etc. Thus, the correlation between AIDS and HIV is an artificial byproduct of the definition itself, and not scientific reality. This strange definition could easily create confusion and misguide scientific research and treatment in this area.

The doubters have also found that the majority of HIV-infected people remain healthy for 15–20 years, and there is no proof that they will not live a normal life span. In direct contrast with the narrow, researcher-selected studies conducted by supporters of the HIV/AIDS theory, research on the entire US population shows that fewer than 5% of HIV-infected Americans have AIDS or major immune dysfunction. Basketball hero “Magic” Johnson is a classic example of this phenomenon. There are also thousands of well-documented cases of people worldwide who were not HIV-infected that died of serious immune-related disorders with “AIDS defining illnesses.” Most of the dissenting researchers suspect that in the US and Europe the prolonged use of recreational drugs is a better explanation for the cause of AIDS and other immune system disorders than HIV (See P.H. Duesberg & D. Rasnick, The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus, Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132; V.L. Koliadin, Critical analysis of the current views on the nature of AIDS. Genetica 1995; 95: 71–90).

In contrast, the medical-industrial complex usually relies on soft research to make its case for HIV causing AIDS. To produce what they call “evidence of causality,” the drug firm researchers conducted surveys and statistical analyses on small, specially selected samples that failed to represent what was really occurring in all people who had HIV and AIDS. There were other methodological problems in almost all of their studies. The greatest fallacy in their research is that correlation does not prove causality, especially in small groups in which the participants were hand-picked by researchers who have financial conflicts of interest (See P. Duesberg & D. Rasnick, The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus. Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132 and Inventing the AIDS Virus by P.H. Duesberg, Washington, DC, Regnery Publishing, 1996).

In the canons of modern science, it is generally understood that cause precedes effect temporally. As the causal factor increases, the effect should also increase in a parallel, dose-response manner. In the United States, however, HIV and AIDS are completely unrelated statistically. On the other hand, several studies show that drug usage and AIDS and other immune system disorders appear highly related in the United States and Europe. Over many years, the sex and age of those dying from AIDS also matches the age and sex of those dying from recreational drugs. While association does not prove anything, these findings raise many questions about the validity of the HIV-causes-AIDS theory that have never been answered credibly (See figures on page 87 of P. Duesberg, D. Rasnick The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus. Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132). Because there is no real relationship between HIV and AIDS rates, how can our leaders base a global anti-HIV campaign on something that is nonexistent?

The Paradox of Treating an Immune Disease with Medications that Destroy the Immune System

AIDS treatment regimes have turned modern medicine on its head. Normally, there is a distinction between disease and treatment, i.e., treatment is supposed to reduce disease, not increase it. Glaxo Wellcome, the manufacturer of AZT (Retrovir, Combivir), admits in the Physicians’ Desk Reference 2000 that it was often difficult to distinguish between the adverse events associated with AZT treatment and the underlying symptoms of AIDS. Anti-HIV medications have a wide range of extremely hazardous side effects, including destruction of the immune system and death.

Approximately 30 years ago, a DNA chain terminator, AZT, was formulated to treat leukemia. AZT’s anti-leukemia mechanism of action is to kill growing lymphocytes through termination of DNA synthesis. Lymphocytes, or T-cells, are white blood cells that are an important part of the immune system and help protect the body from disease. Because AZT failed to prolong the lives of laboratory animals with leukemia, it was rejected for cancer chemotherapy in humans.

In spite of objections from some of the FDA’s own scientists, AZT and other DNA chain terminators were approved to treat people who tested HIV positive, which means HIV antibodies were detected in their blood. HIV antibodies are evidence of past infection, but not of present disease. Later, the FDA approved AZT use to “prevent” AIDS in healthy people, even when they had no clinical symptoms and almost undetectable levels of HIV.

