February 22, 2018

ULTIMATE CANCER KILLERS – ULTIMATE CANCER CURES: All Natural, All Effective “Death Of Cancer 2013” Operation: HealthStorm “Time To Raise Health!” – TDP

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Everything listed below is a Documented Natural Cancer Killer.

Alkalinity (the ability of a solution to neutralize acids to the equivalence point of carbonate or bicarbonate) is the only Real and Permanent Cure to and for Cancer. Cancer cannot survive within a properly Alkalized Body.
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The Best two Natural Anti-Cancer Treatment Protocols are:

1) The Gerson Anti-Cancer Therapy: Which is basically a strict Vegan diet and which quickly and naturally Alkalizes the body.
No Sugar, Breads, Meats, or Dairy Products. But there is an issue.

2) *** This Anti-Cancer Protocol is no longer recommended by the T.D.P. because it contains dairy. But many people swear by this System so we will leave it up. ***
The Budwig (Flaxseed Oil/Cottage Cheese) Vegetarian Diet. Is very similar to the Gerson Diet except it’s not totally Vegan. (I.E. Cottage Cheese.) It’s primarily Vegetarian and also concentrates on ‘Good Fats’ and ‘Amino Acids’.

Dr. Budwig found that every Cancer patient she treated over many years was lacking certain Amino Acids. Being an expert on ‘Fats’ and ‘Amino Acids’, she put together a Diet that replaced the missing or low Amino Acids and thus the Budwig Anti-Cancer Diet was invented. But there is an issue.

The most important thing both Diets achieve and maintain, is they completely Alkalize the body. Alkalization is the key to good health and fighting diseases.

These are hands down the best All Natural Cancer Cures on the Planet today, and are said to be able to defeat any cancer at any Stage of development, period. And have been since the 1950’s and earlier. Imagine that!?

But they both have the same basic/minor issue. They are too good and too fast!?

If someone has Cancer, their immune system has already been compromised and weakened…or they wouldn’t have Cancer.

Both Dr. Gerson and Dr. Budwig were aware this issue, and as a result, both insisted that along with their respective diets, you needed a: Body Detoxification, Bowel Cleansing, Liver Cleanse and a Kidney Cleanse.

The body must be ready to safely remove Toxins from dying cancers and remove pieces of dead cancer tumors that can break off and get lodged in restricted arteries or others passages that a compromised immune system or life style choice, can’t keep completely open and unrestricted. If this happens in the Brain or Heart, it could kill you. FYI!

A fast Cancer Cure inside a weakened immune system can kill just as dead as the cancer itself.

Natural health care websites

We completely respect and provide links to these two Major Natural Anti Cancer Therapies, but except in extreme cancer cases, they are not our first choice.

And this is where the ACS-PACK and E-Pack come in.

Within the next two weeks, the True Democracy Party will help Sponsor and Launch (2) New (Non-Political) Websites.

The Anti Cancer Society (anticancersociety.co): An Anti-Cancer Website that provides Information and News about All Natural Cancer Cures and Therapies (Cancer Only), and *Links* to other All Natural Anti-Cancer Health websites.

The Earthhealth Network (earthhealth.net): A Natural Health Website with Natural Health News and Information. This website will cover all Health Related issues including but not limited to Cancer, Lupus, Asthma, AIDS, Obesity, Etc.
It will be the most complete, when it comes to Health.

Both Websites will also carry and provide access to the very same, very special product, though under different names, whole or in parts.

The Anti Cancer Society will carry the [Anti Cancer Society – Prevention Anti Cancer Kit] or (ACS-PACK), “Give Cancer The ACS”:)


The EarthHealth Network will carry the [Earthhealth – Prevention Anti Cancer Kit] or (E-Pack), “Send Cancer Packing, With The E-Pack” 🙂

Though both these websites will offer these health booster kits for sale. We are providing information on and about all the items below. So there is no reason anyone can’t search online for these products on their own.

The only main differences are that you wouldn’t have to pay shipping on several different items. Spend time and effort searching online and doing multiple ordering. Spend alot of money for something you might decide later that you don’t need or want, etc.

Yes they will want to make a small Profit. But more important than Profit is helping others, and that’s the true motivation behind these two new websites.

CODE NAME: OPERATION – HEALTHSTORM…Begins Today “We Are Health Bent On Changing Things.”

“We’re going to Rain Down Health On America!”