If people are diagnosed as HIV positive, physicians will generally prescribe anti-HIV medications to them the rest of their lives. How can doctors prescribe AZT for long-term use when the Physicians’ Desk Reference summaries on AZT drugs have stated: “Long-term safety and effectiveness are not known, especially for people with less advanced stages of AIDS”? Scientific studies such as the European Concorde project verify that there is no credible long-term evidence that AZT, ddI, or other DNA terminators cure or prevent AIDS. The same was found true for protease inhibitors and various drug cocktails. Almost all of the short-term studies that evaluated these drugs have been conducted by or funded by the same firms that make them. Short-term studies can not justify long-term therapy. However, in spite of thousands of deaths of people who take anti-HIV drugs, the FDA has managed to quell the concerns of physicians about these medications, and the FDA even encourages their continued use. Why has the medical diagnosis of HIV positive has become a death sentence with execution administered via prescription medication?

A lawsuit by a California organization charged the NIH and FDA with collusion in expediting the approval of AZT in exchange for a $55,000 donation from the AZT manufacturer, Burroughs Wellcome. There have been numerous exposés in the print and TV media questioning the scientific legitimacy of the clinical trials that formed the FDA’s basis for approving AZT’s use on humans (See The AIDS War by John Lauritsen, New York, Asklepois, 1993). Apparently, there were several FDA and NIH cover-ups of the fact that many subjects in these approval trials died and were replaced by other participants to complete the studies (See Inventing the AIDS Virus by P.H. Duesberg, Washington, DC, Regnery Publishing, 1996).

What Is the Medical Rational for Using AZT?

The HIV retrovirus depends on DNA synthesis for multiplication and AZT ends DNA synthesis. Therefore, AZT should terminate AIDS, if HIV causes AIDS, and if HIV multiplies during AIDS. Research shows that HIV does not multiply very much during AIDS, if at all. In fact, numerous studies show that only 1 in 1,000 lymphocytes are ever infected by HIV, even in people “dying” from AIDS. Because AZT cannot distinguish between an infected and an uninfected cell, 999 uninfected cells must be killed to kill only one HIV-infected cell.

Lymphocytes, or T-cells, are an essential part of the immune system that maintains health. The immune systems of people who take AZT and other anti-HIV drugs are progressively weakened by their medications. Consequently, the people become increasingly vulnerable to a wide range of opportunistic infections, many of which are life threatening.

In addition to the destruction of the immune system and other blood cells, AZT also kills dividing cells everywhere in the body, which stops the creation of new cells and inhibits normal physiological processes. AZT has been found to cause liver, kidney and neurological damage. AZT destroys bone marrow, where red blood cells are produced. Thus, patients taking this drug often develop serious anemia and need numerous blood transfusions. AZT causes a wide range of other health problems, including ulcerations and hemorrhaging, damage to hair follicles and skin, killing of mitochondria (the energy-producing part of the cells), and wasting of muscles. One brave FDA official also said AZT was “presumed to be a potential carcinogen.” Recent research has also shown that anti-HIV drugs cause diabetes. It is paradoxical that AZT and other highly toxic drugs have been used to treat AIDS, because these medications destroy the immune system, which is the main symptom of the disease that they are supposed to cure or prevent. A recent US survey revealed that virtually all AIDS patients who take the various anti-HIV medications are dying. Not one person has ever been cured using this medical strategy. Nevertheless, medical professionals have continued to force their patients to take combinations of these dangerous drugs (See Chapter 9 “With Therapies Like This, Who Needs Disease?” in Inventing the AIDS Virus by P.H. Duesberg, Washington, DC, Regnery Publishing, 1996; E. Papadopulos-Eleopulos, et al., A critical analysis of the pharmacology of AZT and its use in AIDS. Current Medical Research and Opinion 1999; 15(Supplement); P.H. Duesberg & D. Rasnick, The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus. Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132; D.T. Chiu, P.H. Duesberg, The toxicity of azidothymidine (AZT) on human and animal cells in culture at concentrations used for antiviral therapy. Genetica 1995; 95: 103–109; M.D. Zaretsky, AZT toxicity and AIDS prophylaxis: Is AZT beneficial for HIV+ asymptomatic persons with 500 or more T4 cells per cubic millimeter. Genetica 1995; 95: 91–101).).

Some the most damning evidence on the toxic effects of anti-HIV medications comes from the National Institutes of Health. At the 13th International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa, Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, presented research showing that AIDS patients become healthier and feel better when they stop taking anti-HIV medications. During this “interrupted therapy” anti-HIV drug treatment is intermittently suspended for several weeks at a time, which gives temporary relief from the toxic effects of these medications. Dr. Fauci said, “Patients are absolutely delighted at the prospect of spending half of their lives off therapy.” At that conference, Dr. Mauro Schecter of the University of Rio de Janeiro said, “We won’t cure HIV with the present drugs.” If AZT and other anti-HIV medications, including protease inhibitors and various highly active antiretroviral cocktails, are as toxic as research indicates, the World Bank’s and United States government’s proposed HIV treatment campaign might kill 34–50 million innocent people. This would be the largest single act of genocide in world history. How and why did the US government get into the business of providing highly toxic drugs to the world’s most vulnerable nations?

He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune

Campaign donations are crucial for political success in the United States, because according to several studies the candidate with the most money wins 90% of the time. Books, such as The Buying of the President 2000 and The Buying of Congress (by Charles Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity), have documented that corporations contribute large sums of money to the re-election of US political leaders.

From January 1 to March 31, 2000 Republican and Democratic candidates received approximately $463 million in donations, mainly from large corporations. Consequently, the United States government’s endeavors are strongly influenced by the needs (mainly financial profit) of those corporations, groups, and individuals that make large donations. This virtual bribery is especially evident in the pharmaceutical and weapons industries.

Anti-HIV drugs are one of the most profitable segments of the pharmaceutical industry. In the United States, the cost of treating one person with anti-HIV medication without major co-morbidity is approximately $15,000 to $17,000 per year, or more. Under pressure from the pharmaceutical industry and organizations funded by the drug firms, Congress classified AIDS as a medical disability, thus anti-HIV treatment expenses are often paid with taxpayers’ money through the Medicaid and Medicare programs.

The Money Trail

There are numerous financial connections that raise questions about the intentions of the World Bank, US government, and pharmaceutical industry plan for an expanded campaign against HIV/AIDS worldwide. For instance, Burroughs Wellcome (later renamed Glaxo Wellcome after a merger), the pharmaceutical giant that produces AZT, has been regularly giving large amounts of money to numerous AIDS organizations both large and small since AIDS was discovered. Coincidentally, these same groups were politically active in pressuring the US government and FDA into approving AZT and other highly toxic drugs for treating HIV against the recommendations of many FDA scientists.

Glaxo Wellcome has also made donations to key AIDS research universities. According to the Center for Public Integrity, these drug companies have been among the top fifty donors to the Republican Party for the last decade: Pfizer, Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb, Glaxo Wellcome, Inc., and Eli Lilly & Company (The Buying of the President 2000, New York, Avon Books, 2000). The following table includes only unregulated, soft money donations and excludes corporate PACs, personal, and other donations.

Soft Money Contributions by Anti-HIV Medication Producers to the Democratic and Republican Parties in the 1997-1999 Election CycleBig-Pharma-bottle-of-pills-labeled-Big-Pharma
Pharmaceutical Company: Democratic Party / Republican Party
Abbott Laboratories: 0 / $166,250
Aventis: $156,785 / $395,945
Bristol-Myers Squib: $253,300 / $686,418
Eli Lilly: $181,500 / $375,644
Glaxo Wellcome: $55,250 / $477,875
Hoffman-LaRoche: $20,000 / $100,525
Merck: 0 / $102,825
Pfizer: $175,000 / $979,496
Pharmacia-Upjohn: $60,000 / $135,000
Schering-Plough: $166,000/ $513,500
Total: $1,067,835 / $3,933,478
However, simple “campaign donation” bribery alone seems insufficient to explain the entire international story. Specifically, why were the US Public Health Service and Center for Disease Control not given the task of fighting HIV worldwide?