“We’re Going To Raise A Little Health! Are You Ready?”


diatomaceous earth


– Diatomaceous Earth kills cancer two ways. It Alkalizes the body, which itself kills cancer. And it kills cancer (Candida) mechanically by dehydration. Neither way is a Quick Kill.

But just as important, Diatomaceous Earth also provides: the best natural Bowel Cleansing, Best Natural Detox, as well as cleans and flushes the Liver and Kidneys.

It also removes harmful heavy metals, provides much needed silica to the body and bones and does alot more. And it’s completely gentle with no major additional therapies or protocols needed.

Dosage: One to Three tablespoons per day, mixed into water, orange juice or any other beverage.
*Links about and to all the Natural Cancer Options can be found at the bottom of post.*



– HEMP OIL (Seed)

– Hemp Oil is a proven and documented Cancer Killer that attacks only Cancer Cells.
It also provides every single Amino Acid the Human body needs. Every Single One!
The list of benefits of Hemp Oil are almost as long as those of Diatomaceous Earth and are in a *link* at end of post.

Dosage: One to Four Tablespoons a day, mixed into any beverage. Can be taken with your Diatomaceous Earth drink.



– 100% Natural Sea Salt kills cancer by helping to Alkalize the body and it has every single Mineral the Human Body needs.
Strong Immune System
Sea salt naturally helps you to build up a strong immune system so that you can fight off the cold virus, the fever and flu, allergies and other autoimmune disorders.

Sea salt is alkalizing to the body, as it has not been exposed to high heat and stripped of its minerals, nor does it have any harmful man-made ingredients added to it. Thus it can help you to prevent and reverse high levels of acids in the body, which in turn eliminates the risks for serious and life-threatening diseases.

Natural Unrefined Sea Salt contains 74 to 94 trace elements and minerals that the human body needs to be healthy.
Processed Table Salt contains 1 to 4 minerals. And it’s 98% Sodium Chloride.
Industry heats and boils off all the minerals leaving virtually pure Sodium. They then repackage the elements and minerals as Vitamins and Minerals and resell them to the public to cure the damage caused by the pure sodium.
The human body is roughly 70% Water and 30% Minerals. Every cell in your body is surrounded by “Sea Water”. Water that contains every single mineral that the human body needs

Dosage: With meals and a large pinch can Alkaline a gallon of bottled distilled water, turning acidic or dead water into good alkaline water.

Admin Note: A small pinch can be added to a cup of coffee making it full bodied and silky smooth to drink. And no, you don’t taste any salt at all 🙂




Vitamin D3 Slashes Cancer Risk By 77%
The double blind placebo controlled study published in 2007 involved 1,179 healthy women given 1100iu of Vitamin D3 and 1500mg of calcium daily.

The women receiving the supplements were 77 per cent less likely to be diagnosed with any form of cancer during the study period (Creighton University School of Medicine 2007).

Low Levels of Vitamin D3 May Increase Breast Cancer Risk By 354%

In 2006, scientists from Georges Medical School in London (UK) discovered that local production of Vitamin D3 in breast cells via sun bathing could reduce breast cancer risk by 354 per cent (Anticancer Research 26; 2573-80, 2006) .

In 2008, Dr. Pamela Goodwin in Toronto, Canada discovered that women with low blood levels of vitamin D3 at the time they were diagnosed with breast cancer were almost 100 per cent more likely to have a recurrence or spread of the disease. Dr. Goodwin’s research also showed that women diagnosed with breast cancer who also had low blood levels of vitamin D3 were 73 per cent more likely to die of their disease.

Vitamin D, we now know, works better than vaccines at preventing a flu infection, and the best part is that it makes your immune system stronger for the future.

Vitamin D most important vitamin, new studies are indicating so far. New research shows that vitamin D can protect against cancer, diabetes, depression, and heart disease — and can make you live longer.

The healthiest blood levels of vitamin D3 can be obtained by supplementing 8000 iu-10,000 iu per day. Vitamin D3 is a fat soluble molecule and is best absorbed into the bloodstream after the main evening meal.

DOSAGE: 8000 IU-10,000 IU per day (IU = International Units)



Selenium is a Mineral and has been shown in multiple studies to be an effective tool in warding off various types of cancer, including breast, esophageal, stomach, prostate, liver and bladder cancers. Not many people get the recommended dose of 200 micrograms a day. Most Americans only get between 60 and 100 micrograms of selenium daily from dietary sources, according to the Life Extension Foundation’s Disease Prevention and Treatment.