Why Is the National Security Council Fighting HIV?

Considering that virtually all patients that are taking anti-HIV medications are dying and no one has been cured, could the new anti-HIV campaign have something to do with a plan for reducing skyrocketing population growth in underdeveloped nations? President Clinton’s assigning the National Security Council and Central Intelligence Agency to direct the US government’s new anti-HIV initiative appears to confirm our worst fears. For example, after AZT treatment commenced in Zimbabwe, 1,200 people began to die almost every week. According to the United Nations, approximately 13 million of the 18 million who died of what they labeled as “AIDS” were in Africa.

The World Health Organization is advocating the administration of AZT and other anti-HIV drugs to pregnant mothers who are presumed to be HIV positive and to infants and children of mothers that might be HIV positive. In Africa, it is common for HIV to spread from mother to fetus. Some research suggests HIV may have been passed from mother to child for decades before the so-called “AIDS” epidemic of the early 1980s began. This transmission may not be a health threat (See pages 2–21 in Rethinking AIDS: The Tragic Cost of Premature Consensus by Dr. Robert Root-Bertstein, New York, The Free Press, 1993).

Anti-HIV drugs are deadly to infants. Karen Park of International Educational Development, Inc. spoke at the United Nations concerning young children with HIV. She explained that babies who were treated with AZT almost always die quickly. Because of their rapid growth rates and need for relatively quick cell division, and since most anti-HIV medications are DNA synthesis terminators, the growth of infants and children is ended, and consequently they can become seriously ill and die rapidly. Because almost all patients, including adults, taking anti-HIV medications are dying, even the presumption of being HIV positive can become a death sentence.

According to the Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, “AIDS has achieved pandemic proportions in several of 34 Sub-Saharan countries where at least one in four people is infected with HIV.” When considering the high death rates of all so-called “AIDS patients” who are taking anti-HIV drugs, could this UN statement be interpreted as an opportunity, or even an invitation, to decrease the Sub-Saharan population by 25%, or more, for political and economic reasons?

Why Would the US Depopulate Africa?

There are many scholars and leaders of society that feel unchecked population growth will decrease the quality of life for the entire planet. In 2000, there are six billion people living on earth. The world’s population has been estimated to rise to nine billion by 2050. Most of this population growth will occur in poor underdeveloped nations, including those in Africa. In 1798, the British scholar Thomas Malthus predicted that overpopulation would destroy the world through massive starvation as the number of people to feed exceeds the resources to produce food.

This Malthusian vision of degraded life was more recently updated to include destruction of the environment, increased pollution, economic decline, worldwide epidemics, massive unemployment, rampant overcrowding of cities, increased war and violence, etc. In theory, depopulation should help solve these problems. As large numbers of people compete for the same scarce commodities, social stress builds up and breaks out as violence, crime, war, etc. Reduction of the population decreases the intensity of competition for scarce food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities. Thus, depopulation should reduce collective stress and foster economic stability, which would increase the profits of US multi-national corporations.

Consequently, most governments worldwide have supported various population control measures. For instance, the US government currently funds abortion, contraceptives, and family planning worldwide through payments to the United Nations. Since the end of World War II, the United States has also directly spent billions of dollars on population limitation programs, mainly in underdeveloped nations.

President Richard Nixon and Dr. Henry A. Kissenger, head of the National Security Council from 1969 to 1975, were the first American leaders to perceive the rapid population growth of underdeveloped nations as a threat to US national security. Dr. Kissenger supervised the writing of National Security Study Memorandum 200, which was completed in 1974 and declassified in 1989.

The main point of the National Security Study Memorandum 200 was that depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World. The report said that US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. That fact gives the US enhanced interests in the political, economic and social stability of the supplying countries. Dr. Kissenger’s report explained that wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies, and economic interests of the United States. This document recommended various strategies for the US government to reduce the population of resource-rich nations with rapidly growing populations.

The question arises—why aren’t alternatives to depopulation being considered, such as improving the educational systems of underdeveloped nations so their people will become more intelligent, creative, and productive. The development of their full mental potential would enable them to produce more food, develop their own natural resources more effectively, and create other life-supporting products and services so there would be less stress and violence from excessive competition for scarce resources. This plan would generate more political stability rather than simply eliminating people. However, if these nations become more self-sufficient economically, would it be more difficult for US multi-national corporations to exploit the resources and labor these countries possess (See When Corporations Rule the World by David C. Korten, West Hartford Conn., Kumarian Press and San Francisco, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 1995)?

Are Drug Side Effects a Means to Achieve Political Goals?

A comprehensive review of events and evidence suggests that the US government may be using anti-HIV medications to weaken and control mineral-rich nations, mainly in Africa. The leaders of these countries have been resisting the domination of multi-national corporations and foreign governments. The control of African natural resources is a top US national security priority as mentioned in National Security Study Memorandum 200. For example, titanium is a heat-resistant, high-strength metal that is essential for the production of military jet fighters and bombers. Most of the world’s supply of titanium and other rare metals that are crucial for weapons production are located in Sub-Saharan Africa, with South Africa having the greatest abundance of these resources. But, there have been obstacles.

The IMF, World Bank, and multi-national firms feel threatened by the instability in Africa. For example, in Sierra Leone, there is a revolution in progress in which thousands of UN troops have been deployed to create peace. Sierra Leone has deposits of diamonds, titanium, and bauxite. Rwanda (tin, gold) and Uganda (copper, cobalt) are at war again. There are over 5,500 UN troops in the Congo trying to enforce a cease-fire in its ongoing civil war in which most of its neighbors have been taking sides. Congo has 65% of the world’s cobalt reserves, oil, diamonds, gold, silver, tin, zinc, iron, magnesium, uranium, and radium. Ethiopia (platinum, gold, and copper) and Eritrea (gold, potash, zinc, and copper) are at war again. The oil-rich nation of Angola has been embroiled in a civil war since achieving independence from Portugal in 1975.

Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe (chromium, gold, nickel, asbestos, copper, iron, and coal) has steadfastly defied international pressure to end his land reforms. His courage has sent an inspiring message to other African leaders and has helped foment a revolt against the foreign powers and multi-national conglomerates in Sub-Saharan Africa.

South Africa is the greatest potential depopulation target of all. South Africa is the largest producer of gold (30% of the world’s total output). South Africa also has large deposits of platinum, chromium, antimony, coal, iron, manganese, nickel, phosphates, tin, uranium, diamonds, copper, and vanadium. Some rare minerals and metals can only be obtained in this nation, and many are essential for the production of high-technology military aircraft and other advanced weapons systems. Since the end of apartheid, the multi-national conglomerates have had increasing difficulty in controlling this nation’s resources. Therefore, the wealthy nations have huge economic and military interests in controlling Sub-Saharan Africa. Could depopulation with anti-HIV medications serve as a means of enhancing stability and Western control in this region?

Conspiracy Theories?

If the government’s own scientists were the first to discover that recreational drugs caused immune system dysfunction between 1981 and 1983, why did they allow this huge fraud to occur (See P. Duesberg & D. Rasnick, The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus. Genetica 1998; 104: 85–132)? The National Security Council and CIA scientists must be aware of all the research on immune system illnesses, not only NIH, CDC, and drug company AIDS propaganda.

On the internet and in African American print media one can find hundreds of stories on how the US government was alleged to have used HIV to cleanse undesirable citizens from the inner cities of America, namely African Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities. Leading conspiracy theorists such as Leonard Horowitz have claimed that the US government’s biological warfare program developed genetically engineered viruses, such as HIV, for warfare and covert ethnic cleansing in the US and overseas (See Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident, or Intentional, Rockport, Mass., Tetrahedron, Inc., 1998). They point to the fact that Dr. Robert Gallo who was the co-discoverer of HIV was also involved in germ warfare research. A major problem, however, with these conspiracy theories is that a large body of research suggests that HIV is harmless.