Other Large Double Blind Test Studies have shown an overall 76% Reduction in Risk of getting Cancer on 200 mcg. of Selenium per day.

Dosage: 200 to 400 mcg. (Micrograms) Per Day, to fight off most Cancers. (300 mcg’s per day is said to be Perfect)




Garlic bulbs contain a wide variety of active ingredients with medicinal properties that stand out in the plant kingdom.

The systems in which the garlic active ingredients provide its benefits are the cardiovascular, respiratory, genito urinary tract, digestive, hematopoietic, skin and mucous membranes.

The properties are based primarily on the large amount of sulfur which contains, besides contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, vitamins A, B, C and nicotinamide.

It’s been shown to be effective against Brain Tumors and to Prevent “Re-Infection” of Cancer, even if directly injected with live Cancer Cells! When Garlic is introduced into a body that has Cancer, the Cancer immediately stops growing!

Research has shown the ability of garlic to prevent cell changes that can cause cancer, to stop tumor growth, and to kill cancer cells.

Dosage: 1,200 mg. per day minimum


baking soda uses


ADMIN NOTE: Baking Soda Kills Cancer on contact. But is not as effective on internal Cancers as others.
But it does assist in killing Cancers in two ways. On contact and it helps Alkalize the body.

BAKING SODA / Sodium Bicarbonate

Dr. Simoncini Baking Soda Treatment For Cancer (NaHCO3)

Very Important Note

This treatment should not be used for more than three weeks at a time. During the first week no more than two TEAspoons a day of baking soda should be taken orally. During the second and third week no more than one TEAspoon a day of baking soda should be taken orally. Only under the care of a medical practitioner should these maximum internal doses be exceeded.

For skin cancers and other external cancers (inlcuding a rectal enema), where the baking soda solution comes into direct contact with the cancer, this restriction does not apply.

About the Simoncini Protocol

Did you know that the AVERAGE orthodox cancer treatment costs $350,000? This treatment costs about $3 and in most cases is far more effective than the $350,000 treatments!

This treatment was developed in Italy by an oncologist and uses baking soda or sodium bicarbonate.

This treatment is primarily used for cancer of the digestive tract, including cancers of the throat, colon, intestines, rectal area, and other cancers in between.

Cancers outside of the digestive tract generally need a health practitioner to inject the baking soda solution.

This web page is an interesting interview with Dr. Simoncini himself:

Also, see this video of an interview with Dr. Simoncini (high speed internet required):
Dr. Simoncini Internew

For more details about his treatment see this website:
Simoncini Protocol (Baking Soda)

Use Dr. Simoncini’s book for any treatment using this protocol.

DOSAGES: Above and some think a tea spoon a day is the best thing since sliced bread.
All Baking Soda has Aluminum in it unless stated otherwise.

So you only want to get Aluminum Free Baking Soda or Powder, nothing else. NOTE: A 50/50 mixture of Aluminum Free Baking Soda and Diatomaceous Earth is the best tooth paste powder there is. And since Baking Soda kills Cancer on contact, you should never have to worry about any Mouth Cancers 🙂



Alkaline PH Balance Strips are offered with both kits along with very detailed instructions.

With PH Balance Strips you will be able to tell exactly what condition your body is really in.
A 7.365% PH Balance or 7.4% PH Balance approximate is the proper PH Balance for energy and healing for the human body.

It’s actually your only “Real Tool” to determine your actual health and the actual PH Level of drinks that you put into your body. Your body simply doesn’t absorb nutrients efficiently unless it’s alkalized properly.

And that’s all folks!

natural healthcare3




4) VITAMIN D3 – Bottled Sunshine





PH BALANCE STRIPS – To Test your Alkaline PH Levels and that of your drinks

PH BOOSTER DROPS – To Alkaline acidic Liquids like coffee and others


The Health and Curative Powers of two simple daily drinks is beautiful to say the least.

1) One large glass of Water, Orange or Apple Juice, Natural Almond Milk, or whatever, except soda.

2) Stir in (2) level Tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth.

3) Stir in (1) Tablespoon of Hemp Oil, this also helps to keep the D.E. suspended in the liquid.

4) Take (1) each:
1 – D3 Softgel
1 – Garlic Softgel
1 – Selenium Softgel 200 mcg.

Do this twice Daily


5) Sprinkle All Natural 100% Pure Sea Salt to taste over meals and use a pinch to help alkalize any drinks including water.