If there is a conspiracy, it might be to use HIV, which correlates highly with poor hygiene and sanitation, as a means of biologically identifying those to be eliminated through prescription medication. Low-income people worldwide tend to live in non-hygienic conditions. Many leaders of government and multi-national corporations might consider the exploding birth rates of restive, impoverished nations a liability that must be reduced. The conspiracy theorists may have got the motive correct, but they certainly inaccurately guessed the mechanism of elimination.

Why is the US government rapidly expanding an HIV treatment program that may kill 34 – 50 million people worldwide? The world deserves an explanation. As Nobel Laureate Manfred Eigen explained, “The burden of proof is on those who propose a hypothesis, not on those who question it.” The medical establishment must give governments and people worldwide a credible rationale for its support of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis that has been proven false in many scientific studies. They must also explain why toxic medications that have been prescribed to do more harm than good. Options for consideration in helping to save millions of lives worldwide:

• To stop the US government’s worldwide anti-HIV campaign, a law suit could be conducted against the federal government to obtain a court injunction to halt their endeavor until the actual cause of AIDS is scientifically identified.

• Ban all anti-HIV medication in the US and overseas. Conduct national anti-drug campaigns that inform people that drug abuse can give them fatal immune dysfunction.

• Everyone in the United States and other nations should be informed of the above situation. Since the American media is almost completely controlled by large corporations that are connected to the drug industry, this task may be difficult. Furthermore, all the leaders of nations should be fully briefed on the US government, World Bank, World Health Organization, and International Monetary Fund’s probable intentions.

• The government should investigate NON-toxic methods of treating AIDS and other immune disorders. After non-toxic remedies are discovered, they should be applied widely regardless of their impact on drug industry profits. Some research has already found that if AIDS patients simply stop taking anti-HIV medication and recreational drugs, their AIDS is often reversed, and their health becomes normal without medication.

• Completely reform the US campaign finance system to prevent political leaders from receiving incentives to allow multi-national companies to harm people or the environment.

• Reform the Food and Drug Administration. Much needed changes include abolishing the revolving door phenomenon in which drug industry executives are appointed by the President to serve in high positions within the FDA. Today, it is standard practice for executives from pharmaceutical and biotech companies that contributed large sums to the election or re-election of the President and his party to receive FDA appointments. Thus, the FDA has become a servant of the industries it was established to regulate and has ceased to protect the people. Reform might include:

1) prohibition of any employee or consultant of a firm regulated by the FDA from serving within the FDA; and

2) all FDA employees should be prohibited from accepting employment, consulting fees, or any form of direct or indirect compensation from firms that are regulated by the FDA before, during, and after their FDA service.

Reform Drug Testing and Approval Process

In the current drug approval process, most research to verify the safety and efficacy a new medication is done by the same company that will profit financially from the production and sale of that medication. However, in many other nations this process is structured very differently.

In several countries, a pharmaceutical firm develops a new drug that they want approved for use. Then, the drug company pays a fee to their government’s equivalent of the FDA. In turn, the government uses that fee to hire an independent testing company, or even several organizations, such as universities, to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the new drug. In most cases, the pharmaceutical company is not allowed to communicate or influence the independent testing organizations. In fact, the drug firm may never know who tested its drug. The government usually also does some testing in its own labs. The government uses the results of its research and that of the independent testing organizations to determine whether the new drug is safe and effective. This helps to eliminate financial self-interest from biasing the drug approval process.

Americans are reluctant to believe that our government would kill millions of innocent people, but the Clinton Administration’s failure to communicate honestly on the HIV/AIDS issue has forced us to assume the worst. Our intelligence organizations and drug firms appear to be conducting racial genocide in our inner cities and in Africa. Immediate, honest communication and comprehensive, remedial action are needed.

Robert E. Herron, Ph.D., MBA has conducted original research and published numerous articles on the economic impact of complementary and alternative medicine. He has also conducted research on health policy since 1989. Dr. Herron has served as a health policy advisor to several American political candidates and as a senior policy advisor to the Natural Law and Reform Parties USA. E-mail:


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