6) Use only Aluminum Free Baking Soda/D.E. 50/50 Mixture on Teeth, and for all Baking needs. Or any way you want! 🙂
Never use Fluoridated Water on your Teeth…NEVER! Distilled Water only. The 50/50 Mix Tooth Paste Powder will Alkalize the distilled water for you.

We’re no doctors or experts of any kind. But we do read real well. And our brains and common sense are in perfect operating condition.

And we trust the research we’ve been doing for almost a year now. Results are in.

Live Healthy, Be Well 🙂


We must also note here that like the Gerson and Budwig Diets and every health professional that there is, we also strongly suggest a heavy Raw Fruit and Vegetable Diet; cutting out refined sugars, processed foods, dairy products, and meats and all fried foods.

All of these are highly acidic and put a dangerous strain on your immune system and bones.


On a side note; don’t you think that if we were serious here in America about Fighting Cancer, that there would be an Anti-Cancer Society. There’s not!

In fact there is only one Anti Cancer Society in the world, and it’s in Romania or something like that.

The anticancersociety.com and the anticancersociety.org websites were bought by large corporations and parked on other websites.
They were “Shelved” out of sight, out of mind.

It almost seems like the real goal is not to be Anti Cancer, but to be Pro Cancer 🙁

That was of course until now. We are now helping to sponsor the American Anti Cancer Society (anticancersociety.co 🙂

A look below to see how the idea of a Anti Cancer Society is shunned in America.

anticancersociety.com is not available

anticancersociety.net is Available!

anticancersociety.org is not available

anticancersociety.us is Available!

anticancersociety.info is Available!

anticancersociety.biz is Available!

anticancersociety.co is Available!


FDA Required Disclaimer For Sites That Do Not Endorse Chemotherapy:

This website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment and advice of a qualified licensed medical professional. This site offers people medical information and tells them their alternative medical options, but in no way should anyone consider that this site represents the “practice of medicine.” This site assumes no responsibility for how this material is used. Also note that this website frequently updates its contents, due to a variety of reasons, therefore, some information may be out of date. The statements regarding alternative treatments for cancer have not been evaluated by the FDA.

The statements and products shown on this website have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult a qualified Naturopathic physician prior to using alternative products, where possible.


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Unbeknownst to a great many people, all Cancers can be cured with vitamin B17, also known as laetrile, and no, this is not a joke or some wild claim folks, it is a bona fide fact. This cure is quite real but doctors have gag orders placed on them. Any Doctor who uses laetrile to treat Cancer can be fined, lose his practicioners licence or even be jailed, as has already been the case on at least one occasion.

However, I am not a doctor and I dont have a practicioners licence to be revoked so I will tell you right now in very simple terms how cancer may be cured.

If you have cancer right now you need to go and buy some apricots and get the seeds from them. Break open the seeds to get to the kernel inside. Crush 3 apricot kernels with a mortar and pessle then make a tossed salad using the crushed kernels and a handful of mung bean sprouts. All you need is the kernels and the mung beans, but the kernels are a little bitter to the taste so its more palatable in a small salad. With the salad take one vitamin A capsule, this must be done at the same time. So what you end up doing is making a salad with sprouts and crushed apricot seeds and having a Vitimim A cap with it. And thats it! Do this every day for 6 weeks then go on to 1 apricot seed crushed, same method, at least once a week for 3 weeks and you should be fine.

The active ingredients are the laetrile and the mung beans which act as the catalyst, The vitamin A capsule is to dispel any stomache cramps that may occur.

Why the cramps?

Apricot seeds, similar to apple seeds, also contain trace amounts of cyanide which the Vitamin A nutralises. Trace amounts of cyanide is no big deal, as stated, its in apple seeds and the body washes it from the system very rapidly. Trace amounts of cyanide and a slight stomache discomfort for a short period is certainly preferrable to terminal cancer.

Thats it folks. And as I said before, this is not some wild claim. Its a genuine cure that works. I have a freind who has cured herself of cervical cancer and another friend who has cured himself of stomache cancer using this method. Both were diagnosed as terminal. I have also recently cured myself of throat cancer.

And if u dont believe me, Google B17, laetrile or Apricot Seeds. The results will astound you..

As amazing and as real as this cure is, the disturbing part about it is that it is quite known by the medical profession, but gag orders keep the properties and public knowledge of B17 hidden. Medical companies make literally billions from cancer every year and they very much wish to keep doing so. You will find that apricot seeds are also banned in most countries.

Ask yourself why that is so?


This video shows the importance of Alkalinity and the Human Body.